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Best Non-Contact Forehead Thermometer in UAE for Office [2022]


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In order to avoid or prevent the spread of the virus at any workplace, purchasing the best non-contact forehead thermometer in UAE is the need of the hour. This will ensure that the employees with symptoms of COVID-19 don’t infect their co-workers. But, what makes a non-contact forehead thermometer stand out from the rest? Every employer owning a company needs to know how essential it is to invest in one right now.

Talking about the COVID-19 screening, imagine this situation. A large number of employees are standing in the queue waiting for their temperature to be checked. A non-contact forehead thermometer measures/detects the temperature of any individual without any contact with the skin. Unlike the traditional and other types of thermometers, all you need to do is place a non-contact forehead thermometer at a distance of 1 to 15 cms from the forehead. And it measures the temperature accurately in not more than 2 to 3 seconds.

Best Non-Contact Forehead Thermometer in UAE

Moreover, it doesn’t involve any sort of time consuming or tedious disinfection process. So, you see, how fast it does its work, thus reducing the waiting time of the employees and the time and effort of the appointed temperature taker as well. This article has a lot in store for you. I bet, you won’t regret reading through and purchasing the best non-contact forehead thermometer in UAE.

Best Non-Contact Forehead Thermometer in UAE – Quick List

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3 Most Important Features of Non-Contact Thermometer

As mentioned above, non-contact thermometers excel as they detect the temperature without any physical contact. But, what are the other reasons for purchasing a non-contact thermometer? Well, I have listed the 3 most important features of a non-contact thermometer that make it worth purchasing. Take a look at these before we proceed to the best non-contact forehead thermometer in UAE.


When it comes to measuring the temperature of an individual, object or a room, not all thermometers provide accurate results. Keep in mind that accuracy and precision is a vital feature. And that is why the need for a non-contact thermometer rises. Accuracy is one of the most important features of a non-contact thermometer. Non-contact thermometers have the ability to determine the temperature of the individual accurately without any physical contact. Not just an individual or a group of people, but also the objects or temperature of a room.

Response Speed

The next most important feature that makes a non-contact forehead thermometer stand out from the rest is its “response speed”. Yes, it features a fast response time as it measures the temperature of an individual or an object in not more than 3 to 5 seconds. Some non-contact forehead thermometers can even measure the temperature in exactly 1 second. Thus, saving you time and effort.

Battery Life

The longer the battery life, the better. This statement applies to every electronic item or appliance we purchase and use. Nobody wants their device running out of battery at important events. Similarly, the medical professional, trained nurse or temperature taker, has to check the temperature of so many in queue. They can’t afford to waste time or any sort of negligence Non-contact thermometers ensure prolonged use due to their battery life.

Loaded with immense features and technologies, this is the best non-contact forehead thermometer in UAE by Jumper.

