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Best Mini Projector in UAE – Cinema at Home or Portable [2022]

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You wish to have a home theatre setting. But the cost of the whole set-up is overbearing? Considering to get a projector? The best mini projector in UAE is much cheaper and an equally worth alternative. So, why a mini projector you ask? This is because a mini projector is completely portable and easy to use. These features makes it completely adaptable in any setting. Now you can watch whatever you want wherever you want.

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Best Mini Projector in UAE

Best Mini Projector in UAE – Quick List

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Important Specs of a Mini Portable Projector

Brightness in Lumens

Brightness depends on the way the projector displays the image quality on the screen. This especially holds true in cases where you try to project something on the screen when in any condition other than total darkness.

Firstly, the basic thing to know while purchasing a projector even a mini one is that brightness is in lumens (lm). Despite this, some companies use their own brightness measuring scale to indicate brightness intensity projected also at lumen. Yes, I know it’s confusing. But the most trusted brand’s criteria aims to use ANSI lumens also known as the American National Standard Institute. This is as the measurement is much easier, specific and accurate for the brightness of the projector. Just remember that the higher number indicates a higher brightness level.

Native Resolution

Resolution is the pixels being displayed on the screen. The more the pixels the deeper and detailed the output of the image. A particular image or video may look great on a smaller sized screen but once the screen size changes so does the quality. Which happens to drop as per the size, the bigger the screen the more the quality drops.

This is why a mini projector has a feature called native resolution. When I say native resolution this means that the projector offers a feature to change the resolution of the matter viewed. So as to keep intact the quality of the matter displayed. Therefore by selecting the feature of native resolution the actual resolution of the displayed matter will be projected for best results.

Connectivity- Bluetooth, USB, HDMI

Factors like these purely depend on you and your needs in your mini projector. What sort of connectivity do you want and would prefer? Since the most common of connectivity option available is the HDMI. Hence, this option will be available for every projector you purchase or consider purchasing.

The best mini projector in UAE will have the option of various ways of connecting or projecting any matter that needs to be displayed. The availability of these features will depend from device to device. The benefit of having all that is, USB, HDMI, Bluetooth, etc. Generally, his means that you have a wide variety of choices to make in terms of projecting any matter at any given point of time as per the availability.

For your needs, the best mini projector in UAE must fulfil every condition in the books ever known to mankind on purchasing a mini projector. And the research performed to accomplish just this is here. I’m here to help you make the best purchase for your needs. Have a look at the shortlisted few of the best on the list.

This product supports and provides good features and services to all its customers. Not just in terms of price it offers but also customer satisfaction and quick delivery. Which makes it top the list on this category.

DR. J Professional- Best Mini Projector in UAE
  • Weight: The 1.96 Kg isn’t much weight to carry around with you or just leave it at the comfort of your own home. This makes the device portable and easier to carry around.
  • General Specification: With the resolution of the screen, no less than 1080p. This makes the product a higher resolution device. The resolution of this product is 1920 x 1080.
  • Lifetime Lamp: The lifetime of this device lasts and the light-emits right for around 40000 hours and with around 3500 lumens.
  • Multimedia Support: This projector supports a wide range of devices. Some of which include PCs, Laptops, Tablets, Smartphones, SD cards and others of this sort.
  • Specific Purpose: These mini projectors are an ideal choice for any sort of entertainment purposes. And is not for PowerPoint presentations, word, excel and others.
  • Additional Features: May include a super portable device with a screen to use it anywhere you want.
  • Lens: The five layers well-grinding LCD lens from which you can screen high-quality video. This can adjust the focus and has its own built-in speaker stereo sound.
  • Price: The set selling price is around AED 270.

Model: 4030

For all your fun time needs is the FunLites Projector. Offering extremely good pictures resolution. In fact, also making it suitable for your entertainment needs in any surrounding.

  • Dimensions: The machine size is at 223 x 172 x 81mm. Which is quite handy and small to move around with. Be it within the rooms of the house or outside your home.
  • Resolution: The resolution offered by FunLight is 1920 x 1080p resolutions. Native being 1280 x 720P.
  • Purpose: The best use of this projector can be achieved only while screening videos, images, video games, etc and not while screening worded files, PowerPoint, etc.
  • Brightness: This device provides 80 per cent more brightness as compared to others in the market. At 4000 Lumens LED light you can expect nothing less.
  • Placement: As opposed to regular projector this FunLight projector does not require to be placed vertically but also can be placed facing the ceiling. Making it easy for you to rest on your back and relax while you are entertained.
  • Inputs: This device is nothing short in terms of input as you can now assure that you have the best with inputs which include HDMI, VGA, USB, AV interfaces. And multimedia devices like tablets, laptops, digital camera, Xbox, etc.
  • Price: AED 440 is the approximate price of this product.

