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Best Dash Cam in UAE – Price & Features Compared [2022]


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So you own a camera? That’s good but do you own a Dash Cam? No? then you’re at the right place as I’m here to help you chose the best dash cam in UAE. Okay, I’ll brief you on the basis of what exactly is a dash cam and why should you consider investing in one. A dash cam is a mini camera that is mounted as the name suggests on the dashboard of a vehicle. This camera is constantly recording the happenings in front of the windscreen. Why do you need a dash cam you ask? Well for starters, I wish for it to not happen, but if while driving another vehicle crashes into yours you will have evidence. Evidence to hand over to your lawyer, your insurance company or wherever you want to prove yourself right (if you are that is).

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Best Dash Cam in UAE

Best Dash Cam in UAE – Quick List

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Important Features of a Dash Cam

Before purchasing any product, research is important to know which features will be good enough to suit your needs. Besides the features which will suit your needs, there are those features which are absolutely important to consider while purchasing any product. I’ve gone ahead and listed these features below so as to make your research process much easier. Go ahead and have a look at these features that make up the best dash cam in UAE.

Image Quality

The purpose of buying a dash cam is to be able to show and see details clearly. This feature should be feasible not just during the day when it’s bright outside but also at night. This is done so as to claim justice for what’s right. And this won’t be possible if you purchase a 720p resolution dash camera. A 1080p camera resolution is clear but since there is 1296p resolution in the market why not opt for the better one.

The best dash cam in UAE should be able to have the best image/video quality. So much so that one can view the license plate and any other specific details. This will help you identify any vehicle with ease and would make the tracking purpose easier as well. Also, sharper image quality is always advisable and so make the choice of choosing the 1296p over the 1080p to be on the safer side and ride.

Clear Controls & Voice Activation

The easier the controlling the better the product. No one would like to sit for a good 10 minutes just to figure out how to switch on the dash cam. Hence, if the buttons have the functions transcribed onto them then more user-friendly the product becomes. Some of the products have a function where you could see the signs in the dark as well. While others use functional companion apps, intuitive menus or touchscreens. The touchscreen one has become comparatively easier to handle as opposed to the buttons. Although the best preferable function is the voice activation function wherein the gadget would identify voice and turn on, on its own. This could also be done with the help of assistive help gadgets like Alexa.

Heat Resistance in UAE 

Since this gadget will be attached in your vehicle and it’s not like your vehicle will be in air conditioning. So, it’s better too lookout for a dash cam that can resist heat as your vehicle is prone to heating. Especially in UAE where the weather is extremely hot during the summers and the mild winters. Your best option for a more long-lasting lifespan of your dash cam is the feature of heat resistance. This is by simply replacing or selecting a dash cam that uses a capacitor. These capacitors handle heat much better than the normal lithium-ion battery.


The storage size isn’t really directly related to the camera itself but indirectly it is. Most cameras use SD cards or microchips to record and save footage. This footage can be transferred and viewed like any other such storage devices. One benefit is that you wouldn’t have to bother to empty the SD card once full as there is a loop feature. This loop feature works in a way that once the SD card is full it will start to rewrite over the old footage. And this feature is an absolute winner.


Dash cams aren’t like normal cams and they are smaller in size as well. It is not difficult to know that the smaller the screen is the tougher will be the settings and other options. But also you can opt for a more wider screened devices. Just keep in mind the bigger the screen the buttons will be bigger as well.

So now that we are done with that let’s go ahead and take a look at the best dash cam in UAE. And which of these products support them or not.

