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Best Treadmill in Saudi Arabia

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Trim that belly fat, burn those calories, lose weight and stay fit and healthy with the best treadmill in Saudi Arabia. If you are sceptical about which treadmill you should purchase because of your weight, the space in your home, your requirements and more. Then we are here to de-stress you by providing you with the best options to suit your needs. After spending 80+ hours, we found that brands such as PowerMax, Skyland and Xiaomi are power-packed and cater to all your fitness needs in the comfort of your own home. So, what are you waiting for? Scroll through this complete guide to see all the durable treadmills that we have listed here along with all the factors and features you should consider, treadmill maintenance tips, FAQs and a lot more.

Best Treadmill in Saudi Arabia – Quick List

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Pros and Cons of Exercising in a Gym

To be honest, when you join the gym, don’t expect the fees to be reasonable. You need to shell out a lot of money as any gym or fitness studio charges you a bomb. Also, you can’t stop going to the gym just like that. You need to continue visiting the gym to exercise no matter what since if you stop going then you will gain more weight. In fact, you may even gain double the weight of what you are. So, before you join a gym, ensure you note all the above things.

Reasons/Benefits of Purchasing a Treadmill for Home Use

Almost everything has its own pros and cons. The same thing implies to a gym. Not everyone is comfortable to visit the gym for their own reasons. Thus giving rise for setting up a home gym. Which is why purchasing the best treadmill in Saudi Arabia for home use can be extremely beneficial. We have penned down all the reasons and benefits of bringing one home.

  • One of the main reasons for purchasing a treadmill for home use is to safeguard oneself from COVID-19. We need to avoid contact as much as possible and maintain social distancing this pandemic. Just how shopping malls and swimming pools can increase the risk of contracting the virus, overcrowded gyms can result in the same too.
  • Suppose you need to commute a long distance to your workplace for which you need to leave from home early morning or you return home late evening. Or, if you just don’t find the time to go to the gym due to your hectic schedule. Thus, you see, owning a treadmill at home can be extremely beneficial.
  • There are so many men and women who are not comfortable exercising in front of strangers in a gym.
  • Instead of listening to loud music and songs that are not of your type in the gym, you can listen to your favourite playlist while using the treadmill at home. Besides listening to music, you can also watch your favourite program on your TV or laptop or even talk over the phone.
  • Although a treadmill is highly-priced, it is an initial investment. Therefore, saving you hard-earned money in the long run.
  • Lastly, if you dislike stinky and overcrowded changing rooms, then purchasing a treadmill for home use is a must for you.
  • Additionally, you can also switch between your workout to walk, jog, run or sprint. Therefore, including a variety of cardio in the comfort of your own home without anybody staring at you.
  • As you have seen above that you can actually multitask while making use of a treadmill at home. Thus, your workout is more fun and stress-free.
Benefits of purchasing a treadmill for home use - Best Treadmill in Saudi Arabia

