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Best Noise Cancelling Headphones in UAE [2022]


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Headphones are common equipment for you to see if you are a musician. Especially noise-cancelling headphones to be used in UAE, as musicians tend to use them a lot more to block out unnecessary sounds while they concentrate on music. But musician or not, the invention of a headphone is a great gadget. You can simply just put on your headphones and tune out of the world around you in a jiffy.

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Best Noise cancelling headphones in UAE

Best Noise Cancelling Headphones in UAE – Quick List

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How does Noise Cancelling Technology work?

If at any point in time you connected your headphones at a public place, you might have realised how difficult it is to listen to your music over the commotion around. This could be very annoying and frustrating right? So, if you face this problem you probably don’t have a noise-cancelling headphone. If this is the case, why are you settling for anything less when you can only have the best of the noise-cancelling headphones.

The overall working of these noise-cancelling headphones is very interesting. Who wouldn’t like to know how their gadget would function. Well, the easiest way to understand this is to know that your headphones are much smarter than they seem to be. Why do you ask? Because they separate your voice from the ambience and block it out as much as possible. In general terms, headphones come in two types active and passive.

The passive one blocks out any sound up to about 15 to 20 decibels (dB). This is done with the help of packing of layers of high-density foam or other sound-absorbing material. Which adds a little weight to the overall product. Whereas for any other noise which the passive type don’t block are taken care of by the active type. They do this by adding an extra level of noise reduction which actively erases the lower-frequency sound waves.

But how does it erase these frequencies? The simple answer is by mimicking the ambient sounds. The more in-depth answer is that the headphones send out a soundwave that has the same amplitude and frequency. But the arranging of their crests and troughs (compressions and rarefactions) is to match the crests (compressions) to the troughs (rarefactions) of the opposite wavelength and vice versa. Thus, cancelling the two sounds out. This whole process is known as destructive interference.

That’s the general working of the headphone cancelling out noise. But in order to do that, the headphones need a few components without which the noise-cancelling wouldn’t be possible.

  • Microphone – This microphone listens and catches any unwanted ambient noise after the passive blocking works its charm. The placement of this is always on the inside of the earcups.
  • Noise-cancelling circuitry – The electronics work here by receiving the signals from the microphone and creating a fingerprinted sound to match the incoming noise.
  • Speaker – The ‘anti-noise’ created to block out the ambience is sent over to the speakers where it plays this sound along with your listening matter. Although this sound that it plays doesn’t affect your normal audio.
  • Battery – In order for the active noise cancelling to work you have to constantly power the system. And this power is derived from the source of the rechargeable battery.

This system blocks about 70 per cent of the sound making it quite effective. Now you can listen to anything with these noise-cancelling headphones in any public place in UAE.

Over-Ear Vs. On-Ear Headphones

While classifying a headphone there are different types. Two of which are over-ear and on-ear headphones. And both of them have their own distinct features, advantages and disadvantages. Before you purchase your noise-cancelling headphones in UAE it is best to have a look at this.

Over-Ear Headphones

First and foremost, over-ear headphones are the most stereotypical type of headphones. Popularly also known as around-the-ear headphones. The reason being that these headphones have the structure that covers your whole ears. These earphones are the best for home use and even studio.

Some of the advantages of this type of headphones include that they are super comfortable to use. This is cause they have big and comfy earpads around. Fantastic sound quality and adaptable to any device as they are available in various types and versions. They also have the earpads attached on to the headphones, this provides good passive noise isolation. This, in turn, improves your listening experience.

But with all the goods there have to be some bad points as well. Like, since they are bigger in size they are the least portable headphones. Besides, this does not provide a stable fit and are not suitable for workouts as they are bulky. But still, you could say that the good outdoes the bad. Most of the following points are applicable to most of the headphones. Yet, there are a few which are foldable or designed for sports. Thus, these factors depend on the type of headphone as well.

On-Ear headphones

These are portable ones, as they are light in weight and also smaller in size. If you find the right ones for you you can ensure to have the best hearing experience. These are suitable for anywhere and everywhere be the gym, on the streets, any place you want to take it.

You can consider them the best as they offer the best portability among all the other headphones. These are better for sports and running comparatively. And if you find the best ones you can have the best sound quality. Whereas a few of the disadvantages include that these can be a little bit uncomfortable due to the pressure on the ear. And also these headphones aren’t really soundproof as they leak sound outside as well.

A general overview of the difference between the two is that the audio quality is the same for both. The only difference is that on-ear are portable but have bad noise isolation and can be uncomfortable whereas the over-ear can have better sound isolation, is comfortable but not portable nor suitable for your sportive use.

These were a few general points to consider and know while purchasing a noise-cancelling headphone in UAE. Since that is covered let’s get into which could be the best one for you. Following I have listed a few of the best noise-cancelling headphones for you to choose from.

Model: WH1000XM3B

Who is not familiar with Sony as an electronic brand. Phones, T.V. sets, laptops, cameras, sound systems, etc. This makes it unsurprisingly one of the best products available in the list of headphones. With features so good it makes its way to be at the top position on the list of the best noise-cancelling headphones in UAE.