Best Non-Contact Forehead Thermometer UAE
  • Clinically Validated: Being clinically tested and offering you highly accurate readings, this non-contact thermometer tops the list of the best non-contact forehead thermometer in UAE. All you need to do is follow the instructions and handle it with care during use.
  • Hygienic: Have no fear of contracting the Covid-19. This thermometer ensures 100% safe and easy measuring of temperature while screening. So, it doesn’t matter how many people you use it on since the thermometer doesn’t come in contact with the person.
  • Silent Mode: Measuring the temperature of each and every individual without any disturbance is the best thing you can ask for. After all, who would want to hear that annoying beep sound every now and then? Thanks to the silent mode. If you want it the other way round, then you can switch to the unmute mode.
    • Additionally, you can also purchase this one for home use to measure the temperature of your kid or an aged person.
  • Memory: By recalling up to 20 readings, the memory helps you to better record the temperature changes.
  • LCD Display: Powered with a backlight, this digital LCD display offers clear readings. Moreover, you can even view the results clearly when it’s dark.
  • Temperature Measurement Range: The measuring/measurement range is between 32.0°F – 212.0°F (0 °C- 100 °C).
  • Fever Warning: 3 short beeps and a red backlight display are a sign of fever.
  • Professional and Safe: By using the best medical ABS materials, this thermometer proves safer than the traditional mercury thermometer.
  • Price: Jumper Non-Contact Infrared thermometer is available approximately for AED 180.
  • Patented Breakthrough Technology: This technology ensures stress-free and easy checking of temperature. As well as incredibly accurate results.
  • Application (No Touch): Simply hold the thermometer in front of the individual’s forehead between the eyebrows up to 2 cms away. It is also advisable for home use on children since you can measure their temperature without the risk of waking them.
  • Application (Touch): If you’re sure to use this thermometer only on 1 individual, in other words, as a personal thermometer. Then you make use of the touch mode to measure the temperature.
    • All you need to do is place the thermometer on the forehead between the eyebrows. And there you go, get the accurate results rapidly.
  • Patented Age Precision Technology: Featuring an age adjustable fever guidance, this technology takes the guesswork out of the temperature reading.
  • Food and Liquid Mode: Another benefit or application of purchasing this thermometer for home use is that it enables you to measure the temperature of the water to bathe your baby. And also your kid’s food and drink.
  • Price: Braun No Touch + Touch thermometer is available for an estimated price of AED 500.
  • Memory: Featuring memorization of the last 32 groups of measurement data.
  • Measuring Body Temperature: Hold the thermometer at a distance of 1-15 cms from the forehead. Thus safe enough, providing you accurate results.
  • Temperature Units: To add to its advantages are the 2 temperature units that it offers. Hence enabling you to easily convert the temperature from Fahrenheit to Celcius and vice versa.
  • Measuring Object Temperature: In addition, it lets you measure the temperature of milk, water for bathing and surface temperature of any object.
  • BODY Mode: Every temperature range is represented by a different backlight colour under this mode.
    • Red Backlight: If the temperature is <32 degrees Celcius, a red backlight appears along with an LO symbol.
    • Green Backlight: This will show up if the body temperature is normal i.e between 32 to 37.3 degrees Celcius.
    • Yellow Backlight: When the body temperature is high but doesn’t exceed the alarm temperature, a yellow backlight is displayed.
    • Red Backlight: When the body temperature exceeds F1 and alarms, the Body mode displays a red backlight.
  • Lightweight and Portable: Its lightweight and portable nature make it perfect to carry along.
  • Price: Mainstayae LCD Non-Contact Infrared thermometer is available approximately for AED 110.
  • Non Contact: Specially designed to measure the body temperature of the people during COVID 19 screening. That too regardless of room temperature.
  • Built-in Laser Point and Backlit LCD: While checking the temperature, the built-in laser point increases the target accuracy. And the backlit LCD offers convenient and ergonomic operation and results.
  • Body Temperature Measurement: In order to measure the person’s body temperature accurately, simply place the thermometer at a distance of 15 cms from the forehead.
  • MODE Button: To switch from one mode to the next, simply long-press the MODE button for around 5 to 10 seconds.
  • Convert Temperature Units: The temperature once taken can be converted from one unit to the other. This means that if the temperature was taken in Celcius, you can convert the reading to Farhenheit and vice versa.
  • Rapid Results: It offers you rapid results in a few seconds.
  • Lightweight and Portable: Being lightweight and portable makes carrying it from one place to another hassle-free. Also, you won’t face any issues while holding it or using it.
  • Price: Digital LCD Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer is available for AED 130.
  • Fast and Easy to Use: Firstly, it can detect the temperature within a second. Hence, saving you time and effort while checking multiple people.
    • Also, it immediately measures the temperature of a room or a cup if you press the “Object mode” button.
    • The handheld design offers you easy operation.
  • Alarm Temperature: You can easily and freely set the alarm temperature as per your preferences or situation. If the measured body temperature is greater than the fever alarm temperature, then this thermometer will start to beep.
  • Prevents Cross Infection: Safety and accuracy constitute the priority of this thermometer. The passive infrared receiving technology along with the clinical test ensure no contact with the body.
  • LCD Display: The white backlight provides a glow that helps you read the temperature clearly. Thus ensuring hassle-free checking of temperature at night.
  • Hassle-Free User Experience: The dual-mode functions and 1 button measurement offer a hassle-free user experience.
  • Price: EiioX Non-Contact Forehead thermometer is available approximately for AED 235.

