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How to Save on Hand Sanitizer in UAE


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Every single person knows about the whole pandemic situation at hand. With the constant reminders about the use of hand sanitizer in UAE, practising social distancing and not to forget using face mask constantly. So much so this is now just become a part of life. And probably will be for the years to come. We just have to accept the fact that now we have to spend extra on keeping hygiene especially with the use of hand sanitizers.

Hand Sanitizer in UAE

Reality is that we should be getting even friendlier with hand sanitizer as they are part of the ripples of the post-COVID-19 phase. But frankly, they are expensive, aren’t they? Especially when you have to purchases multiple small bottles of sanitizers. So, imagine how much you end up spending in the long run. Also, consider what really happens to those bottles you throw away? Yes, they just turn to waste and contribute towards pollution.

Cost per use of Small Sanitizer Bottles

Now, for sanitary purpose, it is really necessary for you to carry around a sanitizer. So, as to not catch any virus or germs which would get you sick. Research has shown that to keep any germ causing virus at bay, you would be required to use at least 3ml of hand sanitizer on each use. You can read more about this here. But, this really makes you think right? How much are you really spending on your sanitizer in the long run? Don’t worry I got the answer to that too. Let’s get calculating.

Considering that you are a family of three and you all use sanitizer for a minimum ten times per day, so for a month, your total sanitizer expense will be something approximately like this. Considering a 50ml bottle cost 10.5 Dhs, which gives up to approximately 16 uses. So, that’s 0.65 Dhs per use. Which means you are spending almost 585 Dhs per month. Whereas if you consider getting a bigger bottle say 200ml which costs 31.5 Dhs and produces 66 uses. Per use cost would be 0.48 and that makes the monthly cost 432 Dhs.

Now you get the idea that buying in bulk would be cheaper. But what if I let you in on a secret on how you can save much more on your sanitizer expenses? You would really like to know how right? Well, keep on reading to know more about how to do just the same.

Bulk Buying Options for Hand Sanitizer in UAE

Have you thought of ways you could actually be saving on hand sanitizer? To think of it consider the above point. One possible way could be purchasing the sanitizer in bulk. But this isn’t really a reasonable option. So in place of that, you can purchase substitutes to hand sanitizers. Here are a few substitutes to consider.

Sanitizer Pex active Hand Sanitizer

Producing a wide range of not just cleaning products but personal care as well. Offering solutions for every problem, you can assume they have to be good enough. And to say they are. You can access anything in a variety of choices as they have completely affordable products for you to use.

  • Suitability: This product is ideal for usage anywhere, be it at work, travels and even for home use. Use this product to ensure hygiene at all times.
  • Effects: You can assure that this product does not let your hand lose its natural softness. In fact, it makes it smooth and soft. Furthermore, leaving your hand non-sticky so this wouldn’t leave you waiting to rinse your hands.
  • Quantity: As buying this in bulk would actually profit you more as well as you won’t have to constantly keep taking a trip to the store just to purchase hand sanitizer. To take care of this issue, this is a five-litre bottle.
  • Sanitary: Have yourself use this product and ensure that you have germ free hands as it kills up to 99.9 per cent germs.
  • Savings: If you invest in this gel sanitizer you can save a lot as it would cost you 0.063 Dhs per use. Which means it will cost you only 56.7 Dhs per month.
  • Price: For this sanitizer bottle you would have to pay around AED 100.

Mira Alcohol Sanitizer

Everything you have ever asked for is available in this little product. It sanitises, it is affordable, and it works as a wound disinfectant too. What else can you ask for from any product? Which other sanitizers can you use in case of wounds?! Consider checking out this product for wider options to choose from.

  • Sanitary: Keeping away all viruses and germs, this product ensures 99.9 per cent germ-killing abilities. Some of the viruses that this alcohol can keep you safe from include Staph, MRSA, E. Coli, Salmonella and others.
  • Usage: This product has a double usage property, as besides the use for hand sanitization you can also use it as a wound sanitizer.
  • Effects: The use of this alcoholic based sanitizer would ensure you no irritation or dry skin. As it works to remove and keeps at bay all contamination for an extended period of time.
  • Component: By using components recognised by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). You can ensure that you have a product safe for usage. Benzalkonium Chloride which is about 0.13% of the product is a safe antimicrobial agent.
  • Quantity: You can purchase this bottle in 3.78 litres. Which would be quite sufficient enough to last you at least a month.
  • Child Care: The usage of this product is certified safe for your children as well.
  • Saving: You would be spending only 0.071 Dhs per use. Whereas your spending would be 64.8 Dhs per month on this hand sanitizer.
  • Price: This hand sanitizer would only cost you around AED 90.

