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Best Exercise Bikes in UAE- Price & Features Compared [2021]


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Losing weight with the best exercise bikes in UAE right at the comfort of your own home is as ideal as exercising can get. With a variety for you to opt from, you have the upright and the recumbent bikes for proper exercise as well as biking experience. And then you have the minibikes for easy and less space consumption. From brands like Skyland, Sunny health and fitness, etc. 75+ hours of research revealed this and here it is out in the open for you to make your choice. So, which one would be most suitable for you? Scroll on to know.

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Best Exercise Bikes in UAE

Best Exercise Bikes in UAE – Quick List

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Types of Exercise Bikes

So, before you proceed to the best exercise bikes in UAE, I shall guide you through the different types available. I have penned down the 3 types of exercise bikes that are available. This will give you a clear understanding of the difference between each of these.

Upright Cycles

Upright exercise bike

As the name suggests, these bicycles feature an upright riding position. Upright cycles offer you the same posture and experience as that of a real bicycle. Thus, you’ll be sitting in an upright position on this exercise cycle just the way you sit on your traditional cycle. Some upright cycles contain a few variations. However, most of them would allow you to ride in various positions. Further, if you’re not in the right shape or obese, then these bikes can be a little hard on your back. So, in order not to complicate things, start off slow and then slowly build up your exercise regime. Doing this will help you stay injury-free.

Additionally, most of the best upright exercise bikes in UAE have different resistance levels. Moreover, these bikes also come with movable handles for working out your upper body. So you can tone your abs, glutes and legs by using an upright exercise bike.

Recumbent Bikes

Recumbent exercise bike - Best Exercise Bikes in UAE

A recumbent cycle is a stationary exercise cycle with a comfortable backrest. Thus enabling you to recline while pedalling the bike. In other words, it allows you a bit laid back riding position. You can achieve this by moving the pedal out a front on most of these bicycles. A recumbent bicycle is great for all those who suffer from lower back pain as well as injury. Further, the comfortable riding position allows the back to rest. Since the work is only done by the leg muscles. Recumbent bikes tone your lower body. But they are less effective on your upper body. Luckily, you won’t experience any backaches.

Mini Bikes

Mini Exercise Bike

The 3rd type of exercise bike that’s available is the mini bike. Unlike upright and recumbent cycles, a mini bike doesn’t have a seat and is therefore not recommended. The only good thing or advantage of this bike is that it is lightweight and hence portable. So you can carry it along anywhere with ease. However, they don’t burn that many calories. Thus it’s good only for those who have less intense workout needs and those put on therapy sessions.

To conclude, I would say a mini bike is not recommended and not worth purchasing. Plus, it doesn’t have a seat which makes it uncomfortable for you to sit it. In order to sit, you need to move the bike near your bed or chair and close to your feet. Then place your feet on the paddles ad rotate it.

Model: EM-152

  • Magnetic Resistance: Unlike, the older manual belt available in exercise bikes. The Skyland exercise bike works on the principle of magnetic resistance. Thus featuring a different strategy.
  • LCD Display: Featuring an LCD display that shows you the speed, distance, time, calorie count as well as pulse rate.
  • Aesthetics: With a stylish silver and black finish, this exercise bike is sure to impress you. Moreover, it will go well with the interiors of your modern home in UAE.
  • Compact: Besides aesthetics, this exercise bike is also worth it due to its compact nature. It’s a sleek model that can fit anywhere in your home.
  • Handle Bars: With the help of these strong handlebars, you can exercise comfortably and safely. Hence, there’s no fear of slipping or falling off.
  • Seat and Paddles: It has a seat so comfortable that you can exercise without any hassle while sitting on it. Not to forget the paddles that help you with your exercising.
  • Price: Skyland Magnetic exercise bike is available at an estimated price of AED 500.

Model: EM-1132

  • Resistance Training Workout: This 4 in 1 Orbitrac combines cardio exercises. This, in turn, reduces your waistline with the resistance training workouts.
  • Multi-Functional: Besides the cardio exercises and resistance training workouts. It also offers you muscle-sculpting and calorie-burning workout at the same time.
  • LCD Display: Featuring an LCD display that shows the number of calories burned, speed, time, and distance.
  • Strength Training Equipment: It features a patented design technology. Moreover, you can use it as an elliptical trainer or exercise bike.
  • Dual Action Handle Bars: For a perfect upper body workout, the dual-action handlebars help you out.
  • Price: Skyland 4 in 1 Orbitrac is available for around AED 550.