Guidelines for Temperature Screening for COVID 19

Guidelines for Temperature Screening for COVID 19

Let’s proceed to one of the most important sections of this article. This section addresses the guidelines for temperature screening for COVID 19. Before purchasing and using the best non-contact forehead thermometer in UAE, it is crucial to know, understand and follow these guidelines. Doing so will ensure that the individuals with symptoms of this epidemic do not infect the others especially their coworkers. After countless hours of research, I have listed them all below in detail. So, you won’t have to go elsewhere to find the same. Ensure you read through and make the most of this section.

Who should perform temperature screening?

Here comes the most important question before using the best non-contact forehead thermometer. So, who is supposed to perform temperature screening? Can everyone do that? Or only certain people with expertise? Well, the answer to this question lies as follows.

In companies or offices that have a medical professional or trained nurse on-site, the trained person should be noting the temperature. And the trained non-medical personnel should check the temperature. Furthermore, when the medical professional or nurse is providing training to the others, the entire training should be documented in writing.

On the other hand, if the company doesn’t have a medical professional or trained nurse on-site. Then the employer of the company should appoint one or more management-level personnel to conduct the temperature screening. Next, in order to ensure proper use, this appointed personnel should review the directions to use the thermometer. Additionally, the personnel should also be trained enough to follow up in any event. It can be a case of an error or a result that’s inconsistent. An example of this could be if the temperature reading is too high or too low. Lastly, the entire training process should be documented.

Gear for Temperature Taker

First and foremost, the temperature taker should use equipment that requires “no direct contact” between him/her and the employees. Hence, making the best non-contact forehead thermometer the need of the hour. This minimises the risk of getting infected due to no contact. To be on the safer side, always read and follow the directions (included with it) for cleaning and storing the thermometer. Be mindful while doing so, to prevent the spread of infection.

However, just in case, you as a temperature taker need to use a temperature measurement equipment that requires contact between you and the employees. Then you should be provided with the necessary and adequate personal protective equipment. This will ensure the safety of both. In addition, you should also be provided with gloves, face masks, goggles, and safety gowns. Also, the temperature taker should change the gloves after each scan if not making use of a touchless system.

Have more than one thermometers ready to prevent battery outages

Always, opt for a non-contact forehead thermometer with long-lasting battery life. This will ensure uninterrupted temperature checking of employees or people lined up. However, if the count of the employees or the people is extremely large, then 1 thermometer may not be sufficient to cover them all. Hence, you need to have more than one thermometers ready in order to prevent battery outages.

Where to do temperature screening?

It is recommended that the temperature screening should be conducted before the employees entering the workplace. None of them should be permitted inside the office or escape at any cost without being checked. Additionally, all the employees are supposed to use hand sanitizer prior to standing in queue for the screening. The temperature taker or personnel in charge should see to it that all the employees maintain social distance while in the queue.

Waiting time in Queues for Temperature Screening

As a rule, employers must ensure that the employees are paid for their waiting time including the screening time. Consider establishing additional shifts to reduce overcrowding during temperature screening and at the workplace. Ensure that there’s no overcrowding at the entrance and exit too. Also, if there are way too many employees then there should be multiple queues in order to avoid overcrowding. They should maintain social distancing as well and be systematic.

Moreover, place markings on the ground preferably in tape to demarcate “six-foot length”. This, in turn, ensures appropriate and greater social distancing by employees while in the queue. Also, if possible, the shift start and end times should be staggered. And should be greater than normal if possible. It should be noted that the time spent undertaking a temperature test is compensable. Furthermore, if the employee’s compensable time begins with a temperature check or waiting in the queue. Then all the subsequent pre-shift activities will be compensable as well.

