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Best Wifi Router in Saudi Arabia

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To enable you with the fastest internet speeds is the best Wifi router in Saudi Arabia. Buffer and dead zones no more with this gadget. Stay connected to your home WiFi router at all times and say bye to any connectivity issues. With some of the best WiFi router in Saudi Arabia like Netgear Nighthawk, ASUS, Linksys and more you can now spend your free time watching all the shows and playing all the games you need without having any buffering issue. Even working from home will not be a matter of shifting around for better connection any more. Since you have a wide range of options to choose from depending on the purpose of the router.

Best WiFi Router for Homes – Quick List

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Best Office or Small Business Wifi Router – Quick List

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Best Gamer’s Wifi Router – Quick List

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Features of a Home Wifi Router

Parental Filters

You as a parent can never be too safe when it comes to your kids. Since we understand that being constantly connected to the internet leaves you with the higher probability of coming across inappropriate content. With this feature you can filter out and block content which is inappropriate. Furthermore with the help of this feature you can allow or stop connectivity to any device at any particular point of time. Giving your kids a systematic schedule for their days.

Ease of Set-up

To ensure that you have uninterrupted internet services, you first need to set-up the whole system. The best wifi router in Saudi Arabia helps you with that. Allowing you to install and do the whole setup on your own. Most of the recent technology of the routers allow you to do the setup with the help of an app as well. Therefore, making it easier and convenient for you to control right from your mobile phone. Besides that, you have the option to perform task with regards to the wifi router with the help of voice assistance. Since, the ability to control your router with the help of your Amazon Alexa.

Furthermore, you have the mesh technology which is even more convenient for you to get connected and have a better coverage. As with the mesh technology all you have to do is plug it in and connect it. All these features when available make your whole experience of using this gadget much easier. Including the setup and installation with spending extra for professional help.

Streaming Performance

Now, if you do a lot of streaming be it in terms of games or using online video providing services. You need to be able to stream from any room therefore you need to have the best Wifi router in Saudi Arabia to help with your internet issues. If your requirements are for lesser buffering, higher video quality or even more device connections all at the same time then your router should support you. Moreover, besides the use of the best router you also need to consider the best place to keep the router for the best access by the whole house. Even if it is the far end corner of your kitchen or yard you need to have the best signal.


When you get a wifi router it is important for you to get one which covers the range of your whole house. And not leave you having dead spots and or leave out areas of your home wifi coverage. Since we work with almost every device which needs a stable internet connection. Furthermore, there are routers which promise you a wide range but the speed is a downfall. As the further you might go the slower the speed of the service. Therefore, you need to look into one such device which provides you with good range as well as performance speed. No matter where in the house you are you should be able to have a stable and fast connection.

Best Wifi Routers for Homes

Rank 1: Netgear Nighthawk WiFi Router

Model: RAX80-100EUS

  • Latest Technology: Introducing the latest technology used in the making of this router. As it has an 802.11ax Dual Band WiFi with speeds up to up to 4.8Gbps. Furthermore, it is backwards compatible with 802.11a/b/g/n/ac WiFi.
  • Range: Providing you with WiFi range coverage area of even for big homes. Enabling strong signals anywhere in your home with the help of the 4 antennas which are well hidden in the design.
  • Compatibility: You can connect any device to this Wifi router all you need to do is enable the Wifi through the settings. Moreover, you can stream on up to 4 devices in one go.
  • Ports: Having six 10/100/1000 Mbps Gigabit Ethernet ports from which 1 is WAN and the other 5 LAN. Besides that, you have two 3.0 USB ports for added support and connectivity.
  • Processor: Among the features is the great processor which this gadget sports that is a powerful 64bit 1.8GHz quad-core processor with 4 as the processor count.
  • Speed: Allowing you to have around 1.2 + 4.8Gbps with 8-stream connectivity. Along with the 4X4 MU-MIMO which allows you simultaneous streaming to multiple devices.
  • Secure: With the inbuilt NETGEAR Armor technology which provides you with advanced cybersecurity for all the connected devices within your home. Besides that, it provides you with VPN and parental controls to limit screen time and to control your child’s safety.
  • Dimensions: Despite being a small device of around 273 x 202 x 72 mm when folded and 305 x 202 x 161 mm for when its unfolded. Even so, it gives you a large and effective area range as well.
  • Price: Get this home Wifi router at the cost of around SAR 2740.

