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Saachi Coffee Makers: Know Before you Buy in UAE[2022]

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In Arabic culture, serving coffee to guests is a major aspect of hospitality. Well, here’s a Saachi coffee maker review for UAE that I have put forth after careful research. As serving coffee is considered as a symbol of generosity in Arab society, impress your guests, family members and friends by serving them Cappuccino, Espresso, Cafe Latte and more at your convenience. This is possible by purchasing a Saachi coffee maker. Enjoy rich aromatic coffee at any hour of the day. Further, why Saachi and not any other brand, you ask? That’s because Saachi is well-known and recommended for understanding your coffee needs extremely well.

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Saachi Coffee Maker Review for UAE

Strong, not so strong, mild or light, Saachi coffee makers serve you as per your preferences. Everything that you need to know about Saachi coffee makers lies in this review. Since the whole article is based on Saachi, I shall begin by briefing you about this brand. So, before proceeding to the coffee maker products, take a look at this. Saachi has been serving people all over the world for several years now. Before making an entry into coffee makers and machines, it started with a range of emergency lights, torches. And then expanded to home appliances such as refrigerators, air conditioners, and televisions.

Saachi has taken great steps towards growth over the past decade. Now, they are well known for kitchen appliances including coffee makers, roti makers, sandwich makers and more. A big salute to their creativity, constant effort, and innovation. Well, now that you’re well informed about the brand, we shall proceed to a quick list table in this Saachi coffee maker review UAE for your reference.

Saachi Coffee Maker UAE – Quick List

Model: NL-COF-7056

Saachi Coffee Maker Review UAE
  • All Rounder: An all-in-one coffee maker by Saachi that makes espresso, cappuccino, cafe latte and more. Thus, serving you multiple beverages and making it the most recommended in this Saachi coffee maker review for UAE.
  • Boiler Capacity: This coffee machine’s boiler has a maximum capacity of 150 ml. The purpose of the boiler is to heat the water to the set temperature for brewing. Additionally, it also produces steam (for steaming milk).
  • Swivel Steam Jet: Now you can easily froth up milk for cappuccino and cafe latte. In addition, when you want to heat your beverages, it does the job for you.
  • Safety Lock and Scale: So that your coffee doesn’t spill, this aluminium coffee filter comes with a safety lock and scale.
  • Resting Cup Plate: It’s an important surface element of your coffee machine. And it helps keep things working smoothly.
    • Simply wipe it down with a clean and damp towel on a daily basis or alternate days. Doing this will prevent build up over time.
  • Steam Pressure: It features an automatic steam pressure pump of 15 bar. The steam pressure forces the boiling hot water through a bed of finely ground coffee. Hence, the resulting brew from there streams into your cup below.
  • Warm Tray: The warm tray keeps your coffee hot and is extremely beneficial when you’re preparing more cups for your guests. Or friends or family.
  • Steam Nozzle: This coffee machine comes with a steam nozzle that adds froth to your coffee.
  • Price: Saachi Coffee Maker is available for an estimated price of AED 250.

Model: NL-COF-7055

  • Boiler Capacity: The maximum capacity of this coffee machine’s boiler is 150ml. This indicates that once the temperature is set, the boiler heats the water for brewing.
  • Swivel Steam Jet: Froth up milk for cappuccino and cafe latte easily with the swivel steam jet. It is creatively designed and also helps heat your beverages when required.
  • Combination Coffee Machine: An all in one coffee maker that makes espresso, cappuccino, cafe latte and more variety of such beverages.
  • Safety: So that your coffee doesn’t spill, this aluminium coffee filter comes with a safety lock and a scale.
  • Resting Cup Plate: Featuring a surface element that’s crucial for your coffee machine. It makes things work smoothly.
  • Power: With a power of 850 Watts, this Saachi coffee machine gets going serving you coffee beverages of your choice.

Additional Features of Saachi 850 Watt Coffee Maker

  • Steam Pressure: With a steam pressure pump of 15 bar, it forces the boiling hot water through a bed of finely ground coffee.
  • Removable Water Tank: Emptying and filling of water is possible whenever you want.
  • Additional Warming Function: Along with the resting cup plate is an equipped warming function that keeps your coffee warm.
  • Price: Saachi 850 Watt Coffee Maker is available for approximately AED 220.