Model: TD-M4

Best Treadmill in Saudi Arabia
  • Pre-Installed and Motorized Treadmill: This PowerMax Fitness treadmill doesn’t need any assembling. That is because it is pre-installed and motorized. In other words, it is ready to use right out of the box. No need to fiddle with bolts or screws.
  • Lightweight and Compact: Featuring a lightweight design that weighs only 41 Kgs. Due to its compact nature, it is easy to store as it takes only a minute to fold. That too, you can store it within an area that is less than 0.5 square meters.
  • Built-in Pulse Sensor: Through the built-in pulse sensor, you benefit real-time data while working out on the treadmill. So, the results enable the members to know about their hand and heart rate monitoring.
  • Safe to Use and User-Friendly: PowerMax Fitness UrbanTrek treadmill is extremely user-friendly. Right from walking and jogging to normal running, it enables you to adapt step by step. Additionally, you can control the speed at which you are using the treadmill without any hassle. Through the LED control panel, you can stop the treadmill at any time.
  • USB Charging Port and Media Holder: The USB charging port of this treadmill helps in keeping your device charged. So, you can listen to your favourite music and keep yourself entertained throughout your workout. The dedicated tablet and mobile holder holds your phone and tablet conveniently.
  • Auto-stop Function: This treadmill is equipped with a built-in auto-stop function. All you need to do is attach the safety clip to your clothes while running. And run as normal. This indicates that the treadmill will stop automatically incase you drift back or fall. The auto-stop function also minimizes the risk of injury.
PowerMax Fitness UrbanTrek treadmill - Best Treadmill in Saudi Arabia
  • Maximum User Weight Capacity: The max. user weight capacity of this treadmill is 100 Kgs.
  • Semi-Auto Lubrication: Now, adding lubrication oil to your treadmill is not a hectic task any more. With a press of a button, this feature makes the maintenance task easy, simple and clean.
    • When you lubricate the running belt, it ensures smooth movement and zero friction while making use of the treadmill.
    • Additionally, it also contributes to increasing the life of the motor and the running belt.
  • Durable: This treadmill is made of heavy gauge steel mainframe and is covered with 3 layers of quality paint. This prevents corrosion and also ensures a longer life. Additionally, the frame of this treadmill is made of a tough iron alloy. These factors ensure you a stronger, more durable and reliable treadmill that won’t wear out soon.
  • Price: Bring home this PowerMax Fitness UrbanTrek treadmill for a price of around SAR 2,100.

Model: 1432 WPA1F

Xiaomi WalkinPad Unisex treadmill Saudi Arabia
  • Unique and Smart Design: Besides performance, the Xiaomi WalkinPad Unisex treadmill really stands out in terms of aesthetics too. As the name says, this treadmill is in the form of a walking pad featuring a unique and smart design.
  • Transportation Wheels: Convenience at its best! This treadmill is equipped with transportation wheels that make it convenient enough for you to move the treadmill around. Especially while storing it after use.
  • Pre-Installed: Another benefit of purchasing this piece of fitness equipment is that it doesn’t require installation.
  • Double Foldable: Due to its double folding nature, this treadmill helps you save a lot of space in your home. Additionally, it won’t be an obstacle to any of your family members too. All thanks to the innovative double folding frame body. Simply fold the treadmill and keep it/store it aside once you’re done with your workout.
  • Multiple Protection Mechanism: Apart from performance and aesthetics, this Xiaomi WalkinPad is worth purchasing due to the safety it offers. It is 100% safe to use due to BH protection, motor protection, overcurrent protection, novice speed limit protection, overload protection and high-temperature protection.
  • Benefits: By walking on the Xiaomi WalkinPad, you will notice sudden calmness of your body and change of mind. It de-stresses and relaxes you.
  • Adjustable Speed: Due to the adaptive speed adjustment, you can adjust the speed as per your preference as and when you want to. It takes care of your requirements so you don’t have to worry.
  • Remote Control: The remote control which comes along with this treadmill has a start/stop button. Additionally, it also has an acceleration button, deceleration button and a wake-up or mode switch.
  • Mijia App: All thanks to the Mijia App. It enables you to screen the data to the floating window of Xiaomi TV. Through the Mijia App, you can also access the Xiaomi smart home ecosystem. Further, you can easily set and adjust the related functions in the app.
  • Price: Grab the Xiaomi WalkinPad Unisex treadmill for an estimated cost of SAR 4,000.

Model: YY-1006-a

Fitness World treadmill in Saudi Arabia
  • Heart Rate Monitoring: When you exercise on this treadmill, it monitors your heart rate and gives you accurate results. Thus, helping you in monitoring your heart health.
  • 5-inch LCD Screen: This treadmill is equipped with a 5-inch LCD screen. So, you can see the number of calories burned, the distance covered, the total time of your workout, the speed at which you are exercising as well as your heart rate.
  • Maximum User Weight: Since the maximum user weight capacity of this treadmill is 120 Kgs, it can easily accommodate an individual crossing 90 Kgs. Hence, those weighing 100-120 Kgs don’t have to worry.
  • Speed Settings and Motor: It offers you a maximum speed of 10 Kms and is equipped with a 2HP motor. So, you can exercise conveniently in the comfort of your own home without visiting the gym.
  • Price: Bring home the Fitness World treadmill for an estimated cost of SAR 1,700.

