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Best Thermal Receipt Printer in UAE – Expert Recommendation [2022]


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Thermal receipt printers have received recognition from both small as well as large businesses. Wondering which is the best thermal receipt printer UAE? Well, the one that prints the labels clearly with lightning speed and yet durable is the best one. Unlike regular printers, thermal receipt printers possess a faster speed. Additionally, they also require very little maintenance and operation cost. But sadly, some business owners fail to purchase the right one that fits their needs and suits their business requirements. Since there are so many brands available online and in the market. And therefore end up investing their hard-earned money in the wrong one.

Best Thermal Receipt Printer UAE

But you don’t have to worry anymore, as I have researched the different types of thermal receipt printers for long hours. The purpose of this article is to help you identify the best thermal receipt printer UAE that fits your business requirements as well as your budget. Below lies a quick list table that I have put down, in order to make it easier for you. In addition, are the types of thermal receipt printers available along with the factors to consider and lots more. The best thermal receipt printer UAE is just a step away.

Best Thermal Receipt Printer in UAE – Quick List

Thermal Receipt PrinterTypePrint SpeedInterfaceWeightCheck Price
Table top200 mm/sec2 modes
(USB + Serial)
1700 gPrice on
Table top 250 mm/secUSB + Serial (RS232, COM) + Ethernet (LAN) 2270 gPrice on
MUNBYN Mini WirelessWireless Portable90 mm/secBluetooth 4.0 + USB + RS232 400 gPrice on
TEROW Mini Table top 90 mm/secUSB / COM / LTP / LAN 858 gPrice on
MUNBYN Bluetooth MiniWireless Portable 90 mm/sec Bluetooth 4.0 + USB + RS232 558 gPrice on

Types of Receipt Printers

Before we proceed to the best thermal receipt printer in UAE, you should know the types of receipt printers available in UAE. This will help you to identify which one is better for you depending upon your requirements. Thus making your purchasing process easier. The 2 types of thermal receipt printers available are Wireless portable and Table top.

Wireless Portable

Wireless Portable thermal receipt printer

A wireless portable thermal receipt printer is a must-have if you need it On the Go. It’s compact and lightweight, thus it can fit in easily in your backpack. Moreover, it’s comfortable enough to hold in the hand or put it in your pocket. If you need one for your business such as a medical store, post receipt printing or taxi bill printing then the wireless portable one is the perfect buy. Besides, it’s also suitable and perfect for a shopping mall, grocery store, supermarket, and restaurant.

Ensure you purchase one with higher printing speed and maximum functionalities. So, that you don’t fall short in any of your commitments to your customers. Another benefit of a wireless portable thermal receipt printer is that they support Bluetooth 4.0, USB and Serial print method.

Table top

A table top thermal receipt printer is opposite to a wireless portable one in terms of portability. This is because you can’t carry it around with you, thus reducing the convenience factor. However, deploying the printer is not at all troublesome/tedious or time-consuming. Also, table top thermal receipt printers are power-packed with good features and functionalities.

Table top thermal receipt printer

Not all businesses require a portable thermal receipt printer. By this I mean to say that you don’t need to carry the thermal receipt printer around in some business or workplaces. So depending on the nature of your business, you need to make your purchase. Most of the table top thermal receipt printers of today offer 3 modes of serial connectivity or interface. These are USB, Serial print method and Ethernet (LAN).

This is one of the best thermal receipt printer UAE since it’s ideal for low volume retailers, food services and virtual terminal applications.

