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The best LG washing machine in the UAE is recommended to buy 2022


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Do you need a new washing machine? Then consider buying the best LG washing machine in UAE for you and your family. LG Electronics Inc. is a multinational electronics company in South Korea. Furthermore, it is headquartered in Yeouido-dong, Seoul, South Korea. Furthermore, LG has 128 operations worldwide, and employs 83,000 people. In addition, it comprises 4 business units. They are home appliances, air solutions, mobile communications, home entertainment and vehicle components. LG Electronics products include washing machines, TVs, home theater systems, refrigerators, smartphones, and more.

Smart programs with special wash and rinse options prove to be great and a must. It enables clothes to get the right kind of washing and the best kind of care every time. Head over to the best LG washing machines in the UAE.

Best LG washing machine in UAE

The best LG washing machines in the UAE

Let’s start with the front loading type of washing machines. Below are the washing machines, depending on the size of the family. Hence, be sure to read them all before making your purchase. I’ve outlined the capabilities, features, dimensions, and budget to give you a better idea.

Here is one of the best LG washing machines in UAE for a small family. The 7kg capacity makes it the best buy for singles and families of 2-3.

LG 7kg front loading washing machine

Model: F2J5QNP7S
Washing machine loading type: front loading

LG 7Kg Front Load The best LG washing machine in UAE for the small family
  • Inverter DD Mechanism: Inverter DD Mechanism Its 6 motions make this washing machine suitable for treating all types of fabrics. Thus, we offer you a wonderful washing experience. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about the color fading or peeling of the clothes.
  • Optimal washing: Optimized powertrains allow each type of fabric to make proper use of power.
  • Powerful washing suggestions: LG 7 kg front load washing machine offers 3 moves Strong wash. that they Mobility , and filtration And the purification .
  • Delicate washing suggestions: Likewise, 3 moves any bog down , rolling And the swing Formulated for a delicate wash.
  • Intelligent Diagnostic Technology: Progress This technique is a faster and easier way to find out mechanical problems as well as other problems. Moreover, it automatically resolves it due to no need to contact the technician. Thus saving your service costs.
  • Troubleshoot quickly: To troubleshoot this device, simply dial the LG customer service number. Second, place your smartphone on the device. Moreover, this device automatically connects to the computerized customer service. The problem is diagnosed within a few seconds. Thus, the machine does the troubleshooting itself, leaving you with a ready-to-use machine.
  • Not suitable for medium and large families: Since this washing machine has a capacity of 7 lbs. It is an ideal choice only for singles and small families. Also, if you don’t want to upgrade your washer in a few years. Then you need a larger capacity washer for more loads.
  • price: LG 7Kg front loading washing machine is available for around 1500 AED.
  • You can buy in the UAE from Amazon: Buy now

LG 8kg front load washing machine

Model: FH4G7TDY0
Washing machine loading type: front loading

LG 8Kg Front Load Best LG Washing Machine in UAE for Medium Family
  • Allergen cycle: This cycle removes common household allergens such as dust mites and pet dander from your clothes.
  • Award Winner: For two consecutive years this washing machine is a world record. 1 Sale of household laundry appliances.
  • 6 Motion DD Technology: The technology provides optimized motion groups for every type of fabric. Thus, it provides powerful washing performance with less spoilage.
  • to disinfect Allergens: Penetrates the fibers with scattered steam to deeply cleanse them.
  • Touch control: The touch control has an elegant design thus brings sophistication to your home. Besides, the touch control panel provides maximum visibility.
  • Solubility of allergens: This uses ideal temperatures to dissolve loosened allergens from clothing.
  • Less mechanical parts: First, the motor is attached directly to the drum without the use of a belt or pulley. Also, fewer mechanical parts ensure less power dissipation. This enhances washing performance and ensures low noise and vibration. Moreover, it offers more durability and also saves energy.
  • Allergen removal: Eliminates all allergens during rinse and spin cycles.
  • price: An 8 kg LG washing machine is available for around 1500 AED.
  • You can buy in the UAE from Amazon: Buy now

LG 9kg front load washing machine

Model: F4J7FNP8S
Washing machine type: front loading

LG 9 Kg Front Load The best washing machine in UAE for big family
  • Adding forgotten items: If you forgot a T-shirt or jeans, don’t worry. Because this washing machine enables you to add it in the middle of the wash cycle. Simply press Add Item and any laundry from small socks to big jackets will be added. But, note that if the water temperature is above 40 degrees Celsius. Then the door lock is not released for safety purposes.
  • Optimal washing of fabrics: First, select a wash program. Then, 6-Motion Direct Drive technology moves the washing drum in multiple directions. This, therefore, provides proper care of the fabrics along with superior cleaning of them.
  • Less noise and vibration: The DD inverter motor powers the washing machine. Thus, it is very reliable and quiet.
  • Smart Convenience with NFC: With downloading additional courses for diagnosing and solving problems. So your washing machine gets smarter with NFC Tag On. Thus, NFC allows you to easily interact with the washing machine and access the latest innovations.
  • price: A 9kg LG washing machine is available for around 2,400 AED.
  • You can buy in the UAE from Amazon: Buy now