Rank 2: Netgear Nighthawk Tri-Band WiFi Router

Model: R8000-100NAS

  • Technology: Using the Wifi technology of 802.11ac Tri-Band Gigabit. Thus allowing you to have less network congestion and device interference. Therefore enabling you to have effective speeds and more satisfaction.
  • Processor: 1GHz dual-core processor with three offload processors. With a processor speed of 1000 MHz and the count of 1.
  • Ports: The available 5 Ethernet ports of 10/100/1000 Gigabit from which 1 is WAN and the other 4 are LAN. Moreover, you have 2 USB ports as well. Which are made of 1 USB 3.0 and 1 USB 2.0 port.
  • App Control: With the help of the Nighthawk App you can set up your router, control the screen time you have at home by cutting out the connection after a certain time, manage internet access and even run a test on the speed of your internet.
  • Security: Providing you with standards-based WiFi security and double firewall protection of SPI and NAT. Besides this, you have VPN support to ensure that your internet activity is secured at all time.
  • Range: Alongside the six high-performance antennas which amplifies the range of reach in your home. Therefore, making this gadget suitable for very large homes.
  • Dimensions: Resting this device anywhere within the home will be easy and if you ever need to move it around too would not take any effort. Since this device is only 11.63 x 8.92 x 2.14 inches.
  • Smart Usage: This device has a Dynamic QoS technology which notices your usage and prioritises it depends on on the device which is consuming the most data. Be it while streaming, gaming or even performing your job.
  • Speed: The speed at which this router works is at around 3.2Gbps. This enables you to have several hours of uninterrupted streaming of content without breaks.
  • Price: You can get this gadget for around SAR 1430.

Rank 3: Linksys VELOP WiFi System

Model: WHW0303B

  • Technology: With the Intelligent Mesh™ Technology which provides you with fast performance and internet connections to every device connected to the router.
  • Design: Since its design is closely related to a speaker you can fit it into any environment. Furthermore, there are built in such a way that it if one of the three nodes is unplugged the other will make up for the missing node.
  • Range: The three allotted nodes which help to boost the reach of your WiFi throughout your home. Thus making sure you have no dead spots and/or week signalled areas throughout your large home setting.
  • Security: Moreover, with the Linksys Shield you have a greater chance of avoiding any security breaching content. Besides that, you will have more control over what your family interacts with online as you can filter content for your kids. And that’s not it, they have allotted screen time set as well.
  • Voice Support: Once you get this gadget connected to your system you can control it all with your voice Assistance. Be it Alexa or google Assistance.
  • Processor: The integrated 716 MHz Quad-Core processor makes for the strong and fast working of the internet access you will have.
  • Ports: With this, you have 2 WAN/LAN auto-sensing Gigabit Ethernet ports so you can get a cleaner and uninterrupted connection at all times.
  • Dimensions: Each of these nodes are of 3.1″ x 3.1″ x 7.3″ which can blend into any setting seeming like a regular speaker.
  • Price: Available for around SAR 1750.

Rank 4: Tplink Deco M9 Plus Wi-Fi System

  • Technology: Paired with the advance Deco Mesh Technology. Which works together and connects you to the strongest signal providing node next to you.
  • Speed: The speed of this device serves up to 2200 Mbps which will cause you no lags. But this range would depend on how strong the internet supply is as well.
  • Range: With the wide range available you can eliminate and cut off all your dead zones since you can cover a wide area of 6,500 sq. ft.
  • Security: While you are purchasing this router you get a free lifetime subscription to the TP-Link HomeCare security. Which you can personally tweak to match your requirements.
    • Furthermore, you have Parental Controls, for the safety of your kids and to discipline them into a fixed scheduled.
    • Besides this, you have the built-in Antivirus to protect all the connected devices from any malicious firmware.
  • Capacity: You have no limit as to how many devices you can connect to this gadget and still have a smooth and stable internet supply. The tested limited would be 100 devices but that could be extended as well.
  • Smart Hub: This device additionally works as a smart hub as well as connecting all your products together to be used with one easy-to-use app.
  • Price: Get this device at the rate of almost SAR 1430.

Features of a Small Business or Office Wifi Router


Most of the routers are equipped with a special security feature, especially those which are of longer range. Providing you with encryption standards like WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) along with firewalls. This feature blocks out any dangerous firmware and other suspicious activity. Furthermore, there are a few routers which offer you with Virtual Private Network (VPN) for your router. This feature is beneficial as it hides your identity for anyone who would be monitoring your network’s activity.

