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Best Gaming Chair in UAE – Ergonomics, Features Detailed [2022]


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You might not consider getting the best gaming chair in UAE as a priority. But it most definitely must be. Why you ask? Because sitting on a regular chair for hours together will cause you several back problems and aches. Thus getting a good quality gaming chair can help solve these problems and improve your posture. Besides, you can always gift your spine for always being there and having your back with this chair. And brands like COUGAR, Mahmayi, DXRacer are here for you to help you with that. Therefore after scouring out on the internet we’ve shortlisted a few for you so make sure to check them out.

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Best Gaming Chair in UAE – Quick List

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Features of a Good Gaming Chair for UAE?

Since the gaming chairs have a plenty of fancy items added for the overall style and design of the chair. In most cases the features are over looked. Which shouldn’t be the case as both the features as well as the looks should be considered not just to match your set-up but also to match your body features. Hence here are a few factors to consider while getting the best gaming chair in UAE.


You can’t just get any chair without considering the way it would fit for you in your setting. As no single chair will be perfect for everyone. Which is why you need to look into the adjustability function. Where you can adjust the height, the recline, armrest and any other area which can be adjusted to suit your needs.


In most case scenario, this feature is over looked. But this has to be taken into consideration as the incline which is related to your seat can affect your posture. Since if you sit with the incline of the seat away from your screen or too much towards your screen you will end up putting extra pressure and weight on your back and lower back. Besides that you will end up with aches and pains in the long run or even after long hours of sitting on the chair.

Seat & Back Size

The size of your seat and the size of your backrest should be in sync with a bit extra space to the size of your body. So that you can feel comfortable even after sitting for long gaming sessions. Therefore, if the chair size is too small you will feel the pain of the chair as it digs into your body. Furthermore if the chair is too big for you, you will feel uncomfortable and the ergonomics of the chair to improve your posture will have an inverse effect on your body.

Lumbar & Neck Pillow

While getting the best gaming chair in UAE must have a lumbar as well as neck supporting pillow. This is a necessary feature as the pillow padding in these areas give you extra comfort as well as support to these areas. The neck pillow keeps your neck straight and thus keeps you in the line of your screen. As for the lumbar pillow, it makes you sit up and gives you the needed spinal arch forcing you to keep your shoulders rested on the backrest. This ensures that you have a good posture at all times while you sit on this chair.

Those were some of the features to keep an eye out for when you are getting the best gaming chair in UAE for yourself. Make sure you correct your posture with this chair for which you need to check out some of the best ones available. Read on to know more.


  • Material: The chair is made for your comfort with PVC Leather and fully steel frame. All of which are only of the best premium quality material.
  • Adjustment: Fully adjustable at every part of the chair by the arms, the height, the recline. And as proof, the chair uses a class 4 gas lift cylinder. Furthermore, the recline is almost 180-degrees and the chair also has an adjustable tilting resistance for your seat.
  • Design: With the diamond design for the set this makes the chair breathable and comfortable to sit in for long hours as well. Moreover, the armrest uses a 4D design which ensures your comfort which further supported with the lumbar and neck support pillow. Specially designed for the kings and queens of online games.
  • Movement: 360-degree full rotation and the caster wheels adds to the portability and the moveable factor. Thus ensuring you ease of movement.
  • Dimensions: The dimensions are around at 73.66 x 35.56 x 86.36 cm. Therefore make sure that this is a perfect fitted chair for you before you go and invest in it.
  • Price: Get this chair delivered to you at the price of around AED 1020.

