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Best Steam Cleaner Mop in Saudi Arabia


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Make sure your floor is sparkling clean with the best steam cleaner mop in Saudi Arabia. Especially during this pandemic time, where there is a need to sanitize everything right from yourself to your belongings to your home. And what better way to ensure that your home is safe then to use a steam cleaner mop for your Saudi Arabia home. The best bands like Black + Decker, Bissell, Xiaomi and more will ensure that you get rid of any germs and viruses. Furthermore, easily clean your floor from any stain.

Steam Cleaner Mop in Saudi Arabia – Quick List

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Benefits of a Steam Cleaner Mop

With the water steaming technology which enables you to clean your floor without having to apply too much pressure and effort. In comparison to a traditional mop cleaning, you would not only have to carry around a bucket of water. Neither do you need to constantly change the water to ensure you have a clean floor.

The steam mop functions by heating up water to around  250 degrees Fahrenheit (120 C) to form steam. Which is further with the help of the mopping pad used to clean of viruses and any tough stains. The use of this steam mop isn’t just for your floors but can be used to clean off your furniture and upholstery. Therefore making it a multipurpose cleaning tool. Which along with the heat kills off any mites or bacteria, while making sure that you have no grime as well.

The need of no excess cleaning equipment is what makes this device handy. Since it leaves your home sparkling effortlessly. You can go ahead and experiment with various other cleaning methods. But still come back to the best steam cleaning mop in Saudi Arabia.

Model: FSM1605

  • Capacity: The water tank capacity of this steam mop is around 0.35 Liters (350 Milliliters).
  • Power Wattage: As for the power wattage this steam mop consumer around 1300 watts of power.
  • Safe Cleaning: You are assured to have a clean house without the use of any chemicals or effort. Since this steam mop uses the heated steam to get off all sorts of stubborn stains and bacteria in just seconds.
  • Multifunctional: Not only is it suitable for your floor but also for your bathroom, ovens, glass and even use to steam garments. All possible because of the ability to detach the steam to a handheld version. Furthermore, SmartSelect Technology helps with the whole steam selection and automatically selects the type of floor to be cleaned.
  • Suitability: If you have a sealed hard floor you are good to go for this steam cleaner mop. Hard floor including wood, laminate, stone, marble, tiles and vinyl.
  • Flexibility: In-built Swivel Steering ensure you a 180-degree pivoting mop head. Which makes it easier to clean every tight spot and corner of your home.
  • Warranty: The brand offers you a two year’s brand warranty for the cleaner.
  • Price: This Black + Decker steam cleaner mop is available for around SAR 370.

Model: 2233E

  • Power Wattage: Consuming around 1500 Watts of power isn’t much which makes it good.
  • Capacity: The water holding reservoir stores about 350 ml (0.35 Liters) of water which is used for cleaning.
  • Multifunctional: With the help of the variety of attachments you can use this cleaner not just for your floor but for almost any place. Such as bathroom sinks, countertops, stovetops, microwaves, upholstery, pet and children’s toys etc.
  • Attachments: Attachments included are rectangle white pad, rectangle scrubby pad, spring breeze scent discs, window squeeqee, flat surface tool, flat surface mop pad, fabric steamer, fabric steamer cloth, black, red and green bristle brush, angle concentrator tool, grout tool, flat scraper tool and brass bristle brush.
  • Suitability: This steam mop is suitable to be used on all sealed hard floors such as hardwood, ceramic, linoleum, granite, and marble.
  • Flexibility: With the special design low profile and swivel steering allows you to get an ultimate cleaning experience to brighten your home.
  • Safe Clean: Without the use of any chemical you can get rid of 99.9% of germs and bacteria with the help of the microfiber pads.
  • Price: Available for around SAR 850.
  • Power Wattage: Having a power consumption of 1600 watts isn’t at all bad for you to use while you clean your home.
  • Attachments: You have a variety of 5 attachments to make sure that you can get your home sparkling in no time.
  • Multi-Usage: Besides cleaning hand floors, the ability to clean bathrooms, glass, steam clothes and your kitchen is what makes this device multifunctional.
  • Capacity: Allowing you to fill up to 230ml of water at a time. Which is sure to last you enough for around more than 15 minutes of cleaning.
  • Safe Clean: Cleaning with this steam mop is as good as sterilizing your home. Since the steam produced is of 150 degrees Celsius. Thus getting rid of any bacteria and viruses from your home.
  • Price: Get this Steam Mop for almost SAR 590.