Best noise cancelling headphones in UAE
  • Comfort: The redesign of this product has given it an ergonomic outlook. Making it foldable to ensure it is portable and easy to carry around. Furthermore, the ear padding makes it comfortable to wear.
  • Noise- Cancelling: Equipped with a digital noise-cancelling feature to ensure that you have the best hearing experience. Blocking out not just vehicle sounds but every other daily sound as well.
  • Smart Features: This gadget allows you to tune in and out of your music with just a single touch. Besides this, it’s smart enough to sense your surroundings and adapt according to it.
  • Battery: You don’t have to spend too long on charging the headphones. As they charge quickly with up to 5 hours of playtime on 10 mins charge. Whereas a whole 30 hours of battery life when fully charged.
  • Sound Quality: Be ready with your best beats as these allow the best high-resolution sound quality to keep yourself entertained.
  • Price: You can avail all these features and more at around the cost of AED 870.

Model: 789564-0030

Bose is another very popular and well known electronic brand. You would be surprised if Bose wasn’t on this list. With some of the best features and sound quality, you can have high expectations with this product. Having a good battery life, comfort and performance, the price of the product is totally worth it.

  • Comfort: The use of premium materials like the super-soft Alcantara and synthetic protein leather has made sure you get a comfortable fit for listening all day long.
  • Noise Cancellation: This smart little device automatically adapts to your surrounding to suit your environment cutting out any unwanted sounds.
  • Connectivity: This headphone can function in both ways with and without the wired connection. And so you can connect these headphones with the help of Bluetooth as well as NFC pairing for all the times you opt for a wireless connection.
  • Battery: With the wire, you can have about 40 hours of playtime and without its 20 hours of playtime.
  • Sound Quality: Be it anywhere at any volume you can expect the best sound quality, especially with the volume optimised EQ.
  • Price: All this could be yours with just a click of a button at the price of AED 1400.

Model: A3025H11

This brand has checked all the right boxes for it to be on this list. With good features, performance, battery, sound quality everything is straight up A’s. So, don’t go underestimating this set of headphones with all the other big shot brand names. Have a look and see for yourself why this could be the one for you.

  • Comfort: The foam used in the making of the headphones is comfortable enough to give you the perfect fit around your ears whereas the rotatable joints help to adjust and fit your ears well.
  • Sound Quality: Equipped with the 100 per cent stronger bass which boosts the low frequencies to give better bass listening.
  • Noise Cancelling: An exceptionally good high-resolution audio for active noise cancellation. That can reproduce extended high frequencies that reach up to 40 kHz for extraordinary clarity and detail.
  • Battery: You don’t have to worry if you are in a rush five-minute charge will last you for four hours. But at a full battery, you can go on for around 40 hours of non-stop playtime.
  • Connectivity: This device uses Bluetooth 5 as the connectivity option. Which is the most recent technology this will ensure superfast and virtually unbreakable connection to your devices.
  • Price: You can make these Anker headphones yours at the cost AED 250.


JBL, one of those top-notch audio equipment manufacturing companies. So expect only the best features to be made available to your ears. If this headphone is exactly what you are looking for checking off all the right boxes for you; then make sure to download the JBL application as well to have an enhanced listening experience.

  • Comfort: The gadget offers a good outlook design as it is lightweight and also comfortable to wear. Also, as it is fitted with a fabric headband.
  • Sound Quality: JBL has its own signature sound which enhances the bass which ensures you have quality popping music.
  • Battery: You can have 30 hours of non-stop playing time. This is possible with the ANC off but if that’s on then you have 20 hours.
  • Smart Feature: Connecting to any other assistive devices is made easier, all you have to do is tap the earcup.
  • Noise Cancellation: When only the music matters to you, you can activate the noise-cancellation and focus only on your music and what matters the most to you at the moment.
  • Price: AED 420 is the price to pay for this headphone.

Model: 794297-0100

Nope, not at all surprised and you shouldn’t be either. With the second product made by bose which makes it up to this list. Make sure to check this product out for all its offers.

  • Comfort: The make and designs allow the headphones to fit comfortably on your ears and head too. This device is easy to carry around as it is lightweight. Furthermore, being touch-sensitive it is also built with a streamlined stainless-steel headband.
  • Noise Cancellation: You can now adjust the performance with the available 11 levels of noise cancellation. To control the distractions depending on your ambience.
  • Battery: Offering playtime up to 20 hours of wireless playing.
  • Smart Features: The ability to do much more than just listen to music is an add on. As you can check the weather, change tunes, get navigation, etc with just a touch of a button on the earcup.
  • Sound Quality: The Bose AR allows you the first of its kind reality audio performance. Besides this the signature active EQ allows you to have the best listening experience at any volume you listen to.
  • Price: This piece is a bit on the pricy side as they cost AED 1450. But will definitely be worth it.

Important Features of Over-Ear Headphones

With a list of noise-cancelling headphones options to buy from in UAE, it is easy to just randomly pick one and purchase it. But that’s obviously not what you want to do as you might end up regretting your pick. Therefore, to help you purchase the best one for you, you should be well aware of everything you need to consider. So, here are a few tips on the things you might want to consider before you make the deal.

