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Best Sous Vide Machine in UAE

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Perfect cooking is what you are looking for? So, the best sous vide machine in UAE is here as the solution to your searching. With brands like Sinco, CONRAL, DOOLONG you can have the perfect cooking every time. So, you don’t have to spend time researching as we have done that for you providing you with the best and a few bonuses as well. Almost 100 hours of research has proved the importance of the best sous vide machine in your UAE kitchen. Despite the fact that you can get restaurant-style gourmet dishes at home with this device. You don’t have to put too much effort into cooking as well with this device. And you get perfect nutrient-rich food without any compromise.

Best Sous Vide Machine in UAE – Quick List

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What are Sous Vide Immersion Circulators

Sous vide immersion circulator machine is one in which you would immerse into an already preowned pot. So you can get your cooking done even with not much need for equipments. But what really is a sous vide immersion circulator? This device actually heats up water in a manner that the water temperature is evenly maintained in the pot. This is immersion circulators works as the best alternative to the sous vide machine in UAE. As it forms as a space-efficient and easy to use the product and not to mention even affordable. All you would have to do is clam it onto a pot and you can get cooking.

Important Features of a Sous Vide Machine

While looking for the best sous vide machine for your UAE home there are always a few factors for you to consider. Besides the fact that there are different types of sous vide machines. That is an obvious consideration. Therefore, here are a few factors that you would have to look into when getting your own sous vide machine for your kitchen.

Speed of Heating

Instant results are definitely what you are looking for. Therefore you need a machine which would give you an instant result of heating the water. And not make you wait for hours on to have the desired temperature of the water. So you can get done with your cooking much quicker.


While you cook you would always want your meal to turn out as you plan it and not need to improvise the last minute. So you need a sous vide machine which would be accurate enough to warm the water up evenly and steadily. Without having any cold or hot spots in the water. Or else you could land up with an entirely boiled egg instead of the poached egg you were looking for.


Having a built-in timer for your sous vide article would be a useful feature to work with. As with this, it would make your work much easier and you can focus on other aspects of your meal and not just on the sous vide cooker to constantly check if your food item is ready. In these too make sure to keep track of the type as there is a countdown timer which warns you with an alarm and the other which allows you to keep track of how long you were cooking the item. But also keep in mind that if you get the ones which would shut off after a particular time could allow bacterial growth.

Now that, that has been covered. And you have learned there are different types of sous vide machines for you to choose from. Here are a shortlisted few of the best sous vide machine in UAE. Take a pick only after having viewed every product in the list.

The best sous vide machine in UAE
  • Cooking Accuracy: This sous vide machine has a digital control panel. With which you can adjust the temperature and cook time with. You have a wide selection of temperatures right from 25°C to 99.9°C. Whereas the time control is up to 99h 59mins. So you can efficiently cook your meals without having to worry about it frequently.
  • Healthy: While cooking with this sous vide machine it is a perfect cooking companion as it keeps the nutrients and vitamins of the food intact. So you can get restaurant type juicy and fresh food at home.
  • Sanitary: Unlike any other, this device is made of stainless steel so you wouldn’t have any side effects of these materials. Also, the sleeves make it easy to clean the device. So, you wouldn’t need any more extra cleaning equipment.
  • Easy Usage: You have nothing much to be done with this device. Only fill in some water in a pot and attach your device to the pot. And then all you have to do is slip in your ingredients into the water after putting it in a sealed bag or even a glass jar. And lastly, you set the temperature and timing for the ingredients and cook away.
  • Design: The build of this device is in such a way that it not only heats water up quickly but also prevents the whole panel from misting up. As this is a common problem faced when you are working with heated water. Furthermore, you can use this device with just one hand and still get a good outcome.
  • Efficient: Since it is a heating technology and working on electricity you wouldn’t have to worry about the whole device heating up and causing harm. Or even the lower water levels causing any problem to the device. As it is protected from all these dangers.
  • Dimensions: The dimensions of this product is 35.1 x 20.6 x 11 cm so you can easily store it. As well as use it without too much hassle.
  • Price: All you have to pay is around AED 450 for this device.

