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Best Office Chair in Dubai – Ergonomics, Price, Features [2022]

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The best office chair in Dubai is specially designed for your comfort while you work. Top brands like Workspace, Multi-Home Furniture, Mahmayi, etc make sure that you have a good day at your work. Making your day productive with a chair is definitely an ideal way to work. If you look you will find over hundreds of articles explaining why you need a specific office chair for your work environment. Including reasons like it corrects posture. And well the best office chair in Dubai will prevent any strain or injury or any other after-effects of sitting in an uncomfortable chair. Read on to know what would be the best one for you and why.

Best Office Chair in Dubai – Quick List

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Types of Chairs

Before you go out and purchase the best office chair in Dubai for yourself. Make sure you know the available choices in the market for you to choose from. After all, this chair is going to be an essential part of your day. And you need one which would be the most comfortable for you. So, start from the bottom and know you have types to choose from.


Swivel chairs in some cases are also called as revolving chairs. Generally, these chairs are called this because they revolve around in a full 360 degrees on any side either the right or to the left. This allows easy movement and decreases the reason for you get up and out of your chair frequently. These are chairs which are adjustable in height as per your needs while you sit at your desk at work. Furthermore, these chairs give a modern yet professional outlook to your office environment.

High Back

As the name suggest this chair is one which supports your whole back right up to your shoulders and some even have a headrest attached to them. These chairs are also like the swivel chairs they have wheels and even the rotation feature. But besides that, they have the option where you can choose according to your preference you would you like a full backrest or one which covers your neck and head too. Moreover, with the high back chairs in your office, you tend to give off that vibe of authority. So, take your pick as per your needs and wants.

Fixed Base

These are basically like normal chairs. But the only difference is that these chairs are build keeping in mind the comfort aspect. As no one would like to sit on a hard based normal chair all day long. And so these fixed based chairs are designed with foam and cushion. Whereas the design of this chair is stationary as it has no movement or moving part.

Since we have covered this, we will go-ahead to the next section of this article. The rankings. Only intensive reading and research has shown the light on this matter of which is the best office chair in Dubai for you to get your hands on. Basically, because after all, they are one such product which you will be using constantly. So, settle for nothing but the best.

  • Comfort: This office chair offers an ergonomic design for your office even if it is a home office. Keeping in mind the comfort aspect as well, this chair is designed with a unique Y-shaped design.
  • Material: The chair has been built with the mesh material which is good for hot environments. Besides this is the steel body frame which can undergo heavyweight as well. This steel polished body has casters which are sure to not squeak with the weight either.
  • Adjustability: Almost every other part of this chair is adjustable. The headrest, lumbar support, armrests and even the tilt tension can be controlled and adjusted as per your needs.
  • Dimensions: To make sure you are comfortable while using the chair. You have a 124 cms backrest height. Whereas for you to sit without any difficulty for long hours you have the 60 cms width and 57 cms depth of the seat. So, you can sit and adjust comfortably into the chair.
  • Warranty: This product offers a warranty of 2 years. This is in case of any breakage or problems faced with the chair.
  • Price: For this workspace office chair you will have to pay the estimated price of AED 490.

Model: MH-6143

  • Multi-Purpose: This chair can be used as a multipurpose chair as well and is not limited to just an office environment. Besides the office environment, this chair can be used as a computer chair, for gaming and also as a study chair for your kids.
  • Durability: Built to last for a very long time. As this is, after all, going to be used regularly. As they have used good high-quality material making the base lasting. Besides this, you have enhanced the stability of this device. Where it can take up heavyweight up to 120 kgs.
  • Adjustability: To make sure you have the right height and the much-needed comfort to work peacefully you have the feature of adjustability. Where you can adjust the height as well as the headrest angle as per your needs.
  • Comfort: Comfort is the main feature to look into while getting yourself a chair. Especially when you are going to be sitting on that chair for more than eight hours every day.
    • As this chair is equipped with cushions as well as extra padding. So, you will not feel tried or any sort of pain after your long work shifts.
    • Furthermore not to forget the headrest which also allows you to take mini breaks while working.
  • Dimensions: While getting furniture items dimensions are always needed. Likewise, for this chair, the dimensions are 89.2 x 68.4 x 35.6 cm. Therefore making the chair efficiently comfortable for you to sit all through the day.
  • Warranty: If by any chance you do have some damage to the chair you need not worry has the warranty has you covered. As the company offers you a 6 months warranty for the major parts of the chair.
  • Price: This Multi-Home Furniture’s chair is available at around the price of AED 350.

