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Best Sparnod Treadmills in UAE

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If you’re looking out for unique and sturdy fitness equipment in UAE for a high-intensity workout or regular cardio, then the best Sparnod treadmills are your go-to options. We bet, you will definitely find the right treadmill for yourself after you see the products we considered here. With the rise in diabetes, blood pressure and other lifestyle diseases, the need for regular workout and losing weight has become all the more important. Staying fit and healthy is no more a choice but a lifestyle change everybody should make nowadays. Without further ado, let’s proceed to these creatively designed Sparnod treadmills.

Best Sparnod Treadmills in UAE

So, before we proceed to the best Sparnod treadmills in UAE, we decided to brief you on how this brand operates in UAE. Sparnod General Trading LLC. was founded in Dubai in the year 2022. They are the first one-stop store in UAE that excel in sports and fitness equipment, as well as accessories. With 1000+ products, Sparnod boasts itself as the leading distributor of top-quality and premium fitness equipment. As a matter of fact, Sparnod has transformed the concept of fitness into a lifestyle in UAE and now you’re ready to see the best treadmills from this brand.

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Best Sparnod Treadmills in UAE – Quick List

TreadmillMax. Weight CapacityFoldableSpeedCheck Price
Sparnod Fitness 2 in 1 Treadmill (Home cum Under Desk Walking Pad)
110 KgsYes (Easiest to Fold)Walking Mode: 1-4 Km/hr

Running Mode: 1-12 Km/hr

Price on
Sparnod Fitness 4 HP Peak Multifunction Treadmill
110 KgsYes (Hydraulic Folding System)Minimum- 1 Km/hr
Maximum- 12 Km/hr
Price on
Sparnod Fitness (6 HP Peak) Treadmill
140 KgsYes (Hydraulic Lift and Lowering Assist System)Minimum- 1 Km/hr
Maximum- 18 Km/hr
Price on

Extremely Unique, Space Saving with Dual Modes

Sparnod Fitness 2 in 1 Treadmill (Home cum Under Desk Walking Pad)

Model: STH 3020

Sparnod Fitness 2 in 1 Treadmill in UAE STH-3020
  • 2 in 1 Under Desk Walking and Running Treadmill: Unlike the other normal treadmills, this Sparnod treadmill variant is a 2 in 1 treadmill featuring two exercise modes. To use the treadmill as an under desk or walking pad, simply fold the treadmill riser. And to use it as a running treadmill, simply unfold it. This indicates that you can use it as a running treadmill and under desk walking treadmill, thus making it one of the best Sparnod treadmills in UAE.
  • Speed Range: As you have seen above that the treadmill can be used for walking when the riser is folded. The speed range in the walking mode is 1-4 Km/hr. Hence, you can walk on it comfortably while working. And when unfolded, you can run on it, the speed range in the running mode is 1-12 Km/hr.
  • Space Saving Design: This is one of the best Sparnod treadmills available in UAE in terms of possessing a space saving design. You can fold this treadmill in such a way that it can slide easily under your TV stand, sofa and even your bed. The handlebars are detachable.
  • Dual Mode Display: Wow, amazing. This treadmill comes with two displays, one display is for the walking pad and the second display is when you are using the treadmill in the normal mode.
  • Ultra Quiet Motor: Experience a 2.5 HP (4 HP Peak) motor that is ultra quiet yet powerful. Additionally, multi-layer shielding formulates it.
  • Clip: You don’t have to struggle to fold this treadmill due to the easy clip folding option.
  • Easy to Reach Safety Key: Featuring an emergency stop feature. When you want the treadmill to stop instantly in an emergency, the safety key is the ultimate solution. The best thing about it is that it is easy to reach.
  • Remote Control: As you workout, you can change the speed easily through the remote control. There are two buttons to increase and decrease the speed. Additionally, there is a button to help you start and stop the treadmill.