Rank 2: CONRAL Sous Vide Machine

Model: Liuqiang-17038-CONRAL

  • Cooking Accuracy: Precisely cooked food just the way you would like it. All because of the wide temperature control right from 0°C up to 95°C. Furthermore, as this device heats the food to a constant temperature and keeps it at that temperature to have the perfect food you wish to have.
  • Fast Heating: Since it has a 1500W power heating. This causes the water to heat up faster than any other. And therefore it is also easy to maintain the temperature at an even range.
  • Usage: The device has a clip feature which you can use to make sure it doesn’t fall when working. So, with the help of this clip safely secure the sous vide machine. And make sure to fill the water at acceptable levels. Only then you slide in your food. It’s all that simple.
  • Design: To promote the easy usage all you have to understand is the design of the device which has just two buttons and one dial knob. With just these controls you can get the best food at home.
  • Efficient: This device has a few features which are really handy while cooking. Making your workload easier and stress-free. Some of which include:
    • Timer: As you can set up a timer as to when you have the water heating and get your food cooking. This is a good feature, as if you have to step out then you can set the timer accordingly to the time for before you reach home. So, when you do the food will be ready waiting for you.
    • Auto-Switch-off: Safety is a priority. Hence this device is built with the feature that this device will automatically shut off if the motor overheats. And also turn off or not turn on when the water levels are too high or too low.
    • Noise: Have no noise made while cooking with this machine. Allowing your baby to rest up while you cook, without causing any disturbance.
  • Dimensions: Portability and storage, as well as usage, is so much easier with this device. Since it weighs 1.47 kg only and dimensions are 44 x 20 x 11 cm.
  • Price: This sous vide machine is available only at the price of around AED 530.
  • Technology: Since the device uses the power of 1500 W. It increases the temperature steadily yet fast. This is done with the low-temperature technology. So you can ensure good food within no time.
  • Precision: You can have just-right timing and temperature settings of the device. Since you can choose the temperature from 0 °C to 95 °C. And have the assurance that the device will hold that temperature for no matter how long you set the timing of the device. The timing of the device can be set from 0-99 hours.
  • Usage: After you connect the device to your pot add water into the pot. This water should be in the advisable level. The device will throw an error if the level of the water is too low or too much. Once that is dealt with you are ready to get cooking.
  • Retains Value: While you use this sous vide cooker you are assured to get your food cooked just the way you would like it. Keeping in tack the nutritional and the original flavour of every ingredient.
  • Efficient: With the use of this device you can save time, as you work on something else. Because there is no need to constantly check up on the ingredient. Furthermore, this device makes no sound while operating. So, you won’t cause any disturbance to anyone.
  • Price: This sous vide machine has an estimated cost of around AED 330.

With that you have a few of the best sous vide machines in UAE. These sous vide immersion circulators are a quick and effective way to get your cooking task done much quicker. With the perfect taste every time. If you don’t believe that then, here are a few points to understand why the sous vide cooking is good for you.

Why is Sous Vide Cooking Good?

A sous vide cooking is a way which is different from the actual cooking method. Sous vide uses temperature control to get your food items to the perfect temperature. So here are a few points why you should opt for the best sous vide cooking machine in UAE.

Consistent Results

When you opt for a sous vide cooker you will get consistent results every time. As you can have the same setting every time. Since you can have the same temperature and time setting every time you cook the dish. So, with this device have the same result every time you prepare the dish.

More Flavor

When you are cooking in the traditional way of cooking you do not have too much control of the heat. And so you can end up overcooking or even leave the food a bit too tender. But with this sous vide cooker you can control the temperature of the heat and have perfectly cooked food. And since it is in a sealed bag or glass jar your food tends to cook in its own juices. Leaving you to savour the extra juiciness, moisture and even the nutritional value of every ingredient.

Hands-Off Cooking

While you are cooking in the traditional way you have to constantly keep an eye on anything that you are heating up. But with this sous vide cooking you don’t have to constantly check up on the food. As it uses precision cooking so it brings the water temperature up to a particular temperature as per your needs and holds it there. Furthermore, since you have the timer option you can not overcook it.

Waste Reduction

While you are cooking your food normally you can tend to overcook the food which results in wastage. To give you a bit more perspective here are a few illustrations.

Here on the right is a steak cooked in the sous vide cooker and left is the normal cooking method. It is seen that the steak not only loses its volume but also is overcooked.

In this one here is the comparison of salmon. The sous vide cooked one is still pink, delicate and juicy whereas the other is pan-cooked and has turned out dried and lost its volume.

And poached eggs you can see the results the left being the sous cooked and the right is the traditionally done ones.

Sous Vide FAQs for UAE

How do you pronounce Sous Vide?

Sous Vide is pronounced as ‘sue veed’. It is a cooking technique that uses temperature accuracy to get you the restaurant-style food at home. The term comes from the French language where sous vide means under vacuum. This is because of the use of vacuum-sealed bags that are used in this cooking process.

Does Sous Vide food cook faster?

Cooking with a sous vide cooker overall might take a little extra time as compared to the traditional method of cooking. This is because the water doesn’t excessed the set temperature set whereas a pan or any other utensil keeps heating up. Thus, increasing the chances of overcooking. Moreover, it depends on the size of the item put into the sous vide cooker. A 1-inch steak would take approximately around an hour to cook to perfection. So if the size is more so will the cooking time. But the wait will be truly worth it.

Which type of bags should be used for Sous Vide?

