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The best digital kitchen scale in the UAE that you can buy 2022


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A digital kitchen scale is a household appliance that you don’t even think about until you have an immediate need for one. Avoid getting to this stage and buy the best digital kitchen scale in UAE. There are different types of kitchen scales available in different brands that can be confusing at first. So it is very important to get one that fits all your needs or else you will get the wrong weights. But before that it is important to know why the best digital kitchen scales in UAE are such an important addition to your kitchen. Then you can go out and buy one that fits your requirements and budget.

Digital kitchen scale helps you measure nutrition and measure ingredients as per recipe. It is essential if you are counting calories or unsure of your recipes and recipes. Having the best digital kitchen scale in UAE will guarantee you high accuracy in cooking and feeding. Follow the instructions below which I have prescribed after a thorough analysis of this topic.

Best digital kitchen scale in UAE

KeyZone Silvery Digital Kitchen Scale

Quezon digital kitchen scale ranks first in the UAE
  • smart design: This equipment stands out as the best digital kitchen scale in UAE as it is built using a stainless steel platform. Providing durability while supporting a stylish look.
  • Careers: The Play and Tare buttons on this unit are large and accessible. In addition, the measurements are displayed on a large LCD screen and are easy to read while performing multiple functions in the kitchen.
  • Meticulously cooking: Sensitive sensors provide correct readings in a matter of seconds. Useful for weighing needs in the kitchen, herbs, vitamins, spices, crafts and more.
  • Multiple weight loads: It consists of default weighing volume modes for water and milk with improved measurement accuracy. You can choose between ounces, pounds, g, ml, and fluid ounces. Converts results quickly with the unit button.

HB Touch Button Ultra-Scale Scale

HB Touch Button Digital Scale in UAE
  • tare feature: The tare feature resets the scale to zero, helping you weigh ingredients into the mug. Saving you the hassle of mining cup weight from food weight.
  • Capacity at a good price: Equipped with a 10kg capacity, this slim digital kitchen scale is available for around 30 AED.
  • Auto off feature: If no activity is performed for 60 seconds, the HB digital kitchen scale will stop automatically.

Royal Digital Polar Scale

Royal Polar Digital Kitchen Scale 1
  • Splash proof: This slim household appliance ensures accurate weighing even in areas with high humidity, due to its anti-splash property.
  • Affordable Capacity: You can Weigh up to 5kg of your food on this small digital scale with ease. Available at an affordable price of around 25 AED.
  • Low battery indication: The low battery indicator will let you know when to change the batteries. So you can make arrangements in advance.

tefal optis kitchen scale

Tefal optis kitchen scale in UAE
  • Easy the use: It has a large glass platform and a clear LCD screen for easy viewing of readings.
  • Capacity: up to Kitchen scale 5kg, graduated 1g. This allows you to be very accurate in your measurements. Due to its increased accuracy, the product is asking for a price of 100 dirhams.
  • liquid function: With this liquid function, you can easily switch between dry weight (g) or liquid weight (cl/dl). Eliminate the need to measure jugs when measuring liquids.

Adoric Digital Food Kitchen Scale

Adoric digital food kitchen scale in UAE
  • Quality steel at an affordable price: The scale surface is made of food grade 18/8 stainless steel to ensure food safety. So you can weigh foods and heavy ingredients directly on them without worry. This product is available at around 26 AED which definitely indicates value for money.
  • Sturdy design: This palm-sized scale makes it easy to carry and store. The four anti-slip rubbers on the back ensure a stable sizing, providing an accurate weight for you.
  • Night vision function: The violet backlit screen equipped with the night vision function displays readings clearly even in low light conditions.

Why use a kitchen scale?

Get precision in baking:

With a digital kitchen scale, you will be able to measure baking ingredients in a better way. Obviously, a cup of flour extracted from a can will not produce the same amount of flour that is poured into a measuring cup. This can be a difference between a perfect or a crumbled souffle.

Drink dangerous coffee

The digital kitchen scale can be used to seriously talk about coffee intake. We all know that too much coffee is not good. The maximum amount of caffeine an adult can safely drink in a day is 400 mg equal to approximately four cups. Anything beyond that, you risk caffeine addiction, anxiety, and palpitations. There are many serious coffee drinkers who measure their causes by weight. There are specialty coffee scales, but most have an exact gradation of 0.05 ounces (1 gram).

Be meticulous with your diet

This amazing kitchen appliance can help you manage portions. Not a little, not a lot, just right! This will help if you are really trying to deal with your serving sizes. You can measure cheese, dry pasta, cuts of meat and more which in turn will help you manage portion sizes. This is the best way to keep track of calories. You can use a calorie counter app like MyFitnessPal to count everything you eat throughout the day. This systematic approach can help you reach your desired weight without any hindrances.

How to choose the right kitchen scale?

Platform size

While choosing a kitchen weighing scale, always remember to buy one with a large weighing platform. This will help you measure the weight of the ingredients even when the bowl or bowl has a large base.

Scale capacity

Capacity is the next important factor to consider while purchasing a digital kitchen scale. Most scales have a standard capacity of 5kg. If you think that this is not enough for you, you can go for a weighing scale with a capacity of 10 kg. For domestic purposes, one rarely needs a 10 kg scale.

Reset the scale to the zero function

The Tare function essentially resets the scale to zero and helps you weigh ingredients in a bowl. Another feature to look out for is known as the continuous measurement system. This gives you real-time ingredient weight so that you can adjust the quantity as per requirements. It saves you a lot of frustration while cooking.

Units of measurement in grams and ounces

Most kitchen scales allow you to measure the amount of ingredients in two different units, i.e. grams and ounces. This is an advantage while referring to two different cookbooks that contain the weight of the ingredients listed in non-standard units.

Body Waterproof

Nowadays, you can clean most weighing scales with the help of a damp cloth. However, you can purchase a waterproof germicidal weighing scale. This provides you with better cleaning of the weighing scale.

Compact and elegant design:

This home appliance for your kitchen should be small in size because it will take up less space in your kitchen. It’s okay to worry about aesthetic appeal, but make sure it has a wide base that isn’t slippery.

Given all these features, take a look at some of the best kitchen scales in UAE. Taking into account the quality, specifications, budget and other fine details. Take a look at the brands below and make the right choice according to your needs.

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