Additional Features of Sparnod Fitness 2 in 1 Treadmill STH 3020

  • Shock Reduction System: The durable steel frame, 7-level soft large running belt contribute to the shock reduction system of this treadmill. This provides safe cushioning for your back, joints, knees, ankles, and muscles.
  • 100% Pre-installed: This treadmill is 100% pre-installed and assembled. Therefore, you don’t need to assemble it by yourself. Simply plug and run the treadmill.
  • Multi-functional LED Display: Through this display you can view your heart rate, speed, distance, time and calories burned. The feather touch backlit buttons add to the digital display and help you select the program you desire.
  • Built-in Bluetooth Speaker + Phone Bracket (Holder): Henceforth, you won’t be bored whenever you workout, and that is because of the built-in bluetooth speaker. Listen to your favourite music and also watch TV when you want to while walking or running on this treadmill. The phone bracket or holder helps you place your smartphone or tablet in front of you.
  • Transportation Wheels: You can move the treadmill to the place you desire after you finish your workout. And to make it hassle-free, the wheels are of great help to make transportation effortless.
  • Price: Get yourself the Sparnod Fitness 2 in 1 Treadmill STH 3020 (Home cum Under Desk Walking Pad) for approximately AED 1,320.
Sparnod Fitness 2 in 1 Treadmill (Home cum Under Desk Walking Pad) in UAE

Its specifications are as follows:

Maximum User Weight Capacity110 Kgs
SpeedWalking Mode: 1-4 Km/hr
Running Mode: 1-12 Km/hr
Motor2.5 HP (4 HP Peak) DC Motor
Running Surface Area44 x 16 inch
FoldableYes (easiest to fold)

Compact and Good Quality

Sparnod Fitness 4 HP Peak Multifunction Treadmill

Model: STH-2200

Sparnod Fitness 4 HP Peak Multifunction Treadmill STH-2200
  • Maximum Safety: The running belt of this Sparnod treadmill is designed with a high density lawn texture to absorb the shock. Additionally, the anti-slip or non-slip texture provides maximum safety to the user while working out. So, you won’t fall off the treadmill.
  • Large Running Belt: Featuring a large 4-layer running belt that offers ample of space to the users to walk, sprint, jog, or run.
  • Multifunction Utility: Loaded with various functions and workout options for you, this treadmill helps you achieve a healthy lifestyle by burning those calories and losing weight.
    • Not only can you use it to walk, jog, sprint, or run but also for other workout types as it includes a powerful massager. You can use this powerful massager for your neck, hips, thighs, stomach, abs, glutes, hamstrings and calves.
    • Additionally, it is equipped with a sit-up bar ideal for your core muscles.
  • 12 Programs: So that you don’t have to repeat the same workout type, this treadmill comes along with 12 preset programs (P1-P12). This will not only offer you a variety but also make it challenging for you and get you closer to achieving your fitness goals.
  • 3 Level Manual Incline: Likewise, to intensify your workout schedule, it offers you 3 levels of manual incline. Increasing the incline will make you feel as though you are running outdoors on a slope. This will help you burn more calories.
  • EZfold Technology: In order to make folding and unfolding the treadmill hassle-free, the EZfold technology utilizes a hydraulic shock.
  • Speed Range: Offering you speed that is ranging from 1 Km/hr to 12 Km/hr that helps you burn fat effictively. The speed range for walking is 1-4 Km/hr, for jogging it is 5-8 Km/hr, and for burning fat it is 9-12 Km/hr.

Additional Features of Sparnod Fitness Multifunction Treadmill STH-2200

  • Motor: A smooth and quiet treadmill perfect for home and office use as it features a 2 HP Continuous and 4 HP Peak motor.
  • Hi-Fi Speaker: The built-in Hi-Fi speaker plays music from your phone using the AUX cable, so you benefit from full-on entertainment to keep your workout entertaining.
  • Entertainment Device Shelf: This shelf is specially designed to place your smartphone or tablet in front of you so that you can use it while working out.
  • 5-inch Digital LCD Display: Easily keep a track of your speed, time, distance, heart rate, and calories burned. As you start to workout, you will get to viewing all these on the LCD display.
  • 2 Cup Holders: On either side of the treadmill, there are 2 cup holders, so that you can sip water from your cup anytime without the need to get off the treadmill.
  • Price: Sparnod Fitness 4 HP Peak Multifunction Treadmill STH-2200 is available for a price of around AED 1,500.
Sparnod Fitness STH-2200 Multifunction Treadmill in UAE

Its specifications are as follows:

Maximum User Weight Capacity110 Kgs
SpeedMinimum- 1 Km/hr
Maximum- 12 Km/hr
Running Surface Area47 x 16.5 inch
Motor2 HP (4 HP Peak) Powerful DC Motor
Incline3 Level Manual Incline
FoldableYes (Hydraulic Folding System)
Number of Programs12

Stylish, Sturdy and Solid Build – Designed for Heavy Duty & High Intensity Workout

Sparnod Fitness (6 HP Peak) Treadmill

Model: STH-5700

Sparnod Fitness (6 HP Peak) Treadmill STH-5700 in UAE
  • Automatic Incline: In order to increase the intensity of your workout and make it more challenging for you, this treadmill offer you an automatic incline of 1-15%. You can select the level of inclination that suits your body type and requirements.
    • Firstly, this not only stimulates your walking activity but also jogging and running. You will feel as if you are running uphill outdoors.
    • Secondly, as you increase the inclination during your workout, you are able to burn more calories and shed more weight.
    • At 0% incline, it helps you burn 134 calories.
    • At 5% incline, it helps you burn 159 calories.
    • Further, 10% incline helps you burn 183 calories and 15% incline helps you burn 207 calories.
  • Superior Motor Power: Equipped with one of the most powerful 3 HP (6 HP Peak) DC motor. A low noise motor that doesn’t make noise or cause disturbance to the surrounding area. Hence, you can workout as and when you want to.
  • Entertainment Device Shelf: As the name says, this shelf helps you place your phone or tablet on it. Hence, you can keep yourself entertained during your workout, you won’t get bored to workout anymore.
  • Hydraulic Assist System: This system enables you to lift and lower the treadmill deck with ease, thus making this treadmill easy to fold. Additionally, it also helps you to fold the treadmill in an upright position and store it when not in use.
  • Hi-Fi Speaker: Listen to your favourite playlist throughout your workout session. A big thanks to the built-in Hi-Fi speaker since this helps you play music from your Android smartphone/iPhone or MP3 player using AUX cable.

Additional Features of Sparnod Fitness Treadmill STH-5700

  • Best in Class Speed Range: Offering you a speed range from 1 Km/hr to 18 Km/hr to help you burn fat effictively. Walking 1-6 Km/hr, jogging 7-12 km/hr, and 13-18 Km/hr for burning fat.
  • Easy to Move: Although this machine is very sturdy and heavy-weight, moving it aside and storing it in your desired location is effortless. This is because of the attached wheels which help you move it.
  • Two Cup Holders: It is natural to feel thirsty while working out, but now you can sip water or anything you like without getting off the treadmill. Yes, this treadmill comes with 2 cup holders, so you can place your cups easily in the holders right infront of you.
  • Pulse Rate/Heart Rate: The pulse/heart sensors on the treadmill track your heart rate and let you know whether it is in the normal range or not.
  • Extremely Large LED Display: Featuring an LED display at the front of the treadmill, this LED display helps you view your heart rate, speed, time, distance, calories burned and more. All these factors are tracked when you are working out on the treadmill.
  • Price: Bring home the Sparnod Fitness (6 HP peak) treadmill STH-5700 for an estimated cost of AED 2,550.
Sparnod Fitness Treadmill in UAE STH-5700

Its specifications are as follows:

Maximum User Weight Capacity140 Kgs
SpeedMinimum- 1 Km/hr
Maximum- 18 Km/hr
InclineAuto-incline 1-15%
Motor3 HP (6 HP Peak)
Running Surface Area54 x 20 inches (Larger and Wider)
Number of Programs12 Preset Programs
FoldableYes, Hydraulic Lift and Lowering Assist System

Here are some additional Sparnod treadmills that are worth considering. Do take a look at the following products.

Fitness on Point!

That was it, the best Sparnod treadmills in UAE. We have come to the end of it. Before we conclude, we would want to tell you to focus on your requirements and then make your purchase. See what fits you best. Also, if your family members or friends will be using the same treadmill that you purchase now, then it is better to take their opinion too. Accordingly, you can make your purchase. More the features, the better considering future use, so consider all the features and technologies. Ensure you don’t allow dust to deposit on your treadmill as it might hamper its performance. Wipe it with a cloth and keep it in a clean environment. Lastly, eat well, drink 8-12 glasses of water, sleep well and workout regularly. You may also want to consider the best high-end treadmill in UAE.

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