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Best Smartwatch in Saudi Arabia

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Make your daily work life easier with the best smartwatch in Saudi Arabia. Since with a busy workday schedule you tend to miss and lag behind with checking your phone to know if you have an important notification or reminder. This has made it easy to use some of the many features of your phone without having to touch your phone. And that’s just not it, it keeps a track of your health. Be it in terms of your fitness, heart or sleep monitoring. Only the best brands like Apple, Samsung, Fitbit and more can help you with this. Therefore get yours today with the help of this guide.

Best Smartwatch in Saudi Arabia – Quick List

SmartwatchTypeSensorCheck Price
Apple Series 6iPhoneBlood oxygen sensor,
Always-on altimeter,
Electrical heart sensor,
Ambient light sensor
Price on
Samsung Galaxy Active 2Android & iPhoneAccelerometer,
Gyro sensor,
HR sensor,
Light sensor,
ECG sensor
Price on
Huawei GT2e HectorAndroid & iPhone(9.0+)Accelerometer sensor,
Gyroscope sensor,
Geomagnetic sensor,
Optical heart rate sensor,
Ambient light sensor,
Air pressure sensor,
Capacitive sensor
Price on
Fitbit Versa 2Android3-axis accelerometer,
Optical heart rate monitor,
Ambient light sensor,
Relative SpO2 sensor
Price on
Fossil Women’s Gen 4 VentureAndroid & iPhone(12.0+)Accelerometer,
Ambient light,
Heart rate,
Untethered GPS
Price on
Xiaomi Amazfit BipAndroidAccelerometer,
Ambient light.
Heart rate,
PPG sensor
Price on

Features of the Best Smartwatch in KSA

For you to ensure you have the best smartwatch in Saudi Arabia these features are here to guide you. These features aren’t just for extra functionality but to make sure you get the full experience and useability. Hence make sure you have noted and taken into consideration the points mentioned below.

Health Tracker

This feature is what the smartwatches specialize for. Since they provide you with in-depth activity updates. Whether it’s your sleep routine, how many steps or floors you’ve climbed, the calories you’ve lost and even other health-related details. Like that of the oxygen levels, heart rate and more. Moreover, some of the smartwatches provide you with the different modes which helps in measuring how active you really are during the day. This works as a motivator to be more active than you already are.

Voice Control

If you get a watch with this feature it can be pretty handy while you workout or even for busy work schedules. As by simply connecting to your assistive operator be it Siri or Google you can get a task done easily. Like setting reminders, asking for the time, weather or any other information without having to view or touch your phone or watch.

Battery Life

Now during the day when you are wearing the smartwatch, you don’t want to be warned with a warning of a low battery of the watch. You would require a watch which will suffice you till the time you get back home. Therefore looking for a smartwatch whose battery life is around 16 to 18 hours is a good investment.

The battery life would vary depending on the features that the best smartwatch in Saudi Arabia has to offer. Some of the watches have a colourful and high tech display which could affect the battery life while others lacking a feature or two and give you a better runtime. Therefore it is up to you to select and choose the best one for you.

App Set-up

Check out the available apps pre-installed into your phone or look for the option where you can manually download apps for your leisure or use. The latter feature can be quite handy at times. This works as an easier way to access your favourite apps without having to open your phone.

Overall Quality

Now we know no one wants to land up with a cheap, inferior quality watch. You would much prefer to spend a bit more and get the best smartwatch there is in Saudi Arabia. Which is why checking the quality of what the watch case and band is made of is necessary. Having features like water and dust resistance is a plus point since you will in most cases wear it throughout the day. Thus the need for it to be durable and reliable.


Smartwatches or anything for that matter comes in different styles be it colour or the physical outlook and design. For a smartwatch, it is no different. You have various styles, shapes, sizes for the face of the watch as well as the band. Therefore leaving you with a wide range for you to take your pick.

With the features done, dusted and noted away you can go ahead a read the shortlisted few of the best smartwatches in Saudi Arabia. We’ve made sure to take into consideration if you are an Android or iOS user and categorised some of the best one in the markets right now.