Epson TM-T20 II - Best Thermal Receipt Printer UAE
  • Epson ePOS-Print Technology: It supports ePOS-Print (Point of Sale) service. That too for direct printing from mobile devices, tablets or web-based applications.
  • Ready Print: This thermal receipt printer offers flexible coupon printing on receipts.
  • Paper Saving Functionality: All thanks to the multiple print options. It enables you to reduce the text size and white space thus reducing and saving paper usage by up to 30%.
  • Energy Star Compliant: It uses less electricity and reduces your ecological impact.
  • Reliable: It is mPOS friendly as well as cost-effective. Besides being reliable, it’s also fast and supports all the leading mobile operating systems (OS). These include Android, iOS and Windows.
  • Lightning Fast Speed: Featuring printing speed up to 200mm/second.
  • Deploy your Printer Virtually Anywhere: Setting up this printer is NOT AT ALL time-consuming. It includes a CD with drivers, power supply and a starter paper roll in the box.
  • Special Features: It consists of multiple ease of use features and dual interfaces.
  • MCBF: With an MCBF of 60,000,000 (60 million) lines, it delivers best in class service.
  • Auto Cutter: The auto-cutter will survive for many years of great cuts since it’s rated at 1.5 million cuts.
  • Interface/Standard Connectivity: This Epson printer offers 2 modes of standard connectivity. These are USB and Serial print method.
  • MTBF: It sports an MTBF (Mean Time Before Failure) of 360,000 hours. Hence, over 40 years of service.
  • DHCP Enabled Model: It’s available for easy IP or network configuration.
  • Price: Epson TM-T20 II Direct Thermal printer is available approximately for AED 460.
Oscar thermal POS receipt printer
  • Fast Speed: The print speed is up to 250 mm/sec. Thus, improving your working efficiency.
  • Easy to Use: Firstly, it has an excellent structure. Secondly, it features an easy paper loading design and is easy for paper installation. Additionally, it provides easy maintenance. It is therefore perfect for a restaurant, coffee shop, and a gas station too.
  • 3 Interfaces: It comes with 3 interfaces i.e USB + Serial (RS232,COM) + Ethernet (LAN) to meet various demands. Hence, it enables printing via USB cable, Serial cable. Additionally, it even shares the printer with numerous different computers via Ethernet or LAN.
  • User Manual: This user manual helps you to easily understand the device. And it also enables you to upgrade your in-store operations in minutes.
  • Auto Cutter: The auto-cutter life cycle is 1,500,000 (1.5 million) cuts.
  • Supports: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10. It can also add the Store LOGO on the receipt.
  • Price: Oscar Thermal Bill POS Receipt printer is available for around AED 310.

Here is a wireless portable thermal receipt printer from MUNBYN that is sure to impress you with its compact design, lightweight and amazing performance and features. Thus, making it one of the best thermal receipt printer UAE.

MUNBYN mini wireless thermal receipt printer
  • Compact Design: This thermal printer features a compact design. Thus, you can put it in your bag anytime as it fits without any hassle.
  • Application Scenarios: It’s perfect for use in restaurants, shopping malls, warehouse, drug store, supermarket, and logistics.
  • Light: This USB thermal printer is easy to carry. Hence, it’s very beneficial in outdoor work. Some applications include taxi bill printing and post receipt printing. As well as restaurant ordering information printing and administrative receipt printing.
  • High Efficiency: The speed of the thermal printer can reach 50 to 89.9mm/sec. It also features clear printing auto-sleep and auto awake.
  • Save Electricity: The rechargeable lithium-ion battery has a capacity of 1500mAh and 7.4V. Hence, you can use it for 3 days continuously without any hassle or fear of going off.
  • Low Operating Cost: Firstly, MUNBYN mini thermal printer doesn’t require ink cartridges or ribbons. Secondly, only a 50mm diameter thermal paper roll will do. Therefore, it is money efficient.
  • Supports Android Apps: It supports 5 POS software. These are Loyverse (Retail/Clothing), iREAP (Retail/Inventory), CasierStock (Shopping/Inventory Management). As well as Kyte (Mobile Sales), and Pozool (Restaurant/Coffee shop) for all Android devices.
  • Prints 150 Receipts: There’s no need to change the paper frequently. This is because the larger paper storehouse can print 150 receipts with just 1 roll paper.
  • Multiple Connectivity: It supports USB, Bluetooth, and RS-232 connections.
  • Price: MUNBYN Mini Wireless printer is available for around AED 170.
TEROW thermal receipt printer
  • Cost-Effective: It offers you high-quality printing at a low operating cost. That too without using ribbons or ink cartridges.
  • High-Speed Printing: Along with high quality, this thermal printer provides high-speed printing.
  • Compact and Portable: Firstly, it’s easy for paper installation. Secondly, it’s also easy to maintain due to its compact nature. Additionally, it features an excellent structure that makes it easy to carry in supermarkets, restaurants, shopping malls, canteens and hotels for bill printing.
  • Great Functionality: The 58mm USB printer supports cash drawer driving. Secondly, it’s compatible with ESC/POS print commands. Furthermore, it supports bitmap and downloads graphics printing.
  • Low Power Consumption: It consumes less power yet offers you high-quality printing.
  • Thermal Line Printing: The print method that this thermal printer uses is thermal line printing. It’s a digital printing process that produces a printed image by selectively heating the thermal paper. It does this when it passes over the thermal print head.
  • Supports Cash Drawer Driver: With the help of this, the receipt printer sends a signal to the cash drawer. Thus triggering it to open only when needed.
  • Price: TEROW USB Thermal Receipt Printer is available approximately for AED 135.
MUNBYN bluetooth mobile thermal receipt printer
  • Easy to Carry: You can take it to work without any hassle because it’s easy to carry. Additionally, it comes with a free velcro belt that you can hang on the waist. Moreover, it’s useful in many areas of application due to its compact nature.
  • Perfect Portable Solution: This thermal printer is perfectly portable for taxi fairs, outdoor conditions, handheld printing and POS.
  • Battery: MUNBYN thermal printer comes with a 1500mAh rechargeable lithium battery, Also, the standby time that it offers is 5 to 6 days. Please note that the battery comes with insulation paste. Hence, you need to peel it off before usage.
  • Supports 5 POS Features: It supports 5 POS features. These include Loyverse (Retail/Clothing), Kyte (Mobile Sales), Casier Stock (Shopping/Inventory Management), iREAP (Retail/Inventory), and Pozool (Restaurant/Coffee Shop) for Android.
  • Works with Windows System: Simply install the printer driver and use it with Windows System PC. Moreover, you can search for MUNBYN Website to get the Driver Download Link. All you need is a thermal paper roll of 50mm diameter.
  • Low Operating Cost: All thanks to this thermal printer since it doesn’t require ink cartridges or ribbons. Hence, it proves to be money efficient.
  • Works Well with Bluetooth: It works well with all the Android devices.
  • All Rounder: Besides supporting Android devices, it’s also compact and lightweight. In addition, is its wireless design, simple connection as well as easy operation.
  • Price: MUNBYN Bluetooth Mobile Thermal Receipt printer is available approximately for AED 210.