Model: C599_GREY

  • Material: Using high-density foam gives you the much-needed elasticity and comfort needed while you sit on the chair. Besides that, you have a firm 1.8mm thick steel used for the body while the seat is covered with PU leather. This leather is friendly on the skin and will not wear-out with time.
  • Dimensions: For you to judge the size of this chair here is an in-depth size of the chair. Where the back is LxW 22.5″ x 30.5″ and the seat is 19.8″ x 20.5″.
  • Adjustability: With this chair, you can adjust the height of the chair from 17.3-21.5 inches to satisfy your needs. As for the recline, it is between 90- 180 degrees of angle. Which you can keep lose to lean back like a recliner chair or tighten it to be at one position.
  • Functioning: Equipped with a 360-degree swivel along with multi-directional wheels can make your day easier while you sit in a chair. Besides this, the chair can hold weight up to 300 pounds. Moreover, the knob at the bottom makes it easy to turn this chair into a rocking chair by just loosening it.
  • Design: Built for durability and is accompanied by the upholstery of leather gives it an elegant and modern look. Which is sure to fit into any setting that you put it in. The main idea of this chair is to maintain the natural body posture at all times.
  • Usage: With this chair, you can not only use it while playing but also as a sitting chair while you work or otherwise. Since it is good for you posture and the additional two lumbar as well as the neck pillow helps with that.
  • Price: This chair is available for approximately AED 470.

Model: 3MATBNXB.0001

  • Material: You can put your whole trust in this chair to be reliable and strong. Since it is made with steel frames and the base has aluminium alloy used for it. Whereas the foam is comforting to settle in even for long hours.
  • Dimensions: This chair has dimensions of 86 x 74 x 135 cm. From which the seat’s width is around 60cm. Therefore, making it big and spacious to provide you with comfort.
  • Adjustment: Having a piston lift height which lets you easily adjust the height of the chair as and when you please. Furthermore, you have continuous reclining and are not limited to just a few steps or angles. Which makes it versatile for your usage. To add to that is the 4D adjustable armrest as well. That allows you to adjust and set them up to your needs in four different ways.
  • Design: The whole design of this chair focuses on the fact that this chair is built to last a long life. Be it in terms of the frame or the comforting body covering. Moreover, they consider the chair to retain its comfort like the very first day for a long time as well.
  • Functionality: The stronger moving casters can hold weight up to 160kgs. Thus, this why it is called as the chair for the kings with rock-solid features. Besides that these features paired with the looks make it visually attractive.
  • Price: You can invest in this chair which is available for almost AED 1490.
  • Design: This chair is designed keeping in mind luxury and comfort. Furthermore, this chair is recommended by most because it gives you quality assurance and safety at all times. The outlook as well enhances the appearance of the product with the stylish design that it displays.
  • Multi-Usage: Besides this, originally the chair was built to enhance your gaming experience but it was then brought to notice that it this chair is comfortable enough to spend your day working as well as rest in for a while.
  • Material: The overall chair is covered with PU leather to make sure to add the touch of elegance to the outlook and provide you with comfort. Moreover, the frame of the chair is made with the help of metal which makes it as strong as it is.
  • Adjustment: This chair offers you a stable height adjustment of 5 points, which has a gas spring which makes changing the height much easier to use at an office table or a computer table. Besides this, the chair has a good 180-degree angle of recline, that can be lowered to turn into a resting chair. Moreover, the armrest too is completely adjustable based on the height you would choose while adjusting the height of the chair.
  • Dimensions: In addition to all the features of the chair the height too is a good 91 x 67 x 32 cms which adds to the overall comfort and outlook of the chair.
  • Price: You can make this chair yours at almost the price of AED 1560.

Model: DA-KEEJ-R707-1

  • Design: The design of this chair is made keeping in mind the gamer’s point of view making it a pro gamer chair. While you sit on this chair you improve your posture as well as ups your gaming experience, All the while providing you with comfort.
  • Material: Made with nothing but the best high-density shaping foam. Which contributes towards the comfort, elasticity resilience and the lifespan of your chair. And to add to that is the PU leather, which will not tear-off easily and is friendly on the skin.
  • Adjustability: Sitting on this chair for long hours as well is possible with this chair. Since the shape of the chair is with the human body shape in mind. Which is why you can easily adjust the lumbar support and the head resting pillow to keep soreness at bay. Furthermore, the 180-degree recline allows you the comfort to adjust the recline level to the angle of your choice for maximum comfort.
  • Dimensions: Since this chair supports every feature you need it to, the dimensions are 55.88 x 38.1 x 63.5 cms.
  • Movements: Supporting movements like the swivel and the wheel movements promotes and supports the ergonomic features of the chair. Moreover, enabling you to easily and quickly get work done within your comfort and arms reach. Besides, there is a footrest which helps and is retractable as and when you feel the need.
  • Price: This Mahmayi chair is available for around AED 490.