Once when this feature is activated your device need not have a separate VPN installed. Besides that, you have parental control which can be used to secure your children. Moreover, most routers even allow you to set up a separate Wifi network for your guest. Then having control over their network as well.


Since you need productive workdays at work you need not only have better connectivity but also you need to be able to connect to a larger number of devices. And this factor depends on the tri-band, fast processor and the RAM. Thus, read on to know more about this.

RAM and Processor

To ensure you have a great internet connection you not only need a good radio to broadcast the Wifi signals but also a good router. But what makes a router good is the features of the RAM and the processor. A single-core processor with low RAM will not help you. Therefore, you need at least a dual-core processor and 256 MB RAM. The higher the RAM the better and the same holds firm for the processor. Thus get the best Wifi router in Saudi Arabia and not just boost your connectivity but also range and increase the number of devices to be connected to the router.

Tri Band

While looking for the best Wifi router you will come across the terms dual and tri-band. Have you thought about what really is the difference between the two? Well, a dual-band router works the same on both the 2.4 GHz and 5GHz bands. As for the tri-band, it works on a single 2.4Ghz band and 2 separate bands in the 5GHz range. With that, you come to notice that with the tri-band you have an extra 5GHz band. Thus, allowing you to connect more devices to the router and yet have efficient internet speeds. Which is why in more recent models you have the option to use either 2.5Ghz and 5GHz band at any given time depending on the stronger signal.

With tri band, you tend to spread the connected devices out to different frequency ranges thus making them less congested. To add to this is the features which add to the already efficient network. Like that of beamforming, antennas, MU-MIMO, and QoS. Therefore keep an eye out for all of this.

Multi-User, Multi-Input, Multi-Output (MU MIMO)

MIMO is the performance and overall throughput which is boosted with the help of multiple antennas. This not only helps with the performance but also enables you to increase the overall devices to be connected with no interruptions. The antennas are responsible to extend the range and if setup well can prove to be good. Which is why MIMO routers are considered better.

Since it works towards controlling the network traffic of the Wi-Fi clients and the router turning them into individual streams. Thus, promoting the connection to be a multi-user one. Furthermore, these MU MIMO technology functions with 5GHz 802.11ac Wi-Fi networks. When you are getting a router which supports MIMO you have to make sure to check your Wi-Fi client device as well. Since both of these have to compatible to function properly.


When one looks for a Wifi router the first thing you would check is the router’s throughput. This is the network speed which would vary from each router to router. The ‘throughput’ word might not be specified but the speed is always in Mbps. Therefore you can look out for this instead. This speed refers to how fast you can transmit data from different gadgets. You need to look for higher speeds on your router as this will determine how fast your network will be.

Best Office or Small Business Wifi Router in Saudi Arabia

Rank 1: Linksys Max-Stream Tri-Band WiFi Router

Model: EA9500-ME

  • Technology: Having the Tri-band technology for speed and MU-MIMO (Multi-User, Multiple-Input, Multiple-Output) for lag-free productivity and entertainment.
  • Capacity: This device enables you to connect multiple devices all at once. While doing so enables you to have the same high speed of connecting, whatever you might be doing. So you can play a game, watch HD video content and more.
  • Security: Equipped with WPA/WPA2 encryption for your security and in addition to that is the SPI firewall for added security while you use the connection.
    • Moreover, with the parental controls, you can be sure that your kids are safe at all time while using the internet. Besides that, you can block the content
  • Speed: Each device will feel like they are using an independent Wifi band. Despite that fact, you can have up to 5.3 Gbps. Thus, you will be having enough high-speed internet for whatever you do.
  • Connectivity: With eight-gigabit ethernet ports you can connect any additional wireless device to this to booth your transfer speed. Furthermore, you have two USB connections points including one fast USB 3.0 port to connect other devices like your printer.
  • Easy Set-up: All you would have to do is plug in the router to the power outlet and connect it to your internet modem and your computer.
  • Processor: This router is powered by a 1.4 GHz dual-core processor which enables you to use the high-speed internet on multiple devices at once.
  • Beamforming Technology: The presence of this enables multiple devices to simultaneously use high-bandwidth Wi-Fi.
  • Price: Get this router gadget at the approximate price of SAR 1250.

