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Best Massage Gun in UAE – Pros & Cons, Expert Reviews [2022]


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Purchase the best massage gun in UAE today to decrease muscle soreness after a workout, reduce injury, speed up recovery and improve performance. Brands such as JoinBuy, ADDCOOL, and Evieun offer you the best percussion therapy devices, hence we have included these. We researched for almost 75 hours and put forth the best ones by considering your budget. Along with the features and technologies of each brand, this guide will also show you how to use the massage gun in an appropriate and safe manner, when to use it and when not to use it. In addition, we have also explained the various attachments of a massage gun, the features to consider, and some commonly asked questions to leave you without a doubt.

Best Massage Gun in UAE

To help you identify the one that best suits your requirements, we have compared each product in terms of the number of massage heads, battery capacity, and price and put forth a table below.

Best Massage Gun in UAE – Quick List

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Benefits of a Massage Gun

So, why do you need to purchase a massage gun? What all is it capable of performing? Here is a section that we have put forth after careful research to show you the health benefits of using a massage gun.

Can decrease muscle soreness after a workout

Firstly, a massage gun is capable of decreasing muscle soreness after a workout. In other words, it decreases the delayed onset of muscle soreness. This is due to the fact that the vibrations help in increasing blood flow to the area. Simultaneously it decreases the build-up of lactic acid. As a matter of fact, the build-up of lactic acid is one of the main culprits behind muscle soreness and irritation after exercise. Hence, if you workout regularly and find your body all sore then this device will help you. Note that you need to use the massage gun in the appropriate way.

Further, if you shorten the required muscle recovery period, then you will be less uncomfortable after a hard workout. This, in turn, will help you to get back to the gym quickly. Therefore, you will be able to make rapid progress towards your fitness goals.

Improves range of motion by self-myofascial release

Next, using a massage gun is an effective method for performing self-myofascial release. Research and studies have proved that self-myofascial release helps improve range of motion in the joints. This, in turn, reduces your chance of getting injured while working out, during your day to day activities and routine. Moreover, it is also beneficial as it improves your performance by helping you exercise longer and harder. That too with less soreness.

Percussion therapy softens muscle tissue

Yes, percussion therapy is effective and beneficial in softening stiff muscle tissue. Hence, you need a massage gun since it is a percussive/percussion therapy device. In other words, massage guns have the ability to remove knots and tension in muscles. Most of the people experience knots and muscle tension. Do you know why? This is because of poor posture, stress as well as the other aspects of daily life. Moreover, massage guns are beneficial to all those who don’t exercise regularly. In addition to making the people feel better physically, the release of tension from the muscles also contributes to a sense of mental relaxation and well-being.

Branded Options

Rank 1: ADDCOOL Silent Massage Gun

  • High-Quality Battery: Equipped with 2500mAh (24V) high-quality rechargeable lithium battery. A single full charge can make this massage gun work for 6 hours. Note that the power consumption depends on the speed.
  • Antiskid Handle: The handle of this massage gun is equipped with anti-slip materials. This ensures it won’t slip off your hands while using it.
  • Ergonomic and Lightweight: All thanks to the ergonomic design of this massage gun. You can hold it comfortably and with ease while massaging your self.
  • Quiet Noise Reduction Technology: This technology offers a low noise operation which reduces a lot of noise and also the heat generated. Moreover, the noise is controlled within 45 DB.
  • Steps to Operate: Firstly, in order to connect the massage gun you need to choose a massage head.
    • Secondly, you need to turn ON the power switch at the bottom of the massager’s handle. This will make the LED illuminate.
    • Lastly, all you need to do is press the Speed button to activate the device. And there you go, the massage gun is all ready for use.
  • Upgraded Cooling System: Featuring a newly designed case with multiple cooling holes. These multiple cooling holes provide ultra-strong heat dissipation function.
    • The ultra-strong heat dissipation function reduces the heat of the motor effectively during operation. Thus, extending the life of the motor.
  • Fascia Relaxation Device: A massager which is electric and offers deep fascia relaxation with high frequency. This helps the muscle tissue to restore the muscle.
  • 6 Different Speeds: With 6 different speeds to suit your requirements, this massage gun provides up to 3200 percussions per minute.
  • Travelling Case and Charger: Along with the massage gun comes a portable travelling case and charger. So, you won’t have to purchase these separately.
  • Price: You can purchase this ADDCOOL Silent Massage Gun for an estimated price of AED 500.

