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4 Best Digital Thermometer in UAE with Expert Reviews [2022]


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The best digital thermometer is an absolute must-have in every home in UAE, especially if you have an infant or toddler. Thermometers come in a variety of styles, several brand offerings and unique products, thus offering you a good deal of options to help you purchase the right one. After constant research of over 90 hours, we figured out that Braun is the best digital thermometer brand. We have sectioned the different types/categories of digital thermometers that are available and how to choose the right one.

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These expert reviews will also guide you on how to use each type of thermometer on infants, toddlers and kids. Remember, the best digital thermometer in UAE is easy to use and provides you with accurate results always.

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Types of Digital Thermometers & Who Are They Good for?

Here, you can read about the different types of digital thermometers and their functions. This will help you gain a better understanding and a clearer picture of them all. And, help you in purchasing the right digital thermometer in UAE that fits your needs. It is important to note that the thermometers below are based solely on human body temperature readings.

Oral Thermometer

The most commonly used thermometers in homes are those that check temperatures orally. The same goes with doctor’s clinics. These thermometers offer fast results and reliable measurements, provided you keep your mouth closed around the device. A large number of toddlers and naughty pre-schoolers often find it difficult to do this. Oral thermometers are a recommendation for kids of 5 years of age and above. You can use these thermometers in the mouth, axillary (armpit) and rectum as well.

Forehead Thermometer

A forehead thermometer is another option available. These thermometers measure the temperature from the heat radiated from the temporal artery running across the forehead. Hence, the other name for this device is temporal artery thermometer. All it takes to function is a light touch of the thermometer to the forehead. Some forehead thermometers offer a “no-touch” feature. This functions by taking an infrared reading from the skin without contact with the body. The only drawback of “no-touch” thermometers is that sweat and air temperature might affect the results.

Ear Thermometer

Ear thermometers measure temperature on the basis of heat radiated through the tympanic membrane (eardrum). Also known as tympanic membrane thermometers. Ear thermometers may not give the most accurate reading. But, they are the easiest to perform on a moving, uncooperative toddler. However, doctors do not recommend these thermometers for newborn babies.

No-Touch Thermometer

The other term for no-touch thermometers is infrared thermometers. The best thing about this thermometer, it won’t wake up the child. Hence, it will reduce the risk of sleep disturbance while checking the temperature. These thermometers take an infrared reading from the skin without contact with the body. Thus, this incredible device is a calm and comfortable method to measure your baby’s temperature. Similar to the forehead thermometer, the only drawback is that sweat and air temperature might affect the results.

Now, that you have a better understanding. Below are a few of the best digital thermometers in UAE that you can choose from. Be sure to check the features such as touch mode and sensor sensitivity along with your budget when making a decision.

Rank 1: Braun ThermoScan 5 Ear Thermometer

Most paediatricians and parents use this thermometer as it is the safest. This digital thermometer in UAE is the most accurate method of checking your child’s temperature.

Braun ThermoScan Ear Thermometer
  • Pre-warmed Tip: The tip of other thermometers can cool the area within the ear where the temperature is measured. This can result in variable readings. This feature warms the thermometer’s tip to 34 degrees Celsius before use, ensuring professional accuracy. The pre-warmed tip is appropriate for little ones and is suitable for newborns.
  • ExacTemp System: This ExacTemp positioning system offers a good position in the ear with a light and a beep sound.
  • Price: This thermometer is available at a price of around AED 230.
  • Instant Temperature Reading: The speed of detecting temperature is important, especially while measuring the temperature of kids. The ThermoScan feature takes the temperature in a few seconds.
  • Disposable Hygienic Probe Covers: You can easily switch between users, thanks to this convenient device. You don’t have to spend time cleaning the probe. Just use a clean disposable hygienic lens filter with each measurement. It also ensures the ear wax residues do not have an impact on the accuracy of the reading. Thus, this feature will enable you to maintain hygiene and protect your child from cross-contamination.

