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Best Pulse Oximeter in UAE – Helpful for Covid Detection


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The best pulse oximeter in UAE is a necessity whether you have a health problem or not. Keeping safe with everything happening in the world is the top priority. And over 100 hours of reading and re-reading has brought out why and which are the best pulse oximeters in UAE. Brands like Zacurate, BAGGRA, Elf Cat and more all have proved that. With features to check and keep track of oxygen saturation as well as pulse rates. Read to know how.

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Best Pulse Oximeter in UAE – Quick List

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What is a Pulse Oximeter?

This is a small device which helps you get reading of your saturation levels of oxygen in your body. It is to be clipped onto your finger and only then will it show you the reading of oxygen in your body. Moreover, this device also measures your heart rate as well. This is an easy and non-invasive way to measure theses levels in one’s blood. More specifically, it measures the levels with the help of the blood in the arteries.

You might think why only the blood from the arteries? Basically, some basic high school biology. Is that it is the arteries which carry freshly pumped blood from the heart to every inch of your body. This fresh blood is the carrier of oxygen too. And if you might, by any chance have less oxygen in your blood means you have less oxygen in your body. And this could lead to serious life risks. Such as pulmonary issues. Which include asthma, pulmonary fibrosis, pneumonia and lung cancer. Thus, doctors always use this device and also is advisable for you if you suffer from cardiopulmonary problems.

Pulse Oximeter – Tool to Fight Covid-19

Since the pulse oximeter helps to detect the low levels of oxygen in the body. This device can detect premature symptoms associated with COVID-19. COVID has one of its symptoms as breathlessness or even COVID pneumonia. It is a good idea to invest in one of these devices so that you can keep track of your saturation count. If you feel you might be suffering from the virus then this device will be of use for you. As you can check your oxygen levels for a period of two weeks.

As it is during this time you can develop and show symptoms of the virus. And it is also necessary to keep in mind if you are feeling the lack of breath at that time. Furthermore, it is also necessary to know your heart rate and can keep your doctor informed about the same. Studies of WHO have stated that you have 95-100% oxygen levels for it to be normal anything below needs to be consulted by a doctor. As for heart rate for anyone above the age of 10, the rate must be within the range of 60 to 100 beats per minute. So, with this the best pulse oximeter in UAE you can keep an eye on your oxygen levels and get appropriate care in terms of COVID-19.

