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Best Steam Cleaner Mop in UAE – Expert Recommendation [2021]


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Waking up to a clean home would be a dream come true. With the best steam cleaner mop for your UAE home, you can achieve just that in no time. Especially if you have pets which shed and kids around. You need that extra punch to your cleaning. Therefore, this device will not only make cleaning easy but also safe. Since it uses just the steam from normal water and has no chemicals involved. Yet always leaving your home sparkling clean and bacteria-free. So, ditch the hard work with the mop and a bucket and have a safer home with the steam cleaner mop.

Best Steam Cleaner Mop in UAE – Quick List

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Why is a Steam Cleaner or Steam Mop Great

With your regular mop, you would have to constantly change the water and move around with the weight. All while you put your back into getting the whole floor clean. But with the best steam cleaner mop in UAE all this work is made easy. This is made possible with the water steaming technology adapted into the steam cleaner mop.

As the mop heats water stored in the reservoir up to almost 250 degrees Fahrenheit (120 C). And the steam produced is sent down to the mop pad at the head. Here the use of steam is to get rid of all the grime and bacteria. With the steam soaked pad, you can have a cleaner floor and furnishing. Unlike any other cleaning equipment, this one absorbs all the dirt while the heat helps in killing off the bacteria and even dust mites.

Making this one of the most hygienic methods of cleaning your homes. And not to mention convenient as well, as compared to the traditional method. As you don’t need to put in any extra effort into cleaning. So, what are you waiting for? Ahead on to the next section to the listing for your next purchase.

Model: FSM1605

  • Water Capacity: The water holding reservoir holds up to 0.35 litres of water.
  • Sanitizing: This device takes only 15 seconds to start up after being plugged in. Besides this, you have the assurance of this worldwide popular company that it can kill off 99.9% germs without the use of chemicals.
  • Flexible: For easy and convenient cleaning experience the mop is lightweight to carry around. Not to forget the head which enables 180-degree head swivel. This makes it even easier to manoeuvre around and clean even furniture and not just your floors.
  • Smart Feature: Making this already good appliance even better is the Autoselect technology. Where it automatically selects the type of setting which the floor needs. This makes it easier for you to use the appliance without any hassle.
  • Multifunction: With this appliance, you can detach the head from the handheld counterpart to use it to clean the bathroom tiles, ovens, glass and even use to steam garments.
  • Price: This Black + Decker steam mop should cost you around AED 280.

Model: 2233E

  • Water Capacity: In one go you can fill up to 0.35 litres of water into this mop.
  • Sanitizing: The strong steam released from the mop can help you remove the toughest stains. Whereas the heat also helps you reduce the germs from the surfaces with just a single swipe.
  • Surfaces: This appliance is best on sealed hard surfaces. And would work perfectly on hardwood, ceramic, linoleum, granite, and marble.
  • Flexible: Enabled with swivel steaming you can reach far and wide with the comfortable and specially designed grip of the handle.
  • Steam Setting: Controlling the amount of steam of the mop is in your hands. As well as you can use the trigger for on-demand steam for those tough spots.
  • Multifunction: This cleaner allows you a three in one functionality. As it allows you to convert it to an upright, extended reach, and handheld cleaner. So you can take the cleaning into your hands as it is that easy.
  • Price: This Bissel PowerFresh steam cleaner is available at the price of AED 590.

Model: DEM – ZQ600

  • Sanitizing: Now you can get rid of all your excess cleaning equipment. As you have a substitute to do all the cleaning work for you.
  • Attachments: This device comes with 5 different attachments to be used interchangeably. These attachments allow you to have the ultimate cleaning experience.
  • Water Capacity: With 230 ml as the water capacity you can easily clean your whole house with this.
  • Surfaces: The added five attachment can prove to be really helpful as it allows you to clean a lot more surfaces. This includes any small corners, floors, upholsteries, curtains, carpets and many other surfaces.
  • Steam: The use of steam helps the floor to quickly dry up as well as sanitize it. At the heating temperature of 150 degree Celsius, you can assure that the germ and bacteria will be eliminated.
  • Additional Pros: Cleaning without the use of chemicals is actually healthy for you as it improves the quality of air inside your home.
  • Price: This Xiaomi Deerma steam cleaner mop is estimated at AED 200.