Apple Smartwatch in Saudi Arabia

If you are an iPhone user and would want to look for a smartwatch to pair well with your phone. Then this Apple smartwatch is what you need. Check it out:

Apple Smartwatch Series 6

Model: MG133AE/A

  • Water Resistant: Having water-resistant covering water or light water pressure of 50 meters to ensure that nothing can happen to your smartwatch. This means you can swim with this watch in shallow water without having any side-effects.
  • Oxygen Sensor: The new and improved blood oxygen sensors ensure you have better and accurate reading. This is with the help of the four LED clusters and four photodiodes. These shine green, red and infrared LEDs lights into the blood vessel and the photodiodes measure the reflected light. Thus determining the exact blood oxygen levels.
  • Sleep App: Since this watch is pro-health, it measures the level of your sleep as well. Therefore helping you have a more routine bedtime schedule. With this schedule in play, you can wake up each morning with a good night sleep and fresh.
  • Fitness Tracker: To help you with your activity during the day measuring it serves as a good motivator day after day. Thus keeping track of your fitness. Besides this, you can always select a mode to be it running, swimming, yoga, cycling or just about anything else you wish to do during the day. Thus helping in providing accurate activity metrics.
  • Progress Sharing: You have activity rings which measure your activity which can be shared with your friends allowing you to challenge your friends. Thus serving as motivation and keeping you active.
  • Precision: The always-on altimeter feature allows you track your progress at all time even if your elevation changes.

Additional Features of Apple 6 Series

  • Display: The always-on feature allows you to have easy access to the watch without too much trouble. Furthermore, the ambient light sensor detects the light and increases and decreases the brightness as per the light available.
  • Material: The band loop uses soft yet breathable double-layer nylon weave making you feel almost as there is nothing on your wrist. As for your watch itself is made of an aluminium case which is 100% recycled aerospace-grade alloy.
  • Dimensions: The display dimensions is around 40mm for the height, 34mm for the width and 10.7mm for the depth. Finally, the strap of this watch fits any wrist between 130–200mm.
  • Battery: This pack comes with a 1-meter magnetic charging cable to recharge your watch. But be aware that you do not receive an adaptor along with the cable.
  • Price: Get this Apple smartwatch at the price of almost SAR 1750.

Android Smartwatches in Saudi Arabia

Rank 1: Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2


  • Processor: Allowing you with a hassle-free operation this watch operates with a processor which is incredibly powerful and highly advanced 1.15GHz, Exynos 9110 Dual-Core processor.
  • Operating System: This Samsung Galaxy watch operates with Tizen based operating system 4.0. Which is simple to use and operate for anyone.
  • Heart Rate: With this Samsung Galaxy Active 2 watch you can keep a track on your heart’s health. By noting and warning you when your heart rate is too low or too high.
  • Stress Tracker: Besides keeping a check on your physical health, this watch checks your mental stress levels as well. Therefore with the help of this feature, the watch suggests you breathing exercise when you are overstressed. Thus guiding you to have better peace of mind.
  • Oxygen Levels: To keep a check on the blood oxygen levels this watch has eight photodiodes on the rear side of the watch.
  • Resistants: Suitable for almost any weather condition considering that it has IP68 and 5ATM technology, which is water and dust resistance rating.
  • Additional Applications: Besides using the application pre-installed into the smartwatch you can install more and never be bored.

Additional Features of Samsung Galaxy Active 2

  • Material: The case being made from Aluminium along with Gorilla Glass for the screen ensure that it is durable for rough daily use as well.
  • Dimensions: Having a 40mm diameter and the depth being 10.9mm makes it convenient along with the adjustable wrist band settings.
  • Display: The large circular display screen gives you clear always-on AMOLED display. Which adjusts itself in any light setting you put it in. Furthermore, you can adjust and customize the display screen to suit your preferences.
  • Battery: Everything this watch has to offer works well with the help of the long-lasting 247mAh of battery life. Along with the magnetic wireless charger, it is not only easy to charge the phone but also removes the need for jacks and extra wires.
  • Price: This Samsung smartwatch is available for around SAR 950.

