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Best CCTV Camera in UAE

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Installing the best CCTV camera in UAE can help protect your valuable assets in your home, shop, office, restaurant, residential apartment, complexes, mall, gym, jewellery shop and other business establishments. Gone are those days when people would have a notice board on their gates with the words “Beware of Dogs” to warn/caution thieves. It is obvious that the thieves will always play safe and try all possible ways not to get caught. Hence, we have spent 84+ hours in researching the best CCTV camera brands for you to purchase for both indoor as well as outdoor usage in UAE. These will keep you well informed and alert you about any suspicious people or events. Xiaomi, Ring, EZVIZ and Tomvision are found to be amongst the best brands.

Best CCTV Camera in UAE

Without further ado, let’s dive into the different types of CCTV cameras and kits available, the benefits and also the essential features of each. But before you do this, take a look at the quick list tables.

Best CCTV Camera for your Home – Quick List

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Best CCTV Security Kits – Quick List

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Best CCTV Camera for Outdoor Usage – Quick List

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CCTV Cameras Options in UAE

Before you purchase the best CCTV camera in UAE, you should know what’s best for you. Thus, you need to take a look at the different types of CCTV cameras available.

Dome Type

One of the best types of CCTV camera available in UAE is the Dome type. As a matter of fact, a dome CCTV camera gets its name from the dome-shaped casing which the camera sits in. Although these dome-type CCTV cameras are relatively discreet in appearance, this doesn’t prevent them from deterring criminals. The reason behind this is that the dome casing makes it extremely difficult for people to see the direction in which the camera is pointing. This creates a situation of uncertainty for vandals and potential thieves approaching from all the directions.

Main Benefits of Dome Type CCTV Cameras

  • Due to its unobtrusive design, it is easy to fit.
  • It is suitable for indoor as well as outdoor use.
  • The vandal-resistant dome makes it harder to interfere with the camera.
  • Dome type CCTV cameras rotate 360 degrees, thus it covers all the angles of the area.

Ideal For

Dome type CCTV camera is ideal for restaurants, shops, casinos, and hotels since the design enables you to monitor a wider angle at your premises. Besides these, there are many who consider this option to be the best indoor CCTV camera since it can be placed on a strategic point of the ceiling to cover all the angles of the room.

Bullet Type

Bullet Type CCTV cameras feature an iconic design that is highly visible. Secondly, these are cylindrical in shape and have the ability to observe long distances. Since bullet cameras are meant to be placed outdoors, their casings are made resistant to dust, water, and dirt.

Main Benefits of Bullet Type CCTV Cameras

  • Since bullet type CCTV cameras are highly visible, these act as a deterrent.
  • They provide surveillance over long distances.
  • Bullet type CCTV cameras are resistant to dirt in challenging environments.
  • The casing of this CCTV camera also protects against rain and glare.

Ideal For

Bullet type CCTV cameras are ideal to use in a range of industries such as property management, manufacturing and farming. Besides recording good quality pictures, they also send out a message to passerby stating that your premises is under surveillance. Hence, they have traditionally offered the best CCTV camera for outside operation.

Video Doorbell Camera

Video doorbell cameras closely overlap with regular home security cameras since these doorbells come with built-in security cameras.

Main Benefits of Video Doorbell Camera

  • Firstly, a video doorbell sends you a real-time alert on your phone with a live video look of whoever is ringing your buzzer.
  • Secondly, you will also hear a regular “ol” chime sound.
  • The built-in microphone and speaker in the doorbell enables you to chat with your guest.
  • In some cases, video doorbell cameras also work with smart locks, thus enabling you to let the person inside your house without physically opening the door yourself.
  • Lastly, they are WiFi-enabled, offer rechargeable battery, a video feed, two-way communication, recording along with the traditional doorbell button.

Ideal For

A video doorbell camera is ideal for all those people who often have a lot of guests, salesmen coming to your doorstep, postmen, courier service, visitors and more. Also, for those who need a home security camera with eyes on your front door at all times. It records everything going on in front of your door be it at night or during the day. These also send you an alert to your smartphone. For those with mobility issues, they let you see and talk with the person at the door.