Rank 2: TP-Link Smart WiFi Router

Model: Archer A6

  • Processor: Using a Qualcomm CPU makes sure you can function and get high-speed internet without spending a lot.
  • Easy Set-up: You can easily manage as well as set-up the network with the TP-Link Tether app. It’s easy and at your fingertips.
  • Speeds: Providing you with the simultaneous 2.4GHz 300 Mbps and 5GHz 867 Mbps connections for 1200 Mbps of bandwidth.
  • Antennas: The four external and one internal antenna makes sure you have a stable as well as good coverage of your wireless connection.
  • Range: You have a wide range of coverage. Furthermore to boost the range you have the antennas and the beamforming technology as well. Besides that, you also have MU-MIMO to simultaneously connect with multiple devices at once.
  • Ports: A collective 5 Ethernet ports are available for this device. One of which is Gigabit WAN port whereas the rest are Gigabit LAN ports.
  • Security: Safely encrypted with WPA, WPA2 and WPA/WPA2-Enterprise (802.1x) as well as SPI Firewall. Moreover, you also have VPN, parental controls and guest networks as well, all for your security.
  • Price: Get this TP-Link router for around SAR 200.

Rank 3: Google WiFi System

Model: NLS-1304-25

  • Technology: Using mesh technology as well as dual-band technology is what makes this gadget perform as well as it does.
  • Speed: You can ensure you have good data transmission speed while working with this router since the speed is at 1200 megabits per second.
  • Ports: This device consists of 2 WAN and 2 LAN Ethernet ports for additional device connecting. Which is situated on the underside of this device giving you a clean outlook with the design. Furthermore, the Ethernet standards are 10/100/1000.
  • Security: To make sure of your security status you have the data encryption of WPA2. Besides this, you have control over the Wifi connection to view who’s connected and even prioritize a device. Moreover, you can even use the parental control features on the network.
  • App Control: You even have a special app designed which can help you remotely control the Wifi router’s settings.
  • Range: Suitable for very large areas be it homes or office. Furthermore, the integrated modem along with the beamforming technology helps with the range extension.
  • Price: Available for around SAR 1490.

Rank 4: D-Link EXO WiFi Router

Model: DIR-X1560-US

  • Technology: Allowing you to experience the next-generation technology is this router as it provides you with the fastest speeds, capacity and the range you are looking for. This is possible with the Wifi 6 (802.11ax) technology.
  • Speeds: Enabling you to have speeds up to 1.5 Gbps. From which the breakdown is as such: 1200 Mbps on the 5 GHz band and 300 Mbps on the 2.4 GHz band.
  • Capacity: The available 4 antennas help with the process of letting you connect more devices to the router without any problem. Moreover, you can stream high-quality content on all the devices simultaneously and still not have any connectivity or speed issues.
  • Range: Besides the antennas, you have OFDMA and MU-MIMO technology to curb down any latency in the network. Whereas, it is also equipped with BSS colouring technology which eliminates any noise in the environment that would prevent the Wifi singles from reaching any device.
  • Ports: A collection of 5 port to enable extra wired device connection. Which are of 4 Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports and 1 Gigabit Ethernet WAN port.
  • Security: The best wifi router in Saudi Arabia needs to have great security features which are available in this gadget. Since it has the encryption of WPA3 and enhanced parental control. Not to mention QuickVPN and guest network as well.
  • Ease of Setup: Leave alone the fact that you can set up this router on your own with the help of the available app but also control the router with the help of any voice assistance as well.
  • Price: You can purchase this router for only around 450.

Features of Wifi Router for Gamers

Wifi 6

Instead of the technical name of IEEE 802.11ax wireless standard, this is referred to as Wifi 6. Which is the latest version which helps to boost the Wifi speed and also the overall performance of the router. Although generally the same, this version has a lot of improvements. Right from the security, longer battery life, faster internet speeds and a much more stable connection even when there are multiple people working on the same network. The decongested network performance is one of this speciality. Ensuring you have a much more reliable connection with good speed for a long time.

In comparison to the older versions even Wifi 5 this 6 version is the fastest you have experienced. Reducing latency by 75% and 3 times faster speed. Moreover, the speed can go up to 10 Gbps whereas Wifi 5 provides you with 3.5 Gbps. Therefore, you can get the best of stream and gaming experience at all times no matter where you are located in your home only with the best Wifi router in Saudi Arabia.

