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The best cooker in the UAE worth buying in 2022


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Are you looking for the best cooking group in UAE? Building a career and fulfilling your family responsibilities should not interfere with each other. The cooking range helps you easily prepare a number of dishes at once. With the cooking range, bake your favorite cake as well as grill meat at the same time as possible. It can be difficult to choose from so many brands. Before choosing one, identify your needs and use this guide to buy one that’s right for you. Here are some of the best cooking ranges in the UAE for you to choose from.

Cooking ranges are a boon to combating the early morning rush. This is especially true of working women in a race against time. With the right range, one can bake a cake, and prepare breakfast, at the same time without any hassle. Read below to find out what size, number of burners and what type of cooking range will suit your requirements and budget.

What is the best cooker in the UAE?

Bosch gas cooker – 5 gas burners

Model: HGI12TQ50M

bosch cookrange
  • durability and price: The gas cooker from Bosch is made of high-quality materials that guarantee the best performance and durability. Available at AED 2,300, the device from Bosch gives you a fifth burner and a robust exterior. The product gives you a bang for your buck regarding production and capacity!
  • Versatile use: This appliance is here to fulfill all your cooking, baking and grilling needs. It allows you to multitask and cook a variety of food at the same time. On the top, you get broth to simmer while the bottom bakes delicacies.
  • Iron pan support : It has cast iron pan supports on the gas stove to prevent pans from breaking or sliding while cooking.
  • Compact Design: Design Compact and adjustable legs make this appliance suitable for any kitchen, whether small or large.

LG gas cooker with grill

Model: LF98V00S

LG gas cooker in UAE
  • Heat Distribution Technology: Cooks your culinary creations in less time with even flame distribution. This technology distributes hot air inside the cooker using a fan, making the food crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.
  • Feature grill : You can roast meat and other food items like kebabs, tinka and other barbecue tools with this amazing appliance. Roast meats gain flavor from slow, continuous cooking over a long period of time.
  • price: Available at around 2,590 AED. You can bring restaurant flavors into your kitchen minus the unnecessary oils and seasonings.
  • Safety is the most important: Thanks to the flame suppression device for both the stove and oven parts, your appliance and your home stay safe. The device automatically cuts off the gas supply if the flame is extinguished. It prevents the accumulation of unburned gases. Safe Touch keeps the front oven door and oven components cool.

Whirlpool electric stove

Model: ACMT6533 / IX / 2

Whirlpool Electric Cooker for Radiant Cooking Areas in UAE
  • Convenient to use: do Cook your family in no time even on a busy day with the help of the Whirlpool Electric Cooking Range. It has 4 radiant cooking zones that allow you to multi-task with great ease. Plus the oven space you don’t need to monitor but simply set the timer.
  • Frozen Bake Technology: Skip preheating and cook frozen foods like pizza and lasagna with pre-programmed settings that automatically adjust cooking times for you.
  • Attractive price: This cooking set is available for AED 1,770.
  • Flex Heat Dual Radiant: Get two items in one with this handy range. A 6″ inner ring is great for smaller pots and pans and a 9″ expandable outer ring allows room for larger cookware. So whether you’re cooking for two or 20 dishes, your dishes will turn out amazing even with the heat dissipating.

Siemens Freestanding Gas Cooker

Model: HU233510M

Siemens free standing gas cooker in UAE
  • Quick and easy cooking: It accesses a combination of a gas stove and oven, allowing you to cook, roast, bake and fry simultaneously.
  • Sturdy and elegant: The stainless steel construction of this unit makes it strong to withstand wear and tear after continuous use. It is elegant with a square frame that is as sturdy as it looks.
  • price Reasonable : Available at 1,340 AED. The Siemens range is not only affordable, but also easy to maintain. The steel body ensures that the device will not be damaged when shifting.
  • wear resistance: There’s nothing more disappointing than watching new hardware rust with ease. Fortunately, this scope is abrasion resistant which means it will not wilt even after several encounters with liquids and spills.