Best Dashboard Cameras in UAE

Rank 1: Xiaomi 70mai Dash Cam

Xiaomi, this well-known brand caters to a wide array of products in the market. It’s no surprise that this product is number one on the list. I’m sure you are now curious to know more in-depth details about this product so without further ado here are the details:

  • Dimensions: This dash cam is just perfect with not just it’s small yet efficient size. But with its dimensions at 3.2 x 1.6 x 2.2 inches, it does not obstruct the view of the driver either. It isn’t just this feature that what makes this dash cam one of the best on the list.
  • Batteries: To make sure that these batteries last longer. And without the recurring cost of purchasing batteries every time the life of the battery decreases. This problem is solved with the help of Lithium Polymer batteries. Which is exactly what this camera uses as they are rechargeable.
  • Video Quality: The video capturing ability of this product is so good that it can capture good details in the image quality. Having the 5-megapixel, 1944p resolution with Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) allows adjusting of the exposure of the image. Making this camera able to adjust to any lighting be it in the night or in broad daylight.
  • Angle Range: The range of reach of the camera is about 140 degrees.
  • Driver Assistance: One handy and a smart feature to be kept in mind is that this device provides a feature of alerting you. It alerts you when you venture out of the lanes and also when you are at risk to bump into someone. Or when they are about to bump into you.
  • Monitoring: This device offers 24-hours protection as it can run all day. It also offers a time-lapse option and an added feature the motion sensor detection which is supported by the G-sensor.
  • DeFogging: This feature of the DeFog Algorithm reduces the chances of distorting and degradation which works in any weather condition. Be it snow, smoke and a hazy environment.
  • Price: The product costs nothing too expensive than AED 190.

Rank 2: Nextbase 3052 Dash Cam

Even though this dash cam might not have the best outlook. It sure puts up a tough competition for the previous product as this one too has plenty of features to play around and experiment with.

  • Dimensions: 46 x 46 x 46 mm a perfect cube to give you that clean outlook for your windshield without hampering your vision while driving.
  • Battery: Longer battery life with the Lithium-ion batteries which are rechargeable. This battery is a part and parcel of the overall product so you would not have to separately purchase it.
  • Video Quality: At a range of 1080p at 30fps. This cam is excellent as you can read images, be it the number plate or other required detail clearly via the image.
  • Angle Range: With the wide-angle of view which is 140 degrees, the camera allows for wide and clear detail of an image in the vicinity of the cam. This ensures that no image quality is sacrificed for the sake of angle of view.
  • Recording: Worried about the device that it will eventually get full and not record any more? not to worry as the loop feature in the dash cam allows for loop recording. Loop recording is when the memory of the device is full, it will automatically rewrite over the older footage.
  • G-sensor: This product uses a feature known as the G-sensor which detects any unusual or sharp movement from any impact on the car. Once that is done, it saves the footage taken at that time and doesn’t allow any rewriting on that footage.
  • Smart Capture: In the case of any motion detection of the vehicle, the cam automatically starts to capture the footage. No need to press a button to begin recording when starting your journey. This also includes any movement in park mode, when and if the vehicle vibrates on any sort of impact.
  • Connectivity: With the Nextbase 3052 it is easy to connect and transfer footage of any sort. This is possible with the help of the wifi connectivity option.
  • Price: The set price of this product is at AED 200.

Rank 3: Tryace Dual Dash Cam

This leading manufacturer of these cams has a tonne of tricks up their sleeves to wow you away. Not just with their features but also by offering the two cams at the cost of one making it one of the best dash cam in UAE.

  • Dimensions: Not too big of a product as it’s dimensions are at just 3.5 x 3.2 x 3.2 inches. The lightweight is good for your windshield as opposed to the heavier ones which can be a danger towards life.
  • Recording: The availability of the loop recording makes for the capturing and smooth hassle-free use of the device.
  • Video Quality: With excellent 1080p cameras not just on the front but also on the rear cam allows your vehicle to be under the constant watchful eye all throughout.
  • Accident Lock: When and if the vehicle is in any mishap this cam locks the footage to prevent any sort of loss of essential footage.
  • Angle Range: This cam has the angle lens wide enough at 170 degrees which allows good coverage of the streets. And also of the oncoming traffic which is good for any unforeseen mishaps.
  • G-sensor: This feature locks and begins recording any footage in the vicinity of the cam angle when motion is detected.
  • Battery: This little handy device can run with power from the car charging port with the help of a USB port. Besides this, it also uses an internal supercapacitor. This supercapacitor can increase the lifespan of the cam. This is because a capacitor endures vast temperatures in cold and heat.
  • Price: AED 290 is quite an excellent bargain for two cams