CCTV Security Kits

CCTV Security Kits include multiple cameras and DVR system for security purpose. It is a full pack combo which doesn’t require any other components. It is ideal for all those who need CCTV surveillance for their warehouses, schools, offices, classrooms, coaching institutes, retail stores and home security.

Best CCTV Camera for Home Use

Rank 1: Xiaomi Mi Home Security Camera

Xiaomi Mi Home Security Camera - Best CCTV Camera in UAE for Home Use
  • Real-time Activity Alerts: The Xiaomi Mi Home Security Camera helps you receive real-time activity alerts on your smartphone when you are out of your home.
  • Auto-cruise Functionality: Through this functionality, the CCTV camera enables you to survey the area 360 degrees. Moreover, it makes it perfect for all those large areas that require a quick scan, thus it tops the list of the best CCTV camera in UAE.
  • Ideal For: Xiaomi Home Security Camera is ideal for use in meeting rooms, shops, houses, keeping track of your kids and more. Even in pitch dark, it enables you to see the whole area/room at night.
  • WiFi Connection: Xiaomi CCTV camera incorporates 2.4G WiFi connection that is reliable. It offers a quick WiFi setup via mobile phone or Mi application.
  • Remote Access: You can keep track of every activity anytime and anywhere via the mobile app since this wireless security camera supports remote access.
  • Crystal Clear Picture: It is designed to deliver a crystal clear picture under artificial light or in the dark.
  • 360-Degree Panoramic View: All thanks to the advanced glass lens with a 110-degree wide-angle that is coupled with the 360 degrees horizontal and 96-degree vertical rotation range. This 360 degrees panoramic view provides you with a clear picture of every corner of the area.
Best CCTV Camera in UAE for Home

Additional Features of Xiaomi Mi Home Security Camera

  • External Memory Cards: It supports external memory cards to up to 64GB, thus it can store the entire day’s recordings to view at a later time.
  • 1080p Resolution: This Xiaomi security camera records videos in 1080p resolution. Hence, you will be able to see each and everything in the video clearly without any hassle.
  • IR LED Night Vision & Clear 2 Way Audio: By incorporating an IR LED night vision and clear 2-way audio, it enables you to remotely talk and listen even in the dark lighting conditions.
  • Price: You can purchase the Xiaomi Mi Home Security Camera for an estimated cost of AED 110.

Rank 2: EZVIZ Home Security Camera

EZVIZ Home Security Camera
  • 360 Degrees Rotation: The 360 degrees rotation of the EZVIZ home security camera enables full room coverage even if placed in any corner of the room. It helps you monitor each and every corner of your home.
    • You can keep it in the kitchen to monitor all the activity going on especially when you’re not at home. For example, it will help you keep a watch on your maid, also when your water is boiling over or if the gas stove or the microwave oven is left on.
    • Besides, you can also put this CCTV camera in your bedroom and living room to monitor your kids and the elderly in your home when you are not beside them. Most importantly, you can keep it in the hallway to see who comes and goes.
  • Ezviz App: Connect the CCTV camera with the Ezviz app and enjoy your video recording. It can catch up with external memory cards up to 256GB. Therefore, making it one of the best CCTV camera available in UAE.
    • Also, this CCTV can be connected with EZVZ NVR devices so that you can store the day’s recordings to view it at a later time. Keep all your valued memories vivid for long term.
  • Privacy Protector: By just tapping on the Ezviz app on your mobile device, you can enable C6TC’s sleep mode. This provides you with the required privacy whenever you need it.
  • Multiple Viewing Options: Now, you can connect your cameras to your mobile device or computer. That too 24/7 anywhere and everywhere.
    • You can protect, capture, save and share what’s valuable to you with the Ezviz app.
    • It supports iOS or Android and the Ezviz Studio supports PC.
EZVIZ Home Security Camera - One of the best CCTV camera in UAE