Model: NL-COF-7054

  • Steam Nozzle: Since this coffee maker is equipped with a steam nozzle, it enables you to get that perfect froth topping on your beverage. Moreover, it also enables you to adjust the level of the froth. As in, how much froth you require on your coffee.
  • Carafe: In addition, this coffee machine comes with a carafe that has a water level gauge. Thus contributing or offering added convenience. The carafe enables you to see the amount of coffee that is brewed.
  • Water Level Gauge: This water level gauge helps you to see the level of water in the boiler. Formally, it’s a device that provides a visible indication of water level. Hence, very beneficial.
  • Power: With a power of 800 Watts, it can produce around 4 cups of coffee in one shot.
  • Superior Resistance: Possessing the best of features and still more to add. It comes with a stainless steel filter and an aluminium alloy filter holder. These offer superior resistance against corrosion and decay.
  • Effortless Cleaning and Maintenance: Save your precious time as maintaining and cleaning this coffee machine requires no hassle.
  • Removable Drip Tray: This promotes easy cleaning of the coffee machine.
  • Doesn’t Require Additional Accessories: Without the requirement of additional accessories, it enables you to prepare multiple beverages.
  • Keep Warm Tray: In order to ensure that your cup of coffee stays warm while you prepare another one. This coffee maker is equipped with a keep warm tray at the top of the appliance.
  • Price: Saachi Espresso, Cappuccino & Cafe Latte Maker is available approximately for AED 100.

Model: NL-COF-7058-BK

  • Compatibility: This Saachi coffee pod/capsule coffee machine is compatible with Nespresso, Dolce Gusto and coffee powder.
  • Pressure Pump: With a 19 bar pressure pump, this coffee machine brews high-quality coffee and Espresso. This is because the pump forces water through the grounds.
  • Water Tank Capacity: The capacity of this coffee machine’s water tank is 600 ml. Hence, it is ideal for preparing 4 to 5 cups of a coffee in one shot.
  • Coffee Capsules: It is capable of making varieties of coffee with adaptors that accommodate various types of coffee capsules.
Saachi coffee maker
  • Compact: Due to its compact nature and size, you can easily place it on a table. It fits easily in your kitchen so you can easily accommodate your other kitchen appliances too.
  • Price: Saachi Coffee Pod/Capsule Coffee Machine is available approximately for AED 400.

Factors to Consider while Purchasing a Saachi Coffee Maker

Just how you would consider certain factors and features while purchasing a new phone. Similarly, you need to know and identify certain factors while purchasing a Saachi coffee maker. In other words, these are the requirements that you keep in mind before making your purchase. Don’t fret as I have listed all the factors in this Saachi coffee maker review for UAE that will help you purchase the right one for you.

Brewing Capacity

First and foremost, you need to consider the brewing capacity of the Saachi coffee machine. It should fit the needs of your family. A medium and large size family will need a large brewing capacity. Saachi coffee makers come in different brewing sizes right from a single cup to a family-sized carafe. So it depends on whether you live alone or if you’re a bachelor, a couple or a family comprising of 3 to 4 members or more.

As a matter of fact, single-cup brewing capacity is suitable for individuals who live alone. Or for a family where each member has a different flavour preference. Moreover, it perfectly suits families where each member wakes up at a different time. Generally, the maximum brewing capacity ranges from 10 to 12 cups. Saachi coffee makers with large brewing capacities are recommended for all those who consume a lot of coffee and large families.


As we know, some people require coffee multiple times a day. In other words at regular intervals throughout the day even 4 to 5 times a day. Each one has their own reasons and preferences. And this is when the frequency factor comes into the picture. Capacity along with frequency plays a major role. Hence, the capacity of a coffee machine is not limited to the quantity of coffee that it prepares in a single time.

As a matter of fact, a coffee maker should have the ability to brew multiple times in a day. Also, if it’s capable of brewing large quantities of coffee at a time. Then it should be able to keep it warm/maintain the temperature for a few hours.