Dr.Neem Hand Sanitizer

The doctor knows best right? This is why you should consider this product not just because its name has a doctor in it. But also considering this is a neem hand sanitizer. And what can go wrong with this natural as well as medicinal product? Make sure to check this product out.

  • Sanitary: This sanitizer works good enough towards protecting yourself from germs, bacteria and viruses. Keeping you away from any possible sicknesses.
  • Quantity: As you know you can save more in bulk. So, for just this reason you have here a five-litre bottle. To promote not only saving on some cash but also to cut down the frequent need to travel to and fro to the stores to stock on some hand sanitizer for usage.
  • Effects: You will be sure to have well-moisturized and soft hands. This is because they have a good and healthy amount of moisturizer as well as vitamin E. The vitamin E is good for you as it protects as well as heals your skin. And not to mention it also helps to soothe any irritation caused.
  • Components: The ingredients used are safe as they use Ethanol, Glycerin, Benzalkonium Chloride as well as a fragrance to leave your hands smelling nice and fresh.
  • Saving: This product would help you save about 0.035 per use. Making it almost 31.86 Dhs per month from the savings on the hand sanitizer.
  • Price: Just imagine this product could be yours with you only spending around AED 60.

AMAL Plus Hand Sanitizer

This brand is one which makes a lot of sanitizing agents. Hence making it so much easier to trust the product brand name. This might not be one of those well known branded companies but you can ensure will do just a good job if not better.

  • Quantity: This sanitizer is available in a pouch of one litre. Which you can even mount into a dispenser for usage.
  • Sanitary: While considering to get your hand sanitizer you need to buy them keeping in mind the protection they give and how much can it keep you away from harm’s way. So, for this, the sanitizer provides you with a good amount of protection as it kills 99 per cent germs.
  • Effects: The sanitizing agent is said to leave your hands feeling soft, smooth and well moisturised. Which means it is great for regular use and will not cause any harm to your hands.
  • Suitability: Just like any other known sanitizer there is no limit as to where you can use or any place it is suitable for. You can use it anywhere be it the office, at home, schools or even while on the go for a travel.
  • Saving: You can save a whole lot on the use of this product as a substitute for your regular sanitizer by saving 0.27 Dhs per use. And a mega save of 243 Dhs per month. I think maybe you should consider this product for daily usage.
  • Price: Another reason for you to consider this product is the cost which is reasonable. As it costs only around AED 88.

So with that, you have some substitutes to consider from for your normal hand sanitizer in UAE. By considering these you could just save a little. Besides, by purchasing this product in bulk you are actually doing your small part in saving the environment by not creating an excessive amount of plastic waste. As you can transfer this sanitizer to a smaller and more portable storage container bottle and then reuse it.

Make Hand Sanitizer at Home – UAE Instructions

Another way to save a whole lot more on purchasing some sanitizer is to make your own sanitizer at home. Which would not require to run around to the stores as you can make some yourself? Yes, it actually is easy to make the sanitizer, provided you have all the required ingredients. And the best part is that you would only need three ingredients. Read on further to find out how you can make your own hand sanitizer in UAE.

In the making for your hand sanitizer, you would be required to follow the 60 per cent alcohol content. As this is the recommended amount as mentioned by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). So, to make this recipe you would need isopropyl or rubbing alcohol (99 per cent alcohol volume), aloe vera gel and essential oil of your choice. This oil could be lavender oil, tea tree oil or even can be substituted for lemon juice.

All the above ingredients need to be mixed together to have your very own hand sanitizer at home. Although while mixing you would have to keep in mind the 60 per cent alcohol so your proportion of alcohol should be 2:1 to the aloe vera gel. Which is basically double the amount of the aloe vera gel. This will keep your hand sanitizer at a good position to kill off any germs and viruses which you might come across. Yes, in case you were wondering you can use the aloe vera gel from your own garden if you have some.