Additional Benefits of Ezviz Home Security Camera

  • Easy Installation: Install the CCTV camera the way it suits your home the best. With the image flipping feature, feel free to place it on a shelf and fix it to your wall or ceiling. Make use of the included screw-in mounting with the camera for maximum adaptability.
    • 1st Step: Firstly, place the indoor camera and plug it into your outlet.
    • 2nd Step: Secondly, scan the QR code on the package and download the EZVIZ app.
    • 3rd Step: Lastly, scan the camera’s QR code and follow the steps to connect to the WiFi.
  • Two Way Talk and Auto Motion Activated Notification: This CCTV camera is equipped with all the features. Some of these include the two-way talk and the auto motion activated notification. So, you can talk to your family from anywhere at any time. Moreover, the Ezviz app will alert you if the CCTV camera catches any break-in.
  • Price: EZVIZ Home Security Camera is available approximately for AED 250.

Rank 3: Ring Indoor HD Security Camera

Ring Indoor Camera - Compact HD Security Camera
  • Safe and Secure: With the Ring Indoor Cam, bring protection and security inside your home. With the “two-way talk” feature, HD Video and motion-activated notifications, it comes with all the features to keep you connected to your home.
  • Compact and Powerful: An indoor security camera that is compact yet powerful and plugs in for non-stop power. It enables you to see, hear and speak to people from your phone and tablet. Isn’t this amazing? Well, yes and this is the reason it is one of the best CCTV camera for your home in UAE.
    • All thanks to the non-stop power, you never have to worry about charging a battery.
  • Checks Every Corner: You can keep it in your living room to keep a watch on your pets. Or, in the hallway to keep a watch on who comes and goes. And also near the back door. You will always know who is moving indoors and outdoors.
  • Ring Protect Plan: The ring protect plan captures videos with your ring device, records it and saves it to your Ring Account for up to 30 days. Thus, you can review it at any time.
  • Easy to Setup: This creatively designed masterpiece is easy to setup with the following steps. That too in a few minutes.
    • Firstly, place the indoor cam on a flat surface or wall.
    • Secondly, plug it into a standard electrical socket.
    • Lastly, follow the steps in the app to connect to the WiFi.
Ring Indoor CCTV camera in UAE

Additional Benefits of Ring Indoor HD Security Camera

  • Motion Detection Settings: By adjusting your motion detection settings, you can get notifications whenever any sort of motion is detected.
  • Versatile Mounting Bracket: Easily place it on a flat surface or mount it on a wall through the versatile mounting bracket.
  • Live View: With the live view feature, you can keep a check on your home anytime and from anywhere through the Ring app.
  • Price: Ring Indoor HD Security Camera is available for an estimated cost of AED 250.

Features Important for CCTV Security Kits

In this section, we have penned down all the important/necessary features required for CCTV security kits.

Wired or Wireless

Purchasing a wired or wireless CCTV security kit is up to you. But, always opt for a camera that requires as little wiring as possible, hence, wireless is a better option.

Number of Channels

The number of channels in a CCTV security kit indicates how many cameras can be installed into the system at a set time.


It is necessary for CCTV security kits to be weatherproof as these are specially designed to keep away moisture and dust from damaging the internal components of the camera.

Motion Detection Alert

The motion detection alert is a feature that is extremely beneficial especially at night. That’s because it alerts you by notifying you on your smartphone if the CCTV camera detects any suspicious or unnatural motion in its vicinity.

Storage Space

Lastly, always check for the storage space available in the CCTV security kit as this will determine the maximum capacity of the memory card that you can insert into it. Nowadays, most of the CCTV security kits come with a 1TB hard disk that can store adequate data.

