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Best Pressure Washer in Saudi Arabia


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Getting your home and surrounding areas clean is longer a task with the best pressure washer in Saudi Arabia. The pressure in which the water is sprayed gets your job done in no time without having you break a sweat. Thus, best pressure washer brands like Black + Decker, Karcher and Ford ensure just that. Since it makes sure your cleaning task which would take you hours, gets done within a few minutes with no complaint involved. Therefore, what are you waiting for get the best pressure washer in Saudi Arabia and make cleaning no longer a task.

Best Pressure Washer in Saudi Arabia – Quick List

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Features of the Best Pressure Washer in Saudi Arabia

Assure yourself that the product you are going to invest in is one which can be the best for you. Since you do not want to be getting one which does not perform every task you wish for it too. Therefore it is necessary for you to consider the features which make up the best pressure washer in Saudi Arabia.


The variety of nozzles you might have, the better since they will help you have an intense and in-depth cleaning. Although generally there are two main types of nozzles from which you have to select the one for you. Either the individual snap-in quick-change nozzle or a dial-type multi-spray pattern nozzle. Both of these types function just as well as the other. Thus, bringing it down to convenience which the dial-type multi-spray has. Not all sets come with a combination of nozzles for you to purchase along with the pressure washer. Therefore, if yours doesn’t have a certain type you can order them separately as well.

GPM and PMI Ratings

This is one of an essential feature for you to consider. Since the GPM refers to the measure of the gallons per unit sprayed. As for the PMI, this is the per square inch pressure of the water being sprayed out of the hose. These ratings will directly reflect on how good the performance of the washer is. In some cases which you try looking for a better rating one, you might be able to tell the difference between the higher rating and lower one. Besides that, if you still want the best one opt for the higher one.


Make sure to not overlook this aspect. Mainly because these pressure washers are big devices which wouldn’t be easy to move around if it doesn’t have the portability factor integrated into its design. Therefore, keep your eyes open for wheels and even a handle. While you look into the wheels, try to get only the best option which is pneumatic tires. Since these tires move easily and freely on a variety of surface as compared to the rest.


Last but not the least, the quality of the hose is to be taken into consideration. Look for a sizeable hose while not overlooking the flexibility factor. You should be looking for a hose which can be easily rolled up and tucked away in storage when not in use. Preferably one which holds no coiling memory as this reduces the work of uncoiling it before connecting it to the pressure washer. Therefore, look for which one adds comfort and deducts the wrestle while working with it.

With that, you have the basic requirements for you to help in your decision-making process of choosing the best pressure washer in Saudi Arabia. Now go ahead and take a look at some of the shortlisted products which make the cut to this listing guide.

Model: PW1370TD-B5

  • Power: For this power washer to function the washer needs around 1300W of power making sure every function is activated.
  • Performance: Making your work a lot easier since you can get dried out mud and other dirt away from your home and pavement easily. Without having to put in too much effort.
  • Nozzle: The available turbo nozzle helps with the high water flow of a 100bar cycle. Furthermore, the long handheld bar too helps you reach further without having you move too much.
  • Portability: Along with the in-built wheels paired with the carry handle and not forgetting the in-built accessory holder makes sure that you can carry and store it around without facing any hurdles.
  • Multi-Usage: This power pressure washer serves as a good cleaning too not just for your garden but also for your home and car. Thus, making it a multi cleaning device.
  • Attachments: For the ultimate cleaning experience you have the soap dispenser and spray gun alongside the nozzle cleaning pin to ensure you have an easy cleaning time.
  • Price: You can get this Black + Decker pressure washer for almost SAR 270.