The exact amount of each ingredient would entirely depend on you and how much are you planning to make. So, help your self to make extra to save it for future uses. All you would have to do is follow the proportions and you will be fine. Therefore here is the main sanitizer formula and would be something like this:

Here are a few tips to keep in mind while making your very own hand sanitizer in UAE:

  • While making the sanitizer it is advised to make it in a clean place. Preferably wipe down the tabletop with a cleaning agent to make sure no bacteria can contaminate the solution.
  • Also, wash your hands properly before handling any ingredients.
  • While mixing the components together you have to also make sure that you are using a clean container and spoon.
  • The alcohol to be used must not be diluted. So counter check that as well.
  • Ensure you mix all ingredients well and they are well blended together.
  • Also, make sure you do not touch any components or the mixture with your hands while in the making process.

Grand Alcohol-90 Isopropyl Solution

If the name hasn’t made it clear that this solution made up of 90 per cent alcohol then just to let you know it is. Which is actually considerably better than the advised 60 per cent. As this would help to disinfect any sort of contaminants. And the cherry on top is you can store it and use it as and when required.

Alcohol is majorly the key ingredient in most hand sanitizers. This is mainly because the alcohol in the sanitizer has the ability in dealing with most germs and viruses. This would help keep you and your loved ones safe and also help in the promotion of a healthier lifestyle. And even more during this time of this pandemic when the sanitizers are the need of the day. In the absence of any other sanitizing agent, the alcohol in the hand sanitizer would help to immediately and effectively get rid of viruses and germs. Furthermore, alcohol can quickly reduce the number of microbes from the hands of the user. And so you could consider getting this product at only AED 90.

Indus Valley Aloe Vera Moisturizing Gel

This is the closest substitute to the real freshly derived aloe vera gel. With the least use of chemicals to enhance the natural properties. While this has multiple purposes you can make sure none of this nature’s medicine can go waste.

You might think that the usage of the aloe vera in the sanitizer doesn’t have a major role. But to think of it, it really does. As it is well known that the aloe vera gel is actually good for the skin. This is because it works as a natural moisturiser for your skin. And so this is exactly the role of the gel in the hand sanitizer. The gel helps to retain the moisture on the skin while preventing it from going dry and having rough skin. Once you apply the sanitizer onto your hands the alcohol evaporates while killing the germs. This leaves behind the aloe vera gel which works as a protective cover on your hands and leaving it smooth. You can opt for this alternative if you do not have natural aloe vera gel. And this would only cost you about AED 40.

Essential Oils

Here you have a wide array of essential oils to choose from. You can either just stick to your regular favourite. Or go ahead and try some new and unique fragrances. But also make sure before purchasing them you will be having no side-effects or allergic reaction to the ingredients of the oils.

Purchasing an essential oil is as important as anything else in the aforementioned ingredients. They work as another source of anti-bacteria protection on your skin. Thus not only giving you the fragrance but also protecting you from germs and viruses improving the effectiveness to the overall hand sanitizer. Furthermore, if you add essential oils to the solution it works in providing you with aromatherapy which works wonders in boosting your mood and even helps you relax. If this is so then why not help yourself by slipping some essential oils into the sanitizer mix. So, you can get some of the best deals right here. Check it out by clicking the button above.

Besides, it would be a cheaper option to make your own sanitizer at home. Here is an estimated cost on making the sanitizer of your choice. As 0.12 Dhs would be an estimated per use price. Whereas 108 Dhs would be your per month spending on hand sanitizer in UAE. That is sure to be a good deal for you to not take advantage of.

Gearing for the After-Effects

There you have it some ways and tricks to save a little dough from purchasing some now to be essential goods. Protecting your near and dear ones need not be heavy on your already burdened pockets. Give a thought on it all and act smart. Although if you don’t mind spending as much on your regular hand sanitizer in UAE. This could be the least you could do towards saving the environment in your own small little way. Furthermore, while you are at stocking and gearing up for this post-COVID-19 wave, you can also take the extra step towards your safety. How you ask? Simply by considering to get a sanitizer dispenser for that little extra sanitary push. Check it out here on the best automatic hand sanitizer dispenser in UAE.

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