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Best Glucometer in Saudi Arabia


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Diabetes is one of the recent day common health problem. Which is why you need the best glucometer in Saudi Arabia to ensure that your blood sugar levels are in check. This device is completely portable for you to keep a check on the go. With brands like Bayer, ACCU CHEK and FreeStyle, you can get yourself checked in case of any abnormalities. Since this device lowers your diabetes concerns you can spend your day without stressing too much on your diet. Hence read on and get the best glucometer in Saudi Arabia.

Best Glucometer in Saudi Arabia – Quick List

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Attribute to Look for in the Glucometer

While you purchase this device it is important for you to know what to look for in the device. Especially because this is related to your health. And you do not want to be playing with your health. Therefore, here is a list of attributes to keep in mind as a few must-have ones.

App Usage

To make sure you won’t have to remember every reading, with some of the best glucometer in Saudi Arabia, it records this. This is possible with the synchronizing to an allotted app. This feature makes the working of the device easier for your day to day life. As you can keep track and look back at your reading as and when you want.

Power Source

When you are getting your own glucometer you will notice that there are 2 different power sourcing methods. Which include one with a battery and the other one being rechargeable. In terms of the battery one, you will have to replace the battery every 1000-1500 test readings. As for the rechargeable one, you can simply plug in the device or charge the device like your phone. Furthermore, saving you the cost and trouble of purchasing a brand new battery every few months or so. Hence keep your eye out for the rechargeable feature in the best glucometer in Saudi Arabia.

Speed of Results

Each and every glucometer vary in the speed of operation. The best glucometer in Saudi Arabia will take the least time to provide you with accurate results. For an ideal fast time, the device must take from 5 -15 seconds to give you the results. The quick results feature is one of the go-to function why you opt for this device. So, why lag back on this. Since after all you will be frequently using this testing device and you wouldn’t want to wait too long for the results.


While buying the best glucometer in Saudi Arabia this is the most important feature to check. As a device which would give you inaccurate results would be dangerous for you. Therefore, for better reference that the device is working fine keep track of 15-20 test records. So you can compare and ensure accuracy. Generally, it is preferred that you do not go only by the product description and check the customer’s reviews as well.

Type of Glucometer System

As you take note of the physical features for the device make sure to look for the type of glucometer system used. Since they come in two types: automatic and manual. Here the latter is option is where you have to manually enter the details of the test strips with the help of codes. As for the automatic glucometer, everytime you use a new test strip, the details automatically get filled into other monitoring device. Without you having to use codes thus making it easier. Therefore, opt for a device which requires no coding (automatic).

Lancet or Prick

This is a feature which is built into the glucometer. A lancet or prick is a sharp surgical knife/ needle. Which is used to prick your finger to get a small blood sample. This process is completely harmless and causes barely any pain. For most recent glucometer a lancet comes with the device which is better than to do it individually. Therefore, try to get one with this feature.