Bandwidth Range

Do not be fooled that if you have a fast router your internet too will be as fast. The speed of your actual internet would depend on your internet service provider (ISP). Since you will not cross the speed limit provided by them. Therefore it will not matter which high-end router you have. Which is why you need a router which has good strength and high-bandwidth range. Thus allowing you to cover more ground as well as connect more than just one or two devices. Also, keep in mind that the 2.4GHz frequencies travel over a longer distance as compared to 5GHz signals. Even so, the 5GHz frequencies giving you more bandwidth which means faster speeds.

Quality of Service

You will have come across the acronym QoS which means Quality of service. This feature is responsible for better streaming. As you can prioritize the traffic to your system. In other words with this feature, let’s you select and choose which device you would like to have the best connect at all time no matter where you are in the Wifi range. Thus you are tweaking your bandwidth. Furthermore, you can even tweak the QoS to block or restrict certain type of traffic while you are streaming.

Opting for a connection which supports multiple devices streaming would be a wiser choice. Moreover, the antennas too play a major role in this to allow simultaneous streaming along with good speed. Therefore, QoS is important for you if you want to stream, watch 4k content as well as download anything you want all from the same network at once. And you’ll never have a slow internet problem ever again.

Best Gamer’s Wifi Router in Saudi Arabia

Rank 1: ASUS Gaming Router

Model: GT-AC5300

  • Processor: This router has a 1.8GHz 64bit quad-core processor which makes it specialize in VR and 4K streaming as well. Therefore making it the perfect combination for a gaming router.
  • Security: The best security you can have is here, with Radius with 802.1x, WPS support which is powered by Trend Micro™ technology.
    • Furthermore, even if your PC doesn’t have any security software AiProtection Pro provides you with the needed security.
    • Besides that, you have advanced parental control as well as VPN, which can be used simultaneously.
  • Technology: Using the tri-bands and AiMesh for the mesh Wi-Fi system to increase the range as well as the number of connectable devices ensure that you will have no problem while streaming. This is all in addition to the 8 antennas.
  • Speed: Since it is tri-band, it has speeds up to 1900Mbps which is excellent for gaming.
  • Ports: With the eight Gigabit LAN ports makes this device as good as it for your gaming sessions. Since it has 1 WAN port, 2 USB ports and 2 gaming ports to support all your activities.
  • Range: Don’t let your Wi-Fi router decide where you can sit. With the RangeBoost feature, you can use a combination of hardware and software to increase the coverage.
  • Price: You can get this Wi-Fi router at the price of SAR 1630.

Rank 2: Tplink GAMING Router

Model: Archer C5400

  • Processor: Showcasing a 1.8 GHz 64-bit quad-core CPU, three co-processors for ultra-fast internet streaming at all times.
  • Speed: This router sport speeds up to 5400 Mbps over one 2.4 GHz (1000 Mbps) and two 5 GHz (2167 Mbps) bands. So, you will not have any internet speed complains ever.
  • Range: Features such as RangeBoost and beamforming all help in keeping further devices connected with good internet speeds.
  • Technology: Alongside the Tri-band and the 8 antennas is the NitroQAM which helps in the speeds and well as connectivity despite the gaming traffic on a single router.
  • Connectivity: With the eight Gigabit Ethernet ports connecting to your PCs, smart TV and even gaming console are easy and fast.
    • Furthermore, you can combine two LAN ports for double connection speeds from 1 Gbps to 2 Gbps for Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices and PCs.
    • Besides that, you can add the WAN port with a LAN and connect modems for enhanced speeds.
  • Security: With the purchase of this router you have a lifetime subscription to TP-Link HomeCare. Which gives you protection to all your devices from viruses and other malicious sites. Moreover, you have a VPN as well to not give out your identity to any sites over the net.
  • Voice Assistance: With smart homes on the rise you have the feature to control all your devices including the router with the help of voice command to enjoy and to ensure you have every smart feature available.
  • Price: Get this Tplink gaming router at the approximate price of SAR 1370.