Model: HL-002566

  • Comfort: This chair is designed in special ergonomic design. With a double S curvature, you can support your back as well. Since this is the case the chair adapts to your posture and supports you all through the day. Moreover, it holds your spine perfectly and eases any pain and pressure off you back.
  • Adjustability: You can adjust the height of the chair as per your needs. If you are tall you can pull it higher to make sure you are comfortable while sitting on the chair doing the day.
  • Dimensions: Not to fret with this chair as this chair is comfortable for you to sit in. And obviously it will be since the dimensions of this device is 27 x 25.8 x 39.2 inches. Thus, you can’t expect anything lesser.
  • Material: Elevating your mood has not been easier with this chair. As even the material used has been build keeping in mind your comfort feature. As this chair is made with comfy leather upholstery. So, you would no longer feel like have been sitting down for long.
  • Warranty: This office chair is covered under warranty for a good long period of time of two-years so no need to be worried about any wear and tear.
  • Price: Get this Mahmayi office chair at the approximate price of AED 280.

Model: Gamning-chair-3083

  • Comfort: Build especially for long hours of sitting time with a large and unique design for a comfortable seating place. So, you can spend uninterrupted hours from all the important work you do during your day. Without having to get up constantly to re-adjust yourself and the seat of your chair.
  • Material: This chair is paired with a memory foam seat so it will remember your body and you will not feel uncomfortable again. This is because the memory foam will dip and curve at all the right places for you and it will give you the perfect jigsaw piece fit. Furthermore, the high-end gel cold cure foam for the lumbar/seat cushion area provides an added comfort layer.
  • Design: The ergonomically designed & extra high backrest provided by this office/ gaming chair gently embraces your body & supports your neck & spine. So you won’t have any unnecessary pressure on your back.
    • Moreover, this chair is equipped with the 360 degrees swivel. So you won’t have to sit in a single position for a long period of time. And the swivel either way is a good feature to have as it eliminated unnecessary getting up of the chair.
    • Also, the chair has 60mm caster wheels which make sure that you can perform a small task without too much hassle and even push the chair around without having to lift it.
  • Adjustability: With this chair, you have additional lumbar support which you can remove and put back whenever you feel the need. Besides this, you can just adjust the height, the angle and even the back adjustments by using different and the respective levers on the chair.
  • Dimensions: Being large enough to make you feel comfortable this chair has 52 x 53 x 90 cm as its dimensions. So, you will never have any complaints regarding this.
  • Price: This office from the Mahmayi brand would cost you around AED 310.

Model: MH-62110

  • Multi-Purpose: You can use this chair not just for your office but also for gaming, study and many more other purposes.
  • Comfort: Add this modern chair design to your office and say hello to the no aches and pains anymore. As this chair is designed for back and lumbar support while studying, gaming or working.
    • Having this chair you can have cushion and padding for extra comfort for the added extra comfort while sitting and spending your whole day at work. 
  • Durability: Since this chair is made with the help of metal you have the stability and durability feature checked for this product. Moreover, this chair was designed for the heavyweight. And can take up to 110 kgs on it.
  • Adjustability: This chair allows you to adjust the height of the chair. As with this, you can make sure to adjust yourself to the desk and workspace as per your needs and comfort levels.
  • Dimensions: To make sure that you get the best of this product the makers have kept that factor in mind and designed a comfortable chair for you to use. As the dimensions of this chair are 58.2 x 56.6 x 28.6 cm.
  • Warranty: The company of those product covers up to six months warranty on all the main moving parts of this chair. Like the hydraulic, machine and tyres. So, if you have any problem you can get it sorted with the company.
  • Price: This product can be yours just at the estimated price of AED 230.