  • App Usage: You can integrate the blood sugar meter with your phone. Thus making it easier to manage your health. And automatically record your sugar levels. For this feature to be executed the Contour Diabetes app on your phone is connected with the help of Bluetooth.
  • Accuracy: You can have a clear reading every time you use this device. And since it is easy to use this makes it a good choice.
  • Smart Light Feature: To ensure that you have an easy understanding of the results this device gives out lights as per the results that you get. The three-light option of green, red and yellow/amber which stands for as follows: Red for lower sugar levels, yellow is for higher sugar levels and green means within the limit.
  • Lesser Wastage Feature: Once you have any blood on a testing strip it renders useless. But with the second chance sampling feature. Where if insufficient blood is on the strip you can add more to it and get accurate results. Thus, you won’t have to waste several testing strips as well as prick your finger several times.
  • Usage: With the help of this glucometer you can even use the blood pricked from your palm or anywhere from your arm.
  • Quick Results: Instant results is the speciality of these home testing kits. And this one too gives you accurate readings within seconds.
  • Price: You can get this glucometer for around SAR 70.
  • Accuracy: With this device, you have the accuracy as per the bGM system of DIN EN ISO 15197:2013 requirements.
  • Memory: Your every test will be recorded up to 500 test results along with the log of the date and time.
    • Besides this, there is a 7, 14, 30 and 90 days averages stored.
  • Display: To display your results after each test this device uses 96-segment liquid crystal display (LCD).
  • Battery: As a source of power this small device uses a battery. Which can last for an approximate of 1 year to almost 1000 tests.
  • Test Results: Give the test just 5 seconds if inside the meter and around 8 seconds if outside.
  • Easy Usage: Since it uses no coding its usage is easy with just two buttons.
    • Furthermore, you get reminders as to when your strips used have expired or if the blood on the strip is too less.
  • Strips: When you purchase this pack you get 10 free stips for you to use. With each strip has a one time use validity.
  • Softclix Pen: This accessory pen is used to prick your finger easily without causing any pain.
  • Price: Find this ACCU CHEK monitor set for around SAR 140.
  • Display: Once you test your glucose levels (sugar), your results will be displayed on the large and easy to read LCD display.
  • Lancet: For you to be able to prick your finger to get some blood. You have the included lancing pen with the set.
  • Testing Strips: Along with the lancing pen, you also get around 50 test strips in this pack. Furthermore, you need not use any coding for the monitoring device.
  • Accuracy: The accuracy of this device will not be a question. As it fulfils 100 % of the accuracy requirements of DIN EN ISO 15197:2013.
  • Result Speed: Every test result will be received within 5 seconds of the test. Which is a good feature for you to have.
  • Energy Saving: This device ensures that no power is wasted. Therefore, turning on when you insert the strip and shuts off once done.
  • Battery: For you to be able to use this device you need a battery which approximately lasts for 2000 test measurements.
  • Memory: Having a memory setting which lets you save up to 500 total results as well as 20 control tests. Furthermore, if you remove the battery out as well the data will not be lost until 72 hours.
  • Price: The price of this ACCU Chek Performa glucometer is at almost SAR 170.

Blood Sugar Sensor

A blood sugar sensor is similar to a blood sugar monitor. The difference being that it automatically tracks blood glucose levels several times a day and night. This continuous tracking can help you keep track and monitor your daily activity and diet. This device is inserted into your arm or belly where it tracks the changes and saves data on to a monitor.

FreeStyle Libre Sensor

  • Purpose: The sensor is the main way for this device to function. Each sensor monitors your blood glucose levels 24 hours for 10 days. Besides that, you can even receive accurate insulin dose too with this device.
  • Functioning: The sensor detects the glucose levels as it has a thin and sensitive needle-like a filament. This goes a little under the top layer of your skin. Which is held in place with a sticky tape like a sticker.
  • Technology: the use of this technology cuts out the use of fingersticks and pain caused by them. Furthermore, you will no longer need a glucose monitor which can be troublesome and difficult to move around with.
    • Moreover, when you use this it’s barely visible and your clothes can cover it up without any problem. Receiving all the needed information on your smartphone.
  • Application: This sensor needs to be worn on the back of your upper arm for you to get accurate readings every time.
  • Wearable Period: For this, you can wear it up to 10 days without taking it off. If in any case, it does come off you will need to get a new one or contact your health care professional.
  • Water Resistant: With this sensor by FreeStyle is water-resistant. Therefore, while you have this device you can perform your everyday task without any problem. Swim, workout and even shower with it. The only catch is it shouldn’t surpass 3 feet of water and not longer than 30 minutes.
  • Data Provided: With this sensor, you will be provided with 3 different information data pieces. One will be accurate glucose reading results. Next, you will find an 8-hours of glucose history. And lastly, you will have a trend arrow which gives you details as to in which direction your glucose level is going.
  • Price: You can have all these features with this FreeStyle Libre Sensor at the price of nearly SAR 180.

Causes for Inaccurate Readings

While you use the best glucometer in Saudi Arabia there could be a few glitches that could cause inaccuracies in the readings. Which might not actually be the fault of the device. But might be other factors which influence the readings. Here are a few causes:

Weather Conditions

The type of weather condition too can influence the way the device functions. Therefore when you buy the best glucometer in Saudi Arabia, you have to read the instruction manual. As it will provide some information regarding this and how to use it.

Reading Detection

If you are new to this device and the readings you can be confused in the understanding of the readings. Thus resulting in inaccurate readings. Hence it is always better if you get the understanding of the readings from a trained professional from the medical field.

Strip Type

Another main factor which influences the inaccuracy in the readings is the type of strips used. As not all the strips are the same and suitable for every device. Which is why it is your duty to get strips which are compatible with the device. Also, make sure that the strips you use has not passed the expiry date. As well as make sure to check this every time you are using a strip. Furthermore, it is quite possible that there might be a slight variation and changes in the test strip which might not be obvious. Therefore your best chance is to inquire about the same before purchasing it.