Model: FSM13E1-B5

  • Power Wattage: For this gadget to function well, it needs a power wattage of 1300w.
  • Flexibility: The full 180-degree swivel steering allows you to easily manoeuvre around furniture and tough spots without having to move anything around too much.
  • Capacity: The water holding tank capacity for the appliance is around 380ml.
  • Safe Cleaning: Getting rid of grime and tough stains along with any mites, bacterias or viruses are easy with the steam heating mop. Which only take up to 30 seconds to heat up and with that allotted water capacity can work for almost 15 minutes.
  • Warranty: Get around 2 years warranty for this Black + Decker steam mop.
  • Price: This steam cleaner can be yours at the approximate price of SAR 300.

Model: 1.516-232.0

  • Power Consumption: Consuming only 1200 watts of power while allowing you to have a deep cleaning session.
  • Safe Cleaning: Promising you with a deep clean of every area of their home with not just steam but a bit of water pressure as well. For any surfaces to get rid of grime and bacteria.
  • Attachments: Reach every corner of your home with this steam cleaner mop as it has a variety of attachments available. With the different types of brushes, detachable handheld pressure washer bar as well as other mopping pad and more.
  • Capacity: Having a full house cleaning session in one go as it has a 1 Liter of water holding capacity.
  • Child Lock: Since this appliance has a child lock feature you can rest assured that when you place it in this mode no mishaps can take place. Especially keeping your children safe.
  • Multi Usage: The attachments make it good for you to use on almost every surface. Since it is detachable as well as the floor nozzle, hand nozzle, and round brushes make sure you can clean your bathroom, kitchen and other surfaces.
  • Price: Get this Steam mop at the rate of almost SAR 540.

There you have a few of the best and versatile steam cleaner mops in Saudi Arabia. Read carefully and know what you really want before you go ahead and make your purchase. Also do read on to know that you truly have the right pick of the appliance for your home.

Features of the Best Steam Cleaner Mop

If you go ahead and get just about any steam mop, you cannot be assured to have an effective clean. Yet if it does, you won’t be assured to have a long lifespan. Therefore, step up and get the best steam cleaner mop in Saudi Arabia.

Easy Usage

You can have easy usage depending on the size of the steam cleaner mop. If the appliance is smaller the portability will be easier. That, along with the convenience of storage. But the same cannot be said in case of a larger one. Although getting a larger one would mean that you get rid of any dirt easier. Therefore, you would need to consider this point.

Surface Usage

Do make sure to consider the way in which you would be using the best steam cleaner mop. If you would be using it for just your floor then you have no problem. But if you plan on using it for your furniture then consider that while placing your order. You have a variety of choice in this area. Since these steam mops offer and specialize in certain surfaces. Make a point to check all these specifications before you select one. Or you could end up damaging the device if you use it on any surface.


With a variety of attachments, you can get a cleaner and more thorough cleaning session. As you can get any sort of grime out of every nook and corner of your home. Look for attachments like grout brushes, fabric steamers, detail brushes, and more. This will convert your device into one which can server more than just one purpose.

Using a Steam Cleaner Mop

Once you take your pick as to which is the most suitable steam cleaner mop for you. Make sure you have at least a vague knowledge on how to use the mop. If you do not you can always read the provided instruction manual. Even so, in this section, you will find a short briefing on the usage of this device.

Firstly, you will need to pre-clean your floor. This is because the steam cleaner isn’t a vacuum but is a mop. Ridding it from all debris, thus making sure that the mopping pad will not be dirty and will last for a longer time. Furthermore, you have different attachments available especially for small messes. Therefore, bringing in the vacuum cleaner every time will not be necessary.

