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Best Electric Oven with Microwave in UAE for 2022


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The best electric oven with microwave in the UAE makes the life of the baker simple. As a baker, you dedicate a significant amount of your daily life in the kitchen. There are a number of tools at your disposal that can make the cooking process faster and less stressful.


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  • What is a convection microwave?
  • The best electric oven with microwave in the UAE
  • How does a convection microwave work?
  • Important Features of Convection Microwave
  • What can you make in a convection microwave?

What is a convection microwave?

A regular microwave is known for heating food from the inside. On the other hand, ovens offer a great deal of heat and cook food from the outside as well. Yes the succulent, brown blister we love to see on baked potatoes and meat alike. The convection microwave gives you the best of both. It not only makes food hot but also gives you a complete “cook” with your dishes.

If you want to get into his science, microwaves emit waves that come into contact with food and cause water molecules to generate heat. On the other hand, convection microwaves rely on the internal fan to move the air and heat the entire appliance from the inside. This means that your food is cooked/baked from the inside out.

Before we take a closer look at the product specifications here is a table to briefly display the listed products. If you are interested in price or volume, this saves you further reading.

Now for people who are tech-savvy and those who scrutinize more here is the rating. Depends on my personal preference considering the total value for money given all the hardware features.

The best electric oven with microwave in the UAE

Samsung microwave with a capacity of 28 liters

Best Samsung Convection Microwave in UAE
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  • Capacity and price: The microwave has a capacity of 28 liters, which makes it ideal for a family of 2 to 4 people. Moreover, the microwave oven is very affordable. And at AED 489, it’s a solution to all your cooking needs.
  • Statuses: The kitchen appliance comes with 15 cooking presets that you can use while preparing the perfect meal. Whether you’re cooking rice or chicken, your meals stay delicious, moist, and cooked to perfection.
  • Energy consumption: The device operates at a power of 1400 watts.
  • Special Features: Microwave comes with a range of features to enhance your cooking experience. It has fermentation technology to make foods like yogurt or dough for your whole family. Food odors will not remain inside the Samsung Smart Microwave Oven. When the deodorization setting is selected, the microwave forces the air to vanish, thus quickly eliminating unpleasant odors.

Panasonic Microwave 27 Liter

Best convection microwave in UAE - Panasonic
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  • Capacity and price: The convection microwave with a capacity of 27 liters is more than enough for a family of 2-4 people. She can cook complete meals such as whole poultry or rice dishes for everyone. The device is priced at approximately 599 AED.
  • Statuses: With 101 automatic menu options, you can experiment with your taste buds. Choose one of the options and eat delicious dishes from a variety of cuisines including Indian, Chinese, Japanese and Continental.
  • Energy consumption: It has a 900W microwave and 1400W grill power that helps you save time and finish cooking quickly.
  • Special Features: The device has a durable stainless steel construction that is sure to last for many years. Moreover, this makes it easy to clean inside and out.

Daewoo Air Fryer Microwave 24 Liter

The best Daewoo thermostat in the United Arab Emirates
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  • Capacity and price: The Daewoo Air Fryer Microwave has a 24L capacity, making it ideal for the nuclear family. The device is at the highest level and is justified by its elegant design, advanced features and functionality. It costs about 1,049 AED.
  • Statuses: The microwave has 5 automatic cooking programs that you can switch regularly. It has 10 energy levels that you can choose from based on the dish you’re preparing. Some foods require lower heat settings while others require higher settings, so increased flexibility is what you need.
  • Energy consumption: The device features a grill power of 850 watts and a combined power of 2500 watts.
  • Special Features: It offers you crisp cooking with its top heater and compact size ensuring your food is fully cooked. Unlike most microwaves, it has a two-way defrost feature.

microwave Almedia Thermal 25 Liter

midea 4
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  • Capacity and price: The microwave has a similar size with a capacity of 25 liters. The device is simple and classic in its design and is definitely a value purchase. It is made of glazed porcelain enamel and is priced around Dhs449, which is very affordable.
  • Statuses: This Midea convection microwave comes with 8 automatic menus to choose from. You can cook your food to the degree you want it the way you want it with absolute control and ease. Furthermore, you can choose settings that allow you to defrost or reheat food without the risk of burning it.
  • Energy consumption: The microwave output is 900 watts, the grill has a power of 1100 watts, and the convection function is 2100 watts.
  • Special Features: The microwave is equipped with a 315 mm thick turntable made of glass. It comes with a child lock, multiple cooking stage and LED display.

