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Best UV Phone Sanitizer in UAE – Expert Review [2022]


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Corona Virus the talk of the world. Using a mask and sanitizers have become very common. But have you considered the best UV phone sanitizer in UAE? Everyone is doing everything in their ability to not fall prey to the disease. While you keep yourself clean and germ-free who’s going to protect the transmission of the virus via your exposed gadgets. Especially your phone. Your most personalized item and the one thing you would carry everywhere with you. UV phone sanitizer will help give you that extra push towards keeping you safe from any transmitted viruses. Generally, for the sanitizer to work its magic you would only have to keep your phone or any other device in the casing.

UV Phone Sanitier in UAE

Best UV Phone Sanitizer in UAE- Quick List

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How do UV-C Sanitizers Work?

UV-C or as you might commonly know it as the ultraviolet light. This is one method used as a disinfectant. Be it for surfaces, water and even air. Since this is an environment-friendly method why not use it more frequently in the sanitization process of your phones. Actually, this is exactly how the best UV phone sanitizer in UAE works. And it is said to be effective in the novel virus as well. You can read about that here.

The discovery of UV light was made a long time ago. As it is known, UV light reaches the earth from the sun. This light is invisible and has a wavelength which is shorter than that of visible light. The spectrum of the UV light is actually subdivided into four main categories. These are UV-A, UV-B, UV-C and Vacuum UV. This classification is done based on their wavelengths. Where the UV-A and UV-B light can cause sunburns and cancers. UV-C light is worst than the previous ones. The only plus point is, this ray from the sun doesn’t reach us. So, for the working of this UV phone sanitizer, all you need to know is the UV-C which is man-made as a safer disinfectant. This UV-C light has a wavelength of between 280 and 100 nanometers. And so is referred to as the germicidal light.

This light works towards removing any microorganisms, which are present on your device. So, once you place the device into the case. The system reproduces UV radiation; this is done with the help of lamps fixed on the inside of the case. This lamp emits the germicidal UV-C light which sanitizes your phone without the use of any chemicals. In some cases even better than the chemicals. The light has shown to permanently eliminate the number of the microorganisms’ DNA, such as protozoans, viruses and bacteria instantly. Furthermore, rendering them unable to replicate and remain inert.

However, this only works on the area exposed to the light and any grey area will not be disinfected. But you won’t have to worry about this, as the design of the case is such that the light coves the entire phone. Pretty good huh? Read on further for some of the best UV phone sanitizers for you in UAE.

Model: QU1

Best UV Phone Sanitizer in UAE
  • Sanitizer: This UV sanitizer kills as well as sterilizes around 99.9% of your exposed devices. Be it your phone, earbuds, watch, anything non- washable and can fit into the case.
  • Charge: If your phone is Qi-enabled then you can get your phone charged as well with the help of the box. All you have to do is place it above the box for wireless charging. Whereas you can opt normal charging as well with the help of USB type- C cable. This cable comes along with the box and is 8mm long for comfortable charging.
  • Aroma Diffuser: While the whole killing of germs process is happening, you can equip the case with your favourite aromatherapy liquid. And let your device be refreshed while it sterilizes.
  • Mode: While you have options to use this box as a sanitizer as well as a power bank. You also have modes to let you choose the time for how long you wish to sterilize your gadgets i.e. 18 minutes fast mode or 30 minutes standard mode. But it would be better to go for the standard mode. This mode lets your device be efficiently rid from all the germs.
  • Dimensions: For you to judge how well your phone would fit into the box here are the dimensions 200mm x 120mm x 48mm.
  • Portable: Whereas the weight of this product is 337g. This makes the box completely portable and easy to carry along, without any much inconvenience.
  • Price: You can get this helpful device at the cost of AED 240.

