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Setting up a Home Cinema in Dubai in 2022


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Cinemas… The experience to watch a movie at a cinema is just unique, isn’t it? Well, what if I tell you that you can now have a cinema at your home in Dubai? Don’t believe me? Have a look, as I’m going to fill you in on how to set up a home cinema in Dubai. But before we go to the whole setup part, here are a few things you need to know. A home cinema is also known as a home theatre.

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Home Cinema in Dubai

With the use of these terms, you might think that setting up a home cinema would be expensive. But no, it’s affordable. And furthermore easy to set up as well. You need no professional and can do it all by yourself too. Keeping that in mind, the following is the all you need list for the home cinema:

Get a Big Screen

A big screen is the topmost important requirement for setting up your very own home cinema in Dubai. It need not be some high-end screen. It could be a normal TV screen or even a projector, which is on the cheaper side. Once you’ve purchased a big screen your almost 40% closer to the whole cinema experience at the comfort of your very own home.

Mini Projector

A mini projector is an affordable and simple way to have a big screen. You not only can have your home cinema experience but also, move it around the house and have the big screen experience anywhere you’d like to.

DR. J Professional

This product might help you if you are looking to buy a mini projector. This projector is a great choice as it offers a full HD display of 1080p, is lightweight and supports a wide range of devices. But that’s not it, it also has a projector screen included along with the mini projecting device.

You can check out more details as well as some more options available on a few of the best mini projector in UAE.

Large Screen TV

An alternative to the mini projector is a large screen TV. It is a better choice if you have a bigger budget. As now the more recent TV models provide a better image quality and even display of colours. But besides this, they both provide the same outcome by doing the same job. So, the choice would depend on you and what you think would be the best one to fulfil your need.

Samsung Premium Smart Tv

Model: 2724626907458

  • Size: A massive size of 82-inches, which is sure to make you feel like you are at the cinema.
  • Resolution: The picture resolution offered by this large screen TV is 3840 x 2160. This will ensure that you have a great watching experience.
  • Optimization: With the UHD Dimming scans you can ensure the colours are optimized for the brightness of brighter whites and deeper darks.
  • Viewing Angle: You can experience the best image if you view the screen from any angle. And moreover, have live viewing experience even for sports.
  • Outlook: The overall outlook of this TV is sophisticated with the silver finishing and the stylish build design. Furthermore, with the 72 x 2.4 x 41.5 inches for dimensions and weighing 44.5 Kg contributes towards the design of the overall product.
  • Price: This product is sold approximately at the price of AED 8000.

High-Quality Sound

Right after the screening system has been covered, the second most important thing in making the whole home cinema is the sound. Without sound, nothing would be complete. While you are looking for a sound system why settle for less? When you can have a high-quality sound system to complete your cinema at the comfort of your home in Dubai. Here are a few suggestions for the same.


Yamaha Soundbar

Model: YAS 108

  • Placement: This soundbar can be placed on your table or any other place. As well as can be hunged on your wall with the help of the available keyholes.
  • Clear Voice: So that you can listen to every dialogue clearly. The built-in subwoofers make sure you hear all the deep basses.
  • Connectivity: With the feature to connect with the help of Bluetooth allows flexibility of connection. And that’s not it, setup is made easy with HDMI, optical or aux connections as well.
  • Port type: The available ports for this soundbar is audio jack & HDMI.
  • Dimensions: 5.1 x 37 x 7.3 inches is the size in which the product is manufactured. Wherein the weight is 3.2 Kg which isn’t too heavy.
  • Price: All of these features are available for AED 680.

Wireless 5.1 Speaker

Sony Soundbar with Tallboy Speaker

Model:  HT-RT40

  • Output: The speaker is built with the intention of having a real surround sound effect with 5.1 channel and a total 600W of Total Power Output.
  • Setup: You wouldn’t have to have any worry about the set up of the system as it’s made easy. With the use of specific colour coded connections to help in the overall setup.
  • Wireless Connectivity: Enjoy all your shows without any delay. All you need is one touch to get connected to the Bluetooth.
  • Tallboy Speakers: With the help of these speakers you can ensure to have the full surround sound. As these can be set up at the back of the room.
    • Furthermore, as the name suggests, the speaker is tall. That is, it has 65mm driver units.
    • Since it is tall you can listen to the audio at your listening level. This furthermore promotes the surround sound in the system.
  • Fewer Cables: The use of HDMI ARC lets you connect to compatible TVs with a single cable, for easier control and fewer cables.

Wireless headphone for personal viewing

JBL Tune On-Ear Headphones

Model: K951652

  • Wireless Connectivity: Now you can stream high-quality sounds with the wireless Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Multiple Uses: You can use these for your at-home cinema experience and when needed can connect it to your mobile phone or laptop and use it just the same.
  • Battery: Powered by a rechargeable Li-ion battery. Furthermore, this battery supports 16-hours of playtime in just two hours of charging time.
  • Portability: You can even carry around these headphones as they are foldable and made of lightweight material.
  • Sound: This product produces the well-known JBL Pure Bass Sound. Making sure you get the best sound quality every time.
  • Price: The selling price is approximately AED 150.

Sound Proofing Wall Foam

Arrowzoom Acoustic Wall Foam

  • Material: 100% brand new acoustic tile foam which is imported high quality. This is to ensure you have the best material and so that the foam serves the purpose.
  • Size: The measurements for this foam is 50cm x 50cm x 5cm per piece or foam tile.
  • Installation: This soundproofing foam is easy to install. Moreover designed to improve the sound quality especially by audio engineers.
  • Acoustic Quality: By filtering the external sound with the use of these absorption panel helps to improve the internal sound.
  • Colours: The various colours available gives you the freedom to mix and match them to ensure that everything is aesthetically pleasing for you.
  • Price: This foam would cost you around AED 310.