And that was it for the listing of the best office chair in Dubai. With that, you can move on to the rest of the articles for a little more useful insights about the best office chair in Dubai. To ensure that you have the best at your dispense.

What to look for in an Office Chair

Now that you have made a good choice of the office chair in Dubai its time to make sure you have the best one. How you ask? Simply by making sure if the chair you selected checks all the boxes with the features listed. So, what are you waiting for? Go and find out more on the feature you need for your office chair.

Lumbar Support

When you are getting your office chair make sure to check if the height of the chair is adjustable or is it fixed. If it is adjustable then you have made the right choice. As the fixed ones are designed to fit all so it can feel uncomfortable for you. As different people have different torso lengths and lumbar curvatures. Thus, you have to make sure to get the adjustable ones so you are not left with aches and pains from long working hours. Besides this check for if these lumbar and back regions are padded or have cushions which would be an added comfort for you.

Adjustable Seat Height & Arm Rests

Adjustability is a feature which can make the whole chair much more comfortable. As you tend to feel more relaxed this way and even can change and stretch out your muscle from time to time. You can adjust the armrest, tilt, seat depth to suit your body and needs. Therefore any sort of adjustment is a good adjustment.

Width and Depth

To ensure that you are comfortable enough while you work the long work shifts you have to make sure of the seat itself on which you are seating. As if the seat is too big or small it can cause you discomfort and inturn cause aches. That standard advisable size is in between 17 – 20 inches as the width. Whereas the depth should be at the range where you can sit comfortably with your back resting on the rest provided. There should be at least 2 inches distance from the edge of your chair seat and the back of your knee. This ensures that your chair is habitable all through your shift.

Fabric and Cushion Durability

Since this is an office chair it needs to be comfortable for you to use every day. So the quality of the chair must be at top-notch. Be it in terms of the foam or the cushions used shouldn’t be of a cheap quality where it will crack or flatten up after constant usage. While you get different fabrics used also like leather, mesh, and others. Mesh is a material which is good for hot environments as it is airy and won’t give out any stench if you tend to sweat too.


Since this is a chair after all and you will be using this chair daily there might be some wear and tear. And if there is any premature damaged if you have a warranty for this product you can get is fixed with this. Most top brands offer up to 10 years warranty for their products and they even cover every part of the chair under the warranty. So, make it a point to keep an eye out for that.


Appearance might not matter much and might not be a priority to you. But in the case of a home office, you might want a much fancier and a chair that would suit the rest of your furniture. Or you might want something which isn’t shades of black or grey. So, in this case, it is necessary for you to keep an eye out for the appearance. Therefore, consider fabric choice, colour, and other customization as a plus point for you.

Office Chair FAQs for UAE

Which office chair is best for Dubai heat?

In hot weather conditions, while you are sitting and working you tend to sweat and get sticky. This would make your workspace feel uncomfortable as well. And if you have chunky padded chairs this can trigger this sticky feeling all the more. So, to prevent that you can get a much lighter chair which would be comfortable as well as allow you to concentrate and work well. So this chair would be a mesh chair as they allow air to pass through the seat to prevent the sticky feeling. As well as keep any stench away from the seat. Furthermore, they are low maintenance as well as add that modern touch to your surrounding.

How much should an office chair recline?

For an office chair, the relining angle would be 90 degrees to 155 degrees. Where when you are working and concentrating on your work the chair would be at a 90-degree angle. Whereas in the case if you need a small break to relax and stretch your muscles the best angle would be 135 degrees. And anything further would be for you to have a power nap or relax your back for some time.

Is a mesh back office chair better?

Mesh chairs are considered to be better as they let constant airflow through the chair and lets you be cool. And besides this is the fact that these chairs also give a more modern outlook to your office environment. But that’s the outlook. In terms of keeping you away from any back problems. Since the mesh evenly distributes your body weight put on the backrest and spreads it around. This is which prevent you from having any pressure on your spine hips or buttocks. So, consider which is the best chair for you.

