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Best Ergonomic Keyboard and Mouse in UAE


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With technology usage becoming more common in the world and so is using a computer. Therefore, getting the best ergonomic keyboard and mouse in UAE is good . Since we tend to spend a lot of time on these devices, you are bound to feel uncomfortable or down with some aches or pains. Therefore to prevent all this you need the best gadgets to maintain your good posture at all times. Which is why we chose the best ones for you below.

Quicklist – Ergonomic Keyboards

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Quicklist – Ergonomic Mouse

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What Makes a Keyboard Ergonomic

We’ve made sure to break down and separate the best ergonomic keyboard and mouse in UAE to help you understand better. Firstly with the keyboard. Ergonomic is when something (in this case a keyboard) that helps you to maintain and promotes the natural hand posture. Which is why you need a ergonomic keyboard, especially if you are a person who spends most of their time on a computer or laptop.


The keyboard shape is essential as in most cases with a normal keyboard you could end up straining your muscle. To curb on this you have to select a keyboard which has a better shape which allows your hands to be as natural as possible. This is fulfilled with a ‘V’ shaped keyboard.

Keys Layout

The standard typewriter key layout is what we all have grown accustomed to and diverting from that can be a bit hard. Yet, for comfort while typing certain keys that are constantly used are placed in areas easily reachable by the hand. This is done by adding a curve to the rows of keys laterally in accordance to your fingers. Besides that, some keyboards have moved essential keys to new, more efficient locations. Which is why you need to see which setting would help you while typing. Although it could take a little getting used to any keyboard besides the regular.

Wrist Padding

Often referred to as palm rest or wrist rest. In this area on the keyboard, there is padding in front of the keys. As this serves as a good resting area for your hands during pauses. Most keyboards have these in-built on to the keyboard. While others provide you with the optional padding accessories. If you are not provided with either of these options then you can purchase this padding separately.

Now that you know what you need to check out while getting an ergonomic keyboard in UAE we will proceed with the mouse. But first, you need to check out some of the best available keyboards for you to consider investing in.

Best Ergonomic Keyboards in UAE

Rank 1: Microsoft 5704 Keyboard

Model: L5V-00018

  • Design: The structure of this keyboard is such that has all the ergonomic features needed. right from the split keyboard feature to the alignment of the keys to your comfort. This shape promotes productivity and enables you to have ease while typing. Moreover, the slipt design makes sure that your arms are in the right position to promote its ergonomic functions.
  • Palm Rest: To provide you with wrist support all the time you would spend on a PC typing. You have a palm rest padding, which would make you feel comfortable and supports your hand as well.
  • Natural Arc: For the overall ergonomic feature, the keys have a natural arc which follows the curve of your fingertips, giving it a more natural way of typing. Furthermore, the reverse tilt design of the keyboard curves just at the right angle. Making your wrist feel it in the natural position. Which in turn corrects the position of which you normally would feel uncomfortable in.
  • Number Pad: If you are one of those people who prefer their keyboard to have a separate number pad than you are in luck. Because this keyboard has a completely separate detached number pad. Which you can add when only in need.
  • Dimensions: To anticipate the space needed for this ergonomic keyboard the length of the keyboard is 15.4″ / 392mm while the width 8.96″ / 228mm. The available detached number pad is of the length of 5.21″ / 132mm as for the height its 3.65″ / 92.8mm.
  • Encryption Technology: Featuring an Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) technology with the help of which your keystroke information is protected. Allowing no third party to access your information.
  • Price: This Microsoft Keyboard is available for around AED 390.