Kenwood Microwave 25 Liter

Best Convection Microwave in UAE from Kenwood
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  • Capacity and price: The last and last microwave on the list comes with a 25 liter capacity. It is an economical model priced at approximately 518 AED.
  • Statuses: The microwave comes with 5 power levels so you can choose the temperature. It also has 10 preset programs that allow you to prepare foods of different nature. Whether you’re grilling, defrosting, or simply listening, you can find a preset for everything. You can even use the 4 combined grill levels to prepare succulent dishes that can’t be made on a stovetop.
  • Energy consumption: This device operates at a power of 2500 watts.
  • Special Features: The microwave comes with a digital control panel and a child safety lock. This ensures that your children are safe and not at risk of touching extremely hot dishes.

How does a convection microwave work?

diagram micro

A convection microwave cooks food by injecting electromagnetic waves. Inside the microwave is a device known as a magnetron that directs electrical energy from an electrical outlet to a heated fuse. The waves in the cooking chamber bounce off the food and cook it through radiant heat.

Important Features of Convection Microwave

A good convection microwave definitely gives you many cooking methods to try a variety of foods, which may not be included in your regular diet. When looking for a convection microwave, check for one with a greater number of heat level settings. Increasing the amount of control allows you to cook your own dish to absolute perfection. Microwaves have some advanced features. For example, many come with built-in sensors to notify you if a dish burns on the inside.

Then, a great reason to choose the best convection microwave in the UAE is the fact that the food cooks faster. This is because it combines convection cooking with microwave energy and allows you to preheat the appliance. Did I mention that you can practically do all of that? You can grill, roast, roast, roast, boil or steam food with microwave convection, something convection microwaves can’t do!

What can you make in a convection microwave?

To expand on a previous statement, you can use convection microwaves to cook at higher temperatures and cook food from the inside out. Naturally, this increases the number of dishes you can make. As a baker, you are likely to be more inclined towards the wrong tasty side. If you’re new to convection microwave cooking, it’s best to start with simple dishes until you get the hang of it. This means choosing pastries, cakes and other goodies that should be checked regularly while cooking. Nutella cake is one item you can consider along with scrambled eggs which are becoming increasingly popular.

convection microwave oven food

When you feel comfortable with the best convection microwave in UAE, you can prepare something interesting like caramel custard. Alternatively, you can try some Indian sweets like garaj halwa. If you decide to make meat in the best convection microwave in UAE, you can try preparing lemon garlic or ocean fish. Slices the best taste! If you prefer chicken, you can try broiled roast or whole roast chicken. You will be able to make the skin crunchy while keeping the meat moist. You can even make beef/

For vegetarians, you can try a variety of simple and delicious dishes. You can try making a quinoa mix. Some paneer tikka or roasted pumpkin and zucchini. My all time favorite are the baked sweet potato chips. Using sweet potatoes is healthier than regular potatoes and not frying them in oil can help you achieve your fitness goals.


Microwave cooking keeps food fresh and simple. There are many singles who love to cook but don’t enjoy standing on the heat for very long. Additionally, they may find the whole process tedious. With Microwave Convection, you can buy a microwaveable meal whether it’s a pizza or a stuffed turkey and enjoy it within a few minutes.

These are the top 5 convection microwaves in UAE that you can choose from. Get some well-deserved rest in your daily cooking routine. To drive the point home, the device allows you to prepare a variety of foods in a relatively short period of time. The food is safe to consume, healthy and kept fresh at all times. As a baker, you don’t want flat bread or lower temperatures than required. So go out and get one that works for you!

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