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Best Drill Machine in UAE – Features, Brands, Prices Compared [2022]


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Choosing the best drill machine in UAE can be a tedious task. Especially if you are not sure of all the types and features available for a hand drill. Be it a mini one or just a regular one we got it a load down on it here. We’ve made sure that the constant reading up on various brands and their features won’t be futile for your hunt. As we have some big brand names for you like Black + Decker and Bosch. So, to complete your DIY house renovation you will need the best power hand drill machine in UAE.

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Drill machine in UAE

Best Drill Machine in UAE – Quick List

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Important Features of Drill Machine

Your drill machine has to tick all the boxes to ensure that it is the best drill machine in UAE. For this, your drill machine has to have features as per your needs as well. Therefore, you have to think about what really would be your purpose of buying the best drill machine in UAE. Accordingly, you will be able to select the best one for you. While you are at it also consider these features before you purchase a drilling machine.

Corded Vs Cordless

This is the first choice to make, which one would you prefer to opt for? Both of them are equally good with their own pros and cons. If you opt for a cordless one, these are extremely mobile and light in weight as well, adding to the convenience. Besides this, you have to keep in mind the charging aspect and/ or the backup batteries which can have a recurring cost. Whereas the corded drill machine is much more powerful and does not have any battery power charging needs. Besides being cheaper as well the only downside is that they can be restrictive in terms of mobility.


Power is a factor to consider depending on your needs. But is also important while considering your best drill machine in UAE. If you want a drill for professional use which can drill through almost anything including metal then consider a 600-700 watt power drill. Whereas if you want it for light usage and limited use get the lighter one which is 400 watts. But if you do not fall in either of those categories and would like a good drill machine to perform well for any future use as well then think of getting the 500 watts drill. As this is the most ideal one for personal use as well.

Chunk Size & Type

For a drilling machine, a chunk is a metal which connects the bits (metal drilling screw) to the machine itself. And these chunks come in different types and sizes as well. You have the 3/8 sized one which is commonly used and is ideal. And you have others which are slightly bigger (1/2) and also smaller (1/4). As you can choose the size, you can also choose the type as well. Which come in two types the keyed and the un-keyed chuck. For the keyed chuck you have a special key with which you can tighten the chuck. Whereas the un-keyed one you would have to hold it in your hand and it would get tighter while you power it on.

With these features, you can have the best as per your needs. So, for you to start your productive construction work, here are a few of the best models of the top brands of the best drill machine in UAE. Check each one of them out to know the best features they offer.

Model: LD12SP

  • Type: This drill machine is a cordless one so that you can have the best usage of the drill anywhere you would like to.
  • Efficiency: As it is cordless and portable so, it is even lightweight to ensure that you move it around all the more easily. Moreover, you have a good balance with the product that makes it easy to use.
  • Suitability: You can get the best of this power tool. As this drill is made especially for usage around the home as well as garden use. And that too with the least setup needed.
  • Chuck Features: The capacity of the chuck of this drill is 10mm with a speed of up to 900 rpm. Whereas for the setup of the chucks, it is easy enough to use. As this product is the keyed chuck type.
  • Power: For optimum usage of the speed of 900 rpm the voltage needed would be around 12V. So, you could consider this best for almost anything in your house or garden.
  • Battery: Since this device is cordless it uses battery power. This battery power has the capacity of up to 1.5 Ah. With the charge time of 1.5 hours.
  • Accessories: With the available 13 accessories you can go ahead and complete as well as start all those projects you’ve always wanted to do.
  • Price: You can get this drill at the estimated price of AED 170.

Model: BCD003C2K-GB

  • Efficiency: This drill is a cordless one. So, to make it portable it has to be lightweight and in this case, it is. Thus, say no to being tired with the weight of the drill and take more control over not just your situation but also the drill.
  • Storage: With the size of this product, being compact and small that you can fit it right in any place without too much hassle. Besides this, there is an inbuilt clip like placement for you to store all the unused bit of the chuck. So, you have no worries or misplacing them.
  • Clutch: As you would know what a normal clutch does, the same way this clutch of a drill machine controls the power put into the drilling activity. This clutch adjusts the pressure of how deep the bits can drill into at a time. With the 11 position clutch, you can prevent damaging any equipment as well the stripping screws.
  • Chuck Features: The chuck lets you have two-speed functionality 400 rpm and 1400 rpm which is enough power needed by you. Besides this the function of drill you can use it for hammering as well with speeds of 40Nm/ 21000 bpm for masonry and concrete.
  • Convenient: Furthermore an added feature to this drill machine is that you can work with it even at night or in dark spaces. This is made possible only with the help of the added LED light feature, which lets you illuminate the work area before you.
  • Battery: The makers of this product lets you have two batteries for this product. So, that while you work with one the other can be charged. Moreover, these batteries are lithium-ion. Which means they are rechargeable and has a capacity of 1.5 Ah.
  • Suitability: This drill is a multi-surface drill, which you can use for any heavy drilling work. Be it metal, plastic, wood or concrete.
  • Price: This product can be yours for keep’s sake at the price of around AED 400.