Rank 2: Huawei Watch GT2e Hector

Model: Watch GT 2e Active

  • Water Resistant: Having a 5ATM water resistance rating which means you can get into 50 meters of shallow water or ocean and have no problem with the watch. Yet, it is advised against wearing it in deep water for activities like diving, waterskiing, etc.
  • Fitness Tracker: Focusing on the health and fitness aspect, therefore having various mode to choose from. With the available 18 professional workout modes and the 85 custom workout modes which include skating, parkour and rock climbing. You can keep track of all your activities and the personal trainer to motivate you to push yourself all the more.
  • Oxygen Saturation: The Blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) is where the watch measures the supply of oxygen to your body. Since lower oxygen levels too can cause health issues.
  • Stress Meter: This smartwatch notes down your stress levels throughout the day and cares for you by giving you breathing training when needed.
  • Sleep Monitor: Another important feature is that it monitors your sleep patterns and can accordingly diagnose you with 6 common types of sleep issues. Moreover, you will be given suggestions and tips to improve your sleep quality.

Additional Features of Huawei Watch GT2e Hector

  • Dimension: With the dimension of approximately 53 x 46.8 x 10.8 mm you have this small device performing a big task for you.
  • Display: The sleek and stylish display has a 1.39-inch AMOLED HD face. In addition to that is the various face design which you can choose and change depending on your mood and outfit. Furthermore, this face design can change depending on the light, the motion and even customize the face the way you like.
  • Battery: Using a magnetic charging thimble with one charge your watch can last for around 14 days of typical use. If you use it much more frequently the time will come down.
  • Material: In the making of this smartwatch stainless steel has been used for the body. As for the band/belt, that’s made of plastic which is soft and comfortable to wear.
  • Price: Avail this Huawei GT2e Hector smartwatch at almost SAR 700.

Rank 3: Fitbit Versa 2 Smartwatch

  • Heart Rate: Tracing your heart rate 24/7 is a good feature as the device studies when you have a rapid rate and gives you tips to calm down with breathing exercise.
  • Sleep Tracker: Since this watch has a check on your heart rate it can determine when you are asleep. Moreover, detecting light, deep and REM sleep stages and provide you with insights on how to improve your sleep.
  • Fitness Modes: Allowing you to workout has it tracked with the 15 exercise modes available. In addition to that at the end of every workout session, you can have a summary of your progress.
  • Water Resistant: This watch is built to be worn in the rain as well as swimming without any problem. Since it is water-resistant with a 50m rating.
  • Menstrual Tracker: If you are a woman, this is handy as you can keep track of your menstrual health by logging in the details on to your watch. And compare them with your previous cycles and other health stats like sleep, activity and weight.
  • Syncing: Effortless syncing of this smartwatch device to any other convenient computer or mobile phone to assess your day’s activity and progress reports all in one place.
  • Display: With this device, you have a screen width of 25.07 mm x 25.07 mm. Besides that, the screen is always on which makes it easier to check the time and even keep a check on your exercise stats.
  • Material: The case is made of aluminium which is lightweight and comfortable to wear all through the day and night. Furthermore, you will not damage the screen of the watch because it has a gorilla glass coving.
  • Battery: You can use this smartwatch from morning to night and track your progress and still not run out of battery. As a matter of fact, you can do this for 5 days in a row with low power consumption.
  • Suitability: The two bands available in this pack classic and woven both are suitable for the smallest wrist size of 140 mm – 180 mm in circumference and the large wrist size of 180 mm – 220 mm in circumference.
  • Price: You can get this Fitbit Versa 2 smartwatch at the approximate price of SAR 900.