Should you record employee temperature daily?

Yes, without a second thought, the employee temperature should be recorded daily. For a simple reason that the employees come across so many people every single day. Be it on the road while travelling or anywhere they had been. Just because they are safe and healthy today, that doesn’t mean they will be fine the next day too. I’m not thinking negative, that’s the reality and we need to accept it. With the rise in cases in UAE, it’s easy to contract the virus if you happen to come across an infected person.

Moreover, symptoms take long to show up. A person with no single symptom today may show up 3 to 4 symptoms tomorrow or the next week Hence, why take the risk? There’s no use regretting later for not checking the temperature of the employees daily. Therefore, recording employee temperature daily is of utmost importance.

Do not allow symptomatic people in the line

Lastly, please ensure that employees with symptoms shouldn’t be allowed in the same line. They should be taken to a separate area for temperature checking. Or, a separate queue should be maintained so that they don’t come in contact with the ones who are healthy or not showing any symptoms.

FAQs for Non-Contact Forehead Thermometer

FAQs for Non-Contact Forehead Thermometer

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about forehead thermometers. So, I decided to put them down for you with all the answers to clear all your doubts. This will simplify your purchasing task for the best non-contact forehead thermometer in UAE.

Is the forehead temperature accurate?

Forehead temperatures are the next most accurate after rectal temperatures. Although rectal temperatures are more accurate than forehead temperatures, a lot of risk is involved with rectal temperature. That’s because it involves physical contact which leads to a higher chance of cross-infection.

On the other hand, by using a non-contact forehead thermometer you can easily prevent the spread of the virus. Just place the thermometer at a distance of 2-15 cms from the individual’s forehead and there you go. It will provide you with the temperature reading in a matter of 2 to 3 seconds.

Can we use forehead thermometers on other body parts as well for taking temperature?

Yes, a forehead thermometer can also be used on the other parts of the body. And it can also be used for detecting the temperature of objects. But, it’s recommended to use it strictly on the forehead of the individual in order to obtain accurate results. This is because it targets the specific (precise) spot on the forehead and provides you with the temperature. However, note that some forehead thermometers are meant to be used only on the forehead and not on any other body parts.

Can forehead thermometers be used outdoors?

Yes, of course, forehead thermometers can be used outdoors. But, you need to ensure that the area is not directly exposed to the sun. In other words, avoid checking the temperature in extremely heaty environments or near radiant heat sources. Ensure that the forehead’s test area is clean, dry and not blocked during measurement.

And the most important thing. The temperature at the forehead test area should not increase or decrease by wearing head covers such as bandanas or any sort of excessive clothing. Or, by making use of facial cleansing products such as cosmetic wipes.

How long does a forehead thermometer battery last?

Well, the life of a thermometer battery depends upon certain factors. The most common factor being usage. Generally, a forehead thermometer battery lasts for about 4 to 5 years. But if used in hospitals or for screening a vast number of employees on a daily basis then it will last for 1.5 to 2 years. And if used more than that then it will last 8 months to a year.

Advantages or Benefits of Non-Contact Forehead Thermometer

Advantages of Non-Contact Forehead Thermometer

A non-contact forehead thermometer has several advantages over regular thermometers. The first and most important advantage of it is that it prevents cross-infection. Non-contact forehead thermometers are top quality products that use the latest infrared technology. Thus producing accurate results. How does it work, you ask? Well, a non-contact forehead thermometer measures or checks the temperature by reading the infrared waves emitted by the temporal artery. This runs just below the surface of the skin on the forehead.

Quick Reading

Yes, by quick I mean instant reading or in other words rapid reading. Therefore, saving your valuable time and effort when you need to check the temperature of multiple employees or individuals anywhere. Additionally, the built-in fever alarm also indicates if the temperature is very high. Moreover, it’s extremely handy as you can use it again immediately on another person. Thus reducing/eliminating waiting time or delay.