Rank 2: Evieun Deep Tissue Massage Gun

  • 3 Adjustable Speeds: With 3 different adjustable speeds, this electric massager is extremely powerful. And it provides up to 3200 percussions per minute. This ensures meeting all your massage requirements.
  • Anti-slip: The anti-slip silicone grip makes it easier and comfortable to hold the handle. Therefore, it prevents the massage gun from slipping and falling off from the hand.
  • Portable: Compact design and lightweight nature, yet powerful. You can carry this massage gun anywhere and use it on the go since it is the size of your palm. Hence, you can hold it in one hand very easily.
    • Moreover, you can easily fit it into your handbag or backpack without any hassle as it weighs only 1.65 lbs (0.75 Kgs).
  • Quiet Glide Noise Reduction Technology: Experience a high-quality massage without any noise since it operates under 40dB.
  • Reduces Consumption: If the massage gun is not used for more than 60 seconds, then it will automatically shut down. This will reduce consumption.
  • Prevents Overheat or Overuse: Since overusing can make things worse for you and is not safe to your muscles and skin. After 10 minutes of usage, this massage gun will automatically power off. Thus, preventing overheating or overuse.
  • Battery Capacity: This cordless massage gun is equipped with a 2600 mAh high-quality lithium battery. Thus, offering you 5+ hours of service with a single charge.
  • LED Battery Indicator: You don’t need to worry about power outages as the LED battery indicator shows you if the battery is low.
  • Price: Evieun Deep Tissue Massage Gun is available for around AED 370.

Rank 3: JoinBuy Deep Tissue Percussion Massage Gun

JoinBuy Deep Tissue Percussion Massage Gun - Best Massage Gun in UAE
  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery: Featuring a lithium-ion battery that has a large capacity of 2600 mAh (24V). A single charge offers you up to 4 to 5 hours of massage usage. JoinBuy tops the list of the best massage gun in UAE.
    • Which means you can benefit almost 20 massage sessions without charging it every now and then.
    • The package also includes a professional charger so you won’t have to purchase it separately.
  • Adjustable Speed: All thanks to the 20-speed adjustment options. This helps you to adjust the speed of the massage head for every muscle group.
    • Speed 1-5 offers you a mild massage, speed 6-10 relaxes your muscle. Further, speed 11-15 decomposes lactic acid and speed 16-20 offers professional mode.
    • In addition to providing a relaxing massage experience, it also reduces bone damage and relieves aches such as a stiff neck.
    • Additionally, it relieves backache, sore shoulder, bruises and also releases stress and tension.
  • 6 Massage Heads: This massager is equipped with 6 different shaped massage heads (attachments). Thus, you can massage each part of your body with ease. In other words, it helps in providing targetted treatment for a specific muscle group.
  • Oscillations: The head of the massage gun oscillates to give you 1800 to 3200 percussions per minute.
  • Installation and Removal: For installing the device, push the massage head and battery along the direction of the arrow. In order to remove the massage head and battery, simply do the opposite. All you need to do is pull out the battery and massage head in the direction of the arrow.
  • Brushless High Torque Motor: It features a 24V brushless high-torque motor. Due to the Unique Quiet Glide Technology, the working noise is minimal i.e 25 dB to 55 dB.
  • Price: For obtaining a relaxing percussive massage therapy, bring this JoinBuy Deep Tissue massage gun home for approximately AED 280.

Unbranded Options

Below lie two unbranded options of the best massage gun in UAE which you may consider.

Rank 4: Surenhap Deep Tissue Massage Gun

  • 4 Massage Heads: This massager comes with 4 replaceable (different shaped) massage heads. This helps the user to use it on the different body parts that the massage head is meant for.
    • It can activate the muscles, reduce muscle recovery time, stimulate blood flow. As well as relieve pain and relax the body right from head to toe.
  • Prevents Fasciitis: It can heal fasciitis – the difficult to heal inflammation and pain caused by adhesion between the fascia and the muscles.
  • Massage Speed: It provides up to 2560 percussions per minute.
  • Quiet Glide Silent Technology: It is super silent when massaging since it operates under 50 dB.
  • Battery Life: Once you fully charge the massage gun, it lasts for 3 hours.
  • 3 Speed Shift Adjustment: Featuring a 3-speed high-frequency shift adjustment. 60 seconds hits. So, first gear offers 1440, second gear offers 1920, and third gear offers 2560.
  • Price: You can purchase Surenhap Deep Tissue Massage Gun for an estimated price of AED 50.