Rank 4: Fossil Gen 4 Venture

Model: FTW6023

  • Material: For this watch stainless steel has been used to ensure that you will be able to use this watch for a long time without any damage.
  • Heart Rate: Tracking your heart rate, this watch is good at making sure you are physically fit.
  • Battery: With a full battery your watch can last you for around 2 days which means it has good battery life. As for fast charging, you can charge your battery up to 80% in only 50 minutes.
  • Processor: Using a Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100 the smooth functioning of the watch is ensured.
  • Display: The LCD display ensure you a fully coloured display of 40mm. Furthermore, you can adjust the display of your dial to make it suit your personality.
  • Water Resistance: Being water resistant means it can handle shallow water like rain or even swimming but besides that, it is advised otherwise.

Rank 5: Xiaomi Amazfit Bip Smartwatch

Model: 2724549676547

  • Fitness: This watch monitors your activity be it rigorous exercise or not providing you with real-time hate rate, speed, distance and altimeter.
  • Resistance: Being dust and water resistance makes it a good feature to ensure the safety of it in terms of the environmental factors.
  • Battery: You have a long-lasting battery life of this watch. Which in stand-by mode can last for 45 days.
  • Dimensions: This watch comes in 3 x 15.8 x 9.4 cms, which weighs around 32 grams. Therefore making it light weighted and comfortable to wear at all times.
  • Blood Flow: Equipped with PPG sensor you can ensure that your blood flow and oxygen levels are under constant check.
  • Price: Available for approximately SAR 600.

With that, you have a list of some of the best smartwatch in Saudi Arabia available in the market. All you have to do is carefully read the above section and take your pick to the one most appealing to you. But wait, just before you go ahead and do that read the below section to ensure you are making the right choice.

Difference Between a Smartwatch and Fitness Band

If you’ve been researching you will know that there is not a drastic difference among the best Smartwatch and Fitness Bands in Saudi Arabia. The basic fitness tracking function and other easy-access functions are the same in the two.


With a smartphone, you can manage and sync your phone’s notifications to your watch making it a mini-smartphone right on your wrist. Generally, a smartwatch can manage all your notifications be it calls, texts, reminders, calendar appointments, social media updates and anything which pops up on your phone. In addition to the mini-smartphone on your wrist, you have other additional features which include that of health and fitness. Where it tracks and keeps a check of this all in one place.

Besides this, with the best smartwatch in Saudi Arabia, you can do more than just be notified about incoming notifications. You can respond to them right from your smartwatch without having to take out your mobile phone. Furthermore, you can have assistive voice assistance, where you can speak to the watch commanding it to perform a task on your behalf. And that’s not it, since the watch uses sensors and other advanced technology thus enabling you to track your workout stance and keep you posted with your development be it in swimming, running and other physical movements.

Fitness Band

As for the fitness bands, they focus more on the health and fitness side of your day as the name would suggest to you. Therefore they do not provide you with your notifications from your phone. This is mainly because as compared to a smartwatch a fitness band has a smaller screen size. Which makes viewing moreover replying from the fitness band difficult. Yet recently there has been a bit improvisation and update where you can have GPS features fit into the bands so you can function without your phone during your workout sessions, or morning runs, etc.

Even so, fitness bands are handy devices in terms of solely dedicating its efforts to your fitness tracking. Thus providing you with more accurate and in-depth information on your health as compared to your smartwatch. Therefore raising the price of this gadget.

Hence, in a nutshell, you would prefer to opt for the best fitness bands in Saudi Arabia if you want more in-depth insights into your workouts and if you are more into fitness. As for the best smartwatch in Saudi Arabia, these would be a more suitable option if you want easy health-related details along with your work or social life all in one place. Without having to pull out your phone every now and then just to ensure you are not missing out on something too important. Which makes it safe for us to say that your preference would depend on your needs, budget and preference. And that choosing any one of the two is a smart choice be even in terms of your progress and health.

FAQs for the Best Smartwatch in Saudi Arabia

Is a smartwatch waterproof?

A smartwatch is waterproof but there are yet a few which are water-resistant. Which most people consider one and the same. But this isn’t the case. Since waterproof means, it can work just as fine even under any water conditions. Whereas the water-resistant means it can handle a light stream of water for some time. In other words, water can affect the working of the watch pass a certain level. Therefore it is necessary for you to look out for these features and keep in mind the resistant limit if the watch is water-resistant. That being said if you get a waterproof watch that has to be a greater feature compared to the water-resistant one.