Model: 500BL

Best Pluse Oximeter in UAE
  • Easy Usage: This device allows for easy usage. Where all you have to do is clip on the device onto your finger and with a click of a button have the results displayed to you.
  • Accuracy: You can rely on this device for its accuracy as all it takes is around 10 seconds to display the results. And moreover, through tests, it has a 70% – 99% accuracy levels.
  • Wide Range Usage: This oximeter is of use to you and your family no matter the age at all. As the finger chamber is equipped with a smart spring which adjusts to any finger size.
  • Designed: The making of this oximeter is in such a way that it can be used by any person. Especially if you are sports enthusiasts, aviators, trainers, bikers, mountain climbers, hikers or anyone who wants to obtain their SpO2 (blood oxygen saturation levels) on the go.
  • LED Display: The large LED display screen, as well as the large display figures, lets you easily decipher the reading. And to make this task easier is that, the readings face the user.
  • Portability: With a device this small having dimensions of 1.25 inches as the hight, 1.15 inches as the width and 2.2 inches as the length you can carry it around easily without having extra baggage. Furthermore, the lanyard feature has made it even more easier.
  • Material: The usage of only the best high-quality material is approved. That is ABS plastic which shields this pulse oximeter. So that the environment cannot damage the reading as well as the physical device itself. Furthermore, the cavity where you can place your finger has been made with a material which is hypoallergenic and latex-free.
  • Battery: For you to use it right away the packed device comes with 2 AAA batteries. Also in case of lower battery, the device will signal you with a constant red blinking light.
  • Price: Get this device at the approximate price of AED 110.
  • Functionality: The making of this device is based on all digital technology. And is intended for non-invasive on the spot controlling of measurement about the functional oxygen saturation. Which is present in the arterial hemoglobin (SpO2).
  • Efficiency: This Neonatal & Pediatric pulse oximeter uses the acceleration sensor which takes only six seconds is all it takes for you to get an accurate reading. And being a smart device will shut down on its own after no usage for around eight seconds.
  • Usage: All you have to do to use this device is put in 2 AAA batteries and switch the device on and plop your finger in the chamber. And voila! You will have your reading.
  • Portability: Portability will never be a problem with this device as not only is it small but it also has a lanyard for it so you can carry it around easily. The dimensions of this device are 4.5 x 2.83 x 2.65 cms whereas the weight is around 64g. Which makes it so very compact and easy to roam with.
  • Wide Usage: You can trust this device as you go ahead and use it because it is used widely by hospitals, oxygen bar, community medical centre, alpine area, sports health care and many others.
  • LCD: You have easy readability with the device with the large LCD screen which has an HD display. Moreover, it has high brightness with the help of the backlight as well. These features make sure you have even more ease while reading the figures.
  • Material: In the making of this device you have the best high-quality material used so can use this oximeter for a long period of time without any damage. The material used is ABS plastic whereas the finger chamber is made out of silicon which is easy, comfortable and soft on your skin.
  • Price: This device can only cost you around AED 150.
  • Reliable: The build of this device is in such a way that it is reliable to make sure you get fast and accurate results in at the least 5 secs. Which is almost around no time to get your SpO2 readings as well as heart rate.
  • Sensors: This device has a powerful sensor to achieve accurate results within such a less amount of time.
  • LED: This device could even make a perfect gift for your elderly parents. As they wouldn’t have to strain their eyes to read the SpO2 readings. The font is large and even the backlight lets the screen to be illuminated properly.
  • Material: Finger chamber is one of the important parts of this machine. Hence, you can not compromise on this. Therefore the manufactures have used silicon which is completely safe and is slip and scratch resistance.
  • Accuracy: This device can give you an accurate reading for you anywhere anytime on the go as well. An accurate reading within the range of 70% – 100% for your saturation levels. Anything besides this would leave you an unspecified indication. Which means you need medical care as soon as possible.
  • Portability: No portability isn’t an option as the compact make enables you to travel around with it anywhere. As you will not feel the 29g weight of this device. Beside the lanyard will ensure you don’t forget the oximeter anywhere too just wear it around your wrist.
  • Price: Pay only around AED 50 for best use of this pulse oximeter in UAE.

Model: CMS-50DL

  • Functionality: This device is an efficient and accurate way of checking blood oxygen levels and pulse rate of a person on the spot. Which makes it a good option for athletes, pilots and others to possess and use when needed.
  • Convenience: The feature of automatically turning off when not in use saves battery on a big scale.
    • Besides this, you have the feature where you can monitor the level of the battery so you can be informed when you need a change of battery.
    • Another feature is that this device has a feature which allows you to use any sized finger and you still can have an accurate result.
  • Portability: Pulse oximeter device is a completely portable one which can be used while you travel as well. With the dimensions such as 6 cm as length, the width as 3.2 cms and the height as 3.3 cms. And throwing the added lanyard and a soft case. And there you have it a portable handy device.
  • Battery: This oximeter is a lower power consumption device. As this device works with the utmost care and saves battery by switching off when not in use. And so if run continuously can run up to 40 hours.
  • LED: The large and spacious LED display screen lets you have a clear visual of the readings. Which is entirely digital. And an adjustable screen brightness to let you use it anywhere.
  • Price: To purchase this device you would have to pay around AED 110.

Here are some of the best pulse oximeter in UAE for you to check out. You can keep track of your health with such a small device. So why not consider it? Whether you suffer from anything or not this device is a handy one. Read on to know more about the usage process of the best pulse oximeter in UAE.

