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Best Gas Stove or Hob in UAE – In-built Vs Free Standing [2021]


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I hate food, said NOBODY ever! With the best gas stove or hob UAE, you can cook scrumptious meals quickly and easily. After exploring through 100+ freestanding gas stove and in-built hob options, we found that brands such as Bosch, Hitachi, Teka and more are best in class with power-packed functionalities and aesthetics. Each of these appliances consists of 3 to 4 burners, thus benefitting working women since they need to cope up with family responsibilities as well as career. Through this guide, you will get to read some FAQs and also figure out how to make the right choice with some factors to consider. Remember, the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

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best gas stove or hob UAE

Best In-Built Gas Hob UAE – Quick List

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Best Free Standing Gas Stove UAE – Quick List

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Free Standing Stove Vs In-Built Hob

So what’s the difference between a free-standing stove and an in-built hob? Let’s begin the best gas stove or hob UAE with the most important question. Understanding the difference is of utmost importance especially if you’re planning a new kitchen. And also if you are renovating your old one. A free-standing stove is a stove with a frame that is placed on top of the counter. It is most commonly used since it is portable. On the other hand, the in-built hob is permanently fixed inside the kitchen countertop with screws. Hence, you need to keep in mind the ease of use, efficiency and maintenance while purchasing the best gas stove or hob UAE. Since this is required for the smooth functioning of the appliance.

Free standing stove Vs in-built hob

Which one to opt depends on your requirements and lifestyle. Hence, it’s all your choice. A freestanding gas stove is easy to install, easy to clean, and less expensive. However, it looks bulky, especially in small kitchens. On the other hand, an in-built hob offers a seamless look. A special feature of in-built hob is that it’s available in both gas as well as electric variants. They are available in standard sizes such as 60 cm for 4 burners and 90 cm for 5 burners. Additionally, these hobs come with special features like alarm systems and timers. They are programmed thus preventing overcooking and burning of food. In-built hobs are slightly expensive in comparison to freestanding gas stoves.

Best In-Built Gas Hob in UAE

Now that we have seen the differences between both the types. Let’s begin with the best in-built gas hobs in UAE. Read through all the features and check the budget too of each appliance. This will give you a clear idea and help you make the right purchase. Furthermore, the images will help you decide which one will better suit your kitchen.

Rank 1: Bosch Serie | 2 Gas Hob (60cm)

Model: PBP6C5B80M

  • Flame Failure Safety Device: This device prevents accidental gas leakage in gas hobs. In case the flame goes off or becomes unstable while cooking. Then the flame failure safety device cuts off the gas supply to the burner.
  • Enamel Pan Support: The enamel pan support is very hard and thereby durable. It’s covered with a heat resistant black colour. Hence, it has a better-looking finish. Also, the enamel is easy to clean.
  • Side Mounted Controls: Since the controls are side-mounted. The cooking zones can be conveniently operated from the side.
  • One Hand Ignition: When you’re turning on the gas hob. The flame ignites by simply pressing in the knob as you turn it.
  • 4 Burners: 4 burners are beneficial since you can cook up to 4 dishes simultaneously. That too without any hassles, thus saving you time and effort.
  • Stainless Steel: Since this gas hob is made of stainless steel. Maintenance is easy and it is durable too.
  • Price: Bosch Serie | 2 (4 burners) 60 cm gas hob is available approximately for AED 900.
  • Cast Iron Cooking Grids: The cooking grids of this built-in gas hob is made of cast iron and are well adjusted thus featuring a professional look. These are incredibly durable, strong and tough.
  • Extra Large Pan Surface: As the name says, an extra-large pan surface indicates that you can cook a large amount of food in it without overcrowding the pan. Additionally, it also provides greater heat retention due to the fact that more material is available to hold the heat.
  • Auto-ignition: The best part about this feature is that you don’t have to worry if the lighter is not working or if you are running out of matchsticks. Auto-ignition automatically ignites the high-efficiency burners of your built-in gas hob.
  • Auto-Lock Safety Device: Once the ignition is turned on, this technology automatically locks this built-in gas hob after it reaches a certain temperature and a set interval of time to avoid accidents.
  • 5 Cooking Zones: This built-in gas hob features a total of 5 cooking zones which include 1 double ring burner (4.00 kW), 1 fast burner (2.8 kW), 2 semi-fast burners (1.75 kW), and 1 auxiliary burner (1kW).
  • Frontal Knobs: The frontal knobs are metallic and glossy black.
  • Value for Money: This built-in gas hob is very convenient to use and has a powerful ring in the centre. Plus, the knobs are installed vertically.
  • Price: Teka 90 cms Built-in Gas Hob is available for an estimated cost of AED 2,100.
  • Enameled Burner Cover: The best thing about an enamelled burner cover is that it doesn’t require seasoning. Hence, maintenance is hassle-free and not required much.
  • Flame Failure Safety Device (FFD): Just in case a flame is not detected, the Flame Failure Safety Device (FFD) ensures that the gas will shut off automatically. This helps in avoiding the risk of gas leakage.
  • Easy to Maintain and Clean: The top grid, durable melt-proof metal knobs, as well as heavy-duty enamelled burner cover are easy to maintain and clean.
  • Knob Integrated Electronic Ignition: Knob integrated electronic ignition means it is integrated into the burner setup of the built-in gas hob. When you turn the knob of this built-in gas hob, an electric spark is triggered which in turn ignites the gas in the burner. You can adjust the flame to the desired intensity once the gas as per your requirement once the gas is ignited.
  • 4 Gas Burners: With these 4 gas burners, you can cook as much as you want in less time frame. You don’t even have to wait till the other dish gets cooked since these 4 burners help you cook simultaneously.
  • Price: Elekta Built-in Gas Hob is available for an estimated cost of AED 440.