Model: D2410V11

The stylish outlook of this mini projector is one which is a sweet treat for your eyes to feast on. Since it could be easily mistaken to be a simple speaker. Read more below to unfold the stunning features this product has to offer.

  • Weight: This product is weighing not more than 581g. The weight of this device has taken portability to the next level. Being super lightweight you wouldn’t mind taking this product anywhere.
  • Batteries: Perfect for your binge-watching habits as with just one charge you can project for four hours straight. The batteries being rechargeable they are made up from Lithium-ion.
  • Touch Controls: With a transparent touch panel offered by the company allows you to navigate menus and more with ease, directly from the device.
  • Operating System: Yes you heard me right. This projector offers phone like features to download apps on it. This is made possible with the Android 7.1 which lets you screen content straight from the source like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, etc.
  • Clarity: With audio so clear you won’t have the needs to connect an external speaker to boost the audio.
  • Picture Quality: With the picture quality at 200 ANSI lumen, DLP lamp and expansive 100” image. How can you not be impressed with the outputs you receive.
  • Resolution: Besides all these features, the native resolution which is 854 x 480, must be kept in mind while purchasing the product.
  • Price: With features so great the bit pricy factor can be overlooked as the set price is at AED 1800.

Model: 4010

Another FunLites projector on the list for you to consider to invest in and make sure that you have some of the best features on deck.

  • Weight: The set weight of the device makes up almost 1.5KG with the dimensions at 30.5 x 11 x 20 cms. Which is suitable to be moved around anywhere you want to place it.
  • Resolution: With the good resolution that it offers 800 x 480p, supporting 720p/1080p. With these resolutions that it offers you wouldn’t get a chance to complain about the resolution of the product.
  • Speakers: The inbuilt speakers offered by the company is loud enough so you wouldn’t have the need to connect additional external speakers to it for a clearer listening experience.
  • Brightness: The home theatre projecting system offers the users a clearer and better viewing experience with the 3000 Lumens LED light.
  • Power Saving: This device is more efficient on your electricity bills. As it saves power and consumes less electricity.
  • Radiations: The radiations which electronic devices tend to exert into the surrounding can be harmful. But not in the case of this device, as there is no radiation from the product and is safe for children and even pregnant women.
  • Input: Accepting any input be it HDMI, VGA, USB, SD, AV, TV and even connecting to a laptop, digital cameras, DVD, XBOX, hard drives anything. Making it really flexible to use.
  • Price: The price for this device is really reasonable at AED 250.

Model: V11H839040

Get your money’s worth with some of the best features in the one of the best mini projector in UAE. Check out these features before you invest in one.

  • Dimensions: With this product at 11.9 x 9.3 x 3.2 inches the size seems nothing too much to handle. The weight too is 2.5 Kg which might seem a bit heavy but still the portability aspect of it easy.
  • Brightness: To keep your viewing experience at the top-notch quality. The device offers 3,300 lumens. So, you can watch the best of content at any time and anywhere.
  • Input: Besides HDMI, computer, USB’s and the use of other input methods can be successfully used with this product.
  • Lamp Life: With the lamp life at 10,000 hours in eco mode. This is comparatively longer lamp life to the others in the market. The longer life also saves cost from the constant purchasing of the lamps.
  • Lamp Replacement: This device has now made it easier to replace the lamp with the design of this product. That too without the help of any tools. This is all possible with the product placement of the lamp cap at the side of the device which has made it more accessible to replace the lamp.
  • Price: At AED 1,220 this product might seem a bit on the pricy side but will be totally worth every penny.

The best mini projector in UAE is just a click away. Now that I have listed out some of the best projectors, it’s on you to choose the one most suitable for your needs. But, before you go ahead with that here are a few more features to look into and consider while purchasing your very own mini projector.

Important Features of a Mini Projector

Supported Resolutions

Resolutions of any image defines the details that a particular image showcases. Resolutions consist of pixels which add the details to the image. Generally, projectors can project any resolution image without the guarantee that the outcome will be great. Also, keeping in mind that the further the projecting screen is placed the quality decreases. It also depends on the way the content is projected on the screen. That is if the projection is displayed in a higher resolution then it actually is, the quality will drop.