Gaming Chair Vs Office Chair

People often seem to consider an office chair the same as any good gaming chair in UAE. The main reason behind this is that these two chairs are similar looking. The manufacturers improvise the looks and features as and when the users demand for it in the market. Thus making it clear that the two have no fixed rule of design. Even so, here are a few pointers to tell a gaming chair apart from an office chair.

Most of the difference is in the looks of the chair as in most cases gaming chairs are big on the way they look. Starting with the seat of the chair where the gaming chair has a bucket seat which means that it is curved inwards as compared to the flat office chair seat with a few having waterfall edges. As for the gaming chair the edges are thick and sometimes higher at the ends. Since a gaming chair is designed keeping in mind the race car seat as this will give you a more cushioned and a bit of real life gaming feels.

After that we come to the overall outlook of the chair in which you will notice. That the office chairs uses material like mesh, fabric and foam and in some cases leather. Whereas gaming chairs solely use breathable leather and high-end ones uses real leather. Besides this, a gaming chair uses and has a lumbar and neck pillows for added comfort which isn’t present in an office chair. This feature promotes ergonomic factors in the chair to hold and maintain your posture.

Lastly, we come to one of the most common factor of difference, the back rest. The backrest is higher in an gaming chair with deep winged edges accompanied with high fixed headrest. Which are all absent in an office chair. Even in an office chair there is a slight option of ability to recline whereas the a gaming can have a full 180-degree recline. These all factors in the best gaming chair in UAE promotes comfort and maintains the posture of your back. Especially by removing any pressure on your lower back and spine which would otherwise cause aches in the long run. And not to forget the armrest which is adjustable in a gaming chair.

Gaming ChairOffice Chair
HeadrestFixedOften adjustable
Seat PanBucket SeatFlat
Seat EdgeOften raisedWaterfall shape
Backrest ReclineHigh Degree of ReclineLow to High
Lumbar SupportDetachable PillowsFixed or Adjustable Lumbar
ArmrestsUsually 3D or higher2D (up down) and higher

Gaming Chair FAQs

How is a gaming chair different from office chair?

Do not get confused with these two chairs as they are not as similar as they might seem. Since in general, the gaming chairs consider style to be a priority along with comfort. Thus they have much more fancy designs and vibrant colours used in the making whereas the office chair is much more simple looking. Secondly, office chairs have a lower and not much recline provided in comparison to a gaming chair. Despite this, an office chair and gaming chair both have similar ergonomic uses and design.

Does a good gaming chair improve game play?

A good gaming chair can improve your gameplay as it has anti-fatigue abilities and features in different ranges. And this indirectly affects your gameplay in a good way. In the sense that this chair holds, supports and maintains a good posture to your body naturally without you having to put in the effort to hold your posture. Therefore giving your arms and back support leaving you thinking just about your game rather than the uncomfortable chair you are sitting in.

How long should one sit on a gaming chair?

You must have known that sitting for a prolonged timeframe on any chair isn’t good for health. Even so, sitting on the gaming chair can be easier on your back it is still necessary for you to sit on the chair for 30 minutes and then take a break fo around 5 minutes. Whereas if you sit on the chair at a recline of 100-degrees or exceeding that its advice for you to get up every 10-15 minutes. As this promotes blood flow, which can remove the pressure off your back and even muscles.

Take a Seat

Whether you are a playing your games on a laptop or a PC computer you do need a chair to sit. And sitting on your couch or a regular chair can be pretty painful. Thus, consider getting the best gaming chair in UAE for your comfort. Even some of the best ones might seem over the top or elaborated at times yet they help train and keep your posture right at all times, even when you think you are relaxing. Which is why you need the best gaming chair in UAE. So, that you can take a seat back and relax and enjoy your time playing some games. Although if you are considering to have a home gaming set-up you might want to have a look at the best gaming laptops in UAE.

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