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Best rice cooker in UAE for 2022


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The best rice cooker in UAE is something every home needs. Meat, fish and rice are staple foods in Emirati cuisine and thus are apt to search for the best possible appliances. From rice-topped pomegranate cooker to roasted lamb, the electric cooker can do it all.

The amount of comfort these devices bring to your home cannot be overstated. With electric stoves, you can simply set the timers and go away without worrying about burning your food. You can even cook a number of dishes at once because the cooking set will be free.

You can now tour several websites, explore different options, save stats, compare prices, and spend a good amount of time before buying a site that meets your requirements. On the other hand, you can take a look at the top 5 recommendations I have listed below and see which one best suits your needs. While each of the products is highly valued, choosing one should boil down to meeting your personal needs and requirements.

Then, the next question is the most natural.

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How do I choose a rice cooker?

To make it simple, I’ve broken this section down into 5 things you need to consider and rate when looking for the best rice cooker in UAE. This will help you choose the right cooking pot very easily.

  • suitable capacity
    This simply means choosing a cooker big enough to feed your family. Capacity refers to how many cups of rice the cooker can cook at one time. For families, up to 5 people, a 3-liter cooker is more than enough. And 5 liters if you are a voracious eater. For two people or the typical nuclear family, a 1.7L cooker can suffice. If you live in a joint family of more than 10 people, you may need to choose a larger pot.
  • The right features
    Extensive features. This can include how easy or detailed your device is. Many come with simple cooking and “keep warm” functions, while others give you a high degree of manual control. Check for functions such as delay start or self-timers to start cooking. Some stoves allow you to choose the steam function. Automated processes increase the amount of comfort and flexibility you feel.
  • Ease of cleaning from
    It is important to clean the cooking pot and the lid / lid of the electric cooker. In most cases, the inner attachment can be cleaned in a dishwasher. If you don’t have a dishwasher or prefer to hand wash the bowl and lid, be sure to use warm water. Check to see which detergent is suitable for the ingredients to ensure they do not damage the cooktop.
  • Safety Features
    Check for a cooker with advanced safety features such as automatic shutdown. After the dish is ready or the set time has passed, the device must be turned off. This will not only protect your home and equipment, but also ensure that food does not burn while you are away.
  • number of accessories
    Electric stoves often come with one or more attachments. This includes items such as detachable bowls, steamer compartments, rice spoons, measuring cups and more. You may get an extra cover or you can buy one separately. Depending on the foods you’re looking to prepare, select a cooker that provides the right accessories.

With these points in mind, you can easily bring home the best rice cooker on your own in UAE. Try the local cuisine or try an Indian dish. You can create an array of exciting flavors in the form of vegetable stews, curries and even electric cheesecake.

The best rice cooker in UAE

Russell Hobbs

  • Capacity: Up top, we have a Russell Hobbs 1.8-liter machine. The 700W has enough space and power to cook up to 10 cups of rice at a time.
  • Material and weight: Cooker made of durable and sturdy materials. Its base is made of stainless steel. In addition, the lid is made of glass and allows you to peek at your plate. The device weighs 2.56 kg and is fairly light and easy to move around in your kitchen.
  • Added ingredients: The cooker comes with a measuring cup that has markings to ensure the perfect amount. Moreover, it comes with a spoon too, if you want to prepare something other than rice. A number of foil items that require frequent stirring can also be made in the electric cooker.
  • Special Features: A cooker’s pot gives you an increased amount of manual control not normally seen. with function” keep warm You can keep meals warm without having to reheat them in case you are late while eating. Moreover, it guarantees The surface is not The adhesive does not stick anything to the bottom of the cooker even if you cook the dishes lightly.

Black & Decker device

The best rice cooker in UAE Black and Decker
  • Capacity: This Black and Decker electric cooker weighs 1.8 kg and serves 6 cups of rice.
  • Material and weight: The cooktop is coated with a non-stick surface, and the two side handles provide an easy grip. The pot is made of steel and has a glass lid. The entire device weighs 2.72 kg.
  • Additional components: It features a non-stick pan that is easy to cook and clean. The separate pot can be detached and used to steam vegetables as well. It even includes a rice mill.
  • Special Features: comes with Easy to use tablet In addition to Setting options . You can choose to cook your food or keep it warm. This tastefully designed cooker holds up to 3 cups of uncooked rice worth buying. The cooker contains indicator light It tells you the cooking process. As an additional feature, the device contains On anti-slip feet Ensures that it rests perfectly on the kitchen table.

Philips Viva . collection

The best rice cooker in the UAE
  • Capacity: This Philips should be your first choice as the best rice cooker in UAE if size is your standard. It has a capacity of 5 liters and is capable of cooking over a kilogram of rice.
  • Material and weight: Comes with an inner steel bowl and a reinforced fiber body. In addition, it has a stylish design and looks compact. Moreover, it weighs on the heavier side due to its capacity of nearly 5.5 kg.
  • Added ingredients: It comes with an elaborate control panel. You can adjust the heat, duration, and other settings to your specifications. In addition, it has a reheat function for pre-cooked rice, which is useful for a meal after a long day at work. It comes with a detachable steam vent that makes cleaning it much easier.
  • Special Features: It comes with its own menus to help you prepare delicious dishes, with more than 9 menus to choose from. On a side note, perhaps the fact that the device is completely dishwasher safe makes it an ideal choice for many.