Noise Cancellation Quality

In recent times noise cancellation headphones are picking up. These headphones cut extra and unwanted ambience sound to allow you to listen to music clearly. This technology works by mimicking the unwanted soundwave. While mimicking the sound wave the headphones release the recreated soundwave through the same speaker as from which the music is played. This shouldn’t disturb your listening. But if you feel it does, that means the noise cancellation quality isn’t that great. If you experience any buzzing sound or disturbance in your noise cancellation headphones, that particular headphone is a big no.

Battery Life

Since you are considering noise cancellation headphones you should be aware of the battery life of the gadget. While your headphone is busy actively cancelling all the ambience noise, it’s also consuming your battery. How? It’s simple. So, your headphones run on battery right and the noise cancellation working in the headphone is a feature of the headphone which uses the same battery power to cancel the ambience. Therefore while considering to buy your noise-cancelling headphones consider the ones with longer battery life. Well, before laying down the cash for purchase find out if the battery life mentioned is while using noise cancellation (ANC) or not. Finding this out beforehand is better than later when you can’t do anything about it.

Controls & Voice Assistant

Controls and voice assistance is now made available on almost every headphone these days. These controls and voice assistance options make it easier to operate your device while wearing headphones. You wouldn’t have to pull out your phone every time as you can connect voice assistance and use the controls to operate your phone. Be a phone call, send in a text, weather update, navigation anything you can use these features without having to pull out your phone. This feature could help you multitask and get work done quicker as well.

Water Resistance

A water resistance feature would be a good feature to have on your noise-cancelling headphones in UAE. This could safeguard your headphones from any un todo water-related danger, in turn, increases the lifespan of the device. Water-resistance is usually measured in an IP rating, which stands for ‘Ingress Protection’. This IP rating is followed by a number or two. Which is the level at which the headphone is resistant to dust and water. Be sure to check this before purchasing your headphones. The dust rating is measured on the scale of 0-6 whereas the water resistance is measured on a scale of 0-9. If you come across IP rating followed by ‘x’ means the gadget does not provide any resistance to the respective element.

Build Quality

Build quality as the term states is the material used for the making of the headphones. The better the material used the longer life your headphones will last. Not just longer life but also you will have better comfort in usage and better output of sound. As the passive noise reduction works on the basis that it uses foam or silicon. The better the material used for the foam or silicon you will have the end result of it. Thus, build quality is also an important aspect to look into as well while purchasing your noise reduction headphones.

Noise Cancelling Headphones FAQ

With almost everything being covered questions are sure to arise. After finding out the most common questions, check a few of them here and what are the answers to them. You too might find these questions related to your research. So read on further to know more about the FAQs for noise-cancelling headphones in UAE.

Can you sleep with noise-cancelling headphones?

Yes, it is possible to sleep with the headphones on and it is safe as well. This is possible only if you feel comfortable doing so. As wearing the headphones would restrict movements on to your sides. Besides this, they are a safer option as compared to the earbuds which can cause pressure on your ear whereas headphones don’t.

The headphone will block out every sound unless it’s a loud one. It can even block out the snoring sounds of the person next to you. And what’s better is if you would prefer going to bed with some music on, you can enjoy that too.

Can noise-cancelling headphones damage your hearing?

No, this is a popular myth. With the working of the Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), a person can hear a slight hissing sound above the music. This sound isn’t harmful but some people can feel irritated or even dizzy with the sound. So continuous or long time usage isn’t recommended.

Furthermore, unlike your cell phone, your noise-cancelling headphone does not emit any radiations which are harmful to you. In fact, it has been shown that these headphones are actually good for your health. How you ask? Against the popular saying, high-frequency sounds are bad, they only harm you in terms of the disturbance they cause. Whereas prolong listening to low frequency can cause equal damage as much as the high-frequency noise. Which increases the stress levels and even disrupts the peace of mind.

Do noise-cancelling headphones block out voices?

No, although you can block out noise with the help of the noise-cancelling headphones you can’t block out voices. Human voices are generally of a higher-pitch as compared to other sounds. Some of which you still might hear despite the noise-cancelling headphones.

Basically the working of these headphones is totally fine if they are on sounds up to the 500Hz. Whereas the voice of a human starts from the 500Hz mark, which makes it difficult to cut off all the voices as well. This would also depend on how close you are to the person, the closer you are the higher the frequency. No headphone will be able to help you with that, at least not the current technology. Besides this, you could look into noise isolation technology of which can seal the ear shut with the earcups.

Avoid Disturbances

With all these features and more who would really say no to any of the best noise-cancelling headphones in UAE. You can now get one for yourself and start and even end the day on a happy note without all those disturbances you come across. As these disturbances could actually end up annoying you rather than any other good. You can even push yourself to get those workout sessions done which you’ve been putting off with the best beats playing and without the chaos of the world around. Or if you feel headphones aren’t really what you want and would prefer something smaller and much more discreet. You can consider earbuds instead. For that, you can check some of the earbuds out on the best wireless earbuds in UAE.

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