While you go ahead and steam clean the floor your mopping pads are bound to get dirty. Therefore it is always advised for you to have extra pads ready to change as and when you feel the need. Thus you can get spare mopping pads which aren’t really expensive. Furthermore, these pads are as easy to clean as you would any other clothing item. All you have to do is keep in mind how to replace the pad which you can figure out with the help of the user manual.

This step can be done initially when you are going to start using the steam cleaner mop. Make sure that your floor has no cracks or open gaps through which the steam could pass through. Why? Basically, because the steam can dampen and spoil your floors. Besides that, it is sensible for you to not leave even the best steam cleaner mop in Saudi Arabia unattended neither should it be plugged in when not in use.

Ensure that, if you have some special type of flooring, to make sure that it can be steam mopped. Or to be on the safer end contact your floor manufacturer and get it clarified. As you wouldn’t want to end up with a damp and damaged flooring. You can also always drop a few drops of water onto your floor in an unnoticeable area. When you check back after a few minutes, the water shouldn’t be absorbed by the floor. If it is then, be warned that the steam cleaner might not be suitable for your floor in the long run.

Make sure to check out all the previous steps before you clean your floor with the steam mop. Fill up the required amount of water and make sure you have read all the instructions before you start your cleaning session with the steam cleaner mop. Change your mopping pads when needed and make sure to mop a single area more than once for effective results. Although do not keep it in a single place for too long while in the process.

Lastly, once you’re done with the steam cleaner mop. Make sure that you clean the used mopping pads. read the instructions on the washing process of the pads. By doing this you can keep your appliance ready for the next cleaning session without any adieu.

That’s it, that’s all you need to keep in mind while using the best steam cleaner mop in Saudi Arabia. Just make sure you do read the instructions as each cleaner will have a variety of ways to use it. Doing this will prevent your appliance from any harm and damage.

FAQs for the Steam Cleaner Mop in KSA

Can you get rid of germs with a steam cleaner mop?

Yes, with the help of a steam cleaner mop you can get rid of all sorts of germs and bacteria. Since it is a natural process of steaming the area it makes it safe as well. With several tests, it has come to notice that the steam cleaner can kill plenty of germs like that of salmonella, E. Coli and Staphylococcus as well as dust mites and surface moulds. This can be done by keeping the steam heat on the higher side while cleaning.

Is a steam cleaner a replacement for a vacuum cleaner?

Definitely not, a vacuum cleaner and a steam cleaner are two separate appliances with different purposes. With a vacuum cleaner, you can ensure your floor free from dust and dirt. As for a steam cleaner mop you use it after the vacuum process to wash your floor and rid it from bacteria and germs. If you do not ensure to vacuum clean or sweep your floor before steam cleaning it. You will end up with a not so much of a thorough clean.

How often can you cleaner your home with the steam cleaner mop?

This would depend on how you would like to use it. If you steam clean the area once a week it’s good enough but if you wish you can make that to twice a week. Yet there might be areas which are prone to collecting dust and grime faster then other. Therefore, you can clean those areas more frequently. As per your choice. But make sure you do not overuse the steam cleaner mop as too much moisture too can be a breeding ground for bacteria and moss.

What surfaces is a steam cleaner mop suitable for?

With this steam cleaner, you can clean almost all surfaces. The only condition being that they should be sealed surfaces. Since if they are not this could lead to your floor getting damp and even damaging it. Furthermore, the cleaning can be spread out to a vast variety of places since the attachments provide you with more versatility.

Before you make your purchase make sure that you read the specifications as some steam cleaners are designed only to be used for one particular surface. If you get a package with attachments consider that an add on as it helps in cleaning various areas.

Have a Quick Clean!

There you have it! With the best steam cleaner mop in Saudi Arabia, your house cleaning is no longer a chore. Get it done easily and quickly. That too without having the pain of getting down on your knees and scrubbing the grime and tough stains away. As this steam mop takes away all that for the better. Leaving you happy and satisfied with each use. This is the best option for you if you have kids or pets around in the house and need to have a quick clean-up to ensure your home is clean. Furthermore, you can ease up all your cleaning chores by getting the best vacuum cleaner in Saudi Arabia as well.

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