Model: EM-1242

Skyland Motorized Treadmill in Saudi Arabia
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: This Skyland treadmill features a maximum weight capacity of 100 Kgs. Therefore, even a person weighing more than 75 Kgs won’t face any issues while using this treadmill.
  • Conveniently Designed: Besides performance, this treadmill also excels in terms of providing safety. It comes with comfortable handlebar controls to enable you to control the speed to suit your requirements. Moreover, it is designed in such a way so as to provide you with maximum convenience. You won’t even have to remove your hands from the handlebars while doing this.
  • Twister Function: The twister function improves your midsection or entire core. (Core comprises muscles that not only support but also stabilize your body). These muscles include abdominal muscles, glutes, back muscles, hips and pelvis. Thereby improving balance and toning your physique.
  • Speed Settings: You can walk, jog, or run on the Skyland Motorized treadmill in the comfort of your own home. That too with a speed of 12Km/hour and 2.0 HP DC motor.
  • Massager: To offer you massage techniques, this treadmill comes with the massager/massage feature. Additionally, it allows sit-ups and more.
  • Multi-Function Display: Besides displaying the distance, speed, time and pulse, it also displays the calories burnt while exercising.
  • Price: Skyland Motorized Treadmill with Massager is available approximately for SAR 1,600.

Model: TDA-111

PowerMax Fitness TDA-111 (4HP Peak) motorized treadmill - One of the best treadmill options in Saudi Arabia
  • Auto Incline: Featuring an 18-level auto incline that provides an intense workout to everyone using this treadmill. So you can choose the level of incline from 0-18 to suit your requirements.
  • LCD Display: All thanks to the 5″ blue LCD display. It shows your heart rate, speed, distance, time, calories burned. As well as the incline and the program you have selected for your workout.
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: The maximum weight of a person that this treadmill can hold is 115 Kgs.
  • Boost your Cardiovascular Performance: Featuring a top speed of 14 Km/hr, coupled with the 18 levels of auto incline. And also the 2.0HP Green Efficient motor, you can have a challenging workout.
  • Running Surface: Due to its running surface of 1260mm x 420mm, you can walk, jog or run on this treadmill comfortably with ease.
  • Heart Rate Sensor: The heart rate sensor is present on the hand rail of this treadmill. Also known as the grip pulse sensor, it lets you monitor your heart rate. All you need to do is place your palm on the handle grip.
  • Speed: This treadmill offers you speed settings with its top speed being 14 Km/hr.
  • Hydraulic Softdrop System: Simply kick the yellow tube to unfold the treadmill. This is easy to do due to the hydraulic softdrop system.
  • Built-in Speakers: This PowerMax Fitness treadmill is equipped with built-in speakers that come with AUX/USB connection and headphone jack. Hence, you can listen to your favourite playlist from your MP3 player or smartphone while exercising. Thus, keeping you in a good mood. Additionally, you can also connect a USB pen drive or your headphone to your treadmill.
  • Transportation Wheels: Besides folding the treadmill easily, now you can also move the treadmill with ease and store it conveniently due to the transportation wheels.
  • Mobile and Tablet Holder: While using the treadmill, you can keep your phone/tablet in the holder.
  • Smart Run Function: The Smart Run Function records your activity and the next time you workout, you can replay the same.
  • Price: PowerMax Fitness TDA-111 (4HP Peak) motorized treadmill is available for a price of around SAR 1,900.

