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The best fruit juicer in the UAE: features and specifications before buying


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We present to you a report on the best UAE fruit juicer to help you identify the best juicers, it is important to choose a juicer that meets your needs. For this reason, we have compiled the types of properties available in the UAE.

1. Magic Bullet Nutribullet 8 . Juicer

Magic Bullet Juice Extractor Nutribullet 8
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  • Aesthetics and accessories: It comes with a stylish design and many accessories
  • Easy to maintain: Easy to use, easy to clean and comes with 1 to larger coffee containers to fill up to 3 tall cups.
  • Security: Comes with a one year warranty.

2. Kenwood Jem500Ss . Juice Extractor

Kenwood Jem500Ss . Juice Extractor
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  • Quality Superior: The juicer works with a premium design system and has a modern steel body.
  • energy: Power is 700 watts.
  • container size : What sets this juicer apart from its competitors is the size of the container.
  • Designed for a small family: The juicer is ideal for small families of 1-3 people.
  • Security: Comes with a one year warranty.
  • The sound is a little loud.

3. Magic Bullet Nutribolt Juicer

Magic Bullet Nutribolt Juicer
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  • Ideal for large families: If you have a large family, this 1700W 10-piece juicer may be just what you need.
  • Features: It contains all the essential ingredients for making juice and soup. Includes large mug and jug lid.
  • Security: It comes with a one year warranty and is definitely one of the best juicers in the UAE.

4. Black and Decker juicer

Black and Decker juicer
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  • the size Little : This juicer weighs only 1.5 kg and occupies little space in your kitchen.
  • Power: If you want to juice fruits such as oranges, grapes or vegetables, a juicer is ideal. This is due to its 400 watt motor.
  • large capacity: What really makes the Black and Decker juicer the best buy is its large capacity. It can prepare up to 4 cups at a time.
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Security: The juicer comes with a 2-year brand warranty.

5. Moulinex juicer

Moulinex juicer
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  • Practical juicer with 100 watt motor.
  • strong: Moulinex juicer comes with a sturdy design
  • The juicer is ideal for juicing citrusy fruits like oranges and tangerines. Whether it’s a mug to drink or a portion to add to a meal, this juicer gets the job done.
  • Easy to clean: The device is easy to use, easy to clean and economical.

6. Tabusi juicer

Tabusi juice
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  • Aesthetics: TABOSI Cold Press Press comes in red color
  • large capacity:1.5 liter capacity.
  • Power: The juicer motor consists of 180W which makes it ideal for juicing fruits and vegetables
  • the weight: 4.5 kg in weight

You now have a more in-depth understanding of succulents. Select the best for your family’s needs. We hope that we have helped you to buy the best fruit juicer in the UAE.

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