Model: GSB 1300

  • Efficiency: This Bosch drill lets you use the device comfortably with its design. Moreover, this device is easy to use and is sure to guarantee you precision while working with the device.
  • Outlook: This device has a soft handle for you to have a comfortable time using it. Besides this, you have an auxiliary handle. This allows easy usage of the drilling machine and even promotes precision as well.
  • Power: The power input of this device needs a good 550W. Whereas the output of this power is about around 2700 rpm. Because of the sturdy design, you can have a clean drill over the surface.
  • Storage: Since the device doesn’t weight (18kg) much as well as is small in size (7.8 x 29.4 x 24.6 cm). It facilitates good portability as well as storage.
  • Chuck: The power tool has a capacity of impact which ranges from 1.5 to 13 mm. Which you can change as per your needs and the surface you are working on. Besides this, this drill is a keyed drill type so you will have to use a special key like equipment to change it.
  • Price: Get this corded Bosch drill machine at the approximate price of AED 170.

Model: DWD024K-B5

  • Efficiency: You have a good bargain with the machine along with the size and the output it gives. As this device allows you precision as well as a powerful output of the drill work.
  • Storage: The compact design is built with the storage factor in mind as well. You can fit this machine anywhere without too much hassle and tension of the space.
  • Outlook: This machine is built to last a long period of time as its body, as well as machine, is durable. Besides this, there is an auxiliary handle for precision. And the handle has a rubber coating which lets you have a good and comfortable usage period.
  • Locking: You have a locking functionality with this device. For when you are going to use one function for a long period of time you can lock that feature and it will keep the machine continually running. This feature is especially useful when you have to perform a single task frequently and repetitively.
  • Chuck: The capacity of the chuck ranges around 1.5 to 13mm. And you will have to use the chuck key to screw and unscrew the chucks as this machine has a keyed type chuck.
  • Power: With the power input around 701 Watts whereas the output is around 302 Watts. You can have precision and accuracy. Also, the appliance has a trigger sensitive speeds which can be changed as per the surface and your wants.
  • Price: Get this drill machine only at an approximate price of AED 260.

Model: GSB180LI

  • Maintenance: Besides being ergonomic and easy to use this device is also easy to maintain. As this device has changeable carbon brushes. This allows you to service and maintain the device for a longer duration and lifespan of this device.
  • Battery: The rechargeable batteries provide you with a long 1.5 Ah.
    • Besides this, you can also change the batteries as per your need. As they offer two types of batteries. One being the compact battery, this is for the best use whereas, the second battery is for longer usage life called as the XL battery.
    • Furthermore, the battery power will not vary for the usage of different bits or chucks or surfaces that you use this drill on.
  • Power: The drill uses around 18V of power which you can use for the robust housing work as well as has battery cell protection.
  • Speed: The various speed option has made it easier for you to work with on any surface. Besides this, you have the option of choosing within the two-speed gears which controls the torque for screw-driving and speed for drilling.
  • Light: Working in compact and badly lit areas has been made easier with this handy feature of the LED light. Which you can use as a light source as well as works as an indicator for the Electronic Cell Protection (ECP) or a current overload.
  • Chuck: Offering a 13 mm keyless chuck you have a wider range of what can be done with this device.
  • Suitability: This drilling machine can be used anywhere where you would wish to especially for metal and masonry.
  • Price: The set price for this product is AED 540.

Types of Drill Machines

While you go shopping for the best drill machine in UAE you might be blank over the fact that there are different types of drill machine as well. You can go ahead and choose any one of them as per your choice. But before making a choice you must be well aware of the ones available to choose from. So, in this section, you can gain a little knowledge in this aspect. Scroll on to know.

Drill Drivers

This is the most commonly used drill. Especially as this is the standard drill with which you can have all your normal home projects done. This hand drill has dual functionality as it can be used to drill holes as well as can be used as a screwdriver. With this, you can perform all sorts of DIY tasks as well as take up fixing some equipment at home.

Combination Drill

This drill type is known as a combination drill as it performs triple functionalities. That is it works as a drill driver with drilling holes, a screwdriver as well as a hammer drill. A hammer drill can be used for slightly tougher surfaces like that of concrete. These are useful to perform various tasks.

Rotary Hammer Drills / SDS Drills

Here the SDS drills stand for Self Direct System. These are the perfect drills for performing heavy-duty drilling task. Like the ones used for masonry, concrete and even for chiselling. You will be able to find a lot of products in this range in various top brands including Bosch and others.