Rank 2: Braun Digital Stick Thermometer

Braun Digital Stick Thermometer in UAE
  • Age Precision Technology at an Economic Price: This device eliminates the guesswork of interpreting a child’s temperature. Without any hassle, it also helps in interpreting the temperature for all age groups. It is available approximately for AED 65.
  • Colour Coded LCD Feature: This device is equipped with a colour-coded LCD. This guides the users on the degree of fever. It helps in differentiating between the fever temperatures from your home.
  • Capable of Storing Previous Readings: It is capable of remembering and storing the previous temperature reading. This will reduce your mental strain of remembering the previous reading.
  • 8 Second Reading: This digital thermometer gives out the reading instantly in 8 seconds, hence reducing your waiting time.

Rank 3: Braun No Touch & Forehead Thermometer

This is the first thermometer with both touch and no-touch functions. This new, revolutionary technology ensures accurate and consistent readings. Consider purchasing this digital thermometer in UAE for your little one.

No touch and touch digital thermometer in UAE for toddlers
  • No Touch Mode: An ideal buy designed mainly to interrupt an unwell child’s sleep. You just need to hold it in front of the child’s forehead up to 5 cms away to get an accurate reading. Allowing you to measure your child’s temperature soundly and peacefully.
  • Touch Mode: You can use the touch mode if you wish to. Just place the thermometer on the forehead of the person to get the reading, thereby getting the right result.
  • Patented Technology & Worth its Price: This technology captures twice as much body heat, thus ensuring accurate results. This piece will cost you around AED 300.
  • Ultra-sensitive Sensor: This digital thermometer in UAE offers you fast and precise temperature readings in 2 seconds, thus saving your time.

Rank 4: Ear, Forehead, & Infrared Thermometer

Ear, Forehead, Infrared Thermometer for new born babies and adults in UAE
  • Quick Results: This thermometer is quick in detecting the body temperature. It is capable of reading the temperature through the ears and forehead within 1 or 2 short seconds.
  • Dual Mode at an Affordable Price: Forehead thermometer is suitable for all ages and the ear thermometer can be used on anyone above 3 months of age. Suitable for infants, children, and adults. It is available at an affordable price of AED 60.
  • Fever Alarm: You can freely set up the fever alarm in this device. The background light is changed to red colour, thus detecting that there is a fever.
  • Safe and Professional: These thermometers use the best medical ABS materials, thus safer than the traditional mercury thermometer. FDA approval makes using this thermometer absolutely safe.

How to Choose a Digital Thermometer

As a staple device used in every household, a thermometer allows you to accurately gauge body temperature. The average body temperature of a human being is 98.6 F (37 degrees C).

When it comes to measuring body temperature safety is important. Digital thermometers do not contain mercury which is harmful if it comes in contact with skin. Further, it is unlikely you will be a designated thermometer for each member of the family unless there is an infant at home. In this case, buying two thermometers is recommended. You can use one for the infant as a rectal thermometer to get an accurate reading. The other can function as an oral or axillary thermometer for children and adults. Search for thermometers with easy-to-clean probes or disposable probe covers for better hygiene.

  • Accuracy & Consistency of Reading

You want a thermometer that is good at providing accurate results on a consistent basis. Armpit readings are usually the least accurate. For infants, rectal thermometers are your best bet! especially if the child is younger than 3 months. Children over the age of 3 and adults oral readings can be rather accurate as long as the mouth is kept closed.

This component is not one that you should fret over while making a decision. Speed of reading is associated with checking temperatures of objects, your stew, and industrial produce. Fractions of seconds can make all the difference as well as the placement of the sensor. Although you will want one that is fairly quick if you have a restless child at home. The best digital thermometer in UAE saves you time, usually, a thermometer can complete readings within 10 short seconds.

Some thermometers come with the ability to store 20 to 30 readings, handy if you’re prone to forgetting quicky- something I am guilty of. This is also a helpful addition to anyone with an illness that requires daily monitoring of body temperature such as hyperpyrexia. Thermometers with in-built memory, however, may get confusing if you have multiple members of the family using it in rapid succession. Ensure you do not mistake someone else’s reading as your previous one.

A completion buzzer is a nifty feature to have in a digital thermometer. It alerts you when the reading is complete so that you do not sit there endlessly. This can be valuable when taking the reading of children who do not enjoy sitting still.