Model: EM-1270

Skyland unisex treadmill in Saudi Arabia
  • Quiet Operation/Functioning: Featuring a 2HP motor, this Skyland treadmill can be used at home as well as in the office without disturbing anyone. This is because of its quiet operation (disturbance-free functioning), thus it doesn’t create annoying sounds or noise.
  • Slimming and Toning: Benefit incredible slimming and toning results of your body after using this treadmill regularly.
  • Non-slip and Ergonomic Handle: Benefit that additional stability while running. All thanks to the ergonomic and non-slip grip handle which helps you to hold and use the treadmill comfortably. These handles are creatively designed to fit into your palms conveniently.
  • Incredible Sturdiness and Longevity: The steel frame and multi-layer shield design not only offer incredible sturdiness but also longevity.
  • LCD Blue Screen: While you exercise on the treadmill, you can check your heart rate, speed control, time, distance and calories burned conveniently on this 5-inch LCD blue screen.
  • USB Port: With the help of the on-console USB port, you can charge your device.
  • Price: Skyland Unisex treadmill is available for a price of around SAR 1,150.

Running on a Treadmill Vs Outdoors

Now that you have taken a look at the best treadmill options in Saudi Arabia, let’s move on to the next section. The rule of thumb originated from a study that was published in the year 1996. This study states that if you run on a treadmill at a 1% incline and a 7-minute-mile pace, then it is equivalent to running outdoors at the same pace. Also, running outdoors at a slower speed can be fairly compared to running on a treadmill at either a 0% or 1% incline. The difference which you see is because of the air resistance which is not taken into consideration if you are moving up and down in place. However, note that if you or anyone you know is looking forward to preparing himself/herself for a race then it is not ideal to perform all your miles on a treadmill.

Research, as well as, studies have proved that you put in less effort running on a treadmill compared to a sidewalk or a trail. Therefore, consider running outdoors if you are planning to participate in a race or marathon or any sort of sports event. However, if you need to train yourself indoors, due to any reason. Then ensure you set the pace throughout the entire workout (every part of the workout) on the basis of your recognized effort. In other words, it can be on the basis of how hard or how much you think you are working for it. Further, ensure that you set the incline on the treadmill to 1%. If you are honest with your body and your overall health, then the effort you make should translate relatively outside.

Also, don’t forget that the treadmill doesn’t control you, in fact, you control the treadmill. However, before you begin your first run, you need to make sure that you familiarize yourself totally with the treadmill. By doing this you will be totally oriented and comfortable with the treadmill. Additionally, where exactly you are standing on the treadmill makes a big difference. So, if you are standing too much in front on the treadmill while running, then is a higher risk of you hitting the LCD display. Likewise, while running, if you are standing too much at the back or right at the back of the treadmill then you’re at a higher risk of falling off completely from the treadmill.

Furthermore, ensure that you avoid OVERSTRIDING while using the treadmill. For those of you who are not very familiar with this term, overstriding is a situation when your foot lands too far or too much in front of your body. Overstriding occurs when you try to do the activity at a fast speed. Hence, it is a common treadmill misstep. Therefore, you need to work on improving hip-flexor flexibility, stay within your pace parameters and increase your cadence. All this is of utmost importance.

Important Factors/Features to Look For in a Treadmill

Purchasing a treadmill is not so easy as it seems like. Hence, we are here with this section containing all the factors/features that you should consider while making your purchase. Considering all these factors will definitely help you purchase the best treadmill in Saudi Arabia.

Capacity, Weight and Durability

Firstly, you should always look for the maximum user capacity that the treadmill offers. This is important because it tells you the maximum weight that the treadmill can hold of an individual without any hassle. Next important factor is the weight of the treadmill. Purchasing a treadmill that rattles and shakes while using it will do you no good and can harm you more than you think. Always opt for a treadmill with more weight. This is important as the treadmill you use needs to be strong.

A heavyweight treadmill indicates how well it is built. Additionally, it also determines that it is strong and sturdy enough, not only to handle your weight but also to serve you for long years to come. Also, these kinds of treadmills are stable and safe to use. Furthermore, these treadmills are the best options for training situations, extended usage and for all those individuals who prefer high-tech features and functionalities.