Best CCTV Security Kits for Shops & Offices

Rank 1: Tomvision 5-in-1 DVR Video Surveillance Online System

Tomvision 5 in 1 - Best CCTV security kit for shops and offices
  • Easy Remote Access: What better can you get, this standalone camera system can work without the Internet. However, note that you will need an Internet connection if you want to access it remotely.
    • Install the free and easy to use app on your smartphone, tablet or PC and all your worries will vanish into thin air.
  • Powerful 5-in-1 DVR: The DVR supports AHD, CVBS, TVI, CVI and IP cameras. Thus, giving you peace of mind as it adds flexibility to your device connection.
    • Besides the 720P cameras available in this package, you can also connect the other 1080P cameras to the DVR. This displays the resolution of preview 1080N in video playback.
  • Smart Motion-Triggered Email Alert: The CCTV camera will detect any sort of suspicious movement or situation. Thus, it won’t spare thieves and robbers and won’t let them hide anywhere. Simultaneously you will receive an instant email alert on your smartphones wherever you are.
  • IP66 Weatherproof Rating: Due to the IP66 weatherproof rating, these cameras are able to withstand whatever mother nature brings. Therefore, it can keep out water, dust and air. Moreover, they provide strong security no matter what, whether it is raining heavily, freezing or scorching heat.

Additional Features of Tomvision 5-in-1 Surveillance System

  • 1080P HD Live Viewing: The 1080P cameras deliver crystal clear images and amaze you with vivid video recordings. They work perfectly with the 1080N DVR. All thanks to the high-quality cameras, they never let you miss any wonderful moments in and around your home, office or shop.
  • Price: Tomvision 5-in-1 DVR Video Surveillance Online System is available approximately for AED 680.
  • P2P Remote Access: With the easy to use app, you can stream live videos to your mobile devices and record footage wherever you are. It also features instant motion-triggered email alarm with customizable motion detected regions.
  • Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor Use: The truly-metal cameras are built with IP66 weatherproof rating. They are durable enough to endure what mother nature brings. Therefore, keeping out dust, water and air.
  • Wireless Freedom: Enjoy wireless freedom through the digital wireless system for plug and play installation. As well as for stable WiFi signal and high video encryption level.
  • No Interruption in Transmission: Avoid any sort of interruption in transmission due to physical obstacles such as walls and objects and also distance. You can set the cameras with a strong signal as repeaters. Or, you can apply the radio antenna (which is included) to the far-away camera.
  • Easy Mounting: The one metre WiFi extension antenna (one piece) is built with magnetic base and equipped with 3M adhesive tape for easy mounting. CE, FCC, and HDMI certified systems are with qualified power adapters.
  • Motion Detection: Now, get notified about activities when motion is required to be detected. It doesn’t matter whether you are around the block or across the country. With the help of your smartphone, tablet and computer you can keep a check on all the important things and activities.

Additional Features of Tomvision Wireless CCTV Camera Security System

  • WiFi Camera Cascade Connection: You can send the signal of the wireless camera to the other cameras to connect the camera signal of the matching code.
    • The launch distance of the open space is 200 to 250 meters and the penetrating wall is about 30 meters.
    • It’s super easy to install and use. Simply plug and play. It offers a stable transmission signal.
  • Price: Tomvision Wireless CCTV Camera Security System is available for an estimated cost of AED 620.
  • 3-Axis Mounting Bracket: Simply adjust the angle and vandal-proof wire protection. This CCTV camera can be wall mountable and also fixed to the ceiling.
  • Benefits: It is perfect to monitor your family, your children, your pets and aged people in your home. Additionally, it is a small office monitor and monitors small shops very well.
  • Auto IR LED Lights: These cameras are equipped with the auto IR LED lights for night vision. Moreover, these have a long viewing distance of up to 30 meters.
  • IP66 Weatherproof: The level waterproof rating keeps it protected in the rain as well as extremely hot conditions. Secure and protect every corner of your home throughout the year.
  • Price: XBW 4Channel CCTV Security Kit is available approximately for AED 310.

Features Important for Outdoor CCTV Cameras

Below lie the three features that are important for outdoor CCTV cameras. Ensure you read through them to purchase the best CCTV camera in UAE for outdoor use.