Rank 3: Dlink AC5300 Wifi Router

Model: DIR-895L

  • Processor: With this Wi-Fi router, you will have a 1.4GHz Dual-Core Processor which will help you to process higher speeds and performance. Therefore, making your router much more powerful.
  • Technology: It has the tri-band technology which has two 5GHz and one 2.4GHz band for maximum possible speed for each connected device.
  • Range: The design of the 8 antennas built into the router helps to ensure that you have the best connectivity and signals for your internet access anywhere in your home. So, no matter if you move around you still will have the best signal range.
  • Speed: Never be disappointed by the speeds of this router as it always provides you with fast speeds for 4K streaming as well as gaming. This is possible with the 5300 Mbps internet speeds available.
  • Capacity: All thanks to the 4×4 data streams you can connect and stream high definition content on 4 devices a once. Furthermore, you have the feature of the advanced AC SmartBeam and MU-MIMO which gives you faster and reliable connection as well as allows high-bandwidth Wi-Fi signal to multiple devices at the same time.
  • App Control: The special mydlink Lite app for the Wi-Fi router enables you to monitor your connection from anywhere. Moreover, you can remove the connected device, change settings and more all from your smartphone.
  • Security: Besides that, you have the parental control feature which enables you to have control over the content your child views.
  • Price: You can get this D-Link Wi-Fi router at the price of almost SAR 1050.

Rank 4: NETGEAR Nighthawk Pro Gaming Router

Model: XR1000-100NAS

  • Processor: For a good gaming session you need a good processor and this router provides you with that. Since it has a triple-core 1.5Ghz processor thus making it one of the best gaming Wifi router in Saudi Arabia.
  • Technology: Since this router is powered by DumaOS 3.0 it reduces the ping rates up to 93% allowing you to have a lag-free gaming experience. This technology is especially for gamers.
  • Capacity: As compared to regular routers this one has 4 times extra capacity. Which means it can handle 6 simultaneous streams.
  • Speed: Another important feature of the best Wifi router in Saudi Arabia is the speed. And this gadget has the speed of 5.4Gbps which is sufficient enough for you to stream and play games anytime and anywhere in your home.
  • Security: This gadget sports a WPA2/WPA3 wireless security protocols for your online security. Furthermore, this is supported with VPN and the NETGEAR Armor which an anti-virus for your online security.
    • Besides that, you even can set up a guest network which ensures you wouldn’t have to share your personal password and have control over your internet service.
  • Compatible: WIth this router, you have 4 x 1 Gigabit Ethernet ports as for USB connection you have 1 x 3.0 USB port.
  • Range: To help increase your range as well as clean your connectivity issues you have technologies like Beamforming+, MU-MIMO and OFDMA.
  • Price: Get this router for around SAR 1710.

FAQs for the Best Wifi Router in Saudi Arabia

Why do I not get Wifi connection in a few places of my house?

This might be an issue if you have a larger home where the range of the Wifi doesn’t cover the whole area. Due to which you have dead zones around in your home. Besides the large home if you have anything that could disrupt the Wifi radio signals too could cause dead zones. In some cases, if you have an older ancestral home the material used in the construction to can disrupt the signals. Like that of thicker plaster walls or any metals used even in cabinets can cause problems for your Wifi signals.

Besides this all, there could be other interferences like competing networks which can slow down the internet speed. This is in case of too many uses which causes overlapping signals thus slowing down the speed for every user.

Will it cause any harm to the router if it is continuously on?

With recent technology, the design of the best Wifi router is such that you can leave it on throughout the night and day without any harm to the device. Yet, if you do so there could be a small chance that you could face some internet connectivity issues. Thus causing you to frequently reboot the device. Generally, it would be better for you to switch off the router when not in use as it not only conserves power but also prevents you from having security issues, This is especially done by businesses which have their routers on and running for several hours every day.

What is the number of users for a single Wifi router?

An approximate count would be 250 users. With the advancement in technology in the recent routers, you can connect up to 250 users to a single router. But, this can vary from device to device as well. Therefore, make sure to read the specifications well before buying a router.

Can a router cover more than one floor?

Yes, the best Wifi router in Saudi Arabia can cover more than just one floor. Therefore, you have Wifi routers like dual-band and tri-band. But you also have to consider if there are too many users the speed would not be great the more further your device goes. Furthermore, the range of the connectivity would also depend on the adjustment of the security settings that you have made. Besides that, when these issues are not in play you can use a single router up to three floors.

Stay Connected!

Buffering? Not anymore with the best Wifi Router in Saudi Arabia, you will no longer face any such problem. This gadget will be the answer to all your internet issues making you never regret this purchase of yours. Once you do get your very own router make sure to handle it well for it to last longer. By cleaning the gadget and ensuring that you don’t drop it. Besides this, have endless streaming hours and be up to date with the latest technology. Furthermore, if you have a larger home you can consider getting the best Wifi extender as well.

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