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Best Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser in UAE [2022]

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With the whole pandemic situation hovering over us. It’s our topmost priority to keep safe and clean. By using an automatic hand sanitizer dispenser in UAE, what other better way to double up the hygiene. Since your best option is to sanitize your hands constantly even on the go, why use and settle for less. Therefore, if you are looking to upgrade or looking to invest in keeping your loved ones safe, look no further. As you are in the right place, you can expect to find out all you need to know right in one place.

Best Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser in UAE

Best Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser in UAE – Quick List

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Automatic Dispensers are No-Touch & Hygenic

Investing in an automatic hand sanitizer dispenser in UAE is a wise decision. As by doing this you ensure that you are keeping yourself as well as your loved ones safe. This is because by each person using an automatic dispenser you ensure less hand contact with each other. As it is a no-touch technology because they work with the help of sensors. Since there is no-touch with regards to the usage of this product, this promotes hygiene and even prevents the spread of germs and viruses. These could be your best option at work environments as well as for home-usage.

So, on your journey to find out the best automatic hand sanitizer dispenser for you in UAE. I’ve made your hunt a bit easier. By researching and putting forth some of the best sanitizer dispensers which you could opt for and also more information on the same. Have a look at it all.


You might be thinking that you might have not heard of this brand around too much so why purchase the product. But you should consider giving this product a look as it has some good features. Everything you would need in a dispenser is in this product. Check it out:

The best automatic hand sanitizer dispenser in UAE
  • Dimension: This device is small as it is 9.8 x 4.7 x 4.5 inches making it convenient enough for transport and even for mounting it on the wall for usage.
  • Volume: The total holding capacity of this dispenser is 1000ml. Which is the perfect fit for office or public environments as no frequent refill would be required. Per time this dispenser dispenses 1.5ml for complete care and protection.
  • Hygiene: Besides the fact that you need not touch the sanitizer which contributes towards good hygiene care. You can also remove the refill to clean it before every refill to ensure complete hygiene.
  • Easy Use: As the dispenser is a wall-mounted one it is easy to set up and use. Furthermore, with the clear window, you can monitor the level of the sanitizer.
  • Price: The overall cost of this device is around AED 80.

Model: WB74003

Forge wall dispenser is another great product with great features. Right from the build, the price, the usage it has the best of everything. And as you know this list is of only the best products. Besides, the makers know what they are doing with their line of product to make it on the list.

  • Dimension: This sanitizing gadget is 11.5 x 8.3 x 19.5 cm which doesn’t take up too much of space either ways. Furthermore weighing only about a kilogram.
  • Material: This product is made keeping the eco-friendly aspect in mind. As it uses ABS + PS plastic material. This also ensures that the body of the machine is durable.
  • Battery: To ensure the smooth functioning of this dispenser, it is powered by four AA batteries. This makes sure that you can use the gadget even in case of any power failure.
  • Capacity: The overall capacity of the device is about 650ml to store your liquid sanitizer.
  • Easy Usage: The full transparent body ensures that you can keep the dispenser at acceptable amounts of sanitizer. And also this wall-mountable dispenser has a locking system to the whole refiler system.
  • Smart Sensor: To ensure complete hygiene, the device has a smart sensor to detect and dispense the sanitizer only when your hand is near the sensor.
  • Price: You can fix this gadget anywhere at home, place of work, at hotels, etc and only at the cost of around AED 170.

And they offer both types of dispensers. Since both the wall mount and floor stand as their products are available here. Well, I think you should consider giving each of the dispensers a look. Who is to say you might just find the perfect one in either of the two.

  • Capacity: The overall capacity of this floor dispenser is 1200ml. Which makes it the perfect dispenser type to use in public places. Furthermore, like every other dispenser, this one too is refillable.
  • Hygiene: The working of this gadget is with a touchless dispensing unit. Moreover, to keep extra hygiene it has an extra UV disinfection light attached to it.
  • Smart Feature: You can expect a light indication in case of any problem with the device. Like in the case of low power or even if there is something interrupting the sensor which would hamper the working of the device.
  • Battery: This dispenser is supported and works on both DC current as well as battery. The batteries have enough power to last for about 30,000 hits. So, in case of a power outage, you will be able to use the dispenser as normal.
  • Usage: The usage and setup are easy. As all you would have to do is assemble the device and there you have it, easy to use floor dispenser.
  • Additional Feature: Like I previously said, perfect of public places. Another reason being that the device has a customizable advertisement board on top, which you can keep changing as per your wants.
  • Price: This device along with all its features will cost you around AED 850.

Mainstayae is mostly a well-known brand and is one which is known for its affordable yet good quality products in the market. They specialize in home goods. So, keeping this in mind they do have some really good products all at an affordable price range for you to use.