Rank 2: Logitech Ergo K860 Keyboard

Model: 920-009166

  • Design: With a split ergonomic keyboard which has been designed for better posture, less strain, and more support for your arms, fingers and wrist. Especially with the natural curve added to the keyboard, this lets your fingers and hands in its natural position at all times while you type. Moreover, the slope enables you to reduce muscle strain thus keeping even your shoulders relaxed.
  • Wrist Padding: With the padding, you reduce bending your wrist with the support of the padding. Which is why you need good padding to support your hands. Which is why you have 3 layers of padding for this keyboard.
    • Surface layer: Which is made up of the knitted fabric of 0.5mm. This material is durable, stain-resistant and has a good feel to it. Not to forget easy to clean as well.
    • Support layer: This layer distributes the pressure equally and provides you with comfort. This is possible as it is made with 2mm high-density memory foam.
    • Comfort layer: to further add to the relaxation and comfort you have another 4mm memory foam.
  • Adjustment: If at any given point of time you feel that the padding isn’t the right height to give you comfort. Then you can look into this feature where you can adjust the height of the padding as and when you please.
  • Connectivity: This keyboard is entirely wireless which means you can connect this keyboard with the help of Bluetooth or use the USB receiver. This receiver is included in the pack.
  • Battery: The included AAA batteries which can power the keyboard for two-years. And if and when you do run out of battery the keyboard will give you a red light glow indicator.
  • Multi-device: Despite the ability to connect to Mac and Windows. This keyboard can connect up to 3 devices at a time. Therefore switching between them is as simple as a touch of a button.
  • Price: Purchasing this Logitech keyboard will cost you around AED 870.

Rank 3: KINESIS Kinesis Freestyle2 Blue Keyboard

  • Design: The separated keyboard allows you to freestyle while you work on your computer. The adjustable space between the keyboard would be up to 9 inches for convenience. Besides, that is the ergonomic 10-degree slope from the front to the back of the keyboard which gives your wrist a positive shape from the very start.
  • Connectivity: Functioning with the help of Bluetooth which works well within the range of around 30 feet.
  • Battery: This keyboard works with the help of rechargeable lithium polymer. Whose single charge works for a long 300 hours of typing. Moreover, for charging you are provided with a 6 feet USB charging cable.
  • Multi-device: It is as easy as clicking on a single button to switch and connect to multiple devices in one go. The maximum devices which you can connect to this keyboard are 3. All of which need to be Bluetooth enabled.
  • Dimensions: The depth of this device is around 7.125 inches. As for the length can shift because of the separated keys ergonomic features. With the minimum of 15.375 inches and a maximum of 23.50 inches.
  • Accessories: In addition, the keyboard you have accessories like that of palm support. The sideways lift also known as tenting too have VIP3 and V3 Lifters.
  • Price: You can get this keyboard for around AED 500.

With that, you get done with some of the best ergonomic keyboards in UAE and it is time to move on to the mouse. You can simply choose one of the best one having suitable ergonomic features to suit your needs and wants. Keep your arms and palms in good natural shape without too much effort.

Types of Ergonomic Mouse

When you finish selecting the best ergonomic keyboard in UAE it is the turn of the mouse. Since if you really feel uncomfortable around your wrist area consider the ergonomic mouse. There is no one design which fits all when it comes to computer mice. You will have to choose the one which works for you. For you to choose here are the available types.

Horizontal Mouse

This is the mouse you will be familiar with. Since this is the most popular one with the dome and an optical or laser to track the movement. Generally as it is so common it is said to be the most productive one of them all.

Vertical Mouse

In a vertical mouse the buttons needed to operate it is at the side. Which means for you to use this mouse you’d be holding it in a ‘handshake’ position. Therefore not twisting your wrist, thus reducing the possibility of you straining your tendons. And allowing you comfort though it could take some time to processing the change in the beginning.

Trackball Mouse

With this trackball type the base of the mouse remains in one place. The only thing which moves is the ball like structure over the mouse. This ball is connected to the cursor on the screen. Since this mouse doesn’t move it takes up lesser space and involves no arm or wrist movement. Thus resulting in lesser pains and injuries in these areas. Though this type of mouse is easy to use it can be difficult if you are a graphic designer.

After converging this part you are ready with the your newfound knowledge to purchase the both the best ergonomic keyboard and mouse for your computer in UAE. So, what are you waiting for get the one most used for you. Just to make your research easier here are some of the best ones for you.