LG 7kg top loading washing machine

Model: T7588NEHVA
Washing machine type: top loading

LG 7 Kg Top Load washing machine
  • Smart Inverter Technology: First, this technology efficiently controls energy use and eliminates wasted operation. This is done by setting the power consumption at an optimum level. Thus depending on the required electricity. In addition, the waterproof motor resists corrosion.
  • Smart movement: The smart movement consists of 3 types of movements Created by smart inverter . Therefore, it enables optimal washing depending on the type of fabric. stirring Intended for strong washing while Rotation Perfect for tangle-free washing. In addition, movement is considered swing Perfect for a delicate wash.
  • Turbo Drum: First, the Turbo Drum enables the most powerful washing. Secondly, it removes the toughest dirt with a powerful water stream. The water stream consists of a rotating cylinder and a pulsator in the opposite direction.
  • Smart Diagnosis: Firstly, this feature helps in easily diagnosing and fixing mechanical problems. Moreover, it helps reduce costly and uncomfortable service visits.
    • First, turn on the washer power. Next, make a call to the LG Customer Service Center. Or you can open the LG Smart Laundry app on your smartphone.
    • Further, place the phone on the device smart diagnosis logo. And press the water button for 3 seconds.
    • The customer center or smart laundry app will identify and initiate the solution.
  • Smooth glass closure and wide diamond glass door: This top loading washing machine has a wide diamond glass. It is safe, comfortable and reduces noise. In addition, it is shock-resistant and anti-scratch. Moreover, it provides you with a wide view from inside the device.
  • price: LG 7kg top load washing machine is available for AED 1,050.
  • You can buy in the UAE from Amazon: Buy now

For the medium sized family

LG 12KG Top Loading Washing Machine

Model: T1266NEFT
Washing machine type: top loading

LG 12kg top load washing machine
  • Hole +3: For an even washing result, the +3 hole creates powerful streams of water. This, in turn, mixes the laundry up and down repeatedly.
  • Auto prewash: Tough stains are ready to use with a single touch. You don’t need to hand wash. The washing machine does all the laundry for you.
  • TurboDrum: Removes the toughest dirt with a powerful water jet. This powerful stream of water consists of a rotating drum and a pulsator in the opposite direction. Thus, enabling stronger washing.
  • Safe and ergonomic design: Besides offering efficient and innovative features. The stylish and durable design ensures comfort and security.
  • wide diamond glass Diamond glass is wide. In addition, it is shockproof and anti-scratch as well.
  • LoDecibel and Less Vibration: First, it works Intelligent inverter motor on Reduce the level of noise and vibration. Secondly, it provides more durability and a 10-year engine warranty.
  • Smart Diagnosis: Diagnosis Smartphone is useful in diagnosing and repairing mechanical problems. Thus, it limits costly and inconvenient service visits.
  • price: LG 12KG Top Inverter Smart Washing Machine is available for around AED 1,220.
  • stainless steel: Since the washer is made of stainless steel, the outside needs more cleaning. This is because fingerprints and tags are easily noticeable. Hence, if you do not like to spend time cleaning your devices. Then it may be less attractive to you.
  • You can buy in the UAE from Amazon: Buy now

for the big family

LG 16 kg top loading washing machine

Model: T1693EFHSKL
Washing machine type: top loading

LG 16 kg top load washing machine
  • 6 Motion Direct Drive Motor: What You just have to choose a washing programme. Once this is done, the DD 6 motion will move the roller in different directions for optimal fabric care.
    • As the name implies, this system provides 6 types of movement. In addition, it controls the rotational speed and rotation of the left and right cylinder for better performance.
    • And the 6 kinds of suggestions And the Rub, agitate, waveforce, compress, alternate and alternate .
    • Moreover, it enables a variety of fabrics to be cleaned well with fewer wrinkles and less damage.
  • Inverter Direct Drive Motor: The direct drive motor is upgraded with an inverter unit and the latest technology. Moreover, it provides better washing performance. Thus, it allows you to wash a variety of fabrics more efficiently and with less damage.
  • heater: Because warm water can dissolve detergent more easily and increase washing performance. There is a heater under the inner sink that increases the water temperature up to 40-60 degrees. Therefore, it is easier to get rid of allergens and hard stains than it is with cold water.
LG 16kg top load washing machine 2
  • large capacity: With more space, the large capacity drum allows washing more clothes in one load. Moreover, washing bulky items like duvets and curtains in one load has never been so easy. All thanks to such a large capacity of 16 kg.
  • Full stainless steel sink: It is more effective in controlling the growth of bacteria than traditional plastic tubes. Intertek has tested these antimicrobial effects to eliminate 90% of harmful bacteria. Thus preventing it from taking hold.
  • jet spray: During the rinse cycle, the jet spray nozzle sprays clean water directly onto the clothes. While the sink is filled with water at the same time, the water penetrates the clothes.
  • Smart Diagnosis: This feature helps diagnose and fix mechanical problems. Thus reducing costly service visits. Thus saving time and effort.
  • Tub Clean +: Tub Clean+ provides a 99% sterilization rate to make the tub clean. Clean the sink by circulating 60°C of hot water in it. Do this to remove dirt and germs from every corner of the washer.
  • price: The LG 16Kg top loading washing machine is available for approximately AED 3700.
  • You can buy in the UAE from Amazon: Buy now

I am glad you have reached the end of this article. As these devices are packed with power with loads of features, warranty and varying pricing. These LG washing machines in UAE are a great buy. First, buy LG washing machine in UAE according to your family size. Because buying one with a smaller capacity will not work if your family consists of 4 or more people. Also, before making a purchase, find a product that meets your needs and fits within your budget.

Last but not least, never compromise on quality to save costs. This high quality LG washing machine in UAE will serve you for years to come.

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