  • Outlook: This dispenser is made up of ABS engineering grade material which also promotes hygiene by the UV light. Furthermore with the help of this material you are able to get a stronger, durable and quality product and not to mention safe as well.
  • Dimensions: Although the size of the dispensing device looks huge it really isn’t. As it is only 7.9 x 5.1 x 4.7 inches. This makes it easier for both portability and handling of the device.
  • Capacity: The overall disinfectant holding capacity of the dispenser is around 700ml. The several test conducted on the gadget ensures that there is no leakage in the device, including that there is no wastage to disinfectant. This is desired by the factory set dispensation setting per time being around 0.8-1ml on this device.
  • Hygiene: Rest easy with the help of this dispenser as you can be sure to keep yourself and your loved ones safe especially in these times of need. Only by opting for a zero-touch device which doesn’t transfer any germs. All this is made possible with the sensor at the bottom of the device to sense your hands.
  • Usage: The overall usage of this device is completely easy. As well as the refilling with the transparent body to let you know when the dispenser needs a refill. Furthermore, you can ensure the safety of the dispenser with the safety lock feature as well.
  • Price: You can get all these features at a reasonable cost of AED 170.

With that, we are done with the listing of the best automatic hand sanitizer dispenser in UAE. You can choose one of the above and keep safe from any sort of germs and viruses. Although it is good to carry along with you a bottle when you are in the go. Keep reading on further to know more about buying your own sanitizer dispenser in UAE.

Key Features of Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

You now have your options laid before you, it is important to know which features are necessary to pay good attention to. If you do not, it will simply leave you regretting your choice. So, here are some features to ponder on before you make up your mind on the best purchase for you.

Volume of Sanitizer

As you can guess, this includes the overall storage capacity of the dispenser. This would contribute towards how often would you need to refill the dispenser. So, for the convenience, it would be a better option to opt for a bigger volume capacity of storage for the sanitizer. Therefore make sure to check the volume before purchasing the dispenser.

Wall Mounted or Floor Stand

Depending on the purpose of your need you would opt for the most prefered type. As the name suggests, the wall mount can be put up on the walls with the help of a hook or even suction cups, etc. Whereas the floor stands will be ones which are to be placed either on the floor or maybe even a tabletop. They both work equally efficiently. So, choose wisely depending on your use.

A floor stand would work best in a public area like a restaurant or workplace. Where you would require movement of the dispenser. Whereas a wall mount is constant and fixed to a single place. The wall-mount ones are also a better option when you have a bit of constraint of space. No doubt that you can use any type anywhere as per your choice.

Dispense Capacity

Yes, the dispensing capacity is different for the dispenser volume. The dispensing capacity is the amount at which the device releases the liquid matter per use. You must make sure that the device releases a good amount of sanitizer to ensure that you can have complete and total hygiene whenever you feel the need. If you have too much sanitizer dispensed it would lead to the need of the dispenser being constantly refilled and wastage as well. Therefore, some of the dispensing devices have an adjustable functionality to adjust the capacity as per your needs.

Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser UAE

Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser FAQs

And now, here is the part where I try to answer the frequently asked questions. This makes it easier for you to make your choice while purchasing an automatic hand sanitizer dispenser in UAE. Besides, you could get an answer to the question you never thought you actually had too. Moreover helping you understand the working of the dispenser as well.

Can the dispenser work with any hand sanitizer like Purell or Dettol?

Yes, a dispenser’s main task is to dispense out the liquid in it, in this case, hand sanitizer. Irrespective of the brand of the sanitizer you can go ahead and choose whichever sanitizer you would prefer. And still expect that nothing to be different.

Although you should keep an eye out for what is the best option for your dispenser as well as if there is any specific type of sanitizer it caters well or better to. For example, some dispensers work best with liquid sanitizers whereas others with the gel ones. So, keep this in mind while getting your sanitizer and dispense as much as you keep track of the brand of the sanitizer.

How to refill the dispenser?

When you purchase a dispenser every single one of them is refillable, the only thing is you must know how it has to be done. Generally, to replace the refill of the dispenser you would have to look for and press a release button. This could be red or green or even a normal button like any other. Once that is done you will be able to open the device to change your refill. From there you can gently pull out the empty refill and replace it with a new one.

In other cases, you would have to pour in your sanitizer into the refill and then close it. You know the gadget is shut back again properly when you hear a click sound into the machine. To fill and reuse the refill of the dispenser is always an easy, cheaper and environment-friendly option than to go purchasing a new refill all together each time.

How many uses can the dispenser do with one refill?

There is no set in stone number of uses for the refill. This totally depends on the quantity of the refill. The more the quantity, the more uses the refill will take before emptying out is the most obvious understanding. But then again this also depends on the adjustment unit of the amount dispensed for each use. So, to not use up the whole bottle in one day, try to make sure this dispensable amount is just as much as it is needed. Too much and this would lead to wastage whereas too less can lead to bad hygiene.

Why Hold Back?

Protecting your family and the people you care for is always difficult. You can’t always keep them away from harms ways. So the best you can do is protect them from the things you can keep them safe from, like germs. Investing and spending on health is never a waste. Especially during these days that little extra push towards hygiene and keeping up health must be the top priority. Thus, investing in a sanitizer dispenser would be a wise choice. Seeing your loved ones happy and healthy is what you want, then why hold back with buying the best automatic hand sanitizer dispenser in UAE.

The less contact the better right during these times so it would be great for you to even consider getting the best non-contact forehead thermometer in UAE. Go ahead and check that out here. If you want a few tips on how you can save a little on purchasing hand sanitizer make sure to read how to save on hand sanitizer in UAE.

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