Rank 4: Vantrue Uber Dash Cam

Model: N2 Pro

Vantrue did their research to know what the customers need not just with the feature but also with the overall product. As they offer a dual camera shot as well. Designed especially with the uber and taxi vehicles in mind. Take a look to know more:

  • Dimensions: A tad bit bigger than the rest but definitely not any less in terms of features. The dimension of this product is 3.8 x 1.5 x 1.5 inches.
  • Angle Range: The lens allows an angle of view with a 170° full 6 layer glass lens with F/1.8 wide aperture. Rear lens: 140° F/2.0 wide aperture lens.
  • Video Quality: The quality of the footage shot by the cams have details clear enough to use as proof. Functioning with a rear cam of 1920 x 1080p. And the front cam utilizes 2560 x 1440p or 1920 x 1080p to capture license plates.
  • Battery: The device uses a Lithium Polymer battery pack to power the cam. This battery has the ability to last a long while at 250mAh.
  • Voice Capture: Besides the fact that this dash cam captures footage, it also captures voice as it is built keeping in mind the safety and the point of view of a taxi driver.
  • Night Vision: With the ability to capture high-quality videos even during the night, this makes this device equipped with night vision cameras.
  • Recording: With a hassle-free loop recording which means you would not have to manually empty the storage.
    • And an emergency lock to this device is a good choice. As you would be able to access saved footage with ease.
    • And not to forget the motion sensor which starts recording when it starts to detect movement.
  • Price: A bit on the pricy side yet worth every penny this device cost AED 800.

Rank 5: Tryace Dash Cam

Another one of the Tryace brand dash cam. With its features so good that two of their product features on the list.

  • Dimensions: This dash cam has a petit end product with its dimensions at 80 x 58 x 9mm.
  • Video Quality: Compromising for nothing less but the best for their product. As the video quality is top-notch at 4000 x 3000p.
  • Lens Angle: At a 170-degree lens this device has a wide-angle reach of the area in view of the cam.
  • Night Vision: The feature which allows the capturing of videos with a high definition not just during the day but during the night time to ensure this product is with a night vision camera.
  • Smart Recording: With loop recording, parking monitoring, collision detection centre and many more to make it a smart recording experience and device.
  • Battery: The battery of this product comprises of high capacity polymer rechargeable battery. Which can also run without plugging it in for charging for about 24 hours.
  • Price: This dash cam cost is at around AED 200.

So those were some of the best dash cams in which I have found out. Now nothing can stop you from purchasing the best. I’m sure you already have made up your mind about your purchase but to make sure you have the best product and your choice is a well-informed one here are some more details.

Other Good-to-Have Features

Wifi & Mobile app

Wifi and mobile apps play an important role in today’s world. And so who wouldn’t like the feature of wifi connectable dash cam. Which makes viewing, sharing and downloading easier. As the feature availability of wifi also makes it easier to connect to the phone. Once connected you can do anything with the help of the app. Which again is an added feature as some apps allow the location of the car, speed and other details.

Geo Location

By having this feature is handy as the geolocation besides the fact that it does not give the location. But can keep a track of the direction and speed of your travel and this could furthermore serve as proof in case of any mishaps. The dash cams which has this feature inbuilt is much more convenient rather than the ones which need an external device to connect it to. In any case, you might need a GPS which could give directions you can opt for the maps on your phone or shift to a car GPS navigator.