Hammer Drills / Percussion Drills

This drills would be the hard-core heavy-duty drills. As they aren’t only powerful but also advanced. These are the ones you can use for the hard rock and even masonry. In this drill, it uses the rotation function of the drill, as well as a hammer, work together to make it as powerful and impactful as it is.

Mini Drill Machines for Home Use

There is always an option for you to choose among a mini home drill if the normal sized ones are too much for you to handle. Since this one is a mini-sized this doesn’t mean that it provides you with an altered output. This mini drill machine is as good a normal one for home use. Here are some of its features.

Walmeck Electric Grinding Tool

  • Efficient: This mini drill is compact, lightweight and even comfortable to hold while using. Besides this, is the feature of it being versatile and easy to store.
  • Usage: Get the best of this product as you can perform multiple tasks with it. Task such as cutting, engraving, milling, grinding, polishing, removing and drilling. Which means you can use it on almost any surface possible.
  • Speed: Just like any normal drilling machine, this one too offers various speed limits. To be precise five. Which you can change as per your needs and the purpose of usage. Moreover, the power supply is around 180W and gives the output like any other drill machine.
  • Accessories: With the vast number of accessories provided by them, it lets you perform any task with ease. And this does not hold firm for just the drilling work but also the other house mending work. Since they offer 10+ accessories for all sorts of task.
  • Price: This tool along with all its accessories is available at a price of almost AED 120.

Important Technical Features and What they mean

While using as well as shopping for the best drill machine in UAE your sure to come across many terms which might slide over your head in the first go. And this will trap you in a never-ending spiral of research of related technical jargons. So, to prevent this here are some technical features for you to know as well as what they mean.


This feature is available in most of the drills recently. What it really means is that with the push of this button, it would reverse or change the rotation of the drill bit from forward to backwards and vice versa. Generally, this switch is located just near the speed switch so you can access it easily. But why would need this option? Few reasons would be to screw in or out a screw; once you drill into an object, the ‘to drill out’ the bit part of it. These could be the major reasons for the need for this feature.

RPM & Impact Rate

RPM is the Revolutions Per Minute. This is the unit measurement used for speed in a hand drill machine. Here basically, you note how many and how efficiently can the drill bit spin creating holes in a surface. The faster the better. Whereas the impact rate is the rate or speed at which the impact is made to the surface. It is measured as strokes per minute.

Torque Clutch

Torque is the force which can cause the object to rotate. In this case, it is the mechanism which causes the bit of the drill to move. The higher the speed the better the force. So, this clutch controls the speed of torque. Yes, it works like the clutch of a vehicle. When you release it, the moving force will be released but when you hold it down the force is limited. If you have the torque clutch then this makes your hand drill much more versatile, which is needed.


Now if you have a car with multiple gears only then will it be a good vehicle. Likewise, if you get a drill with more then one gear then select that one. As you can use the first gear for driving the screws. And the second gear for drilling at various speeds.

Drill Machine FAQs

Is a Drill Machine Dangerous?

Not really, if you are well versed with the machine then it isn’t dangerous. But if not you have to learn and read all the dos and don’ts before heading right in. One for sure has to be that you are wearing protective gear. Secondly, never try to make any adjustment while operating the machine. Next, keep track that you have no tools laying around on the table you are drilling on and don’t dust away any shards with your bare hands. Before using a drill machine make sure to read the instructions and you are good to go.

How to reduce Drill Machine noise?

Drill machines are known for their loud sound. This sound will vary from the quality and type of the drill machine. And the place or surface you are going to use the drill machine on. This noise has no way of being curbed completely. But you can only lessen the sound while using by ensuring you are using the right setting at the right place. Like you must use the right speed and drill bit for the right task. Furthermore use the hammer option only if utmost necessity.

How not to overload the drill machine?

It can be easy to overload a hand drill machine from long hours of usage. So, the most sensible thing would be to not overuse it. If you have to do some heavy work with the drill give it some break or use multiple drill machines. Secondly, you can use lubricants to cool the tool down faster. Constantly changing the speeds can help. Cleaning and maintenance is another good way to prevent overload. Furthermore, make sure the accessories you use are in good condition and never force a drill machine and let it work on its own.

How to maintain a drill machine?

Maintaining a power tool can be difficult especially if it is in constant use. But there are a few things to be kept in mind while using this machine. To maintain this machine you have to keep it clean after every use. You can use a blowgun to clean it up. Besides this, you have to make sure to check the carbon brushes inside the tool. With time these brushes deplete off so it advised to check and change them when needed.

Can You Fix It?

Getting the best drill machine in UAE will help you complete all those pending and new DIY task projects. Get your creative and constructive side running with this power tool. After covering every aspect of the drill machine you can now make a good choice for the same. Use it anywhere and beautify your home as well as surroundings with the best drill machine UAE. So, now with this machine can you fix it? Obviously, yes you can!

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