Are gaming chairs different from office chairs?

Yes, a gaming chair is different from an office chair. Although they might look the same they aren’t. The most apparent observation is that gaming chairs prioritize style and appearance of the chair. Whereas the office chair supports comfort. Most of the features are the same for both the chairs like the armrest, padding, casters, swivelling bases, etc. Besides this, there are a few differences like that of the backrest. Since the gaming chairs will always be a high back chair while office chairs can be slightly lower and are much more sober in appearance besides the gaming chairs.

Furthermore, you have the features where both the office chair as well as the gaming chair cover. Like the reclining, lumbar support, adjustable seat height, adjustable arms, and footrests. but there are a few more which the office chair cover like adjustable back height and waterfall seats. So, you can comfortably sit on the chair and your legs too won’t feel numb. These features make both the chairs different from each other.

How long should we sit on an office chair at a stretch?

Long stretches of sitting in an office chair or any chair for that matter is bad for your overall health. So, the most advisable thing for you to do is to switch up after every hour. Move around, stand up a bit and even stretch out your muscles every now and then. Give yourself that much-needed minimum of 5 minutes of break. And since you are sitting the whole day around when you are off your work hours try to make it a habit to avoid sitting down too much. Or this can cause further health complications like that of increasing blood pressure levels, diabetes and many other health problems.

Ergonomic Chair & Desk Setup to Combat Back Pain

Slouching has become a really bad yet normal habit for this generation. Especially among the working and college student. The main reason for this is the use of laptops. Laptops have become so very popular among the people since they are very portable and even consumes less space. But because of these physical features, we tend to ignore the effect the laptops are having on our physique. Long hours of bending over a laptop screen have given rise to slouching and even more body pain.

The best ergonomic office chair in Dubai can help in these terms. As you can adjust the level of the height of your chair. To ensure you have the laptop screen at eye level. This will make you feel much more comfortable and correct your posture with the backrest provided to you as well. So you won’t have to slouch over your screen to get a clear view of it. Neither will you have back or neck or anybody pains for that matter.

But in any case, there are other ways for you to handle this slouching problem too if the chair adjustment isn’t a solution for you. There are ways like switching to a monitor or a desktop. You can look for some here. But then again in some cases, the monitor too can be low and have the same effect on you as a laptop. Therefore your best option is to use a monitor stand. This will add height to your destop so you can comfortably view the screen without hunching around. Or rather if the whole monitor idea isn’t very feasible to you check out this laptop stand. To help get you to stop slouching.

NuSense Laptop Stand

  • Functionality: You can now use your laptop on an elevated stand bringing it to your eye level. This, in turn, will correct your posture and reduce aches. And so you have 6 adjustable angles so you can work easily.
  • Compatibility: With this stand, you can fit and use any laptop with the 10 to 17 inches range. So, it doesn’t matter any brand it can successfully take the weight of your laptop.
  • Efficient: You have the option to adjust this NuSense stand lets you adjust it to many angles. Right from 20 – 40 degrees angle whereas the height can be adjusted up to 3.15 (8cm) to 5.12 (13cm) inches.
    • Besides this, you can even fold the stand into a flat surface. In this position, the stand is only around 4mm thick making it portable.
  • Protection: This stand comes with rubber protection on the top surface of the stand as well as the front lip. Therefore you won’t have any scratches on your laptop neither you have the problem of the laptop slipping off the stand.
  • Heat-up Prevention: With this, your laptop is on a raised platform as per your needs. So, this allows you to ventilate your device all the more and keep it cool as well as prevent overheating.
  • Price: You can get this NuSense laptop stand at around AED 110.

Reward Yourself

So, there you have all you need to know so you can go get the best office chair in Dubai. This chair can make for the perfect office companion. Reward yourself or your workers with better chairs and show them they are appreciated for all that they do. And that their health is cared about. Getting the best office chair in Dubai will make your work environment more comfortable and productive. Or you can also look for the best kneeling chair in UAE if that is what you would prefer more.

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