Model: 500-2

  • Sanitizer: Without the use of any liquid or chemicals you can get your phone free from 99.9 per cent of germs and bacteria. With the UV ray which has proven to be banishable of all bacteria. And for double protect the case has two of the bulbs to help in the process.
  • Dimension: As the dimensions is 21.6 x 12.7 x 4.6 cm. You can fit almost every phone in this case. Be it an iPhone or even an Android device.
  • Fast Clean: All it needs is a mere ten minutes to spare. As that is all the time this UV sanitizer takes to disinfect your phone.
  • Portability: Now you can roam with this little device anywhere and use it as an when you like as you wouldn’t feel the weight. This is because this small little gadget weighs only up to 454g.
  • Charge: As you are on the go you can charge as well as sanitize your phone at the same time. This is a time-efficient technique for your busy schedule.
  • Audio Amplifier: Do you have a worry that while you connect your phone to the sanitizing box you might miss some important calls or notifications? Well, this device has taken that into consideration as they have come up with the effective audio amplifier. This allows you to hear if your phone rings or you get a ping while connected in the box.
  • Price: You can purchase this device just at the price of AED 330.
  • Sanitizer: The disinfection technology is able to sterilize 99.99% of various pathogens. Keeping your device safe and free from any sickness causing disease.
  • Body Build: This sterilizing box has a unique build for you to get the most of it.
    • With the deeper box, you can simultaneously sanitize more than just your phone at one go. You can fit anything up to seven inches into the box.
    • Designed to sanitize anything which is non-washable and will fit into the box without causing any problem.
    • And for the extra protection of your device, the bottom of the box is with a non-slip silicone mat. Which doesn’t allow your device to slip or even move around too much in the box.
  • Dimensions: The box is with the design so that it can fit anything within the range of 7 x 3.9 x 1 inch. There is no specification to what or which type of phone can be put into the box.
  • Fast Clean: The whole package of the sanitization, charge and aromatherapy would take-up to six to eight minutes only. Within this time you can expect to have the best treatment for your devices.
  • Aroma Diffuser: If you want your device and other items to feel fresh and clean after you sanitize them you can add in a few drops of any essential oil. This process would only take up to eight minutes of your time.
  • Portability: The designs of this device is such that it is ergonomically sleek and compact for you to travel around with it. And to add to the portability of the device you can power this gadget with the help of a laptop, desktop, or power bank whatever is available at the moment.
  • Price: This handy device will cost you around AED 200.
  • Dimension: For this device, you have a dimension of 209 x 110 x 44 mm. While for your phone itself they offer around 176 x 102 x 14mm. So whatever you can fit into this box within this space is sanitizable.
  • Sanitizer: To keep any spreading disease from your phone try sanitizing your phone at least once daily. This keeps your phone free from 99.9 per cent bacteria and germs.
  • Fast Clean: Just six minutes is all you need to spare and keep your phone away for. As this is the time it takes to rid your phone from any harm causing micro-organisms.
  • Aroma Diffuser: For that extra care and effort towards keeping your phone safe you can use the aroma diffuser. With the extra eight minutes, you can have a clean and fresh smelling device which will leave you feeling happy.
  • Indicator: You can opt for both the treatments for your phone together. And this box will indicate which mode is it on. Blue light indicates that it’s on the six minutes sanitization process. Whereas green light indicates that the eight minutes aromatherapy is running.
  • USB Charger: The built-in charging port lets you also charge your device while its in the treatment process. Be it Android or IOS both the phones are covered by this product. As they offer you a cord suitable for both the phones. And so now you can use it interchanging whenever you need.
  • Multifunction: With this device, you don’t have to stick to just sanitizing your phone. As you can sanitize anything you want. Right from earphones, earpods to makeup accessories to knives and forks and even baby toys.
  • Price: How about that? You can make this product yours just at the price of AED 160.
  • Sanitizer: This product has its way of impressing you with its sanitizing abilities. As the UV light rids your device of all the germs. And also it works on any device including watches, jewellery, cash and card as well.
  • Fast Clean: How can you ignore fast anything which gives you fast satisfaction. So, keeping this in mind you have this UV sanitization box which lets you sanitize your phone or any other device fast. Within record time of eight minutes.
  • Charge: Besides the purpose of the sanitizer this box works as a power bank as well. As it lets your phone charge wirelessly. But also keep in mind this will work only if your phone supports wireless charging.
  • Aroma Diffuser: A few drops of your favourite scent is all it asks for to give your device the feel of a spa treatment. Leaving your phone smelling as great as ever.
  • Suitability: Anything within the limit of 6.2 inches can fit perfectly within the box. Which are almost all phones.
  • Dimensions: You might think that it is small at 204 x 127 x 43mm. But it can comfortably fit your phone and anything else you wish to sanitize with the help of this box.
  • Portability: This device weighs nothing more then your phone does. That is around 338g which is about 0.75lb. Now, this is something for you to carry around without feeling the weight on you. So, you can sanitize your phone anywhere, anytime on the go.
  • Price: Just at AED 250 you can have this gadget for yourself to use.

With that, we have come to the end of the listing of the best UV phone sanitizer in UAE. With a wide range of feature, you can go and make your choice as to which one is the most suitable for your needs. Now that that is out of the way, read on further to know more about the UV phone sanitizer.

Humans Should not be Exposed to UV Light!