Steam Pressure

Consider you want a cup of hot Espresso. This needs to force the hot water through the tightly packed and finely ground Espresso coffee. So, what happens is that the steam is generated by boiling the water using electrical heating coils. Pressure builds inside the vessel. And the only way for it to escape is up the tube through the coffee chamber and out of the tube in the top. Due to the fact that the end of the tube is under the water, the pressure forces the hot water up through the tube. Hence, the ultimate aim for generating steam is to generate the pressure which will force the hot water up.


Generally, most of the carafes come in either thermal, glass or stainless steel. Opting for glass carafe is beneficial since it enables you to see the amount of coffee that is brewed. Moreover, glass carafes are dishwasher safe so you can put it in a dishwasher without any hassle. Thus, glass carafes prove to be a better option when it comes to cleaning purpose too. On the other hand, glass carafes maintain the coffee temperature for about 20 minutes. Whereas thermal and stainless steel carafes keep the coffee warm for about an hour. Hence, which one to opt for totally depends upon your preferences and convenience.

Flavour and Strength

When it comes to drinking coffee, I’m sure each one in your family has a different flavour preference. Not everyone would prefer the same taste, right? Some want it strong whereas some would prefer a light and mild coffee. Some would prefer a bitter coffee. Hence, the best thing you can do is purchase a coffee maker that lets you adjust the brewing strengths accordingly. So that each one will get a cup of coffee that fits their requirements.

Moreover, some of the coffee makers can even brew mocha, whip hot chocolate, tea and fancy Cappuccino. So, be mindful while purchasing a Saachi coffee maker for you in UAE.

Maintenance Tips for Saachi Coffee Maker

Auto Shut Off

I totally understand that it is difficult to combat the early morning rush. You might be a bachelor who needs to rush to work. Or, you might be a working woman who needs to get the kids ready for school and simultaneously make breakfast as well as cook lunch. Hence, switching off the coffee maker in the morning is a task you are most certainly bound to forget. With this smart “auto shut off” feature, you don’t have to worry anymore. It ensures that it turns off the coffee pot thus saving on your electricity bills.

Heating Plate

Generally, most of the Saachi coffee machines come with heating plates and a carafe sits on these heating plates. However, if you prefer drinking coffee over the course of a few hours. Then it will lead to a bitter and burnt taste if you let it rest on the hot place for so long. Thus, in order to avoid such situations, consider looking out for options that will enable you to control the temperature settings of the carafe. Or, consider purchasing a coffee maker that is equipped with an insulated stainless steel carafe.

Size of Coffee Maker

Another important factor to consider is the size of the Saachi coffee maker or the coffee machine. Just to keep you informed, the size of the coffee maker doesn’t have to do anything with its performance though. And it doesn’t affect the taste of the coffee too. However, it can be a major issue if it doesn’t fit into your kitchen space correctly. For example, you may want to accommodate your other kitchen appliances on the platform or table. And if this one is taking up a lot of space then it will affect the other kitchen appliances kept there. In this case, you should opt for a coffee machine that’s a little smaller in size.

On the other hand, if you possess a special place to store the coffee machine or if the size of your coffee machine won’t interfere with the other appliances in your kitchen then you can opt for a bigger one. Hence, it is of utmost importance to analyze these things before you make your purchase.

Water Temperature

If you desire a perfect coffee then here are some things to keep in mind before brewing it. Firstly, its optimal temperature should be between 195 degrees to 205 degrees Fahrenheit. Some coffee machines brew the coffee either too high or too low. Too high results in bitterness and too low results in loss of flavour. In addition, cold water results in under-extraction and a flat coffee taste. While too hot water adds a bitter note to the flavour of the coffee.

Nowadays, most of the coffee makers enable you to control the temperature of the water. Which is indeed a great feature as it won’t lead to over-extraction. Fortunately, Saachi coffee makers are equipped with water temperature settings. And so, if you’re opting for espresso or single-serve coffee makers then select a temperature that’s slightly lower. Just to provide you with more information and clear your doubts. I shall brief you on the water temperature settings of a percolator and a french press in the next paragraph.