Then, comes the durability factor of a treadmill. First and foremost, a durable treadmill lasts for several years to come and is of good quality. Additionally, it is also strong and sturdy enough and can handle your weight as well as support the different exercises that you’re going to use it for. Especially exercises and activities like sprinting and cross-train. The best treadmill in Saudi Arabia is heavyweight as well as durable.

Surface Area (Running)

The next most important factor which you need to consider while purchasing a treadmill is the running surface area. So, if you are tall with a long running stride then you need to purchase a treadmill featuring a large deck area. The surface area should be at least 55 inches long and 20 inches wide. The same thing implies if you heal strike. As a matter of fact, the running surface area is ideally 60 inches by 22 inches. The additional two inches make a lot of difference on the width.

Exercise Types/Techniques

Another critical factor is the exercise types or techniques which the treadmill can help you carry out. Hence, you need to identify all your requirements and ask yourself all the details that will be needed while purchasing the best treadmill in Saudi Arabia. For instance, you need to figure out whether you need the treadmill only for walking and running or also for sprinting, jogging and cross-training. So, if you want to cross-train or sprint on the treadmill, then you need to purchase a treadmill that is creatively designed to support all these exercises. Else you can opt for a treadmill that supports only walking, jogging or running.

Note that low budget and low-quality treadmills are meant only for walking that too with few or no speed settings at all. Therefore, you need to be cautious while purchasing a treadmill for home use. Don’t compromise on this factor to save costs. A better quality treadmill equipped with maximum features, exercise types and functionalities will serve you for several years to come.

Utilization of Space

Before purchasing a treadmill, you need to consider the size of your home. Depending upon that you will figure out whether a foldable or non-foldable treadmill would be better for you. Well, if you have a room or area in your home which you can dedicate only for your treadmill. For example, you can keep the treadmill in that area or room 24/7, then a non-foldable treadmill will do for you. However, if you don’t have a dedicated space or room for the treadmill, then you need a foldable treadmill. So that you have space left to store other things. Additionally, note that the treadmill that you are planning to purchase contains wheels for easy transportation.

Thickness/Length/Width of Treadmill Belt

Besides all these factors, you also need to consider the treadmill belt and various aspects of it such as the thickness, length and width while purchasing the best treadmill in Saudi Arabia. Each treadmill differs in terms of the length and width of its workout belt. This in turn affects how you feel working out on the treadmill. Apart from this, the thickness of the belt also determines the amount of noise which the treadmill makes when it is in use. Additionally, it also determines the maintenance factor as in how often the belt needs maintenance. This section contains a detailed explanation of the thickness, length and width of the treadmill belt.


When you’re planning on purchasing a treadmill, note that the belt will wear out easily if it is too thin. Similarly, the belt will rip or stretch if its thickness is just one-ply. Although a thin belt or thickness of only one-ply may be sufficient for walking on the treadmill. It is not at all suitable for running purpose and other vigorous workouts since these workout methods require the treadmill’s belt to have a thickness of two-ply or even more. Moreover, you won’t find the need for replacing a treadmill belt with a thickness of 2-ply or more as it can work for many miles. As a matter of fact, the thicker the belt, the quieter it is. Majority of the people who have used a treadmill with a thicker belt have experienced this. The same applies when you approach higher speeds.


For a higher stride length, you need to ensure that you purchase a treadmill with a longer belt. And this is mandatory if you need the treadmill to run a lot without facing any issues. The usual length of the treadmill belt meant for walking and jogging is 55 inches. On the other hand, treadmills that are designed for running go up to 60 inches in length. Don’t forget that your height is also an important factor. Ensure you opt for a treadmill with a belt of length 60-inches if you are 6 feet tall and need the treadmill for the purpose of walking. The 60 inches belt length will provide you with maximum comfort. Additionally, tall runners also need to opt for a treadmill with a longer stride length i.e up to 62 or 63 inches.