Therefore native resolution is the best as it displays the same quality of the image as it is. Besides the native being the best, every projector supports and produces decent quality for a few other resolutions besides the native.


The portability aspect of every mini projector makes it the key stand out feature. This is only possible because of the size and weight of the projector. Which generally means that the lighter and compact the weight and size, the easier it is to move the projector around as and where you want to without any constraints. Obviously, no one wants to carry around normal-sized, bulky projectors. Especially when every other device is getting more compact in size. Therefore to cater to just this need is the portability feature. And with A mini projector, now make every occasion and event lively with the big screen display of any content.

Built-in Sound

Sound the most important feature and element to consider while purchasing the best mini projector in UAE. No one would like or prefer to watch anything without some audio content. This audio might be in terms of audio for movies, a game or anything for that matter. Keeping this in mind, one must consider is the sound quality which the device has to offer.

Portability is a good factor and also the star player in a mini projector. Thus looking for a great in-built sound system is another feather to the cap. Not all mini projectors offer a good in-built sound system and so this brings the need to connect external speakers. But if you do have an in-built sound system the weight and hassle of carrying around the additional speakers will be no more.

Indoor Vs Outdoor Use

Projectors, in general, aren’t portable as they require electricity to work and project. But that is not the case in terms of mini projectors. As with the coming of more portable devices, it is time that even projectors evolve. Then came mini projectors which work on previously saved power. Some of the mini projectors still work with the help of cords connected to an electricity point. But the convenience is within the battery-powered ones. In fact they are much more portable and carrying it around be it indoors and outdoors is not a difficult task at all.

The features of not just battery life but inbuilt speakers and special designs suitable for portability makes it easier to take it out. Be it a business meeting across the globe, a party, at the pool or otherwise, night outs, dates you name it you can take it.

Now those were some great additional features that could take your experience of using a mini projector to the next level. If you have most or all of these features you already have selected the best mini projector in UAE which the market can offer to suit your choice.

Mini Projector FAQs

Can I watch movies in a Projector?

Yes, you most definitely can. This is because a projector is built for all purposes of viewing any sort of content. Be it images, presentations, games and even videos even in the case of a movie. So you can watch any content you want to without worrying about anything.

How long does a projector last?

This question is totally dependent on how do you use the projector yourself. In general, the projector is bound to last for a long time. But this lifespan can be affected if and when like any other electronic device due to overheating, rough use and even in case of dust which can settle onto the gadget.

But in case of a projector, it’s not just the body of the projector at risk. It is also the bulb which works to project content onto the screens for you. This bulb depending on the device has a fixed number of uses before it can fuse. Although in the case of the fused bulb, this can be replaced. And no need to panic as you wouldn’t have to replace the whole device.

What is Projector Aspect Ratio?

A projector’s aspect ratio is the ratio between the height and the width of the screen. This ratio defers depending on the content being displayed and is pre-fed into the setting of every projector. The 3 most common aspect ratio used is the 4:3 (XGA & SXGA), 16:10 (WXGA & WUXGA) and 16:9 (standard HDTV, 1080p). All of which gives the shape of a square, rectangle and the HD TV respectively.

Depending on the content being displayed, this aspect ratio needs to be adjusted. The closest to the matter to be displayed will give the best results. If you don’t change it as per the content matter then it won’t create a problem as such. But it will display a border for the rest of the extra part of the film which isn’t what you want, now do you?

Can a Projector be used outdoors?

Yes, a projector can be used outdoors. The only thing to be kept in mind is the fact that there is no projector which will be able to display content in bright daylight. Therefore your best bet to project any content will be when it is darker outside.

A mini projector is easy to use and completely portable and that the audio of the projector is loud enough. So, as to lighten up the load and hassle to carry an alternative exterior speaker to enhance the sound. It is much easier to carry around the screen of a projector than of a TV screen itself.

Relax and pamper yourself.

I am sure by now that you have made your choice after considering all the details put forth in this article. Go get clicking and bring home the best mini projector in UAE. What can even go wrong? You can now spend your time watching your binge shows and movies all as if you are at the theatres. Sit back relax and pamper yourself with those girls night outs or the game nights whatever works for you. Don’t forget to get yourself some snacks and any drink of your choice to gush down the snacks. Wear the comfiest clothing and voila you got yourself a perfect night spend with your loved one or some ‘me time’ ready to look up to.

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