Model: FSM13E1-B5

  • Functioning: Since you would use water to kill the germs, this makes it a natural and safe way. Thus cleaning your floor without the use of chemicals.
  • Surface: Besides that, the surfaces that you can clean along with the device is any hard flooring such as sealed hardwood floor, tile, stone, grout, wood, laminate, granite.
  • Mopping Pads: Moreover, you have long-lasting Easy Glide Microfiber pads. Which gives you cleaner floors and will last you for more than 100 wash cycles.
  • Flexibility: This steam mop is lightweight making it easy to use. Furthermore, you have the 180 Degree pivoting mop head which enables you with the flexibility to move around cleaning your floors in tight spaces as well as under furniture without having you work too much.
  • Water Tank: To refill your tank is easy. All you have to do is detach the tank from the device and you are ready to go.
    • Furthermore, you don’t have to keep refilling the tank since it has a large 380ml of tank capacity.
  • Warranty: With the purchase of this product you have a two year’s band warranty.
  • Price: You can purchase this product at the approximate rate of AED 230.

So, there you have it the best steam cleaner mop in UAE. Go ahead and take your pick from the given choices. And have the best experience with the appliance. To know more about the product read on further and have a well-advised pick.

What to look for in a Steam Cleaner

Purchasing the best steam cleaner in UAE has been made easy right here. With everything you need to know before you buy one. Besides, you don’t want to live with a product you are not happy with, in the end. Hence, here you have it a few features to look into before purchasing your best steam cleaner mop in UAE.

Variety of surfaces

While purchasing your steam cleaner mop, think about the ways in which you want to be using it. Do you want it just for your floors? Would you want to clean your furnishing? Depending on your need look into the steam cleaner mop. In fact, there is a wide range to choose from. You can get one which does everything to ones which specialize on surfaces. You want to make sure of this so you can be aware of the type of surfaces this cleaner will be able to clean. While doing this you can be aware of all the surfaces and not end up damaging the device later.

Ease of use (Light and handy)

This point is to be noted while purchasing as well. The simple reason being that you would want to consider the size of the cleaner. Would you like a bigger one or a smaller one? Since the smaller ones would be portable and easy to store. Whereas the larger one will work better on those grime stains. So, think about it as both the types are available for you to purchase.

Number of attachments

Most of the steam cleaner mops come with added attachments so as to help you get a better clean of every area possible. Therefore, attachments are available, you have different specialised equipment to deal with every specific area of your house. Some of the attachment you might find are grout brushes, fabric steamers, detail brushes, and more. Get these attachments to make your steam cleaner a piece of multipurpose cleaning equipment.

How to use a Steam Mop

Now you have reached the most important section. How do you use a steam mop? What is the purpose of getting a steam mop without being familiar with the usage process? It is always better also to have a basic knowledge of the equipment so you don’t end up damaging the product. So, for that purpose here is your guide to how to use the best steam cleaner mop in UAE.

Step 1: Pre-Clean the Floor

You might be confused? The steam mop does it then why should this be done? But take this into consideration that this device does not clean but mops the floor. So, if you do not clean the floor before mopping it you will dirty the mopping pad. Thus, to prevent this it is important that you vacuum or sweep your floor clean. This will get rid of any debris, pull lint and dust from your floor and cracks. Whereas you have several dual functioning attachments so you wouldn’t have to bring out the vacuum every time. Thus easily cleaning small messes.

Step 2: Prep the Pads

If you want a cleaner steam mopping than the best thing for you to have is to have spare mopping pads at hand. So, you can change them as and when you want and feel current one is dirty. While you do this you can also avoid the spread of dirt all around. You won’t have to worry about the mop pads as they are available cheaply and can be clean in a washer. And like any other clothing item can be dried and hung. But before you change your mop and make sure to read the instruction manual on how to do so as each one has a different way.

Step 3: Evaluate Floor

This is a point which you won’t have to perform every time but nevertheless you have to do it at least once in the start. Check your floor, make sure they are sealed. This is because if they are not the moisture can dampen and damage the floor. Also with a steam cleaner, you shouldn’t leave it plugged in and unattended. As the moisture in the pad could lead to spoiling of your floor.

Besides this, it is always best to consult your flooring manufacture if you have some special type of hardwood or laminate flooring. Or if you don’t, you might end up damaging your floor or the core layer of resins. If your floor is marked as waterproof then you have no issues with using the steam cleaner mop. If you want to be extra sure whether your floor is really waterproof then you can pour a few drops of water in an unnoticeable area. And check it back after a minimum of five minutes. If the water is not absorbed by your wood flooring then you are safe to use the steam cleaner mop.

Step 4: Steam Clean

Once you’ve done all the previous step then you can go ahead and steam clean the floors. Follow all the manufacturer’s instructions and fill the reservoir, attach the pad and get steam mopping. Keeping in mind not to leave it idle for too long on a single place. Furthermore, you may change the pads as and when they grow dirty. For the best cleaning move the steam cleaner on an area more than once.