Recliner Sofas

Sit Back and Relax. This term would be incomplete without recliners. And even more incomplete if you don’t have them in a cinema. With a recliner chair, you can be sure that you will have the proper cinema experience at the comfort of your home. Be it single or double, these sofas ensure your comfort. Especially with a mechanism to kick your legs up and cosy up even more. Here are a few products to ensure that your home cinema in Dubai is complete:


Zoy Bear Recliner

Model: R9393B-51 H048

  • Seater: Ideal for a comfortable time, this serves best as a single-seater.
  • Dimensions: This recliner sofa can comfortably uphold the weight of any individual. Being 39 x 37 x 38.2 inches and keeping in mind the comfortable American size. Although moving it around might be a bit of a task as it weights 30kgs.
  • Material: The making of this chair requires the use of three main materials i.e leather, cotton and plywood. All these make the product lasting and strong.
  • Material Composition: Furthermore, ensuring that the end outcome is not only lasting but also comfortable they have used 50% frame and 50% cotton. Therefore, you can sit for long hours without any pain.
  • Warranty: You can ensure that you will have a warranty for this product which comes for about 2 years.
  • Price: What more can you ask of the product when it is cost-effective. As it cost around AED 700.


Pan Emirates Albatros

  • Seater: This sofa can comfortably occupy two people. So, now you can ensure a cinematic environment experience right at your own home.
  • Material: The sofa cum chair is with microfiber upholstery, to ensure comfort. Moreover, the frame structure is made with the help of metal. This will ensure a durable product for a long period of time.
  • Dimensions: As this sofa recliner is 58.3 x 39.4 x 37.4 inches, you can ensure that even after two people occupy the seat you can have enough space to spare. The overall weight of this chair is 65kgs.
  • Warranty: Furthermore, you are sure to be at peace as your product will be warranted for two years.
  • Price: The selling price of this product is AED 1300.

Now that we have touched upon the general setup of the cinema experience at home in Dubai. All you have to do is invest and purchase the products of your choice. After which comes the fun part designing and placement of everything. Making your dream cinema at home. But first, make sure to check the last part of the article to ensure you have your setup done right.

All the Cables You Need

Here is a list of the necessary cables you will need to get your home cinema up and running. And in good shape to function while making your home experience lively with amazing sound and audio.

HDMI Connector

HDMI short for High Definition Multimedia Interface. These are the most standard and common interface cable connectors. HDMI connects all your audio-visual devices together. They can transmit digital video and digital audio signals between devices.

DVI Connector

Digital Visual Interface (DVI) is a cable that produces high image quality, especially for your home cinema. This DVI connector is commonly used on projectors and computers or laptops. These cables can be a replacement for an HDMI cable.

Component Video Cable

You must have seen these cables, they are the three colour code cables on your devices. The purpose of these component video cables is to convey high-quality analogue picture for your audio-visual devices. It can easily handle standard and high-definition image resolution. But, HD is a bit limited in this matter.

S-Video Connector

A quick and easy option to transfer audio-visual components. Although it can only transmit standard-definition images and it does not send audio. A common interface for game consoles and video cameras. By using this you will have to get a different cable for audio.

Composite Video Cables

This cable is designed to send video out to a device which will display it. These are mostly present on the rear end of a DVD player or even a video camera. Whereas the receiving end would be a TV screen or an AV receiver. Although this cable might be the last resort most of the times. But in some cases, this might be exactly what you want. Furthermore, it sends both audio and video composition.

SCART Connection

Although these cables aren’t functional as much as before, you might come across these on one for your Audio Visual (AV) equipment. The reason being that these cables are becoming more redundant. Mostly, this is because it isn’t compatible with modern digital technology. Generally, these SCART connectors are to transfer analogue video and audio signals between devices.

VGA Connector

These connectors are to connect your computers to your equipment. These are relatively older technology yet can transmit analogue video signals. Although being common, they transmit signals without transmitting the audio.

Optical Digital Audio

These connectors have the ability to send high-quality audio between devices. They only carry audio, so these are the perfect match for the cables which carry just video. Make sure to check the length of the cable before you go ahead and purchases one.

Coaxial Digital Audio Cables

This cable too transmits audio data only. But, be aware while purchasing this cable, it might not be adaptable to the device. As the cable might not be suitable for your system. This is mainly because this cable doesn’t support DVD-A, SACD or high-definition audio, although it has good features.

Stereo RCA Plug

This plug is also known as a phono connection. These are mostly coloured red and white to signal which of the plug is for output and input. Besides that, these cables transmit only audio, just as the name suggests.

Multichannel RCA Surround Sound Connection

This is an alternative if you don’t have an HDMI or optical options. The purpose of these cables is for transmitting multichannel analogue audio signals. This cable does not support digital audio signals.

Mini Stereo Jack

These are generally the plugs used for headphones which can be connected to devices. The use of these cables is to transmit analogue mono or stereo audio signals. These are available in sizes so make sure to check the size most suitable for your needs.

Speaker Wire

This might be an obvious one but is needed not only to be mentioned for this list, but for the overall working of your cinema speakers. The purpose of these wires is mainly to connect the amplifier to the speakers. They are insulated because they work like any more wire which power your electrical appliances.

Never Cinema Again

With that, you now know what all you need and how to set up your own home cinema at the comfort of your home in Dubai. All is left for you to go ahead and make your purchase and set up! If you follow this guide you will able to bring the theatres to your home. And after that, you won’t even feel like going out to another theatre to watch a movie again. Furthermore, you can have great show nights with all your near and dear ones. And let them compliment you on your great Dubai home cinema while you relax and feel proud. Besides this why not go ahead and treat yourself with some binge-watching ‘me time’.

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