Rank 4: Bosch 60cm Gas Hob

  • Side Mounted Controls: Side-mounted controls are a safety measure in this gas hob. Firstly, it enables you to clean this appliance easily with no fear of accidentally touching the knobs. Secondly, when you’re using all 4 burners for cooking, these controls won’t interfere as they’re side mounted. Thus, the cooking zones can be easily operated from the side.
  • Flame Failure Safety Device: When you fit a flame failure safety device. It prevents the gas from flowing into the burner in case the flame is extinguished. Also, if a pan of water boils over, it stops the gas flow. Hence, it doesn’t fill the room.
  • Cast-Iron Pan Support: The continuous cast-iron finish pan supports provide maximum safety and stability.
  • One Hand Ignition: The flame of the burner ignites when you turn the knob. This indicates that the gas burner lights automatically. When the knob is adjusted in a particular position.
  • Hard Glass: The hard glass acts as tempered glass. It is strong and durable and doesn’t crack easily. Moreover, it is sleek and easy to clean. Since it’s harder for food to stick to glass. You can wipe away anything easily that spills on it.
  • Aesthetics: Featuring a built-in gas hob with an elegant black tempered glass design and sleek look.
  • Price: Bosch 60cm gas hob is available for around AED 1,370.

Best Free Standing Gas Stove in UAE

For all those in UAE who prefer purchasing a freestanding gas stove for their kitchen. Below lie 2 best freestanding gas stove in UAE. These are ideal for bachelors, couples and families consisting of 3 members.

Rank 1: Hitachi Stainless Steel Gas Stove

  • 3 Burners: This freestanding gas stove comes with 3 burners so you can prepare 3 dishes simultaneously. Thus, saving you time and effort and helping you combat the early morning rush. Both the side burners are bigger and have a gas consumption rate of 3300 Kcal (each) per hour. On the other hand, the middle burner is smaller compared to both the side burners and consumes 700 Kcal of gas per hour.
  • Dimensions and Weight: This sleek freestanding gas stove consumes less space in your kitchen. In other words, it uses less countertop space. It weighs only 4.4 Kgs and its dimensions are 717 x 392 x 152 mm. Therefore, you won’t have issues placing your other appliances in your kitchen.
  • Top Plate: The top plate of this gas stove is made from stainless steel. Therefore, it is extremely durable.
  • Enamel Pan Support: The four legs of this burner’s pan support is coated with superior quality enamel.
  • Long-Lasting: This gas stove sports brass burner heads which are long-lasting.
  • Price: Hitachi Stainless Steel Gas Stove is available for an estimated cost of AED 190.

Rank 2: Geepas Triple Burner Gas Cooker

Model: GK6759

  • Automatic Ignition System: This appliance has an automatic ignition functionality. Autoignition mode has an in-built igniting option that works through a battery. No need for a gaslighter or lighted matchstick. All you need to do is turn the knob in a particular position.
  • Glass Top: The break-resistant glass cooktop of 8mm thickness is not only durable but also extremely attractive. It’s capable of withstanding extreme heat. Additionally, the powder-coated body is heat retardant. This indicates that there’s no emission of heat when you stand near it while cooking your food.
  • Fuel-Efficient: This gas stove comes with 3 fuel-efficient brass burners that give out a high-efficiency blue flame and function with LPG.
  • Heavy Cast Iron Mixing Tube: A big thanks to the heavy cast iron mixing tube as it adds safety as well as speed to cooking.
  • Price: Geepas Triple Burner Gas Cooker is available for an estimated cost of AED 170.