Can smartwatches withstand Saudi Arabia weather conditions?

Yes, In most cases a smartwatch can deal with extreme weather conditions but there are a few which might not. Which is why it is necessary for you to keep an eye out for the heat resistant factor before you make your investment. Based on this you will be able to determine the suitability of the watch.

What is the battery life of a smartwatch?

The best smartwatch in Saudi Arabia battery life can last you for a day or two and in some cases more but this would depend on how much you are using the watch. However, there are a few ways by which you can boost your battery life of the smartwatch. Firstly you can decrease the brightness and disable the ambient light feature. Then you can disable unnecessary notifications since this too consumes battery power. Finally, you can make sure the Wi-Fi syncing and wrist gestures are turned off too. Following all these steps might decrease ease of usage but will save your battery life for a long time.

Is the heart rate tracked by a smartwatch?

Yes, each and every smartwatch tracks your heart rate without any problem. This feature is considered an important feature in a smartwatch. With the help of the optical heart rate sensors which uses the Photoplethysmography (PPG), it detects your heart rate as well as the blood oxygen levels. The PPG displays a green colour to your skin which is absorbed and reflected back thus making it possible to have an accurate heart rate reading.

Smartwatch Technology

Understanding the technology used in the best smartwatch in Saudi Arabia must be a priority if you wish to purchase one. You or anyone for that matter wouldn’t like to end up with a gadget that they don’t particularly like the features of. Thus read this section before placing your order.


No matter what you are doing your smartwatch’s altimeter tracks your altitude at all times. Informing your pressure and your status as per the sea level. The smartwatch presents to you these details with the help of barometric pressure or GPS data.


You might be familiar with this term. This feature has been added all each and every smartwatch you might purchase. Furthermore, the intention of this is to track your movement in any direction. Sensing the orientation of the arm and body of the person wearing this watch. In easier terms, it tracks the movement and position of the person who is wearing the watch. With better and higher technology used in an accelerometer, you can track even minor movement in the arms of the user.

Optical Sensors

These are one of the most integral parts of the best smartwatch in Saudi Arabia. Since fitness and health are on the rise in recent times. Optical sensors are the way how your watch detects your heart rate. The rate of which your heart is pumping blood to the rest of your body. This is done with the right technology of the optical sensors to identify your pulse and more so other fitness tracking activities.


With the gyroscope, you can determine your orientation and rotation. This is performed keeping the angular momentum’s key principles. The gyroscope keeps a track of the rate of rotation around a particular point. This is used to track your fitness routine as well as navigation. Basically, it identifies an angular position based on the principle of the rigidity of space.


Global Positioning System or as it is better known as GPS keeps a track on your position, the distance and the track followed by you while you move out of your home. This feature is especially useful when it comes to morning cycling or runs. The GPS works with the help of the satellite signals with the help of triangulation to narrow down your exact location. In a smartwatch, the GPS works for hand in glove with the metrics of tracking your distance, pace and speed. Therefore enabling you to view your workout insight more accurately.

Actigraphy for Sleep Tracking

Actigraphy is the technology used by the smartwatch makers to detect your sleeping habits. It detects your movement even while you sleep. And use this as one of the basis to inform you how well and how long have you been sleeping. Furthermore, this advance technology keeps a track on your sleep-wake cycles and circadian rhythms, in the long run, to make it more of your use. Moreover, actigraphy checks for your brainwaves, breathing and eye moments to ensure in what sort of sleep pattern you are in, REM, deep and light sleep.

Stay Updated

Once you know all the good which comes from the best smartwatch in Saudi Arabia you will never want to have a regular watch. As you can stay updated in any situation about the notifications on your phone. Without missing out on any important update. Your companion for everything you do be it for a regular day out or an intense workout it has a purpose and will never let you down. If you are looking for something more workout oriented then you might consider getting the best fitness bands in Saudi Arabia.

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