Rank 5: Professional Deep Tissue Massage Gun

  • Battery Consumption: Power an entire week’s workouts with up to 4 hours of massage per charge.
  • Adjustable Speed: It offers you 6 adjustable speed options. Level 1 is 2100RPM, level 2 would be 2400RPM, level 3: 2700RPM. In addition are Level 4: 3000RPM, level 5: 3300RPM and level 6: 3600RPM.
  • 4 Different Massage Heads: You can easily swap between these 4 massage heads while massaging yourself. The large ball is suitable for large and medium muscles. Next, the flathead is suitable for any part of your body since it doesn’t have any sharp edges.
    • The bullet is best for knots and trigger points. And the fork is perfect for your spine, calf muscles and along the Achilles.
  • Price: This massage gun is available for around AED 70.

What to look for in a Massage Gun

Before you purchase the best massage gun in UAE, you should know what to look for to make the right choice. Below lie certain factors that you need to consider before making your purchase.

Ease of handling

First and foremost, you need to focus on the ease of handling of the massage gun. Is it ergonomic in design? And is it light enough to help you use it comfortably? Ensure you purchase one that is ergonomic in nature and lightweight. Since this will determine the comfort level. I mean, nobody would want to use a massage gun that will make you feel overtired and restless. Instead of improving stuff, you’re just going to make things worse for you. So keep a note of this.

Various attachments for different kinds of massages

When it comes to the different kinds of massages, there are various attachments to support the same. This means there will be an attachment for a particular massage. For another massage, you will need a different attachment that is meant for that massage.

Battery life and charging speed

What if the battery of the massage gun drains unexpectedly while using it, and you have no option than getting it tied or glued to a wall socket. The main thing is comfort. For best results, you need to be comfortable and in the right position while using the massage gun. If not, you’ll be restless. Hence, when you use your massage gun with an amount of frequency, it’s crucial for you to know how long it’s going to last before the battery drains. Next comes the charging speed. How long does your massage gun need to get fully charged, how many hours. Or does it require an entire day? You need to know and figure this out in order to avoid interruption during the massage session.

Noise level

When it comes to relieving stress, body ache and muscle pain, you would never want to use a massage gun that is noisy and annoying. Thus, check the level of noise of a massage gun always. Besides this, you would never want to disturb your family members with this noise. Just imagine that everyone is asleep at home or your one of your family member is busy researching for project submission. And all of a sudden your massage gun starts making noise. Would you want a situation like this to arise? No, right? The best thing you can do is purchase a massage gun that is silent or one that gives out very less noise.

How to purchase the right massage gun

Using a Massage Gun

So, let’s get started. We have penned down the steps to help you use the massage gun in the appropriate way. Use the best massage gun in UAE without causing any harm to your body.

  1. Firstly, always, turn the machine gun on, BEFORE you place it on your body. This is to avoid bruising your body and jarring too. It can get worse than this, so don’t mess around.
  2. Secondly, ensure you start on the lowest speed. Until you figure out or assess your tolerance level, beginning at a high speed can be extremely painful. Thus, start from the lowest speed and gradually increase it as per your preference and tolerance level.
    • Further, micro-tears in the muscle and increased inflammation can result in soreness. Exerting too much force can do more harm than good.
    • Hence, you need to know that “more is not always better”. In other words, anything excess is bad for your body and to your health.
  3. Thirdly, it is not necessary to put extreme downward pressure with the massage head on the body. Whatever speed you’re using the massage gun at, you want to float it across the muscles. Simply let the massage gun do its job as you gently slide it over the affected areas. The pressure should be light or moderate at the most.
  4. Lastly, just relax and de-stress yourself. Remember, you bought the massage gun to relieve muscle tightness and not worsen it. Thus, if you are too tense and flexing the muscle while going over it. Then you’re not getting the full benefit of massage gun. Simply breathe, inhale, exhale, and slowly move the massage gun across the muscle.

Massage Gun Attachments Explained

Every massage gun features a variety of different interchangeable attachment heads. Each attachment offers a different type of massage. You deserve an explanation of all these attachments and where and how to use them. Which is why we are here to give you a detailed explanation of the 4 attachments listed below.

The Large Ball

The Large Ball - Massage Gun Attachment

The most commonly used attachment is the large ball. It is made either of dense rubber or hardened foam. Further, it is creatively designed to treat large and medium group muscles and overall it is the most versatile. It is suitable for large muscle parts.