Choosing the Right Gas Stove or Hob

While choosing the right gas stove or hob. There are certain things or factors that you need to consider. Here is a list of all of them. You can consider this as a buying guide before you make your purchase. Moreover, it will make your work easier of hunting for the best gas stove or hob UAE.

Number of Burners

This is one of the most important factors you need to consider while purchasing the best gas stove or hob UAE. The number of burners depends upon your family size and the amount of food you cook. So, if you cook a minimum of 4 dishes daily. Then a 4 burner gas stove or hob is a must. Also, if your family consists of more than 3 members then you should purchase one with 4 burners. A family consisting of 5 or more members should opt for the 5 burner gas stove or hob. Especially if more than 1 member will be using the gas stove or hob at the same time to cook.

number of burners in a gas stove or hob UAE

A family consisting of 3 members can purchase the 3 burners gas stove or hob. However, for a working woman who’s in a rush to prepare breakfast as well as lunch to carry to your workplace. Then a 4 burner gas stove or hob will suit you best. Besides cooking, a gas stove or hob with more than 3 burners is essential. If you want to heat the food simultaneously, thus saving time and effort.

Type of Ignition

There exist 2 types of ignition. The first is the manual ignition and the second is the auto-ignition mode. If you’re using the manual ignition. Then you need a gas lighter or a lighted matchstick to ignite the gas stove. On the other hand, the auto-ignition modes come with an in-built igniting option. And works through a battery. Therefore, when you adjust the knob in a particular position, you get a spark. Hence, you don’t need a gas lighter or lighted matchstick if you’re using the auto-ignition mode. As a matter of fact, the auto-ignition mode is safer in comparison to the manual mode. This is because you don’t have to rely on your timing while using the matchstick or lighter.

type of ignition in a gas stove or hob UAE

Also the latest gas stoves, gas hobs and cooktops have the auto-ignition mode. Further, ensure you change the battery after a span of time. If you don’t do so, then you may not be able to use the auto-ignition mode. Besides this, there are chances of the battery leaking. However, it won’t affect the stove in any way. Neither will it cause any damage to it, nor will it cause any change in its performance. The only thing is that you will have to switch to the manual mode until you replace the batteries.


When it comes to material, some metallic gas stoves are made of aluminium, brass, or stainless steel. However, nowadays the modern-day gas stoves have ergonomically designed heat-control knobs, and shatter-proof tops. Additionally, they have high-efficiency brass burners, sturdy pan support features, powder-coated sheet metal base. Spill-proof designs and stainless steel dip trays add to it.


Most of the older gas tops had a simple look as they had nothing besides the burners. But, today you get to see the best features when it comes to the design in gas stoves and hobs. The tough glass countertop, stylish glass finish, match the looks of your modular kitchen. Also, you get to see more aesthetic designs such as elegant black designs. These add to the look of your kitchen.

Gas Saving

The burners should emit an even flame as that’s the most efficient thing. Always remember, burners which don’t give out strong flames consume more gas. Therefore, ensure the burners give out a blue-colour, robust flame.

Gas Inlet Connection

It’s always better to go for a gas stove or hob that suits your kitchen. Instead of making changes to your kitchen platform. Hence, make sure of the position of the gas inlet in your kitchen before you purchase a gas stove or hob. Or else you will have to make structural changes to your kitchen.

Safety Tips for Gas Stoves

Although making use of gas stoves to cook your meals is easy and safe, you need to keep in mind certain safety tips. We have penned down all the safety tips and precautions to keep you well informed. Consider all these tips for a safe and convenient cooking experience in UAE.