Model: EM-1133-L

  • Total Body Workout: The Skyland 5 in 1 Orbitrac target the arms and shoulders. As well as the chest, abdomen and back.
  • All in One: It contains a combination of a stepper, stair climber, and cycling with seating option. Additionally, it also has a seating option with stepper, twister, cross arm rowing and dumbells.
  • Computer Display: Featuring a computer display that shows the calories lost, pulse, speed, time, and distance.
  • Elliptical: By using the elliptical, you will achieve several benefits. It helps you lose weight, build muscles and provides physical fitness. Moreover, it stimulates walking and running with zero impact on your knees.
  • Price: Skyland 5 in 1 Orbitrac is available approximately for AED 720 and it worth every penny.

Model: SF-B2721

  • Pulse Monitor: In order to exercise efficiently and correctly, it’s important to measure your pulse rate. The pulse monitor helps you to monitor and maintain your heart rate.
    • In fact, the more steady and prolonged the elevated heart rate is during the workout, the more fat is burned.
  • XL Cushion Seat: It consists of extra-large padding and cushion that ensures proper blood flow in the glutes. That too for prolonged and vigorous workouts.
    • The extra padding helps to relieve pressure points in the tailbone due to sitting.
    • Additionally, it also relieves the falling asleep feeling when the circulation is cut off.
  • Lightweight and Compact: Being lightweight and compact, it fits easily in your home. You don’t need much space for it while exercising and also to store it.
  • Maximum Comfort: Along with an XL padded seat, it also has a comfortable backrest. Thus, being a recumbent bike is an advantage since it supports you during longer exercise sessions.
    • Additionally, the handlebars offer you support and comfort. So you won’t have the fear of slipping off or a fall from the bike.
  • Stimulates the Muscles: This bike enables the user to engage in different and unique routines in every workout. Thus, stimulating the muscles differently and creating a variety of new patterns of workouts.
  • Adjustable Resistance: With 10 levels of magnetic adjustable resistance, you can challenge your workout.
  • Portable: It offers great portability, the transportation wheels provide easy setup and hideaway. Thus, your home will transform into a gym and back in no time.
  • Tension Knob: With the help of this convenient tension knob, you can switch up the intensity of your workout. So, with a simple adjustment, you can increase or decrease the resistance. Thus, your workout stays challenging and effective throughout.
  • Water Bottle Holder: Wow, this exercise bike also comes with a convenient water bottle holder. So, you don’t need to pause while exercising or go and get your water bottle. Thus, you can stay hydrated while exercising.
  • Heavy Duty Steel Frame: This heavy-duty crank system and steel frame add essential quality and durability to go to the distance. Doesn’t matter what your fitness goals are.
  • Price: Sunny Health & Fitness exercise bike is available approximately for AED 700.
  • Space Saving: The folding mechanism and curvy design of this exercise bike make it space-saving. Moreover, it is quick and easy to set up and fold away.
  • 8 Resistance Levels: All thanks to the eight resistance levels. They play a major role in strengthening the cardiovascular system and muscles.
  • LCD Display: It features a modern LCD display that operates through batteries. This LCD display shows time, distance, calories, speed, and pulse.
  • Stamina Builder: Featuring a robust stamina builder for effective muscle build-up.
  • Hand Pulse Sensors: There are hand pulse sensors that are located on each of the handlebars. This, in turn, shows the pulse as well as the other current values on the fitness computer. That too throughout the workout.
  • Training Sessions: You can complete the training sessions at any time as per your convenience.
    • Moreover, you can easily and individually adjust the difficulty levels using the various resistance levels.
    • This indicates that both the beginners and pros can use the same training equipment.
  • Folding: An equipment that’s very easy to fold. Therefore, you can easily store it in your living room or bedroom. So, you don’t have to worry about space.
  • Height Adjustable Saddle: Before you start working out, all you need to do is put the height-adjustable saddle in the right position.
  • Circulatory System: This adjustable eight-step fitness bike can strengthen the circulatory system with frequent use.
  • Adjustable Rope Tension: With this adjustable rope tension, you can use the straps for arm or leg workout.
  • Price: Ultrasport Unisex Cross bike trainer is available for an estimated price of AED 790.

What to look for in an Exercise Bike

Factors to consider while purchasing an exercise bike

This is one of the most important sections in an exercise bike. You need to know the factors to consider or in other words what to look for in an exercise bike. This section will make it a lot easier for you to analyze the best exercise bikes in UAE, so that you’re able to purchase the one that fits your requirements. With this in mind, let’s go ahead with this section.