Step 5: Mop Clean-up

After you are done mopping the floor with the steam cleaner make sure you clean the mopping pads. You can follow the instructions to get your pads clean or you can put them into the washer along with your other whites. The mopping pads are safe to be washed and dried like any other garment of yours. Especially if they are the micro-fibre pads. Make sure you always clean your pads and keep them ready for the next time to be used.

Using a steam cleaner to clean your floors is super easy. And if you go about following the instructions you are totally good to go. Once you get the hang of using the best steam cleaner mop you will never want to go back to the traditional mopping method. Read on to know more about the product.

Care And Maintain for a Steam Cleaner

Do you clean your steam cleaner mop? If so, how often? And how? Well, it should be no surprise that even the best steam mop in the UAE needs to be cleaned, cared and maintained. This section is especially dedicated to that. Cleaning a steam mop is easy and should be done after every use. To ensure that your floors stay sparkling and also extends the lifespan of your steam mop.

First, start by ensuring the device isn’t connected to the power outlet. If you recently used it ensure it has cooled down. After which you can proceed to empty the water tank. Make sure you do so after every use as the water left sitting in the tank can cause harm to the mop. Not to mention you will have bad smelling water and mould as well. After the tank is empty ensure you clean it out with a good cleaning agent. Wipe it down with a cloth from the inside if possible. Even go a step ahead and de-scale it with vinegar. Since vinegar has natural antimicrobial properties, just ensure to use a diluted version.

Furthermore, you can clean any nozzles that you might have occasionally. If you feel the steam intensity has decreased its probably because the nozzles are clogged. Using distilled or demineralized water can help keep the nozzles clean. To reach the nozzle detach the mop head base and you will find the nozzle. You might need a screwdriver to get the base plate off.

Besides this, you regularly need to wash and clean your mopping pads. Unless they are the disposal ones then you can throw them away. You can soak and hand or machine wash the pads. Although make sure to not use fabric softeners or bleach. But you can use hot water and a mild liquid detergent or baking soda. Ensure your dry them properly before you refix them onto the device. Best is to air dry but you can even dry it in the machine. Finally, when that is all done, you need to simply wipe the exterior of your device. A dry cloth will do you good. This is so that you may not have any growths or moisture spots on the device.

Steam Cleaner Mop FAQs for UAE

Can a steam cleaner mop replace a vacuum cleaner?

No, a steam cleaner mop cannot replace a vacuum cleaner. As both of them have different purposes. A steam cleaner mop is for the washing and killing off any germs and bacteria. Whereas the vacuum cleaner is to clean the floor from any debris or even dust. Furthermore, it is essential that you vacuum before you steam clean the floor. To remove all the debris which can cause the mopping pads to become filthy. Or this, in turn, will hamper the steam cleaning process.

Which surfaces can a steam cleaner mop clean?

A steam cleaner can clean almost all surfaces. Therefore, the only catch is that the cleaner must be used on sealed surfaces in terms of the floor. As the moisture that the steam contains might end up damaging your floor if it seeps in. Besides this, you can use a steam cleaner on almost any surfaces. And with the special attachments made available you can make sure to get the best out of each clean.

Some steam cleaners are specialized for only one surface whereas others allow multiple. so make sure to check this out before you make your choice. Furthermore, the attachments promote the usage on various surfaces. Including wood floors, tiles, furniture, carpets and some even steam cleans your clothing.

Does a steam cleaner mop kill germs?

Yes, When you use a steam cleaner the proper way it cleans out and kills germs. Steam cleaning is an effective and good way to clean out your home. Not to mention its an all-natural process as well. This mop has proven effective to kill several germs including salmonella, E. Coli and Staphylococcus as well as dust mites and surface molds. With the heated steams up to 250 Degrees F you can have the best cleaning.

How often should a steam cleaner mop be used?

This viewpoint depends on you. Once a week steam mopping is good enough. But in areas which are bound to collect dirt more often, can be done more frequently. You would also want to consider that overusing the steam mop to can cause water droplet to collect and form molds. Furthermore, you could also end up damaging the floor and the appliance as well from overuse.

Happy Cleaning!

With that, we have come to the end as you know all the things you need to regarding the best steam cleaner mop in UAE. With this new addition to your cleaning equipment, you no longer will feel that you are doing a chore. As this mop puts the fun into cleaning. So, no more elbow grease and have a happy cleaning! Also, you could consider getting the best vacuum cleaner in UAE to make the cleaning easier.

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