The Flat Head

The Flat Head - Massage Gun Attachment

The flat head is a great multipurpose attachment. It is able to provide a more dense massage over the large ball from the pecs to the glutes. Since it doesn’t have any sharp edges, it won’t hurt too much if you happen to run it over your bones while massaging. Moreover, it is suitable for any part of the body.

The Bullet

The Bullet - Massage Gun Attachment

The bullet is an attachment that’s best for use on trigger points or knots. If you want to focus in on one particular spot on the body then this attachment is really great for that. For instance, areas of the shoulders or the different ligament attachment options. Moreover, it is suitable for the treatment of severe areas.

The Fork Head

The Fork Head - Massage Gun Attachment

Lastly, let’s discuss the fork head attachment. The dual-pronged head enables you to target your spine without hitting the bone. Additionally, it can be used on other areas of your body such as your calf muscles and along the Achilles too. Besides your spine, it is well suitable for the neck.

Massage Gun FAQs for UAE

We have listed some frequently asked questions about massage guns to keep you well informed. These will certainly leave you doubtless, you won’t regret reading through reading this article on the best massage gun in UAE.

How long should a massage gun be used?

Keep in mind that a full body massage session should not exceed 15 minutes. Also, you can treat yourself 2-3 times per day, but ensure you use it appropriately. Follow these guidelines for best results and most benefit. Prior to any physical activity or workouts, you can use the massage gun for about 30 seconds to instantly activate the muscles and nerve fibres. This is termed as muscle activation.

Next comes muscle reactivation. So, if you’re feeling a little tired whilst mid-workout then boost to your muscles with another 15-second session. Lastly, comes the recovery and pain relief. You can use the massage gun safely post-workout or when delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) sets in for up to 2 minutes on each muscle group. With every percussion, the head of the massage gun delivers micro-traumas to the body which in turn improves blood flow, works on tight muscles and increases circulation. NOTE THAT OVERUSING THE MASSAGE GUN WILL DO THE OPPOSITE.

Should we use ice or heat after a massage?

Initially, you should stay away from heat after a massage, here’s why. Although using a massage gun helps in releasing tight muscles. A lot of deep muscle therapy is required to release those trigger points and tension. This can, therefore, leave your muscles quite tender. Hence, you can start with cryotherapy or use ice after a massage. If you apply ice directly on the skin then it can damage the tissues or even lead to frostbite. The same thing implies if you apply ice for too long.

The following tips will guide you through the usage of ice after a massage:
You can apply ice 4-6 times a day but not for more than 20 minutes. Don’t apply the ice directly to the skin. Wrap it in a cloth towel so that there’s always a layer between you and the ice itself.

Where should the massage gun be used?

If you’re someone who sits at the desk for long hours using the laptop then you can use the massage gun on your shoulders. As well as your trapezius muscles to relieve the tension. The massage gun is meant to be used on your muscles and not on your bones, nerves, tendons, or joints. Further, experts recommend NOT to use the massage gun where you have wounds, a recent bone fracture, scabs or cancerous lesions. If you suffer from peripheral Neuropathy – a condition caused by Diabetes, then stay away from the massage gun.

Can men and women both use massage guns?

Yes, of course, both men and women can make use of massage guns. However, pregnant women should consult a doctor or medical professional before using a massage gun. They need to be extra cautious especially during the 1st trimester of their pregnancy. This is because it can induce labour or bring complications into your pregnancy if not used the right way.

What is percussion therapy?

Percussion therapy provides rapid bursts of pressure into the muscle tissue of the body. Massage guns are devices that utilize percussion therapy as their form of deep soft tissue manipulation. The head of the massage gun oscillates back and forth on your muscles to give you the effect. Generally, this oscillation is somewhere in the range of 1,000 to 10,000 percussions per minute. This helps in relaxing the fascia and increasing blood flow to the targetted area. In fact, certain models allow you to adjust the speed depending on your requirements.

Massage Gun FAQs

Don’t Settle for Less

So, what do you think about the best massage gun in UAE after reading through so much about it? We are sure you would want to bring home at least one of these. If you’re still confused as to which one to purchase, then opt for one that best suits your requirements and budget. Hence, you should check for the features mindfully. Never compromise on quality just to save costs and don’t settle for less. In order to safely and appropriately use the best massage gun in UAE read through each and every section that we have put forth in this article. Don’t skip anything.

Also, since we are discussing massage therapies, why don’t you also take a look at the best massage chair in UAE. It enables you and your family members to relax, relieves body pain and aches in the comfort of your own home. That too without the risk of cross-infection, unlike spas.

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