Further, it stores the previous temperature readings through the memory feature. This makes it easier for you or the temperature taker to check on or keep a track on the patient’s progress. As a matter of fact, temporal artery temperature measurement is more accurate than the axillary or tympanic temperature recording. Even studies have proved this fact.

Ease of Use

Apart from being creatively designed to offer you accurate results, non-contact forehead thermometers are also ergonomically designed. Hence, offering ease of use as they are easy to hold while operating. In addition, operating this device, changing the modes, checking and analyzing the temperature is simpler than you think. Moreover, you won’t have to jiggle around to get a temperature reading, unlike conventional thermometers.

Non-Invasive, Hygienic

As mentioned earlier, non-contact forehead thermometers minimise the risk of cross-infection. This is due to the fact that they don’t come in contact with the skin at all. Also, there’s no need to purchase separate thermometers for each employee or each individual. As there is no chance of transmitting infection. Moreover, you can use it on another person immediately.

Can be used in Dark Environment

When it comes to checking and reading temperature at night, non-contact forehead thermometers excel. That’s because of their backlit digital display screen. This prevents you from straining your eyes. And you won’t have to move to a place where there’s light to check the readings. Just stay where you are and acquire the results in any dark room or environment.

How does the Non-Contact Thermometer work?

For those of you who are interested in purchasing the best non-contact forehead thermometer UAE. But are curious enough to know how it works and functions. Here is a section explaining the science behind a non-contact thermometer. Non-contact thermometers detect the temperature of an individual by measuring the infrared energy coming out of his/her body. As a matter of fact, the human skin is a very efficient emitter of infrared energy. So basically, it captures the energy coming out of the body and since the device is calibrated, it translates that energy reading into a temperature reading.

The sensor relies on a silicon lens to focus on the infrared energy. So that it doesn’t take the reading of your hair or the wall if placed in a wrong manner. It will focus only on your forehead. To be specific, it will read the temperature by focussing on a precise spot on your forehead. Hence, it proves most accurate on any type of skin. Be it dry, normal or oily skin.

And that is why non-contact forehead thermometers measure the temperature of a person by eliminating the discomfort that other thermometers cause. What sort of discomfort do you ask? Well, discomfort such as having to sit still with a thermometer in the mouth, armpit and rectum. Yes, a non-contact forehead thermometer eliminates all of this discomfort. Most importantly, there’s no risk of cross-infection.

Since there’s no contact between the patients, there’s no time-consuming disinfection process for the thermometer as such. Thus proving to be extremely beneficial while screening a large number of people at border crossings and airports. Or, employees in workplaces. Apart from this, a non-contact forehead thermometer gives you the temperature reading/results in not more than 3 seconds. Thus, reducing waiting time.

Accurate Temperature Results Always!

The best non-contact forehead thermometer in UAE ensures accurate temperature results. Which is why, without a second thought, each organization, company and hospital should go ahead and purchase the best non-contact forehead thermometer in UAE. Above all, it helps avoid the spread of the virus by preventing cross-infection while taking the temperature. It’s a fact that we need to live with this virus for a long time. All we can do is maintain social distancing, practice hygiene, avoid public places and social gathering, boost our immunity. Eat healthy food, drink 10 glasses of water a day, and sleep for 8 hours a day and exercise daily.

Employees should maintain adequate distances in the workplace. They should frequently wash their hands with soap and water or use hand sanitizer. The best automatic hand sanitizer dispenser will fulfil this purpose and double up the hygiene in any workplace and public areas in UAE. Also, the common areas and touchpoints throughout the workplace should be frequently disinfected. It is proved that individuals without any of the symptoms (asymptomatic) might already be infected with COVID-19. This is dangerous, risky or whatever you call it since they can pass on this virus to the other people of any age. Hence, it’s best not to mingle around with anybody these days and for quite some time. Follow all of these tips and stay safe. THIS TOO SHALL PASS.

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