Storage on Camera

CCTV cameras for outdoor usage come with internal storage as well as cloud storage. All the videos and footage will be saved on this storage which you can view later. Besides, you can also insert an SD card for added storage functionality.

Battery Power and Solar

The battery capacity indicates how much power it can constantly provide to the CCTV camera. The higher the capacity, the better for the outdoor CCTV to function. Next, the solar power panel if integrated provides natural energy supply to the CCTV camera. These use high-grade solar panels to capture the sun’s rays and convert them into direct current (DC).

Night Visibility

The night visibility or night vision feature is an essential feature in CCTV cameras for outdoor usage as it ensures that the camera records events and monitors objects in complete darkness (pitch dark) too. Thus, the CCTV camera needs to have the in-built IR lens.

Best CCTV Camera for Outdoor Usage

Rank 1: Goglor Solar Surveillance Wireless Camera

Goglor Surveillance Wireless Camera - Best CCTV camera for outdoor usage in UAE
  • PIR Motion Detection Sensor: This sensor could automatically induct the invaders who are within a distance of 10 metres and instantly notify you on your smartphone.
  • Ideal For: You can widely use it in homes, schools, stores, companies and so on. Thus, it is ideal for school surveillance, home surveillance, construction site surveillance. As well as factory surveillance, warehouse surveillance, and farm surveillance.
  • Extreme Heat: Besides withstanding extreme heat conditions, it can also withstand dust, dirt, thunderstorms, snow and rain.
  • Infrared Night Vision: A total of 8 pieces of infrared night vision LED lights to provide you with a crystal clear picture even when it is dark. Therefore, it is one of the best CCTV camera available in UAE for outdoor usage.
  • IP67 Waterproof: Nothing will go wrong if it gets soaked in the water for about 30 minutes as it is waterproof due to its IP67 level.
  • Supports Multiplayer: It supports online viewing of about 4 users simultaneously. In other words, multi-user simultaneous monitoring.

Additional Features of Solar Surveillance Wireless Camera

  • No Need of Wires: It acts smart without any wires. You can keep this wireless device anywhere around your home. Also, there’s no need for electricity. You can access live video and audio streams anytime and anywhere.
  • Great Performance: Due to the 1080p HD lens, night vision light, indicator light and more, it offers you great performance.
  • Price: Goglor Solar Surveillance Wireless Camera is available for an estimated cost of AED 350.

Rank 2: Sonew PTZ Dome Security Camera

  • Reliable Protection: The efficient cooling structure, physically heat, can effectively reduce the temperature of the internal ball machine. It also prevents internal fogging and ensures the stability of the machine.
  • Circuit Design: The constant current circuit design of this CCTV camera ensures stable operation of the infrared lamp. Secondly, it also doesn’t reduce the life of the infrared lamp which is usually caused by power supply variations.
  • All-day Security Monitoring: Well, the intelligent infrared control technology can control the infrared light automatically according to the environment.
    • Additionally, it also adopts the imported dot matrix large glass lamp.
    • This can effectively improve the service life of the infrared lamp and ensure the stability of the product.
    • Regardless of whether it is day or night, the infrared distance is 30 meters. So, you can safeguard your perimeter security.
  • Reliable Device: With 350 degrees horizontal rotation, 90 degrees vertical rotation, stable operation. As well as precise positioning, this CCTV camera offers you reliable results. Along with this is the rotation speed that is automatically adjusted according to lens zoom factor.
  • Product Life: By using imported dot matrix large glass lamps and imported high-speed glass lamp light, it ensures the infrared distance of 30m. Therefore, the product life is about 30,000 hours.

Additional Features of Sonew PTZ Dome Security Camera

  • Two-way Audio: It supports two-way audio connection or voice intercom. This is a surveillance camera with a noise-cancelling microphone and a speaker that is used both indoors as well as outdoors.
  • Omni-directional Image: This CCTV camera offers you HD image experience. Moreover, you can see everything that’s happening in the area which is monitored. Thus, protecting your family and loved ones.
    • The high-performance chip, 1080P real-time HD video, dual-stream compression technology is mainly responsible for the high definition image experience.
  • Price: Sonew PTZ Dome Security Camera is available approximately for AED 350.