Nikai 4 burner gas stove

Model: U6068FSE1

Nikai 4 burner gas burner set in UAE
  • Special feature: The Nikai gas cooker set is special because it helps you bake your favorite cakes and desserts. However, it works great for cooking regular meals in a jiffy.
  • Catalytic cleaning feature: It absorbs and oxidizes food residues when the oven is operating at a temperature of over 200°C. This ensures that your oven is clean at all times.
  • Value for money: Available The 4 burner cooking set is affordable at around AED 830. Falling back under AED 1,000 is an ideal budget option for small families or those who don’t prepare a lot of dishes.

The best brands of cookers in the UAE

Here are some of the best and most popular culinary group brands in the UAE. I’ve outlined some points in the history of the brand, the devices they deal with, and more.


Brand Bosch

Robert Bosch is a German multinational engineering and technology company headquartered in Gerlingen, Germany. This company was found by Robert Bosch in 1886, hence the name. This Bosch cooking range is sure to make a difference in your kitchen. Moreover, service is its quality, whatever it is and when. They provide great service before and after purchase. You will discover not only the quality but also perfect And the reliability in their devices. The Bosch cooking range makes cooking an absolutely wonderful experience. Enjoy flawless design, high efficiency levels and great performance along with the security offered.


Nikai mr reliable 1

Nikai is a brand that delivers reliability all the time. Nikai’s success is due to the fact that it is one of the very few brands that has a dedicated local service center. This iconic Nikai brand is led by visionary, diplomat-turned-entrepreneur Paras Chaddadpuri. In addition, the standard response time is 72 hours within the notification. They have been able to delight all their customers in the UAE, and other parts of the world as well. Cook and bake to perfection with the Nikai Cooking Set. A full range of products is available in more than 60 countries.


midea logo

Cooking is fun and easy with this power-packed Midea mini cookware set. Midea Global was founded in 1958. Midea is known to create a better life in homes all over the world. Mr. He Xiangijan is the founder of Midea Group. From cooking ranges to pressure cookers, slow cookers, air fryers, and rice cookers. The list of devices and products under each of these categories is endless. It offers a variety of products including consumer appliances. These appliances are mainly kitchen appliances, refrigerators, washing machines, and many small household appliances. In fact, Midea is committed to improving lives by adhering to the principle of “Creating Value for Customers”. This was the year it stood alone as the first manufacturer of washing machines in China. It is the world’s leading technology group in consumer appliances.


Electrolux AB is a Swedish multinational home appliance manufacturer, headquartered in Stockholm. In fact, it is classified The second largest hardware maker in the world In terms of units sold after Whirlpool. The Electrolux brand is known to shape life for the better by reinventing taste, care and luxury. Thus making life more enjoyable and sustainable for millions of people. Unleash your creativity with the Electrolux cooking range appliances.

Stir, boil and melt at the same time with its various electric ranges. The possibilities are endless with Electrolux and you can explore them. Now, you can prepare any dish with their dishes. Moreover, it works with 3 different sizes of cookware. Get frequent orders for your food items with these great appliances. It has the latest features like the Glide 2 Set control panel. This allows you to change the temperature with the swipe of your finger.

Choosing the best cooker

gas or electric

The choice between gas fireplaces and electric cooking depends on what you have. You need to have a natural gas or propane service in your home, for gas ranges. An electric range will work in any home, provided you have a 220-volt electric line in your kitchen. You can always call an electrician to install one if you haven’t. Electric cooking range is always expensive compared to gas cooking range.

oven size

This refers to the size of the oven cavity where you place the pot for cooking, baking or heating. A larger capacity oven is a must if you have a large family and often need to bake or cook large quantities of food. You can also get a smaller size.

number of burners

This benefit depends on the number of your family members and the amount of food you prepare. If you cook more than 4 to 5 items each day, switch to a group with at least 4 burners. The cooking set can contain all burners or a group of burners and a hot plate. Hot plates are used to heat food and run on electricity. Having a hot dish can be very beneficial, especially if you have run out of gas.


This is an important feature for roasting meat, baking and preparing other food items such as kebabs, paneer tikka, etc. They ensure a uniform grilling effect for the food.

Without further ado, below are our rankings of the best cooking range in UAE based on quality, specifications, and budget. Take a look at them all and find the most suitable one according to your requirements and budget.

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