Pulse Oximeter FAQs

How does a pulse oximeter work?

The pulse oximeter is a device which measures the blood oxygen levels in a person. This is a non-invasive way to wherein the blood absorbs light. This light is of a broad spectrum. As the oxygenated and de-oxygenated blood has a different wavelength. They differently to the light. This light passed through the machine detects how much of the light is passed through with this.

As simple as it seems the device also has to compensate for any incoming ambient light, the finger size and the light absorbed by the rest of the tissues. For this, there is a previously memorised system which works and makes sure to normalized any incoming abnormalities. This directly affects the accuracy of the products.

How does the pulse oximeter measure oxygen level?

While you are getting tested for your oxygen saturation level you will have to place this small oximeter device on your finger, toe or even earlobe whatever you feel the most comfortable. After this, a small beam of light is passed through your finger highlighting the blood in the finger. This ensures that you can get your blood oxygen levels measured. By the different ways in which the blood absorbs the light, it is identified how oxygenated or deoxygenated your blood is. This is a harmless process to measure your oxygen levels and also your heart rate in the process.

Is a pulse oximeter accurate?

Yes, the results derived from the pulse oximeter is accurate enough for you to trust. If you do get it checked professionally as if you check it on this home pulse oximeter at the most you will have a 2% difference. But if you do not use the pulse oximeter well you could have a wrong reading. Like wearing nail polish, artificial nails, having cold hands or having a poor circulation of blood and in very rare cases dark skin. These reasons can hamper the outcome of the device.

Which finger should a pulse oximeter be used on?

A pulse oximeter must be used on the middle finger of the right hand for the most accurate results of the blood oxygen levels in a person. FOllowed by the right thumb of the same hand. There are researches which prove the same as well. This is many because these fingers give the closest results as compared to the rest of the fingers displays an accurate value that reflects the arterial oxygen saturation.

What are the normal values of oxygen saturation?

While measuring with the oxygen saturation levels in a pulse oximeter make sure they are within the range of 95% -100% anything below or above needs medical supervision. In the same way as the device also measure pulse rates. This should be in between 60-100 beats/min. To ensure you are healthy and safe at all times make sure to check your pulse and oxygen levels frequently.

Steps to Using a Pulse Oximeter

To use the best pulse oximeter in UAE isn’t at all difficult. You can get an instant reading with this device. So, to keep safe form most pulmonary disease this device can come in handy. Even if you are a person with such prevailing condition or not this device is would be of great use and can maybe safe your life someday. But before you get to save lives you must know how to use it. Hence here are a few steps on how to use this device.

  • Since they are home pulse oximeters all you have to do is clip the device onto your fingertip, toe and even earlobe.
  • While clipping it to your finger make sure it is only on your right hand and the middle finger.
  • Make sure that while you have connected the pulse oximeter you don’t move around. So, sit down for this.
  • Also, ensure that you have no nail polish if you are going to use it on your finger. Moreover, don’t use it on cold fingers either.
  • Furthermore, to ensure no misinterpretation of the reading most of these devices have a tracing which looks like a sine or continuous wave. This wave varies with your breathing to make sure that you are getting the right reading. If it doesn’t you probably aren’t.
  • If you follow all these points you will get the right reading in just a few seconds.

Save Some Lives

If you have a medical need this device is a must for you at your home. Or else you would have to make constant check-up trips to the clinic to keep track of your health. This indirectly means that you have to spend much more frequently on something you can do yourself. Furthermore, if you are a person with no such medical history it won’t harm you to get the best pulse oximeter in UAE. Especially in these times when there is a virus fast spreading with no official treatment yet. This way you keep you, your family and even locality safe. So, are you well equipped to save some lives? On the topic of saving lives from the virus, you can also keep track of your body temperature with the best non-contact forehead thermometer in UAE.

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