Best Ergonomic Mouse in UAE

Rank 1: Logitech MX Vertical Ergonomic Mouse

  • Design: The naturally vertical ‘handshake’ position enables you to move your hand lesser and yet have an accurate result. And since this device is built to design it both ways wired and wireless enables you to have a higher comfort and convenience. That is followed by the 57-degree angle that removes any pressure you would put on your wrist.
  • Optical Tracking: With the 4000 DPI high-precision optical mouse sensor you can move your hand around 4x lesser and have accurate results. Moreover, the cursor speed switch can rapidly adjust DPI speed and accuracy with only one button.
  • Multi-Device: Using multiple devices enables you to connect and stay connected to three devices at a time. And shifting from these two devices is as simple as a click of a button. Which is situated on the mouse. Besides that, if you have the Logitech Options software you’d just have to move the cursor from one screen to another to switch. This is done with the help of Logitech FLOW.
  • Battery: The battery of this gadget can stay charged for up to four months with usage. Furthermore, the quick charging lets you use this device with for three hours even if you even charge it for a minute.
  • Compatibility: This mouse is comparable with almost any device, especially with iPad OS 13.1 or later versions. In addition to that is that this device will work just as fine with Windows 8, Windows 10 or later and Mac OS 10.13 or later versions.
  • Connectivity: With this mouse, you have three ways to connect to any of your computing devices. Including the USB-C charging cable, Logitech Unifying USB Receiver or Bluetooth. You can use any one which you find the easiest and convenient for your device.
  • Price: You can get this mouse for approximately AED 430.

Rank 2: Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse

  • Design: The design of this mouse promotes the natural hand and wrist postures. This is with the help of the thumb scoop. Furthermore, the mouse angle and height is just right to keep any pressure off your wrist.
  • Dimensions: The dimension of this mouse is around 3.87″ / 98.2mm as the length while the width is 2.23″ / 56.7mm.
  • Buttons: To enable you with shortcuts for you to quickly and easily access feature is the reason you have two additional buttons on the mouse. One for the back button for faster navigation, other as the Windows button for one-touch access to the start menu.
  • Faster Scrolling: To enable you with faster scrolling speeds is why you have a four-way scrolling button. Where you can scroll left, right, front and back quickly navigating through content and not to forget efficiently.
  • Connectivity: With the help of a USB receiver you can connect the gadget device into any computing device. Without any hassle and easily.
  • Batteries: For this mouse to work there are 2 AA alkaline batteries used. Which are included with this package.
  • Price: This mouse can be yours at the price of AED 230.

Rank 3: Logitech MX Master 3 Mouse

  • Design: The ergonomic design enables you a comfortable design of the mouse along with a special resting place for your thumb. Furthermore, you even have a thumbwheel which lets you control the scrolling with the help of your thumb as well.
  • Virtual Tracking: Since the mouse is much more precise you will be clicking the right place even up to the pixels every single time. Besides that, Logitech Darkfield Tracking allows you to use your mouse on any surface even glass.
  • Scrolling: Using Ultrafast Magspeed Electromagnetic Scrolling allows you remarkable speed, precision, and silence of magnetic scrolling. Where the wheel is 90% faster and 87% more precise.
  • Battery: This MX Master 3 mouse can stay powered for up to 70 days on a full charge. Besides that, it has quick charging features as it allows three hours of use from a one-minute quick charge. Included in the pack is the USB-C charging cable.
  • Multi-Device: After you connect to the 3 devices of your choice you can easily switch between them by just pressing the Easy-Switch button which is on the mouse.
  • Compatibility: The 3 devices can be any of the following Windows, Mac, and Linux 6 operating systems.
  • Price: Available for the approximate price of AED 400.

There you have it the best listing of some of the best ergonomic keyboard and mouse in UAE. All allowing you a variety of types to choose from. Make sure you read and check each one of them out before you finalize your choice. Read on to know more about the best ergonomic keyboard and mouse in UAE for yourself.

FAQs on Ergonomic Keyboard & Mouse in UAE

Is QWERTY the best keyboard layout for ergonomics?