Testing Area

Since while you use the device your skin is in direct contact with the lancet or prick. Which could affect the reading as well. Therefore it is advised for you to wash your hands thoroughly with water and soap and then proceed to use the device. This is mainly because our hands can be oily, dirty or even have lotions or creams on it. Which can interfere with the accuracy of the test.

Best Glucometer in Saudi Arabia FAQs

Is there a need to have a doctor’s letter to use a Glucometer?

You do not need a doctors prescription. But if you are using the device for the first time do ensure to take a doctors opinion on the same. Even if you are very well versed with how your diabetic condition works make sure that you learn to use the device from a healthcare professional.

How is the functioning of a Glucometer?

A glucometer is a device which measures and tests the blood sugar levels. Therefore you need to ensure that you get a blood sample, for this you have to prick your finger with a needle. Once you get a build-up of almost a drop of blood, you have to transfer it to the lancet strips. When you have enough of blood on the strip you have to slide it into the glucometer. Which will further give you the exact readings of your blood sugar levels.

How frequently should you check your blood sugar levels?

You do not have a fixed number of times for you to check your sugar levels. As this would differ for each person. Besides this, you must consult your doctor as too how frequently you need to check your blood sugar levels. If you really do have problems with your sugar make sure to check yourself at least twice a day. For best results make sure to check yourself right before lunch and after lunch. Besides that, there is no hard and fast rule as too how often you have yourself checked, if your always of the extreme sides.

Is the Glucometer safe to use?

Yes, it is completely safe to use the best glucometer in Saudi Arabia. Since it doesn’t react with your skin and causes any side-effects. But to ensure this it is your duty to clean the device and keep it in a hygienic environment. If you do care for this device you can have a longer lifespan with accurate results.

Diabetes in Saudi Arabia

Diabetes in Saudi Arabia is much more common then you think. With a ranking as per World Health Organization (WHO), Saudi Arabia ranks the second-highest in the Middle East and is seventh in the world for the rate of diabetes. Furthermore, to bring into perspective the gravity of the situation, approximately 7 million people of the population are diabetic. Besides that 3 million have pre-diabetes. Therefore without any change this current scenario the situation will only worsen.

Since diabetes has increased almost 10-folds in the pass 4 eras in the country. Which is caused by poor general health and lower quality of life. Making diabetes one of the main reason for high mortality, morbidity and vascular complications. Therefore it is the need of the hour to have a change in lifestyle and taking precautionary measures. This means that getting the best glucometer in Saudi Arabia is a must for every household. Thus, you can stay on track and also identify any abnormalities.

Prevention and Management of Diabetes in Saudi Arabia

As per researches conducted the most suitable way to deal with diabetes is a change in lifestyle. In order to live a life with reduced risk to diabetes and being fit exercise is a must. Researches further state that, a minimum of 30-45 minutes of resistance training and aerobic exercise can keep your diabetes in check. Besides exercise, have a well-balanced diet. This means cut down on processed foods and simple carbohydrates. And stock up on a reasonable amount of complex carbohydrates and highly nutritious food.

Curbing Diabetes in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is looking to grab ahold of the whole diabetes condition, they are aiming to reduce the prevalence of the condition by 10 per cent within the next decade. With reports stating the only way to do so is by the government enforcing revolutionary technology, improving prevention programs and implementing new measures to control lifestyle diseases. As aside from genetic transfer of diabetes it is also the lifestyle which plays a role. This is because of the rising disposable income and urbanization said Mansoor Ahmed, the Middle East and North Africa director of real estate, health care, education and PPP for Colliers International.

Besides that, your best chance to detect the beginning of the disease too can help with the treatment at an early stage. And this can be done with the help of the best glucometer in Saudi Arabia. Thus, you can contribute towards not only your health but also help meet the national agenda.

Health First

With Diabetes on a rise, it is essential for you to know that yours is in control if not then you are taking the needed precautions. Unchecked diabetes can lead to several other health issues. Some of the major ones being a stroke, heart attack, or the removal of a limb. Besides those, you have a cataract, glaucoma, high blood pressure (hypertension), kidney disease, skin complications, diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA), and foot complications. But if you purchase the best glucometer in Saudi Arabia you can lessen the risk involved. You can even keep your blood pressure in check with the best blood pressure machine in Saudi Arabia. Since after all if you do have a diabetic condition an added blood pressure will only worsen the case.

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