You do not need to get special bags as the freezer-grade plastic works just fine. If you do not mind spending then you can use the vacuum sealing bags which are safe for you to use and reuse. But if you want to do away with plastic then you have the option of getting special silicon bags which are also available or replace the bag with a glass jar. Which is also acceptable by most sous vide cookers.

Can Sous Vide overcook food?

No, you cannot overcook any food item with the sous vide cooker. This is because the cooker uses precise temperature according to your set needs. And makes sure that the water does not exceed the set temperature. So, this reduces the chances of any food ingredient overcooking. Moreover, while you’re at it you will see the difference that the food taste even more flavorful as compared to the traditional method of cooking. So much so you will not want to switch back ever.

Bonus: Sous Vide Vacuum Seal Pump and Bags

Since you are planning on investing in the best sous vide machine in UAE why not get it all right. And get the vacuum seal pump and bags. So, you can never go wrong with cooking any food ingredient. Therefore check this out:

BEONE Reusable Bags

  • Number: For the bag, you have three sizes, 10.2 x 13.4 inches, 10.2 x 11 inches, 8.3 x 8.7 inches, and a total of 30 reuseable vacuum bags. Furthermore, you also have 1 hand pump, 2 ziplock sealing clips and 4 sous vide cooking clips. Everything you need here in this set.
  • Safety: The material used in these bags has been approved to be safe to use. For storage and to cook food in them. Without causing any harm to the bag or the sous vide device and more importantly to your health.
  • Cost-Effective: In a way, these bags are cost-effective as you can reuse these bags up to a minimum of 10 times. Since these bags are specially designed for solid items so this makes it easier to last longer. And it also saves money as you don’t have to keep purchasing new bags every time.
  • Usage: These bags just take a few seconds to vacuum out all the air of the bag. Just seal the bag shut with the help of the white clip provided and then use the pump to remove out all the air from the bag with the help of the valve. And you are ready to store or cook with this bag.
  • Cleaning: You need not need any fancy cleaning equipment or solutions. As you can clean these bags with the help of your normal detergent soaps. And dry and store them away until the next time you need them.
  • Multi-function: These bags are multi-functional. As you can use them for your sous vide machine, to store food items in the fridge or larder. And even you can use these bags as lunch/snack bags to carry around food while on picnics, camping and anywhere else.
  • Price: These handy and reuseable bags are available only at the approximate cost of AED 150.

Bonus: Sous Vide Container

As mentioned before since you are getting the device do it right by getting everything you need for the smooth functioning of the device. So, here is the container which you can use to fill water in while cooking with the immersive circulator. Just in case if you do not have one and are looking for something for the device.

Model: FG631200CLR

  • Dimensions: The dimension of the device is only around 28.7 x 26.7 x 19.7 cm. Which gives you enough capacity for the water as well. For the water, this container can take up to 12 litres.
  • Material: This container is made with polycarbonate material. This makes it crack resistance and durable even for regular usage. And also safe on your health.
  • Temperature Range: Since this container is made up to the makes of the FDA’s requirements. It is safe to store and heat up for the sous vide machine. As it can take temperatures from -40 to 212 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Design: The design of this container is a rectangular shape. Which makes it easy to store and take up less space as compared to a circular container. Making it the best equipment for a busy kitchen.
    • The rounded edges in the design to help in easy cleaning. So you no more need to put extra effort into cleaning this container.
  • Convenient: This container has handles too which make it easy to carry around without too much effort and strain to you.
    • Moreover, while this container is not in use you can use it as a storage container for your vegetable and fruits.
  • Price: This multifunction container would cost you around only AED 80.
  • Dimensions: Whether you are cooking for yourself or you are cooking for a whole bunch of people you won’t have to divide your meals into several batches. As the size of the container is 325 x 265 x 200mm and hold up to 11 litres of water. So, you can fit a whole chicken into it.
  • Material: Polycarbonate material of this container is strong enough for it to withstand up to 100°C. So you can go on and heat-up anything in this temperature range and you will be fine.
  • Durability: Since it is strong enough to withstand heat what is a drop to it? Nothing. As it is shatter-resistance and won’t break even if you put heavy stuff in it.
  • Efficient: The design is such that you can remove the lid off or put on the sous vide immersion circulator without having to interfere with the one and other.
    • Also since it has a lid the water evaporation level is less and can go on for working for long hours without having to re-fill the container frequently.
  • Cleaning: No need for putting in all your effort and man-power into cleaning this container as it is dishwasher safe. So, you can simply put it into the machine and have it cleaned.
  • Price: The price of this container is around AED 200.

Perfect Food, Perfect Bonds

Cooking have never been easier especially with the best sous vide machine in UAE. Therefore you have more time and a life outside the kitchen rather then the whole day in the kitchen. So, now you can perfect your bonds with your family and friends other then thinking of ways how to perfect your food. Letting this device do the perfection yet you can get the complements on the food.

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