  1. Switch off the corresponding knob BEFORE removing the hot utensil or dish from the burner.
  2. Never allow your children to enter or play in the kitchen while you’re cooking. Also, don’t allow them to touch the gas stove and the hot utensils.
  3. Anytime, if you feel that the gas is leaking or if you start getting the smell (gas leakage) then immediately turn off the control knobs. Secondly, open all the windows in your house. Thirdly, don’t switch on the lights and fans till the gas smell goes away.
  4. Contact your gas dealer for help if you’re finding it difficult to connect the stove to the gas cylinder. Also, never connect the stove to the gas cylinder if you are not sure how to do so. This is because it can cause leakage if you don’t connect it the right way.
  5. Ensure that you and your family members never place any plastic bowls, cardboard boxes and other non-cooking equipment on the burners of the gas stove.
  6. To be on the safer side, close the cylinder valve when the gas stove is not in use.
  7. In order to clean the burners and the pan supports, remove them from the gas stove and then begin your task. Soak the burners and the pan supports in hot water containing liquid soap.
  8. Never use flammable sprays, aerosols and liquids to clean a gas stove.
  9. After you finish washing the burners, keep them for drying under sunlight. Once they dry completely, place them in their position on the gas stove.
  10. Avoid heating or boiling the food for a prolonged time as it can put out the flame which in turn can increase the chances of explosion.
  11. For safe handling of the gas stove and to use it appropriately, ensure you thoroughly read the manual and the booklet provided. In addition, always follow all the instructions and the warnings provided by the manufacturer.
  12. If you sense gas leakage and get the smell, then don’t light cigarettes or any other flammable things. Not even the gas stove. Since this can be extremely hazardous
  13. Suppose a burner gets clogged, make use of a straight pin or opened paper clip to unclog each hole of the burner.
  14. Don’t ever line the burners or cover the burners with foil since it can inhibit airflow to the burners.

Warnings Associated with Built-in Gas Hobs

1. Gas Poisoning

While using the gas hob, ensure you open the windows or turn on the exhaust fan for good ventilation around your gas hob. Note that if you are using the gas hob for prolonged hours in a closed kitchen with no ventilation then it may lead to carbon monoxide poisoning.

2. Fire

In case you haven’t placed a pan on the gas hob or if you have placed an empty pan (without any food) on the gas hob then do not ignite it. This is because it may lead to overheating which can cause the extraction hood over the gas hob to be damaged. Or, even cause a fire if the residual grease in the extraction hood is ignited.

3. Explosion

Suppose you detect a gas leakage while operating the gas hob, then immediately turn off the indoor main gas valve. Next, open the windows and doors for ventilation. Also, don’t use matchsticks or lighters at this time. The flame that the gas hob gives out after you light it at this time may ignite the residual gas in the room and cause an explosion. In case of a leakage, contact your local service centre immediately.

4. Burns

Never allow kids to stand near the gas hob when it is in use. Even when the gas hob is turned off, it remains very hot for some time which can be very dangerous to you as well as your kids if they are around. Hence, you need to avoid touching the supports, hot burners, and the faceplate around the burners with your hands and not let it come in contact with any other part of your body. Also, while using the gas hob, avoid external air since it can extinguish the flame and even cause uneven heating. Further, when you cook food with animal fats and vegetable oils, you need to be extra vigilant as overheating oil in the pan can cause a fire.

If it so happens that overheated oil causes a fire then immediately use an iron pot lid or any other large metal object to cover the fire. Also, turn off the indoor gas valve. Avoid using water to grease fire or put out the oil. This will help you in keeping accidents at bay. Lastly, if the burner is extinguished, regardless of the reason. Simply turn it off and wait for at least one minute before reigniting the burner. If you notice something strange or experience any unusual sound from your gas hob then contact your local service centre.

Best Ways to Clean Built-in Gas Hobs – Stainless Steel, Ceramic and Glass

A very important section that you can’t afford to skip once you purchase the best gas stove or hob UAE. Ensure you read through it carefully.

Tools you Need for Cleaning a Stainless Steel Gas Hob

First and foremost, you need a bucket to soak the removable parts of your hob. Although you can clean these removable parts in your sink, it is easier to do so in a large bucket. Next, you need a multi-surface cleaner to loosen any grime or burnt food. Further, to clean the body of the hob, you need a soft microfibre cloth. If you don’t have a soft microfibre cloth then you can use a very soft cloth so that it doesn’t leave scratches.

To target those hard to reach areas on your stainless steel gas hob, you can utilise a toothbrush or any other small and soft brush. Additionally, you will need a soft scrubber to remove the lingering dirt from the rings, burners and grate. Lastly, you will need a dry rag to just wipe it once you are done cleaning the hob and baby oil to make it sparkle.

Step by Step Process to Clean a Stainless Steel Gas Hob

  • Firstly, remove the burners, grate and rings.
  • Secondly, soak the burners, grate and rings in a mixture of dish soap and hot water and also set it to one side.
  • Make use of the multi-surface cleaner to spray it on the stainless steel hob. Ensure you leave it on for a minute or two.
  • Next, wipe down your hob with a soft microfibre cloth or any other non-abrasive cloth.
  • Then, target the difficult to reach areas and spots with your toothbrush.
  • Further, wipe away any debris and buff the hob with a dry cloth.
  • A soft scrubber is something you need to use to clean any remaining dirt from the rings, burners and grate.
  • Dry the rings, all the burners and grates properly before you place them back.
  • Lastly, apply a little baby oil to your hob to bring shine and make it look new.