If you consider the width of a treadmill belt, the most common width would be 20 inches wide. Therefore, any treadmill belt wider than 20 inches is classified as extra-large. If you are tall or on the heavier side, then a wider belt proves better and is essential for a comfortable workout. Moreover, a wider belt is of great help to all those who feel that they are trapped while working out on a treadmill. Nowadays, the widest belts that you will find are the extra-wide belts which are 22 inches wide.

How does the Treadmill Belt Affect the Maintenance of a Treadmill?

Well, here’s how the treadmill belt affects treadmill maintenance. How much or how often you need to maintain your treadmill depends upon the thickness of the treadmill belt. Certain belts only require occasional waxing or lubricating. These are very easy to uphold. On the other hand, the other belts need to be maintained much more and that too on a regular basis. Indeed, this will be a real pain in the long term. As a matter of fact, the thicker the treadmill belt, the lesser the maintenance required.

Tips to Maintain your Treadmill the Right Way

For your treadmill to serve you for several years to come without any change in performance, it is mandatory to maintain it, use it appropriately and clean it regularly. And the fact is that cleaning, maintaining and using it appropriately will reduce the risk of needing major maintenance. After careful research, we have penned down the maintenance tips for you. These tips will aid you in the long run.

A treadmill’s belt moves smoothly over the deck with some silicone lubricant. Certain treadmills come pre-lubed which is when the manufacturer will advise you not to add more lubricant. However, if the treadmill stops moving when you step on the belt with all your weight, then it needs more lube. But don’t wait till this situation occurs. Adding a little lubricant to the treadmill belt after every few months is the best thing which you can do. When you purchase a treadmill online, don’t worry as it will come with a user manual. This user manual will guide you on how often you need to lubricate the treadmill belt.

Now, just incase you notice that the treadmill belt moves back and forth horizontally. Then what you need to do is first and foremost turn on the treadmill, stand behind it, and watch the back roller. It requires tightening which you need to do. A bolt is responsible for controlling the tightness and it is present on either side of the back of the deck. Also, if you notice that the distance and time measurements are off and for example the console declares that you ran a 7-minute mile while working up to 6mph. Then you need to follow the instructions in the manual to calibrate the treadmill.

Further, you need to be aware of the fact that treadmills tend to get clogged with pet hair. Therefore, if you have pets at home, then you need to be extra vigilant. Most often, this occurs if your pet hangs around or messes around your treadmill while it is off. Therefore, ensure you use a handheld vacuum cleaner or wipe down the belt regularly.

Motor of a Home Treadmill

While purchasing a treadmill, the motor of the treadmill is another very important factor. The motor of the treadmill is a huge component of what makes the treadmill run. In other words, it contributes largely. Therefore, it is a must that you should never compromise on the motor. Because if you don’t do so then it won’t offer the same performance after a certain interval of time. If you consider any treadmill, the main motor is responsible for pushing the belt forward. The more you weigh and the faster you want to run on the treadmill, the higher the power of the treadmill required.

Keep in mind that a treadmill motor which is running to its full capacity at all times or even most of the times will start to fatigue and sputter out faster in comparison to a motor which still has plenty of water that is not exhausted. Let us proceed to two significant terms i.e. Horsepower (HP) and continuous horsepower (CHP) to help you purchase the best treadmill in Saudi Arabia. As a matter of fact, the first thing that you need to look out for in a treadmill motor is the horsepower (HP). Horsepower (HP) only indicates the amount of power which the treadmill can generate in an instant.

On the other hand, continuous horsepower (CHP) indicates the total power which the treadmill can provide or even put out during your entire workout session. So, if you are planning to exercise continuously, for example, an hour or more, then continuous horsepower (CHP) comes into the picture. Note that the latest treadmills are equipped with a continuous horsepower (CHP) of 2.25 to 4.25. Also, note that the higher the CHP of the treadmill, the more the power, which is why you can workout more on your treadmill.