Black & Decker Rc650-b5

  • Capacity: Small cooker is best for small family. However, its 0.6L capacity enables you to prepare 2.5 cups of rice at a time. Thus, it makes the perfect rice cooker for two. It does not consume much electricity at only 350 watts.
  • Material and weight: This B+D is lightweight and weighs only 1.5kg. The device is made of glass and should be handled with care. It is delicate and dropping it can lead to cracks on its surface.
  • Added ingredients: The 20cm cooker has two settings, cooking and warm. It comes with a non-removable bowl that is easy to clean and a glass lid. This helps you monitor what is brewed inside.
  • Special Features: Its design is something of a vintage utensil-like design yet maintains a modern and elegant look.

Breville device

The best rice cooker in the UAE - breville
  • Capacity: It has the ability to cook 10 cups of rice turning into 20 cups of cooked rice.
  • Material and weight: It is equipped with a steel body that is completely square in shape and depth. It weighs approximately 3.7 kg and is relatively light and easy to move around in your kitchen.
  • Added ingredients: There is a slow-cooking stir feature that is ideal for rice pudding. It comes with 5 buttons on its board to give you greater flexibility. Not to mention that it has a glass lid like most modern electric stoves.
  • Special Features: The Breville cooker allows you to switch from traditional cooking settings. You can also choose to prepare fried and fried for your meat and rice dishes. It has an automatic keep warm function that ensures that you never eat cold food when you open the lid.

Rice cookers have been around for a while now, however, I understand that if you haven’t owned an electric oven before, you may have your reservations and your fair share of questions. Hence, I have compiled some frequently asked questions about electric rice cooker.

Frequently Asked Questions About Rice Cooker

Do I need to invest a lot in a rice pot?

It really boils down to your usage needs. If rice is part of your main diet, meaning you will be cooking it more than once a week, then it is worth investing in. However, if you plan to buy it to try two recipes, it probably isn’t worth it. However, there are a number of foods other than rice that you can make in the cooker.

Can I cook cereal and other things?

Yeah. You can cook different grains and brown rice in an electric cooker. You can also prepare stews, grill pots and steam dishes. Keep in mind that rice cookers start at a lower temperature and progress over time. Also, many stoves stay completely closed giving you moist steam heat.

How durable are rice cookers?

They are strong and durable, and both electric and conventional rice cookers can last 20 years or more. Just make sure the bowl is maintained by regular cleaning and proper use.

What are the most important features?

There are many areas that you want to pay attention to. When it comes to getting the best value for your money, consider the following.
The ease of use it offers. A device with too many buttons and settings is not always perfect, it should be simple and clear. Next, you will need a durable form (read reviews of the proposed list above) and make sure that the inner container has a non-stick surface. You also want a device with a sound indicator to notify you when you’re done. Finally, find a device that has a keep-warm feature.

I’ve got a rice cooker but my rice still doesn’t taste right.

A rice cooker helps you prepare the rice, but if you skip steps like washing the rice, you may feel a different flavor. Also, make sure that you buy the grains you want, whether it’s jasmine-flavored rice, basmati, or a biryani mix.

Is cup rice cooking important? I have my own measuring cup.

Experiment and use the cup provided as it provides the exact measurement the cook can hold. If it contains 10 cups of rice, then 10 cups of rice with the cup that came with the appliance. It comes in different sizes between 180ml and 250ml.

How does the keep warm function work?

The keep warm function ensures that you never serve cold food. If you’re late while waiting for someone to share a meal with or if you forget to decorate and have to run to the local store, don’t go back to a cold plate. What’s more, this saves you the trouble of reheating and can prevent some foods from drying out.

Are electric stoves portable?

Easy to move and connect electric stoves. Weighing between 3 to 6 kg, it can be moved to accommodate new appliances in your kitchen. However, you will need to find a place where he can sit comfortably over time. You don’t have to worry about them slipping because many come with non-slip bases.

Is there a guarantee?

For us, the above must be considered in our list of the best rice cooker in UAE.

That’s not all, if you are interested in knowing how many items you can prepare in a rice cooker this next section is for you.

What dishes can I make in a rice cooker?

You will be surprised by the variety of items you can conjure up in a rice cooker. Aside from plain rice, you can cook quinoa and other legumes. These are great options in case you prefer to keep your food meat-free.


If you’re big on breakfast menus, you can boil eggs, make poached eggs, and even miraculously whisk pancakes in a rice cooker. Yes, you read that right. You can make thin pancakes with a rice cooker although they will be a little thicker, as well as not flat. Back in the eggs, you can throw in some veggies like broccoli and mushrooms and throw in some hot dogs for a hearty meal.

the Maine plate

Breaking down a number of main course items with the best rice cooker in UAE. Whole roast chicken can fit into the pot. Due to the closed surface the bird can cook with the trapped heat that leaves the perfect amount of moisture. As a result, you can also cook some fish or shredded beef in the kitchen appliance. Don’t forget that jacket potatoes and stuffed potatoes are a perfect side to add to your main course. But wait, be sure to poke holes in the potatoes before putting them in the pot.

Appetizers and deserts

For appetizers and desserts, you can use the rice cooker to make soups and pancakes. Moreover, tomato soup or cream of chicken soup is a great way to start the evening if you are hosting it. There are a few things that wrap up in the evening as well as apple crumble. Apple sauce can be made in your cooker very easily. If you prefer traditional desserts, know that you can bake a variety of cakes, too. From carrot cakes to cheesecakes, you can make it all. Interestingly enough, there are a number of recipes and some innovative suggestions about frosting.

Well it’s time to put a lid on it (pun intended). That’s all you need to know about choosing the best rice cooker in the UAE and what you can do. An electric cooker is worth buying if you eat rice a lot or cook one or more dishes that cook well with the trapped heat. On top of that, the amount of convenience you add to your daily routine is pretty big as you free up a lot of time, instead of flying over your gas range.

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