First and foremost, percolators and french press lack smart features including water temperature settings. Hence, you need to manually control the temperature of the water so that it shouldn’t boil. Simply leave the boiling water for a few minutes before adding over the ground coffee. And the ideal temperature for such instances is 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

Maintenance Tips for Saachi Coffee Maker

To complete this Saachi coffee maker review for UAE, here are some maintenance tips that I have penned down for you to read and follow. Since calcium buildup and coffee splatter can decrease the longevity and affect the quality of the coffee. Maintaining your Saachi coffee maker is of immense importance. Firstly, make sure you check for removable and dishwasher parts of the coffee maker. Also, make note of the parts or accessories that strictly have to be hand washed. And the parts or accessories that are dishwasher safe. You can’t afford to mess up stuff or ruin your coffee maker by not knowing these things.

Thus, don’t put the accessories in a dishwasher without knowing if they are dishwasher safe or not. In order to always get that perfect sensational coffee that suits your taste, you need to de-scale the coffee machine once in a week or once in 10 days. The “de-scale feature” de-scales the calcium deposits on the carafe and on the inner walls of the machine. This feature comes handy if you have a jam-packed schedule with no time for cleaning the machine. Or, if you don’t want to manually clean it. Ensure you keep the exterior of the machine clean always. Wipe it with a clean soft cloth

Saachi Coffee Maker FAQs for UAE

Saachi Coffee Maker FAQs for UAE

This Saachi coffee maker review for UAE would be incomplete without some FAQs. I’m sure you must have had at least 1 or 2 of these questions in your mind. It is natural to have doubts while purchasing an appliance. After all, it is about our hard-earned money and the safety of our family. So here are some of those frequently asked questions which I have answered here, after careful research. Ensure you read through each one of them. These will also help you make the right decision.

Which types of coffee can be prepared by a Saachi Coffee Maker?

By using a Saachi Coffee Maker, you can prepare all types of coffee. These include Cappuccino, Espresso, Cafe Latte and more.

Is it easy to clean and maintain the Saachi coffee maker?

Yes, it is easy to clean and maintain the Saachi coffee maker. Moreover, Saachi coffee makers come with a drip tray. You can easily remove this drip tray to clean and maintain the machine without any hassle. Additionally, the safety lid on the water tank avoids spillage. This is due to the fact that it helps you to pour out all the content in a secure and easy way.

Which is the best or special feature of Saachi coffee makers?

The best feature of the Saachi coffee maker is the steam nozzle. It offers you total command over the amount of froth that you desire in your coffee. By adding froth to your coffee, it makes it more appealing and tempting to you. Impress your guests when you have them over at your place.

The special features include making different types of coffee (combination coffee), steam pressure, high boiler capacity. As well as an aluminium coffee filter, safety lock, drip tray and more.

Are Saachi coffee makers durable?

Yes, Saachi coffee makers are durable. Generally, they last for about 5 to 7 years. Ensure you use it gently and in the appropriate way, store it in a clean and hygienic place. And also avoid dropping any object on it or spilling anything on it. If you happen to spill something over it, then see to it that you wipe it immediately. All this contributes to keeping it running in tip-top condition. Hard water and soft water also makes a difference, as well as how often you use the appliance.

Is Saachi coffee maker worth purchasing and why?

Indeed, Saachi coffee maker is worth purchasing. Why you ask? The reasons are not one or two, but many. Saachi is a well-known brand that’s been serving since long years. Its focus on offering premium quality products to its customers all over the world makes it worth investing in. Most importantly, Saachi coffee makers are durable and offer good quality coffee throughout their life.

Factors to Consider while Purchasing a Saachi Coffee Maker

Love at First Sip!

Cooooooooool enough! You’ve made it to the end of this Saachi coffee maker review for UAE. I’m glad. Emotions apart, I hope you’re satisfied with all the information I have provided here. Keep in mind that your decision should be based upon the number of family members, your preferences, and budget. I would advise you to opt for a Saachi coffee maker that has more features and functionalities so that you can use it in the long run. Furthermore, never compromise on quality. For more coffee maker options, check here.

If you need a coffee machine that’s more powerful, offering you “coffee shop quality” espresso, with better performance and attractive aesthetics to suit your modern kitchen then consider checking the Best Nespresso Machine in Dubai, UAE.

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