Model: 1.673-159.0

  • Power: Using the power of 1.4 kW is what allows you to give the best features that you can have.
  • Portable: This device ensures you have portability since it weights not more than 4kgs. Moreover, to help with that is the carry handle.
  • Performance: With the pressure bar at max. 110/ max. 11 bar/MPa and the flow rate at max. 360 l/h. You can ensure that your cleaning will be done in no time and without any complaint.
  • Accessories: the multiple nozzles and attachments added to the pack make it easy to get your work done easily. Attachments like multi-power jet, garden hose adapter A3/4″, high-pressure gun, high-pressure hose, cleaning agent hose with filter and the dirt blaster ensures that you get the results as you please.
  • Multi-Usage: The usage of this device is suitable for occasional use at your home, garden, pavements and even bicycles. Allowing it to be a multi cleaning device.
  • Storage: Since the size of this gadget is only around 17.6 x 28 x 44.3 cm where the attachments can be easily dislocated and tucked into small spaces. Therefore making it easy to store in any tight spot.
  • Price: Available for around SAR 650.

Model: BXPW1300E-B5

  • Power: Consuming the power of almost 1300w, ensures that all the functions and features are good and running.
  • Performance: The high-pressure washer uses a flow rate of around 390 l/h. Whereas the bar pressure is at 100 bar.
  • Storage: With the product dimension at 25.8 x 46.6 x 26.6 cm this makes it easy to store. Besides that, the feature of the gadget having an in-built accessories holder and cable storage is what makes sure you don’t have to waste your precious space storing the accessories.
  • Accessories: Alongside the 3m flexible hose, adjustable spray nozzle, rotary jet nozzle, trigger gun, lance extension and 0.4L foam sprayer you can have the desired sparkle in the area you wish in no time.
  • Mobility: The handle integrated design of the pressure washing gadget ensures that you can roam around and carry around this gadget without breaking a sweat. Furthermore, even with the attachment in place while using it will not hinder the mobility of the device.
  • Easy Operation: With just a simple touch of a button you can get your cleaning done in no time. Which makes the whole process along with this device a walk around your house.
  • Price: Get this power pressure washer at around SAR 370.

Model: FPWE F1.2

  • Motor: Running on a motor which works at the power watts of 1750. Which can effectively pump and make your cleaning work easier.
  • Performance: Sporting a bar pressure of 135bar and a maximum flow of 7L/min thus giving you the same ingenuity from their vehicle counterpart.
  • Portability: To ensure that you can easily move around is the PU foam wheels make manoeuvrability easy be it on any terrain. Therefore making the 10kgs of the device feel like no weight at all. Furthermore, the wheels are paired with the telescopic folding handle, Thus leaving you with no worry at all.
  • Accessories: Get all your tough stains out and leave your space smelling fresh with your favourite cleaning agent. Which you can add to this device to spray with the soap dispenser.
    • Furthermore, the available added brush accessories like the wedge and rotary brush help in getting out all those tough stains.
  • Storage: Easy storage slots for all the attachments makes the overall storage of the device much easier. Besides that, without the attachments as well the device is around 30 x 37 x 35 cms.
  • Price: Place your order for this power pressure washer at around SAR 950.

Model: K2 Compact- 1.673-242

  • Portability: Along with comfortable carrying handle paired with the smooth running wheels makes for the portability of this gadget.
  • Accessories: With the tools which work well for you to help in the cleaning like the trigger gun, dirt blaster with rotating pencil jet and more to ensure you can reach every corner of your home, garden and even your vehicles.
    • Furthermore, the Vario Power spray lance (VPS) ensure that you can control and adjust the pressure of the water used.
  • Storage: Although it is packed with so many feature aiding to your cleaning need and yet being only 242 × 280 × 783 mm. Is a great add on feature making it easy for you to store in any cupboard or fit into the boot of your car without any hassle.
  • Performance: For the suitable output this power pressure washer uses 20 – max. 110 / 2 – max. 11 bar pressure for washing. Moreover, during this time the flow rate is at max. 360 l/h ensuring you have a good combination of pressure and water for your cleaning.
  • Power: Having the power rating of 1.4 kW you can expect all of the spray cleaning to be done in no time.
  • Price: You can buy this pressure washer at the rate of almost SAR 820.

By now you have a vague idea of what you really want and which would be the ideal power pressure washer for you. But before making it official by placing your order. Here are a few more things to be taken into consideration while choosing the best one for you.