What to Look for in a Thermal Receipt Printer

Here is a section that contains the factors to consider or in other words what you need to look for in a thermal receipt printer before you purchase one. This section will clear all your doubts and help you purchase the best thermal receipt printer UAE without any hassle. Moreover, you will be able to select the one that fits all your requirements.

Factors to consider in a thermal receipt printer

Compatibility with POS Software & Operating System

As a matter of fact, compatibility is a very important attribute. It’s extremely necessary for the thermal receipt printer to be compatible with the POS (Point of Sale) software. This is because the POS software is extremely efficient as well as advanced. In fact, its main purpose is tracking the sales and inventory left for any type of goods. In addition, the POS software also comes with barcode scanning technology. Hence, before you make your purchase, you need to check if the POS software facilitates the printer.

Besides the POS software, the thermal receipt printer should also be compatible with the operating system of your devices. Else, you will face software compatibility issues and your thermal receipt printer will go waste. So, ensure the thermal printer you purchase is compatible with the operating system of your phone or other devices. Some are compatible with both Windows as well as MAC, or Android and iOS. While some are compatible with either of them.

Printing Speed

The second most important factor or attribute in a thermal receipt printer is the printing speed. The speed of the thermal receipt printer indicates how fast it can give you the results. This indicates that it should print everything at a high speed. After all, nobody wants a printer that takes its own sweet time, especially in this fast-paced culture in UAE. Hence, you need to keep in mind that the thermal receipt printer’s printing speed varies from model to model. To make this easier, you can check how many bills the machine can print in 60 seconds. So, you can make your purchase depending upon the area of application and usage.

For instance, a jewellery shop generally doesn’t have a long queue. Hence, a slightly slower receipt printer would do for them. On the other hand, shopping malls, grocery stores and supermarkets need a thermal receipt printer with faster printing speed. These business or shopping environments require fast billing due to lots of customers and heavy sale. You can’t afford to make your customers wait for long in queues, as this would disappoint them. Hence, a fast thermal receipt printer is necessary for such businesses.

Printing Resolution

First and foremost, the best thermal receipt printer UAE should produce high-quality prints that are crystal clear and legible. As a matter of fact, the printing quality of a thermal printer is measured in dots per inch (dpi). Another thing is that the average resolution for most of the thermal printers is around 200 dpi. Fortunately, 200 dpi is sufficient for producing durable barcodes, offering good quality as well as providing the other larger text on the labels.

However, the higher-end thermal receipt printers are capable of providing a higher resolution of up to 300 or even 600 dpi. I understand that you need to purchase a thermal receipt printer that fits your budget. Not to forget that it should be worth your hard-earned money. So, if you’re ready to shell out a little more then consider purchasing a high-end thermal receipt printer.