Although you might see that this QWERTY layout works as good as it does because of the strategically placed keys. But if you are a person who uses a keyboard for an extended period of time each day then you might have come to the realization that the QWERTY keyboard layout isn’t really ergonomic. As you might tend to experience soreness and pains in your hands. Which is why the most ergonomic is Dvorak keyboard layout.

Why do keyboards cause wrist pain?

This might be the cases since when you are typing you tend to apply pressure on your wrist. This happens because the keyboard of your laptop isn’t ergonomically aligned. Thus when you type for a long time this can cause pain. Besides this, you might even experience pain if your keys are too hard to use. Therefore feeling like you are directly trying to type over a hard surface.

If you ignore these pains for too long this can lead to further complications repetitive strain injury, carpal tunnel and tendonitis. To prevent this you can always give yourself a break in between and exercise your arms and wrist. Besides that, you can shift to a more ergonomically friendly keyboard.

Do ergonomic keyboard slow down typing?

Yes and no. Since we have been using the QWERTY typewriter styled keyboards we have grown accustomed the layout and setting. This comfort level helps you with your speed in typing. Therefore once you shift your keyboard to an ergonomic one you tend to lose your speed of typing until you get a grip of the layout. Much like your hands and mind has to relearn the set-up of the keyboard. Once you do that which might take a month or two you will be back to your normal typing speed before you know it.

Why does mouse usage cause wrist pain?

Any pain in your dominant hand is in most cases due to typing or even using a mouse for an extended period of time. This is caused due to repetitive movements where you hand is performing the same task for a long time. Which is why it is necessary to give yourself and your hand a break. Allow your hand to move around and stretch your fingers. If you don’t and you ignore this tingling numbness and pain can cause carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS).

Are ergonomic mouse accurate?

This would depend on the type of ergonomic mouse you are using. As each mouse has different accuracy levels. While almost all of them allowing you with good enough accuracy to perform any task. Though it would take a little use to it. Besides that, they are perfectly splendid.

Is vertical mouse more comfortable?

In most cases, a vertical mouse is better than any other. As its design promotes the natural position of the hand which is at a 60-80 degree angle also known as the handshake position. This reduces the overall wrist pain, forearm strain, soreness or fatigue. Which makes it comfortable and easy on the hand. Thus, making it a better choice.

Who should buy Ergonomic Mouse & Keyboard

If you haven’t really experienced anything in terms of discomfort you are on the good side. But you might not be sure for how long that will hold true. Which is why it is better for you to be safe then sorry and get the best ergonomic mouse and keyboard in UAE. Especially if you are a person who constantly uses a keyboard and mouse or if you are a part of the following categories. This will the most useful in the long run.

Developers: Coding can be hectic and stressful at times. But your gadgets you use like your mouse and keyboard need not add to the stress of working. Thus an ergonomic one.

Gamers: Among all the thing for the gamer this is a must since you would tend to use these gadget all the more without realizing the time you spend in gaming. Only to leave you sore after the gaming sessions.

Accountants: Now that you physically don’t have to write every transactions and entries in a book. Since everything is more digital an accountant too needs ergonomic gadgets.

Data Entry Operators: People in these field face as much stress as would a writer. Which means you would be constantly typing. Therefore to maintain the natural posture on your own can be difficult and this help is the thing you need.

Writers: If you are a writer be it a content writer, journalist or an author. You will be using your computer for long hours typing away. Which is why you need it all the more

Designers: While for designers trial and error and trying out new experiments is the way to work. You tend to spend more time learning and coming up with new designs and projects. Which is why you should consider this keyboard and mouse.

Put Your Posture First

There you have it the best ergonomic keyboard and mouse for good and natural posture. Keeping soreness at bay should be your main priority. While there is no single best one to suit everyone. As one might feel comfortable to one but not to another. With the different hand sizes and weight. Therefore makes sure to see the one which fits you well. While you are considering about your posture you can even maintain the posture of your back while you work with the best office chair in UAE or if you are gamer consider the best gaming chair is UAE for your posture.

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