Maximum Weight Capacity

As a matter of fact, most of the exercise bikes have a maximum weight capacity (weight load capacity) of 90 to 100 kgs. However, if you weigh more than this, then you need an exercise bike with a higher weight capacity. So ensure you check for the weight capacity of the exercise bike. As well as the features, functionalities and specifications before you make your purchase. This will help you select the perfect exercise bike that’s suitable for you. Also, ensure you opt for an exercise bike with a weight capacity of at least 10 kgs more than your current weight. So, if you weigh 80 Kgs, then you should purchase an exercise bike that’s at least 90 Kgs.

Resistance Levels

In order to develop endurance over a period of time, ensure that the exercise bike you’re planning to purchase offers different resistance levels. If it doesn’t offer several resistance levels then you won’t find it useful after a few weeks of use. The reason behind this is that your muscles will get used to the same resistance levels and won’t show any sign of improvement. Hence, opt for a bike with different resistance levels.


Most of the best exercise bikes in UAE feature an LCD display. This LCD display shows the number of calories burned, heart rate, speed, distance, time and pulse rate. In addition, it also displays the elapsed time since you started exercising on the cycle. Thus, it works as an activity tracker that’s built-in. So, you get to know the status of your exercise as well as your current health condition.

Seat Adjustment

This is one of the most important factors or things to look for while purchasing an exercise bike. You should always opt for an exercise bike that has an adjustable seat. This is because sitting uncomfortably for long periods of time will cause severe back pain as well as hip issues. As a matter of fact, the comfort level depends upon the type of exercise bike you choose. Also, the best upright exercise bikes in UAE have seats that are deliberately positioned in order to burn more calories. So, see to it that you can adjust the seat to some extent at least. On the other hand, the recumbent exercise bikes have a backrest. Most of them have an adjustable seat facility too.

Exercise Bikes FAQs for UAE

Can an exercise bike help lose weight?

Yes, of course, an exercise bike is meant to help you lose weight. Moreover, it is even possible to burn more than 600 calories per hour with an exercise bike. However, this depends upon your body weight and the intensity of your workout. Thus, indoor cycling is an outstanding or I would say magnificent workout option for burning calories rapidly. So, this, in turn, helps you lose excess weight easily. As a matter of fact, the key to weight loss is burning more calories than you consume.

Exercise Bike or Treadmill? Which is better?

A treadmill burns a lot of calories and provides intense workouts. So if your goal or main focus is to burn more calories, then treadmills are a better option. But, keep in mind that while using a treadmill, you’re at a higher risk of injury. Especially, if you have excess body weight or obese then running on a treadmill will hurt your knees and back.

On the other hand, an exercise bike is another useful fitness equipment. Although it doesn’t burn that many calories the way a treadmill does, it offers the advantage of not hurting your back or knees. Hence, you need to choose between an exercise bike or treadmill depending upon your requirements and health needs.

How long should I use the exercise bike?

If you’re a beginner, then use the exercise bike for a minimum of 10 to 20 minutes. Do this for a week or until it’s comfortable for you. As you get used to paddling or building up strength, slowly increase the timing of your exercise up to 30 minutes per day. So, after about a week or 12 days, you can add another 3 minutes easier effort and 2 minutes harder interval. This will total up to 30 minutes. Don’t exceed this, or you’ll end up with sore muscles. Hence, by the time you’re working out for 30-minutes, you’re achieving the minimum amount of exercise per day.

Feel Great while you Lose Weight

Indeed, the best exercise bikes in UAE can make you feel great by helping you to lose weight. All you need to do is read through this article thoroughly. Firstly, see what suits you best, an upright bike or a recumbent bike. Secondly, keep all the factors to be considered while purchasing an exercise bike in mind. Such as the maximum weight capacity and resistance levels. Also, look for one that will match the space in your home or the area where you’ll be storing it. Lastly, purchase one that fits your budget.

An exercise machine can serve you for years to come provided you keep it clean. Wipe it with a clean cloth if dust deposits on it. Additionally, it’s crucial to clean your exercise bike after each workout to remove sweat from the handlebars, console, pulse sensors and heat. For this, you can use a cloth and some water. But, if you’re using water, then ensure you wipe all the parts properly afterwards. Also, see that you don’t drop any heavy object on it. Since we are discussing fitness goals and weight loss. Here is another amazing fitness masterpiece for you which is an alternative of an exercise bike. So, if you feel that a treadmill would be a better option for you, then the best treadmill in UAE is what you need to check out.

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