Step by Step Process to Clean a Ceramic Hob

Although ceramic hobs are stunning and add to the beauty of your kitchen, they are a little hard to maintain compared to stainless steel hobs. However, don’t fret as we have penned down easy ways in which you can care for your ceramic hob.

  • Firstly, remove loose debris and clear it off completely.
  • Make use of cleaning fluid that is made for or safe to use on ceramic and glass hobs. Spray your hob with this cleaning fluid and leave it on for some time preferably according to what is specified on the bottle.
  • Further, make use of a microfibre or another soft cloth similar to this to wipe away the cleaning fluid.
  • To target those hard to reach spots and areas, try cleaning them with a scrunched up newspaper.
  • Stop immediately if you notice any scratches appearing on the hob.

Glass Hobs – Cleaning Procedure

As a matter of fact, a glass hob is less delicate (slightly) compared to ceramic hobs. They are easier to maintain than ceramic hobs, but you need to handle them with care as these are also prone to scratches. Hence, you can follow the same steps as that of ceramic hobs to clean glass hobs.

Gas Stove FAQs

In order to keep you well informed and leave you without a doubt, we have penned down certain FAQs before you make use of the best gas stove or hob UAE. We are sure you had at least one or two of these questions in your mind. Ensure you read through all these FAQs without skipping any of these.

What is the standard size of an in-built gas stove or hob in UAE?

The standard size of an in-built 4 burner gas stove or hob is 60 cm. Whereas the standard size for a 5 burner in-built gas stove or hob in UAE is 90 cm.

Which burner is better, brass or aluminium alloy?

Brass burners are better due to their higher thermal efficiency. Since brass is an alloy of copper and zinc, it’s corrosion-resistant. They provide superior heat retention and hence are always better than aluminium alloy. Besides distributing heat more evenly, they also have a higher life span. Additionally, the Tri Pin brass burners ensure even distribution of flames. Thus saving precious fuel.

Why do you have swivelling gas inlets today?

The reason behind having the 360-degree swivelling gas inlets today is as follows. It enables you to place the gas stove or hob anywhere on the kitchen platform. Also, due to this, you don’t have to alter the kitchen structure. Hence, swivelling gas inlets in UAE are very beneficial.

Is the glass top gas stove durable enough?

Yes, the glass top gas stove is durable enough. Today’s stoves come with toughened glass which is heat resistant. This toughened glass has high endurance levels and is therefore durable. Moreover, they are easier to clean and look good.

Which is the better option, manual or auto ignition?

Both manual and auto-ignition are equally efficient. For using the auto-ignition mode, you just need to turn the knob in a particular position. Hence, you don’t need a lighted matchstick or a gas lighter in putting it on, unlike the manual mode. This makes the auto-ignition mode convenient. However, you need to replace the batteries at frequent intervals, since auto-ignition runs on batteries. If you don’t replace the batteries, then you’ll have to switch to the manual mode.

Do I need to change the gas tubes frequently?

Yes, it’s always better and safer to change the gas tubes frequently. Doing this avoids leakage as it can be disastrous.

What colour should the flame on a gas stove be?

The flame on a gas stove should always be blue. A gas stove burner that is adjusted properly burns with a blue flame. However, if the gas stove burner is not adjusted properly then the gas flame will be yellow.

What does orange flame indicate on a gas stove?

If you notice an orange flame instead of a blue flame, then your gas stove burners need cleaning or adjustment. The orange colour is an alert that indicates improper combustion of your gas stove. This improper adjustment emits unsafe levels of carbon monoxide gas which can be extremely hazardous.

What to do if the colour of the flame on my gas stove is orange?

If you notice an orange or yellow flame on the burner of your gas stove then you need to clean the burner potholes and also free them of debris. The ignitor also needs to be clean. Generally, cooking grease and spillovers tend to block these openings. This, in turn, affects the colour of the flame. Which is why cleaning the burner potholes, ignitor and freeing them from debris is mandatory from time to time.

Get Cooking!

Purchasing the best gas stove or hob UAE will enable you to cook delicious food items in one go. No need to wait till the previous dish is cooked. Also, no need to wait to reheat the food. You can warm up 4 to 5 food items simultaneously without any hassle. Moreover, no more compromising on career and family responsibilities. Thanks to all the 4 burner gas stove or hob UAE. Also, consider reading about the best cooking range and cooktops for Dubai homes. Another amazing thing you should consider reading is gas stove vs. electric stove in Dubai. This article will help you determine which stove is better for your Dubai home. Impress your guests and relatives with delicious food cooked in less time.

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