Rank 3: Champion8 Waterproof Surveillance Security Camera

  • Solar Battery Camera: This CCTV camera is powered by 2 lithium batteries. You need to charge this camera through the cover solar panel.
  • Wireless: There is no need to connect any wires since this surveillance camera is totally wireless. Additionally, it also avoids damage to the existing decoration due to wiring.
  • Eco Friendly: This device can be maintenance-free throughout the year. Due to its ultra-low power consumption, intelligent power-saving function and long time standby it’s very practical and eco friendly. Besides these is the solar charging function which contributes to the same.
  • Smart Phone APP Remote Monitoring: All thanks to the PIR human body infrared detection. When someone comes or is lingering about in your area, you will immediately receive alarm notification on your smartphone.
  • Three adjustment Switch: The adjustment switch consists of 3 options. These include infrared mode (left), white light mode (right), battery on/off switch (middle). Moreover, you can also charge it through the USB interface.
  • HD 1080p: With 1080p it records and helps you view HD videos which are crystal clear and more detailed. It helps protect privacy and security by not leaking your videos from your storage to anybody. Also, with TF card slot it supports up to 64GB memory card.
  • Price: Champion8 Waterproof Surveillance Security Camera is available for an estimated cost of AED 300.

Why its Good to Have a CCTV Security System

CCTV security system is good to have, or in other words, a must-have in homes, residential apartment complexes, offices, business establishments, as well as outdoor locations. Many are the advantages of installing a good CCTV security system. We have penned down all the reasons below to keep you well informed.

For Homes

Firstly, CCTV security systems ensure the safety of your home while protecting your property as well. These are very beneficial in residential apartment complexes too as they monitor each and every flat. Secondly, CCTV security systems identify burglars and unauthorized persons who gain entry into your property unlawfully. Further, they also alert you regarding unsuspicious activity in the vicinity of your house or apartment complex.

For Businesses

A CCTV security system is great to have in offices and business establishments as it helps in tracking the movement of employees by maintaining the tabs on them. Secondly, it monitors the work environment especially in jewellery shops and in departmental stores where the workforce is large. Thirdly, it helps identify shoplifting customers without any hassle and also identifies pilferage of inventory and its shrinkage. Additionally, they provide customers with a safe shopping experience.

Besides these things, they monitor the movement of all the customers and employees and help in identifying suspicious movements. This works best especially in large crowded places such as jewellery shops, marriage halls and departmental stores. Lastly, it serves as a watchdog at all times including the time when the establishment is closed for business.

For Outdoor

Firstly, a CCTV security system identifies traffic violations. Secondly, it aids the police in investigating accidents and other types of unpleasant incidents on the roads. Additionally, it prevents suspicious movements on the road, streets and in the vicinity of sensitive areas such as factory installations, banks, and more. Furthermore, it helps monitor the crowd in public areas with a large number of visitors. Some of these areas include public parks, cricket stadiums, beaches, gatherings and more.

So, you have seen how good it is to own a CCTV security system. The best CCTV camera in UAE is beneficial to the law-enforcing authorities and assists them in maintaining law and order.

Wired Vs Wireless CCTV System

Initially, it was only wired security systems (also known as wired CCTV systems) all over the area. Wired CCTV systems require high installation and maintenance costs. All thanks to the improvement in technology, today, you have wireless security systems also known as wireless CCTV systems. As a matter of fact, wireless CCTV systems transmit signals by using radiofrequency waves. They are also beneficial in locations and areas that need uninterrupted surveillance such as defence outposts and so on.

However wireless CCTV systems cost more than wired CCTV systems. Additionally, wireless CCTV systems tend to face interference from other radio frequencies. However, note that the sophisticated systems that are available today work at specific frequencies. Moreover, they are also less vulnerable to external interference. We have listed the pros and cons of both wired and wireless CCTV systems to give you a better understanding of both.