People weighing 200 lbs or less than that should opt for the following:

  • A minimum of 2.0 CHP for walking.
  • Minimum of 3.0 CHP for running.
  • A minimum of 2.5 CHP for jogging.

However, you need to opt for 4.0 CHP if you need to train yourself for a marathon. This also applies if one or more of your family members will be using the treadmill besides you, and especially on a daily basis. Incase you or anyone in your family weighs more than 200 pounds, then the CHP needs to have an additional half rating to give the treadmill more of a push.

FAQs on Treadmill

To clear all your doubts and provide you with a clear understanding of treadmills, here are a set of frequently asked questions that will help you use the best treadmill in Saudi Arabia efficiently.

Explain the accuracy of the “calories burnt” readings on a treadmill?

The calories that you burn while making use of a treadmill are accurate, however, you need to keep certain things in mind. Firstly, if you place even a slight amount of weight on the support rails of the treadmill, then it can decrease the actual calories burnt. This can decrease by 20% or even more than that. Hence, you need to keep your hands off the support rails of the treadmill to obtain the accurate “calories burnt” readings/calorie count.

In order to calculate and compare the total calories burned per mile, following lie some of the simple equations.

Walking (3-4 mph): Total calories burned per mile = 0.53 x bodyweight (in pounds)
Net calories burned per mile = 0.30 x weight
Running (5mph and higher): Total calories burned per mile = 0.75 x bodyweight (in pounds)
Net calories burned per mile = 0.63 x weight

Is it easier to run on a treadmill or outdoors?

Well, it is easier to run on a treadmill than running on the road or anywhere outdoors. And there are several reasons behind this. First and foremost, the main reason is that the treadmill belt aids in leg turnover. Therefore, making it easier for you to run at a faster speed. Apart from this, the majority of the individuals experience that their pace on the treadmill doesn’t correlate to their road pace. Also, road running offers soft tissue conditioning or hardening. This doesn’t occur with treadmill running. And this is due to the fact that the base or plate on the treadmill provides more than road surfaces.

Further, the treadmill is a great training tool. As you utilize the treadmill, it aids you in running faster by speeding up the pace for shorter intervals. Furthermore, the treadmill also aids you to slow it down for recovery intervals. But, heavy use of treadmill increases your risk of injuries such as stress fractures and more.

Which is a better option for running? Treadmill with incline or without?

Using a treadmill with an incline is always a better option since it increases the level of challenge of your treadmill workout. First and foremost, running on a treadmill with an incline is a great option to increase calorie burn. Plus, you will notice that you are building muscles during each workout when you use the treadmill with an incline. On the contrary, using a treadmill without incline is easier for walking and running than running outdoors on a level surface. This is because there is no challenge and neither wind resistance. Therefore, for a serious workout, you need a treadmill with an incline motor as that will help you lose weight and burn those calories.

Do I need to purchase special shoes for walking and running on a treadmill?

Not necessary to do so. You may use the same pair of shoes which you use for running and walking outdoors. Thus, this depends from person to person as each one’s preference and comfort level differs. So, if you feel that you want to purchase new shoes for working out on the treadmill, then you can do so. Note that the most important thing is the shoes which you wear should be designed for your feet. Additionally, it also depends on the way you run. It is mandatory to wear shoes that fit you properly. Else, it will lead to injury and other foot problems if the shoes are tight or don’t suit your feet. Since some have broad feet and some narrow. Some have a high arch whereas some have a medium arch or flat feet.

Lose Weight and Feel Confident!

With the best treadmill in Saudi Arabia, not only will you lose weight and get rid of that visceral fat. But you will also look good and feel confident while interacting with people. Do not ever compromise on features and technologies to save costs. Get a good quality one so that it will serve you for long years to come. Ensure you check for the maximum user weight and the top speed of the treadmill before making your purchase so that it fits your requirements. You are just a click away from purchasing the best treadmill in Saudi Arabia. You may also take a look at the best exercise bike options in Saudi Arabia for a lower body workout and to tone your abs, glutes and legs.

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