How to Use Various Thermometers with Babies

When your baby is sick or down with a fever, there’s no room for error. In this case, you need the assurance that you have the precise and accurate results pertaining to your child. Making the best decisions for your child is in your hands. Here’s exactly how to use various thermometers with babies and finding the best baby thermometer. Purchasing a baby specific thermometer will ensure you get the accurate readings of your child’s temperature and keep them safe.


It is not recommended to use an oral thermometer on your baby. Taking your baby’s temperature orally may result in false readings. The reason behind this is that they don’t have the oral ability to hold a thermometer under their tongue. They keep crying or would want to pull it out of their mouth. Medical professionals agree that you can’t rely on oral thermometers to detect a baby’s temperature accurately.

It’s possible to measure the temperature under the arm, but that’s one of the least accurate ways to measure a baby’s temperature. Especially for stubborn kids who can’t stay still and are always playful. Therefore, oral thermometers can be used, provided your baby stays still till the temperature is detected.

Forehead (Temporal Artery)

A forehead thermometer is proved to give accurate results while measuring the temperature of the baby. This thermometer functions by measuring the infrared heat that comes off the head by sensing the temporal artery in the forehead. The best thing about forehead thermometers is that they give accurate temperature readings for newborns too. It enables you to check the temperature of the child even when he/she is asleep.

You may get confused with a forehead strip thermometer. Keep in mind that a forehead strip thermometer is different from a forehead thermometer. While the latter is a handheld electronic device, these are disposable plastic strips. These disposable plastic strips need to be placed on the baby’s forehead, which then displays a temperature reading. Hence, they are widely inaccurate as these strips are not reliable measurements of body temperature.


Ear thermometers quickly detect the baby’s temperature, thus proven useful and effective. These thermometers function by sensing the infrared heat that comes from the inside of the ear. To get an accurate reading, however, there are certain guidelines that need to be followed. One of the most important things to note is that your baby should be older than 3 months. Avoid ear thermometers if your child is less than 3 months.

Secondly, the thermometer must be appropriately sized for your baby’s ear canal. Else, it’s no use as it won’t give you accurate results. Thirdly, the ear must be clear of wax build-up. Ensure you clean the wax piled up in your baby’s ear, else you will get the results wrong. Lastly, you should insert the ear thermometer correctly in the baby’s ear. See to it that your baby is not moving much or not playing with the thermometer while inserted. This won’t hold the thermometer firm in the ear.


A no-touch or non-contact thermometer enables you to detect a baby’s temperature without touching them. This means that the no-touch thermometer doesn’t come in contact with the baby. Thus, monitoring a baby’s fever while they are asleep or showing their tantrums is possible. Just place the thermometer close to the baby’s skin or forehead without touching and it will give you the accurate results. Some no-touch thermometers are also capable of measuring the temperature of the milk bottle. You can use it on your other kids too, without worrying about infection.

Above all, it does all of this without risking cross-contamination. The reason behind this is that it doesn’t have to come in contact with the baby or the object. So you won’t find the need for purchasing another thermometer. Moreover, it won’t wake up the child, thus reducing the risk of sleep disturbance. Your child won’t even come to know that his/her temperature is being checked. This is because the thermometer can be switched on silent mode and not give you that disturbing buzzing sound.

Here’s another thing to note for the safety of your child. Just in case you have a glass mercury thermometer, it could be quite dangerous if it breaks. Additionally, mercury can lead to neurological issues and other serious health problems if inhaled. Thus, mercury exposure can be really hazardous to your baby.

At What Temperature Should You Be Worried?

As discussed earlier, the average body temperature of a human being is accepted as 98.6 degrees F (37 degrees C). As a matter of fact, the normal body temperature varies from person to person as well as the age factor. Additionally, the person’s daily routine and activities also play a major role. The time of the day the temperature is being checked should also be taken into consideration. Normally, the body temperature keeps changing throughout the day. Most often, a temperature over 100.4 degrees F (38 degrees C) indicates you have a fever caused by an infection. Moreover, it can be due to illness too.

Say No to Guesswork!

“Do I feel warm to you?” is not at all a medically accepted question of determining if you have a fever. It is contrary to popular belief. If you still rely on this guesswork method then purchase the best digital thermometer in UAE. Follow the above and make the right choice based on your requirement and the age group. Do consider the options with better sensors as accuracy is key when it comes to any form of measurement.

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