Pros of Wired CCTV Systems

  • Firstly, the quality of the output is high in wired CCTV systems.
  • Secondly, it doesn’t require extreme monitoring once it is setup.

Cons of Wired CCTV Systems

  • Wired CCTV systems require constant power to function.
  • They need maintenance and need to be upgraded frequently.

Pros of Wireless CCTV Systems

  • It is easy to install anywhere and everywhere.
  • The image capturing and the display is of excellent quality.
  • It is ideal for locations that require 24×7 security.
  • Stealth installation is possible.

Cons of Wireless CCTV Systems

  • Wireless CCTV systems require continuous monitoring due to interference from other radio waves.
  • This interference from radio waves can also affect the quality of the output.
  • Wireless CCTV systems are also expensive in comparison to the wired CCTV systems.


Before we end this guide of the best CCTV camera in UAE, we have some frequently asked questions for you to help you clear all your doubts and understand the concepts better.

Can CCTV Cameras withstand UAE heat?

Besides dust and dirt, the CCTV camera that you opt for should be able to withstand UAE heat. No doubt, there are CCTV cameras available which can withstand UAE heat, you just need to purchase the right one. Note that while purchasing a CCTV camera for outdoor usage, be it wired or wireless, you need to check for its weatherproof rating. Hence, you need to get a CCTV camera with the correct IP rating.

How much video footage can CCTV systems store?

The amount of video footage that CCTV systems can store depends upon certain factors. These factors include the resolution at which the cameras are recording the video, and also how many cameras are recording. In other words, if it is a single camera or multiple cameras and DVR system. Nowadays, all the latest technology ensures that most of the CCTV cameras come with inbuilt SD card storage compatibility. Depending upon the memory limit of the CCTV, you can insert SD cards of various capacities such as 32GB, 64GB, 128GB and so on.

Note that comprehensive surveillance systems that come with DVR storage facility have memory storage capacity up to 1TB hard disk storage. Additionally, some of the CCTV camera systems record the CCTV footage straight into a hard drive. You may place this hard drive at your property or on a server somewhere else or even in the cloud. However, it all depends upon the exact system and circumstance. Generally, you will get the recording of about a month if you’re using it in a domestic setting and are recording it to your own hard drive. If you are recording it to an offsite server or to the cloud then it really depends upon the storage that you have.

Are CCTV Cameras effective at night?

Yes, CCTV Cameras are very effective at night. All thanks to Infrared vision. In areas of complete blackout/darkness, the IR LEDs enable the cameras to capture images. As a matter of fact, the higher the number of IR LEDs, the better will be the recording at night. Thus, contributing to making the CCTV cameras effective at night. Besides IR LEDs are the motion and audio sensors.

CCTV cameras that are equipped with these technologies alert you through the apps and emails whenever the cameras sense motion or audio interferences. Generally, the cameras with such facilities are located at vantage positions. Most often, people switch on these detectors at night so that the cameras start recording the minute they sense any motion or audio disturbance.

Can the CCTV footage be accessed on mobile phone?

Yes, the CCTV footage can be accessed on your mobile phone. Nowadays, technology allows you to monitor your CCTV surveillance cameras with a mobile phone. This indicates that you’re no longer tied to a security monitor for real-time viewing of your security system. In order to view the CCTV footage on a mobile phone, there must be a connection to the camera. If you’re trying to use on the same location then you should use a local WiFi link, if it’s available. If you’re trying to connect remotely or there is no wireless link available then the CCTV camera needs to be connected to an Internet router.

Always Vigilant!

Phewwww! We are glad that you have made it until the end of this in-depth guide of the best CCTV camera in UAE. Hope you found this article useful and are able to purchase the right one. Ensure you opt for one by being mindful about your requirements and your budget. Keeping your home, family, property, valuables, business establishments safe and secure is in your hands. And for this, you need the best CCTV camera in UAE. Further, never compromise on quality, performance and features to save costs. If you need some more security camera options for your home, then check them out here.

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