As you might know that UV light isn’t good for humans. Nothing can emphasise this point any more than this section. Knowing the reason and the root cause of most thing is best for us to stay safe. You might think that since the use of UV light on your device removes and kills the germs. It should work just the same way on your skin. Sadly, let me break it to you. UV light does more bad than good to you on various levels.

UV is one of the components of the sun rays. And this light has subdivisions namely UV-A, UV-B and UV-C. In this, the UV-A light causes skin ageing and not to mention certain cancers as well. Whereas the UV-B light is responsible for sunburns and some more and most of the skin cancers. This leaves us with the UV-C light which is considered the most toxic one of them all. Lucky for us this subdivision of the light is cut off by the earth’s atmosphere.

Now as mentioned, this UV-C light is the one which kills of microorganisms mainly by destroying and disrupting their nucleic acids. But something of that capacity can also cause harm to the skin to which it comes in contact with. And if it does it can cause burns which are known as a carcinogen. Thus, any UV light be it from the sun or man-made should be kept away from your skin. Especially your eyes. The usage of these UV lights to disinfect surfaces is on the rise. And these lights are to disinfect only the surfaces and not for the skin of humans. Therefore, making it dangerous and harmful if used improperly.

With this, you might think that it would be best not to use UV phone sanitizer in UAE. But you don’t have to worry about this device as they don’t turn on unless the case is completely shut. Which makes the usage of these cases safe. Any other UV light leakage is not advisable. Now that you know this you can keep this in mind and make a well-advised choice. And stay away from any UV light leakage or otherwise. Taking precaution to not come in contact with these UV light is the best you can do. Read on further to know more about the UV phone sanitizer in UAE.

Useful Features of UV-C Phone Sanitizer

Just as you know how to keep safe from the UV light. You also need to know the product well before going head-on and purchasing the best UV phone sanitizer in UAE. You will get an idea as to what would be good points for you to consider as well as look into the product. Check it out.

Size of sanitizer box

This goes without saying. Check the size of the sanitizer box. Most of these phone sanitizer cases are broad and compatible with almost all phones. It is best to see if your phone and any possible devices you would put into the case would fit in and not leave the box ajar. So if you think you might be sanitizing a tablet in the future then make sure the case is big enough for it. You get such specific purposed and bigger sanitization boxes. Besides this, you would think about portability while purchasing the box. Which size would be convenient and how would you be carrying it around. If you are going to that. With the portability, factor comes the power source. Does it work on battery or must you plug it in?

Fast mode

Fast mode is basically the mode where you would connect your device into the case and it would have an option for you to have a quick sanitization process. This would be a handy feature to have for the times when you are in a hurry. But in some cases, it is also advised against this as well. As the sanitization boxes might not clean your phone thoroughly. Nowadays, most of the cases also work only on this mode enabling you a fast clean every time.

Wireless Charging

If you are given the option to simply sanitize as well as charge your phone at the same time why pass? Pull in some extra funds and get the one which does both simultaneously. For this option, you can have wired ones. But then again if your phone is compatible with the wireless charging why not opt for that one. This is an added feature and convenience as well. So, you can say bye to all those wires you would have to carry around.

What Else Can it Sanitize?

For when you are buying the best UV phone sanitizer in UAE consider the possibility of having dual and more uses. This might sound confusing but actually it is not. Think it of this way if you can get text and calls with a mobile phone why settle for a landline or pager for that matter?

Yes, most of the UV phone sanitizers today can let you sanitizer multiple devices and accessories rather than just a phone or tablet. So, my point here is while you are looking into investing in a UV phone sanitizer check if they let you sanitize more then just your phone. After all, you can’t go ahead and wash everything with water or soap. So, why not UV sanitize them.

Other daily common objects which this sanitizer lets you sterilize are keys, your mask, earphones, earpods, wallet. Your daily accessories like jewellery, watches. Oh, and the most contaminated item you can have is your cash be it pennies or the notes. Ensuring all these items are clean is ensuring that you’re clean and safe from any possible incoming germs and viruses. And this would be a minimum investment towards your health. So, you should consider it.

Keep Calm and Live Germs Free

Now that you have come to know of such a product where you can keep extra safe. Why not invest in it? After all, it will do you more good than harm. Not to mention safe as well. As you are after all sanitizing your hands already with sanitizer why not your phone too, the proper way. Think about it. what good is it to sanitize your hands when you don’t sanitize your other accessories and devices. You are after all touching them constantly. So, go ahead invest in the best UV phone sanitizer. So, you can keep calm and live in a mostly germ-free surrounding. While your at it you can check out some of the best automatic hand sanitizer dispensers in UAE.

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