Uses of a Power Pressure Washer

We understand that you are considering to get your cleaning down the right way. Therefore you are considering the best pressure washer in Saudi Arabia. But do you know that you can clean more than just the exterior of your home with this appliance? Yes, you heard me right. This section is especially so that you know what all are the uses of this handy cleaning appliance.

Outdoor Furnishing

With all the time that your outdoor furnishing rests in your garden along with all natures elements. An occasional clean is mandatory. But we do understand that cleaning furniture can be not just boring and tiring but also time-consuming. Which is why you’d b doing yourself a favour by getting a pressure to quickly and effectively clean out your outdoor furniture.


We understand that cleaning driveways can be a pain. Might as well get a new driveway done, once in a while, right? But wait, do not worry anymore! Since a pressure washer makes cleaning easier for you. Taking away any muscle power to get your driveways clean with the pressure in which the water is emitted.

Clean your Ride

Whether your car is the love of your life or not. It needs cleaning and taking it to the car wash might not be physically possible every time. Therefore, your solution is the pressure washer. Getting out dirt from every corner of your car. Leaving your car shining in no time. No one would believe that you watched your car at home with the professional cleaning results that you can get with this appliance.

Cleaner Porch

You would feel honoured to have positive comments on your home. Therefore, like everything else first impressions matter. And the first impression of your home would be your garden or porch. Which is why you need to put in a little extra effort to make sure these areas are at its best. Which is why you have the pressure washer to up your outdoor porch appearance.

Make the most of your very own best power pressure washer in Saudi Arabia. Do not limit your cleaning abilities by sticking to just one area of the home while cleaning with this appliance. Glance ahead to know how else can you make the most of the pressure washer.

Power Pressure Washer FAQs for KSA

Can this pressure washer help get rid of oil stains?

Yes with the help of a power pressure washer you can rid of not just oil but also other tough stains as well. Since along with the pressure in which the water is sprayed all the dirt and grime come off in no time. If you like you can lather up some soap to use while cleaning for a much more effective clean. How quick the stain will take to come off will depend on how old or new it is.

Can I use a power washer on a car?

Yes, using a power washer on a car can cause no problems. Although there are a few fine printed things for you to keep in mind while doing so. Like for starters, make sure you aren’t using hard water on your car or it will leave behind stains for you to re-clean. Furthermore, make sure you do not use the pressure washer on the plastic or rubber parts of the car as it could damage them.

Another two really important points for you to keep in mind or else you would chip the paint or damage the car is the pressure of the water. Make sure it is not too high around 1200 and 1900 PSI is suitable. Besides that, you also have to consider switching to a nozzle which does not focus its pressure on one spot. Rather spreading it around ensures that your car is safe.

Where can I put bleach in a power pressure washer?

No, you can not use bleaching powder or liquid or any form of bleach in a power pressure washer. If you are looking for a long and worthy life of the washer make sure to never use bleach while cleaning with it. Simply as bleach is a strong cleaning agent which has the power to corrode the motor and the overall pump as well. Although effective for cleaning out moss or tough stains. It isn’t feasible to be used alongside this appliance.

Does a power pressure washer use too much of water?

No, with comparison to using a hosepipe a power pressure washer could utilize lesser water. Keeping in mind the fact that pressure is used for the cleaning of the area thus using lesser time and lesser water. You would have to individually check each appliance how much water is utilized per minute as this differs from each appliance.

Make a Wise Investment

Get all your cleaning chores done without any hassle with the best pressure washer in Saudi Arabia. Therefore leaving you more time to relax and/or spend your day much more productively. Moreover, you can say no to elbow grease or muscles from the scrubbing workout you would otherwise be doing without the help of this appliance. Although this would make well for your outdoor cleaning task. Thus, you should consider getting the best steam cleaner mop in Saudi Arabia as well. With this complete set, the chore of cleaning will never again be a chore. In fact, it would be a fun task to get done. So, what are you waiting for? Get this device and spend your time wisely.

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