Auto Cutter Feature

Another feature or attribute to look for in a thermal receipt printer is the “auto cutter”. Although it may not be a necessity for some businesses, it is good to have feature. I shall tell you why. An auto cutter is important because it automatically cuts the bill paper from the roll after the thermal printer prints each bill/receipt. That too without any ugly looking jagged edges and performs this easily as well as quickly. In other words, it’s an automatic system wherein it cuts the receipt from the edge when finalized. Therefore, it is a must-have feature and perfect for all those businesses that need to attend a lot of customers.

For example, supermarkets, grocery stores, shopping malls and more. However, thermal receipt printers with auto cutter feature are a bit overpriced. So, if you want to save on costs, then a tear bar model would better suit you. But if you want to invest in a thermal receipt printer that will last you for years, then it’s better to purchase one with the auto cutter feature. So, in case, you expand your business or achieve an increase in sales then you won’t have to replace your thermal receipt printer.

Wired or Wireless

Most of the people prefer a wireless thermal receipt printer over a wired one. This is because of the convenience factor and ease of use. Also, the importance of a wireless model lies in the fact that they’re portable, hence no restrictions. You can use it anytime and anywhere. However, you can opt for the one that fits your requirements. But, keep in mind that a wireless one will serve you in the long run. As of today, most of the latest thermal receipt printers come with Bluetooth, WiFi as well as USB compatibility and other wireless technology.


The best thermal receipt printer in UAE is one that lasts for at least two or three days after a full charge. This helps in determining the battery life of the thermal receipt printer. Thus, making it an ideal device for commercial places and various areas of application. Purchasing a thermal receipt printer that needs to be charged on a daily basis or twice a day is no use. Some mid-range and high-end thermal receipt printers last for 5 to 6 days without charging it. Simply charge it fully and then use the device for 5 to 6 days.

The Science Behind a Thermal Printer

As a matter of fact, direct thermal printers use thermal technology and therefore print labels without a ribbon. Unlike the traditional ones, they don’t rely on ink and toner. So, this means no ribbon, no ink and no toner. Hence, they are known for their simplicity. The biggest advantage or main benefit of using thermal printing technology is that it cuts down on the operating costs as well as the overall maintenance. Although direct thermal printed labels have a considerable shelf life. They’re not meant for environments with exposure to heat, long periods of direct sunlight and abrasion.

Direct Thermal Printing

Further, if the label is overexposed to heat, light or other catalysts, then the material will darken and make the text or barcode unreadable. Hence, you need to take care of the same. In addition, the readability of the direct thermal labels, wristbands, and receipt papers varies greatly. All this depends on the usage conditions. However, the technology offers an ample life span for numerous common barcode printing applications. These include patient and visitor identification, shipping labels, ticket printing and receipts.

I’m sure that a lot of questions might be running in your mind. To clear your doubts and answer your questions, I have penned down a few thermal receipt printer FAQs.

Thermal Receipt Printer FAQs

How much maintenance does a thermal printer need?

Here’s everything you need to do to maintain your thermal printer. First and foremost, you need to clean the thermal printer frequently. This will help to remove dust and residue from foils, paper and the environment. Additionally, it’s highly recommended that you clean the printer twice or thrice a week in moderate use operations.

Besides this, you need to clean the printhead in order to remove paper dust, ink residue or coating residue. This, in turn, prevents streaking and incomplete printing. In addition, it will also prevent clogs which can permanently damage your printer. Hence, maintaining the printer properly is of utmost importance since this ensures that your printer generates high-quality images and text for long years.

What size of paper roll does a thermal printer take?

Generally, the size of a thermal printer’s paper roll is 80mm x 60m. The width is 80mm, the diameter is 70mm. The core is 12mm, and the length is 60m.

Does Thermal printer use ink?

No. Direct thermal printers don’t use separate ink. They also don’t use ribbon supplies or toner. Direct thermal printers make use of chemically treated paper. This chemically treated paper darkens when heated by a thermal print head.

How long does a thermal printer last?

Generally, most of the thermal printers last for about 10 years. The only thing that will wear out in time is the print head. The major factor or the driving force behind the life of the print head is the “usage”. So, in order to keep the print head functioning well for that length of time, you need to maintain it in the proper manner.

Print Anything With a Thermal Receipt Printer

As a matter of fact, speed is of utmost importance in any business. The best thermal receipt printer UAE offers outstanding output efficiency as well as higher quality and long-lasting prints. I would advise you to purchase the best thermal receipt printer UAE and experience the difference it brings to your business. I’ll be glad if you’re customers are happy with your service. Ok, since we are discussing printers, here is another thing I have for you. You may also want to know about a laser printer for your home or office. It can print, copy, scan and even fax. Read the best laser printer in UAE to know more.

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