Parking Mode

These modern devices have plenty of smart features one of which is the continuous recording even while the car is in park mode. This feature works in such a way that it keeps a check on the impacts and even movements around the car. This feature will run as long as the battery doesn’t drain out. But to ensure that it doesn’t, you can hardwire the device to the fuse box of the car or use another external battery source. The only down point is that the device will only record the device’s field of view.

Mounting System

Many models give you an option to choose the mount most suited. The best mounts would be the ones with which you are able to secure the camera safely. Even after securing the camera to one place it should provide the right view of the direction. The most easy to use one is the magnetic mount but in terms of security the mounts which use adhesive pads. These adhesive pads are stuck onto the windshield. Although secure, any movement be it restricting and unmounting is difficult. To solve this problem the Suction-cup mounts are suitable.

Field of View

This refers to the view which the camera can capture in the shot. The more wider the shot the better as it helps in the establishment of setting for any incident and the proof to prove you are right. The most prefered range is 140 degrees to 160 degrees as within this range the details are clearly visible and at the most, each multilane highway is visible in this shot. You can also opt for a wider range but also be aware that in a wider range the objects appear farther than they actually are and hence the details are lost.

Dual Cams

In dual cam, you use two cameras. One on the front and the other in the rear end of the vehicle or even on the inside of the vehicle. This depends on what you would prefer. Normally, the rear end cam is a similar cam like that of the dash cam which is attached to the back windshield. This is one such system used in case if you want double safety. These cameras can also be used to face the streets or the inner side of the cabin including the passengers.

With that, I have covered almost every feature that a dash cam possesses. You are sure to make a well-informed decision of purchasing the best dash cam in UAE. All you have to do is click on the dash cam of your choice and bring home the best dash cam in UAE.

Dash Cam FAQs for UAE

Is a dash cam banned in Dubai?

No, legally the dash cams are not banned in Dubai. In some areas, it is looked upon as shady. As with the cam you tend to record people without their consent and might be considered an invasion of privacy. And to invade someone’s privacy is considered against the law.

But legally dash cams are not banned and you are able to use them freely without any problem. And this depends from person to person. The use of a dash cam would be handy as it would reduce disputes. And act as an assistive device for the driver.

Can a dash cam withstand Dubai heat?

Yes, dash cams can withstand the Dubai heat. The dash cam, in general, can withstand the weather but I can’t say the same for the battery of the dash cam. The best-suited battery for any weather condition are the cams which use capacitors.

Capacitors have the ability to be more resistant to heat. And hence can tolerate more heat than batteries. The capacitors are more tolerant towards any wear and tear as well which may be caused due to repeated charging of the cam. By opting to use a capacitor running dash cam you only increase the durability of the dash cam in the long terms.

What are the benefits of a dash cam?

If you’re a bit sceptical and still considering whether to purchase a dash cam here are a few benefits of using a dash cam:

Firstly, you can easily prevent parking accident with the help of the dash cam warning signs. Secondly, dash cams can work as a GPS with the embedded feature to some cams. Thirdly, you have first-hand proof of the accident which might happen/has happened. And last but not the least, these cams can record your whole road trip journey with all its beauty and glory of the scenes which nature would unfold to you.

Can a dash cam be used when the car is parked?

Yes, a dash cam can be used when in park mode as well. Some of the best dash cam in the UAE have the feature to use the park mode. Where in when the vehicle senses any impact or motion it will automatically switch on the dash cam to ensure that your vehicle is safe. The only disadvantage being that the dash cam will capture any activity which is in the angle in which the dash cam is placed.

Take Care and Be Safe

With all the traffic on the road and those annoying bad drivers, it would be best for you to take precaution in any case. As the old saying goes precaution is better than cure. So, if it is a small step towards taking precautions. An investment towards saving your life can never be in vain. By purchasing the best dash cam in UAE I can’t ensure you will be safe but I can ensure you that you will always have a watchful eye to prove you were right on the road. So, consider purchasing your very own dash cam and take care and be safe.

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